Zuckerberg changes tune on free speech, Facebook brand value declines
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Zuckerberg changes tune on free speech, Facebook brand value declines

100 thoughts on “Zuckerberg changes tune on free speech, Facebook brand value declines

  1. When Facistbook doesnt take down bible verses declaring them to be "hate" speech then, no, they will continue to do that. Suckerberg is an atheist afterall

  2. there is so many on face book. if you wanna help give us space to let us say how we feel. even if alot is crap and lies this n that…someone needs to read the news and delete what is bad lol.

  3. don't trust a word Mark Zuckerberg says he's nothing but a corrupt lying scumbag communist socialist piece of trash he's absolutely a corrupt disgusting scumbag and all of America knows it

  4. So this looks like an area where all conservatives can join up and agree with Elizabeth Warren. That's a weird state of affairs isn't it?

  5. I've been put in FB jail for 139 days so far this year because I post stuff that Zuck and his lefty views don't like. Their Community Standards are filled with hypocrites.

  6. I saw this video and I wasn’t gonna click but I only clicked to look at the comments about people saying he’s a lizard

  7. Since i found God ive stayed off fb… Its anti Christ , and its spreading more hate.. which is exactly what tye Devil wants….

  8. Facebook was caught altering outgoing messages (votes) using subliminal
    Why is this business allowed to exist?
    Fines didn't change the companies agenda

  9. He’s been caught on tape committing serial lizardry.
    He isn’t human. Don’t forget America, he’s leaked your data hundreds of times and thinks you deserve to suffer further.

  10. As much as i say f*ck Facebook/Zuckerberg (which is early to this and often), I say f*ck China (government) 100 times.

  11. If you accept restrictions on free speach for any reason it means you didn't have an education, you had an indoctrination.

  12. Zuckerberg…he creeps me out to no end. He’s like an Android before the skin application in Detroit Become Human. 😰

  13. I see no reason to doubt his sincerity. When he goes before Congress and recites the standard position on censorship for the past 75 years (only recently shoved to the Authoritarian Left through efforts of the ADL) his minority stockholders immediately steal about $18-billion out of his net worth in a matter of hours! I have never been censored by Facebook employees or algorithms – in spite of hours of harangueing from those who find my speech so offensive. They disgust me. Their "sensitivities" are a Falsehood.

  14. Bet they still inhibit Right-Wing speech again while letting a lot of Leftist-motivated propaganda in through the barn door…

  15. this bug should be executed in front of supreme court,. pimp of chinees..liar sucker…one demon rascal died. thx. god…

  16. By default I don't believe a word Zuckerberg says. Whatever he's saying today vs yesterday is just whatever is politically and/or financially expedient. There's no truth or meaning or belief or virtue (real virtue, not virtue signaling) in anything he says. Facebook is taking a beating lately and he's just saying what he thinks will put it in the best light in a given moment. Nothing more, nothing less.

  17. Politics doesn't need Facebook any more, they have Twitter now. I smell NSA contracts in this young mans future, if he doesn't already have them.

  18. I use Facebook albeit with fake info, they banned my first accountone after someone reported my account for false name because he didn't like that he was wrong.
    First thing they asked for was a valid state issued ID so I created a new account.
    Currently the mobile app is pretty much spyware because it can listen to conversations under the guise that it's for "finding new friends or groups in which you would fit in" and if you try using the web browser they force you to use "Messenger" to read chats. There's a way tl bypass that and they have tried several times to change it with the latest including a whole remodel how animations work on the browser.

  19. People can brute force your login information and access all of your personal information on your Facebook account. Delete it while you can what intelligent person puts their personal data on the internet.

  20. U gotta be stupid to believe this is all lie Facebook is saying this because libra is failing and when they side with the conservative it really means there gonna do the opposite

  21. Facebook is garbage. I deleted my crap 💩 along time ago zuckerberg is a he-hoe throw him a doller to make him hollar

  22. Facebook ,also known as DARPA Project "Lifelog"…..how did Mark Zuckerberg aka Mark Greensberg get ahold of a Top Secret DARPA project the exact day the project was cancelled ?…..Hmmm i wonder if this has anything to do with Mark's association with the CIA ?….

  23. A die hard supporter of Trump – so ANOTHER reason to drop FB . No thanks Zuckerberg !! Down 12% 👍😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Hey Mark Zuckerberg why aren't you in prison yet? Trader!. You're nothing but a sleazy high-tech pimp that sells our information to anyone anywhere anytime for anything!. Why don't you people realize this ? and ditch Facebook! What don't you understand about it? This guy is like Satan!. So go ahead and tell him where you ate tell him what you do tell him everything!.? You're idiots!.

  25. Yeah don't forget about the apple factories in China with suicide nets because of the abhorrent working conditions. So tired of the virtue signalling by tech companies.

  26. For someone who created the most popular social networking platform in the world, Mark Zuckerberg is a very socially awkward person

  27. Suckerburg is a crook. He stole face book. He is full of crap. They only know how to lie. Break them up. Anyone with any sense would never use Facebook.

  28. Zuckerburg's 180 is because he's been called out, for registering Facebook as a public platform, and that prevents fb from being sued for what people do or might act upon. FB has been taking the position of a Publisher e.g. Fox controls it's content and can be sued for the content it publishes. Big difference between the two, and Zuckerburg has been reminded of FB' s standing as a public platform . So, now he's trying to educate people as to what the user rights actually are.

  29. Zuckerberg you are a Hypocrite.
    With your free miscellaneous money, feed the homeless.
    Why can there be only one platform for Facebook? Not being used for what it was originally designed.
    Back away from our First and Second Amendment Rights.
    How do we move on so Mark is Happy? 🎡🎠🎪💕🐶

  30. Ive been facebook free for almost a year…i tool heed to Wozniak's warning…nothing would make me happier then to watch facebook go bankrupt

  31. After booting people who love America off the platform for the past 3 to 4 years, he’s finally figured out that being on the side of totalitarian liberals/Chinese is bad for business. Better late than never. Keep out of 2020.

  32. Free speech… When it comes to Facebook, free speech is long gone. for example, your FB account is shut if you dare call pervert a pervert on you FB page. Well, pervert is as pervert does, and Zuckerberg can go suck off a donkey.


  34. How to make Facebook less power? Deactivate the account. We the people control Facebook. We give it power. We should take it away.

  35. He was not there to Defend anything But Trying to get the Regulation that these Corps Vie for……So they can become a Utility and be around forever like the Electric Co! "But Ma bell got broken up" Thats what we can Hope for…….I think Trump is going to pick these Sons o Bitch's apart like Ma Bell.

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