Zuckerberg backs free speech after alleged political bias on Facebook
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Zuckerberg backs free speech after alleged political bias on Facebook

100 thoughts on “Zuckerberg backs free speech after alleged political bias on Facebook

  1. Does this guy really believe we’re just come out and be like oh okay it’s over now. No fook that! You abused the conservatives and now that they will remain in power you want to play identity politics. Sorry Zuck world doesn’t work like that anymore. You turned your back on the people expect the same. Cheers!

  2. If you believe in and defend free speech, then why do you use your platform to supress speech Mr. Zuckerberg? Doesn't seem like you defend it!

  3. There are other famous quotes like Al Gore, I invented the internet and Hillary Clinton, what difference does it make? And finally we have Mark Zuckerberg, I back free speech. Do you see the pattern like I do?

  4. backs free speech but went on to admit facebook (he) censored free speech of conservative politiciams in Irish elections, which gave unfair advantage to others

  5. Too late already know he sold personal private files to retail and democrats for bias elections..billions taken into his own pocket a real treasonous act.

  6. Pretty much the minority of people are pissed off still that the majority of people still like President Trump so Facebook should block out the people who like President Trump which is the majority of people. If I don't like what you say then you should be blocked from speaking. Then let's burn books too.

  7. A company which has a very good reputation for its privacy is Supporting Free Speech . Best move ever By Facebook

    Don't Judge the book by its cover

  8. Watch all these Americans complain and still do nothing, but feed their fat faces, consume porn, and work their lives away!

  9. He is LYING! Now he is afraid of the backlash from all the shadow banning Conservative and Christian content, and govt lawsuits brewing, so he is trying to "say" the right things. But, they are still full out biased and censoring free speech.

  10. He says free speech but really he is allowing people to slander each other. This isnt free speech issue its a slander issue. Free speech is about personal opinions, slander is about hurting someone else intentionally

  11. He's damed if he does and damed if he don't he can't win. Programers don't always fully make the program a part of it is a learning code learning what people are looking up and giving them what they want for better adds that people click on if Facebook was a paid site it wouldn't need adds I think if people really hate the adds that much site owners should offer a part where people can pay for add free access to sites like google and facebook. adds are how site owners get paid what you think they spend years writing code for free no they get paid every time you click on a add and they use the adds with the highest chance of you clicking them by using a learning code that determines the adds your most likely to click if you spent all day looking up puppies you will get adds for all thing puppies you can't expect him to work for free who does that if you don't like adds pay him in another way you don't need to pay him in by clicking adds but you do need to pay him one way of another Facebook and Google isn't really free your paying for them personally ill rather pay him by clicking adds than put in my credit card info but I'm sure he don't care how he's getting money all he cares about is that he's getting money

  12. He's full of it… he will do it again, using another reasoning… He's friends with the clintons….
    need I say more?

  13. Facebook isn't punishing people for just being conservative. Liberals get suspended too. It's now what you say, but how you say it. And NO. Facebook does not have a "liberal agenda". They've come out against Warren and supported millions of dollars of right wing ads.

  14. Say one thing, do another, and he thinks no one will notice. This is how much of idiots Zuckerberg thinks everyone else in the world is. Get it?

  15. Zuxky ia out spewing this to deflect from his companies bs and left wng agenda as congress is considering breakign or regulating them,, nothing but a ploy

  16. Alleged! Really? Fox you definitely suck! Zuckerberg is lying and everyone or at least the republicans, conservatives know this and you try and make him look like he is a really great guy. Dana, Neil, YOU SUCK!!

  17. Lol in all honesty it's not entirely his fault. He's stuck in that bubble and genuinely thinks everyone thinks the same way. His mistake was not hiring a NO man. Every great person needs at least 1 guy who's only job is to tell you no, when everyone else says yes. Even Marcus Arellius used to have a man whisper "your only a man not a god" in his ear as he would walk around Rome and all the people would worship him. It's important to have perspective from many angles. It's intellectually expanding when you open yourself up to new ideas, whether you agree or not.
    He's just a billionaire nerd who lives in silicone valley with the rest of the billionaire nerds… It's a monolith there, the people even dress identical, like a laid back revenge of the nerds cast. The only problem we made as the people was allowing them to have any power. Then know tech so let them do tech, leave human rights to the constitution and the people of the country.

  18. You can still appreciate when someone does something right. Whether he has done evil things in his past, I want anyone willing to stand up for free speech on my side. Be weary, but we know the direction it's heading is a nightmare dystopian future. Terrible situation…he seems to be at Step 1 admitting that he was wrong. I will give him credit for taking a step in a different direction.

  19. this guy is Evil and is part of the swamp…drain him out Too..!!! spying & planting chips in your technology that allow Amazon and others to harass Americans with their Seedy Ways..

  20. Say anything and stab you in the back. The liberal democrat way. What you say to peons isn't like real speech anyway.
    Just keep the herd happy so they will produce.

  21. Zuc is the child of a C_A Spook. An admitted satanists he is NOT what he seems to be. FACEBOOK was a C_A creation….His Father insured that he would be the "front man" of the company. He is a puppet. Ever seen him speak? Doesn't he seem just a little Odd to you? Not "real" or really "there"……..FaceBook is a tool for the government to keep tabs on the population (Duh…)….It's main income is derived by sale/sharing of personal information…widely known

  22. He’s a liar, saying what he needs to in order to save his business. He doesn’t give one WHIT about our Constitution! Stay away from fb….even visiting the site puts money in his pocket! NO conservative should use fb in any way. Trust me, life goes on without it.

  23. Didn’t they just crack down on the fa* word and the n word and now they endorse misinformation

  24. If he believed in free speech he needs to remove all filters and blocks and only let individual users do any blocking. If he wants to be a communication forum then he needs to act like one and get rid of all of the filters and policy that censors users free speech.

  25. Remember As Above So Below. What he means is he should be able to exercise his free speech by silencing others that are in competition (or not). He is defending his method of employing free speech. It's kinda like creative advertising, in the advertising world…that he is in.

  26. If Puckerturd was in favor of free speech, then I would not have been suspended 12 times on Face Book for whatever "hate speech" is supposed to be.

    Puckerturd is a slimy, lying, commie hypocrite. He is truly greedy, power-hungry, manipulative, and evil.

  27. I swear we could all pull into a field in our vehicles, hook up a little speaker to our window door and watch a full screen movie on Mark Zuckerberg's forehead, we could call it the Zuckerberg Drive In Experience.

  28. Zuckerberg is a manipulative lying hypocrite who doesn't care about the U.S. Constitution. He's just saying those things because he wants to run for president later.

  29. It actually was a pretty good take of freedom speech. Rather have Zuckerberg than the government controlling our venues of speech.

  30. Facebook speaks of free speech but it uses political censorship by telling its users that it does not comply with society norms I have seen numerous CNN videos that have been remove because of biased belief and when it speaks truth with cements on YouTube videos then your comment is removed because of political impact this policy undermines the freedom of speech.

  31. The lady in this clip would see a bullet wound and call it a scratch. Stop trying to be pretty and nice; you just look disingenuous.

  32. Mark Zuckerburg is a big bully for he has many people including me in FB jail . He is so much of a bully that he silences anyone he disagrees with . I'm going to end up in a lawsuit against FB soon if this is not stopped . STOP THE BIG BULLY MARK ZUCKERBURG . I'm on that mission soon if the big bully Mark Zuckerburg wants to go to war .Bullying is not saying things others disagree with but A bully is someone like Mark Zuckerburg silencing anyone he disagrees with .If Fb ever puts me in jail again ? They are going to face a lawsuit . I'm going to own Mark Zuckerburg when I go to war with him . He will be sitting in the jail he wants every conservative in and I will be running FB and allowing free speech for everyone .

  33. I am not American, but I think that if a politician lies about her circumstances IE being native American to gain an advantage at the expense of A genuine Native American, then that in itself should disqualify them from office.

  34. Facebook is one of the most dangerous inventions ever made. I'm so pleased people are leaving it in droves. Its heavily biased and censored. I hope no one uses it at all one day and it fades out of existence.

  35. In the 80's we had crack-cocaine… Today we have Facebook, both cause people to be out of touch with reality and decrease intelligence.

  36. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of this lying little punk. I have never used your stupid platform, it is worthless.

  37. Supporting the head of “We are taking your firearms” ideology. Of course he’d want the people under more control by the government. A traitor to the nation posed as a friendly creator.

  38. if chief warren was allowed enough accounts to cover her multiple issues and political marketing expectations then she probably wouldnt be trying the unaccepted anyways savage route. she certainly didnt have any problem with all the countless leftist 'media' scams to try and rig a consensus that their ford flopped circus needs. that stated, they probably both could be corrected then removed.

  39. Trump wants to ban or sue all news that doesn't praise him and you're jumping all over Mark? You Trump fanatics are as stupid as they say.

  40. He's finally "woke" to the REAL truth. As soon as Warren started talking about splitting up huge corporations…like Facebook…he re-evaluated his priorities.

  41. Facebook lies I was just suspended for comments about cops being murderers. They obviously didn’t look into what I said because I gave statistics from cdc. So I didn’t lie I stated facts

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