– (gasps) Cristiano Ronaldo! – Oh my God, I screwed up!
Beyonce’s not number ten. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So recently, we did
an episode with the YouTubers where we showed them
the ten most viewed videos on YouTube and had them guess where
each video placed in the top ten. – I watched that, and I was so
nervous for them. – I was a watcher,
and I knew ’em all. I should’ve been in that one, man. – (FBE) Today, we’re going to
show you the Instagram accounts of the ten most followed
people on the platform, not including the handle
of Instagram itself, since that’s number one, and see if you can identify
where in the top ten that person currently sits
when we filmed this episode. – Oh, okay. – Awesome. We’ll squeeze our brains
a little bit. – I’m assuming it’s, like,
Katie Perry, Selena Gomez, T-Swift, some kind of dog… – I’m in this!
– I’m not gonna get this one, but– – I’m in this!
– Let’s go. – We got this.
– I don’t know. – Come on, have some faith.
– Ah, we got this. – (FBE) Here’s a whiteboard
for you to write down your rankings. – (sighs) I feel like I’m
back in school. – Think we’ll be fine.
– I feel like we’ll do better than we think we will.
– Maybe? – Or maybe I just jinxed ourselves.
– I think you– Is this wood?
(knocking) I hope it’s wood. – Ariana Grande? – Oh, Ariana Grande! Aww. – She’s for sure up there. – I have no idea how many
followers she has. ♪ (muffled background music) ♪ – Aw, she’s so cute!
– I love Ariana. – I’d put her at five.
Let’s just go in-between for now. – Top five.
Maybe fifth. – Number five.
She’s pretty famous. – I’d say she’s, like, number six. – Six just seems like
a dangerous number. She’s a dangerous woman. – You’re number one, Ariana, but you’re five on this list
for me right now. – (cameraman) Huh? – Justin Bieber. – Oh, the Biebs. – Okay, he has more views,
so I’m assuming he’s higher. – (Bieber) …community, so please
get the f– off the property. – What is he doing? – I’m sorry, Bieber.
That robe, man. I mean, I don’t know. So I’m thinking Bieber
is number three. – I’m gonna put him on four. – I’m gonna put him
at number four. – I think he’s number two. – I’m gonna say number two.
This is so hard! – (Johnson) Think this is
going down right now, – Okay, The Rock. – The Rock.
Seven million views! – (Johnson) I was right
in the middle of training, let me put my glasses on,
because it might be happening, let me see…
– I haven’t seen this video. – (Johnson laughs) – What is he doing? – (Johnson) Boys and girls
of all ages, go ahead and gather ’round
your device right now, and then look at this
or however you’re watching this– – What’re you gonna show me? – (Johnson) Because after years
of scientific speculation, after years of you guys
predicting it– – What’s the punchline? – (Johnson) This is special.
I am in fact causing an eclipse. – (laughs) – That’s recent, then,
and it has seven million views. I’m gonna put him at eight. – Let’s put him at six. – How ’bout six?
– Okay. – I’m gonna put him at seven. – Number five. I didn’t know The Rock
was followed like that. I love him! – The Rock is at the bottom. Hmmm, hey, “rock bottom.”
Ayy, dad jokes. – (gasps) Taylor Swift. – Oh, oh no.
– Oh, I forgot about Taylor. – Oh, I forgot about her! – She just deleted
all her Instagrams, too. – Iconic!
Love her so much. I’m gonna say number six. – A number two. – I have her at six. – Okay, five or two?
– Five? – Five
– Five, yeah. – I think Taylor Swift
is number two right now. I feel like she got
bumped down recently. – Now that video had four million.
The Rock had seven million. Uhh, I’m gonna put Taylor at six. – Ariana would have
more than Taylor. – No, I think Taylor has more than Ariana.
– You think so? – Taylor’s been around
longer than Ariana. – So let’s put her at four. We’re a team for this one,
so we have to work together. – Oh yeah, Kylie Jenner!
Oh, shoot. – Kylie, number one.
– I’d say, no, two. – Who’s number one, Selena?
– Isn’t Selena? I’m pretty sure
Selena’s one, isn’t she? – Okay. – Now Kylie, you’re at
6.9 millon with that video, and The Rock had–
(sighs) this is gonna be tough. Kylie, I’ma say is in second. – I put her at three. – Probably number five? – I’m putting her at seven. – I’m gonna put her at number four.
Ahh, I have messed up severely! – (Jenner) I’m Kendall! – Ohhh.
– (screams) – I love Kendall Jenner! – (Jenner) I don’t really like
to put too much on, ’cause I hate when I have
cakey makeup on. – I hate that too.
The struggle is real. – So many million views
on everything, God! – (Jenner) Done my makeup
in cars, in porta potties, – A porta potty? – (Jenner) Guys, we’re
getting there. – When has this girl ever been
in a porta potty? – For some reason,
I don’t believe that Kendall Jenner has done
her makeup in a porta potty. – (Jenner) You really
want my beauty secrets? I use grilled cheese oil
on my face. – #Relatable.
Number seven. – You know, I’ma
give her number– number five. – I think she’s right below Kylie. I think we’ve gotta move
everybody down. – Yeah, okay, so we’ll
put her at seven for now. – I’m gonna have to move
The Rock real quick, down to number ten,
just for now. And I’m gonna put Kendall
at number eight. – I’d put her in fifth, but I think I’m gonna
move her eventually. I just need to see who else
is powerful in the list. – Oh, Kim.
Oh, shoot! – Oh God. – Now my list is [bleep]. – (grandmother) Look at my ears!
– (Kim) Don’t you love it, Grandma? – I love Kim Kardashian.
(laughs) – (grandmother) Look at my ears! – I think she’s funny as hell. – I can just not look
at the views, ’cause that’s throwing me off.
Kim, I’ma put you at eighth. – I’ll put her at sixth. – Alright, we’re gonna put Kim
at number seven for now. – Kim’s number three.
She has to be. – I’m gonna put her
at number three. ‘Cause I know she’s high up. – Three siblings all on the list.
– Why can’t we be on the list? – We need a third sibling. – My girl Selena. – Selena. – Wait, did she just eat
her lipstick? – Ah, I hate when people
eat lipstick. – Why are you– why– – Why?
– (grossed out noises) – Oh, she’s– ew, ew! Oh, did she bite–
ew, ew! I don’t care what flavor
that lipstick is, you don’t eat it. – I have eaten lipstick before.
It is nasty! – Selena Gomez.
Number one. – I put her at number one. I know for a fact she was
number one at some point. – Number one.
– Number one. – Pretty positive she’s got
more followers than Bieber. – I love her so much
and I remember reading a bunch of articles saying
that she’s officially number one. ♪ (muffled music) ♪ – (gasps) Cristiano Ronaldo! – I have such a crush on Ronaldo.
It’s stupid. – Okay, this is the soccer player. He, uh–
twelve million views?! – Is this the new exercise?
Like you gotta (mimics sliding). Sliding into the DMs. – I’m gonna put him
number nine. – I’ll put him in tenth. – I’m gonna put my husband
at number nine. – There’s no way he’s number nine,
but he’s not number two. I’m gonna have to put him
at number nine. – Nine. Although he probably has some
die hard, crazy loyal fans. – There’s a lot of good stuff here. A lot of really big people.
I don’t know– This is definitely
more difficult than I thought. ♪ (smooth hip-hop) ♪ – Ohhh.
– Aww, Queen Bee! – What?!
Aw, Beyonce. Oh, no! – Beyonce! Why didn’t I see this coming? – Ah, she looks bomb in these.
– She looks great. – Oh my God, I screwed up!
Beyonce’s not number ten. – I think she probably is
number two, because she is so famous. – You guys are gonna
get me murdered. Have Beyonce last on a list. I didn’t do this
on purpose, Beehive. Do not come for me. – Ah, man.
– Okay. – I think Cristiano’s last.
– We’ve got some reordering to do. – (FBE) So now that you’ve
watched through all these, we’re gonna give you
a chance to make changes. Let us know when you’re locked. – Okay. Alright. – I’m gonna just put Beyonce
as number three. – I think Taylor’s number nine.
– Sorry, Taylor. – Oh my gosh.
– Oh my gosh. I feel like we did really bad. – They’re so hard! – I think The Rock
is lower than we thought. – I think so too. – Okay, we got it.
– Okay. – Alright.
Pens down. (claps)
Bring it on. – (FBE) Alright, so the actual order,
going from ten to one: Kendall Jenner is number ten. – Oh, really? – Nooo. – Dang it!
Okay, well, I’m off. – What?!
– What?! I am offended on Kendall’s behalf. – What?!
No way– Kendall, how could you
do this to me? Okay, let’s hear number nine. – (FBE) Number nine…
– Cristiano. – (FBE) is Justin Bieber.
– What?! I’m done.
Alright. This is clearly rigged. – Ahh, alright.
0 for 2. – Justin Bieber? – No way!
Oh my God! – Gadzooks!
– Oh, we are messing up bad. – Our list is, like, upside down.
– Upside down. – Okay, I need to start
looking at Instagram more. – (FBE) Number eight
is The Rock. – I did that right. – Oh no!
Really? – (sighs) Dammit.
So close, so close! – Dammit!
He has more than Justin Bieber? – Dwayne has more–
you know what, that makes sense. He had seven million views
on his video. – Okay.
– Think about it. We should have gone by the views. – (FBE) Number seven
is Kylie Jenner. – Seriously, I did that right too! – Yeah!
Okay, got one. – Oh my God, I’m so close. – This is embarrassing. – I have not gotten one right. – What is going on?!
I’m in shock. – No, what?!
– Oh, man. – Really?
She’s not number two? – Woo!
Yeah, one point! I’ll take it.
Better than I thought I would do. – (FBE) Number six
is Kim Kardashian. – Okay, that’s my first
one correct. – Really? – Okay, well we
were close with Kim K. – I did that right too! – I had Kim at number six
but I erased it. – I had her at three. I am uneducated in
the Kardashian department. – (FBE) Number five
is Taylor Swift. – I’m sorry I ever doubted you. – Dang it, so close. – I got that wrong. – Ooh, I thought she
was gonna be the queen. – No, we had that!
(screams) – Okay, that’s fair.
(whispering) It’s not fair. – (FBE) Number four
is Beyonce. – Woo! – Really? – Ah, damn. All right. – We messed those up completely. – Cristiano has more followers
than all of them? – You know, I should have had
more faith in him. – (FBE) Number three
is Cristiano Ronaldo. – What? – What?
– What? I knew he was, like– He’s internationally popular.
– Yeah, that’s true. – Those soccer fans
go hard in the paint, man. – He’s number three? And I don’t follow him
and he’s gonna be my husband? This is so embarrassing. Oh, I’m so sorry.
My love. – Ooh.
– Okay. – We might have gotten Selena right!
– Okay, okay. But who’s number two? – (FBE) Number two
is Ariana Grande. – Really? – Oh my God! – Whoa! Queen.
I love her. – (FBE) And finally,
number one is Selena Gomez. – I got it right! – Selena! Okay, so I got almost
all of them wrong. – I knew she was the most
followed Instagrammer. – Thank you, Selena. – Yes!
That’s the only thing I’ve known for sure
since I sat in this chair. – It was definitely harder
that I thought. I had more faith in our list.
– Me too. – But I’m pretty proud of myself
that I got Selena right. – I check Instagram three
times a day! I got every single one wrong? I hope my Mom doesn’t
see this episode. – (FBE) So obviously,
Instagram is a very powerful social media tool. Can you speak to how you utilize
Instagram for your career? – I love Instagram.
It’s one of my favorite platforms. – If you’re an influencer,
you have to use Instagram as much as you can. People really like to be able
to see things, and to kind of see
what you’re doing. – I try to think of things
that are different to do there and post stuff about the things
that I do on a day to day basis. ‘Cause I know that many people
watch my stuff on YouTube and then they want to see
what else happens in my life. – I use Instagram to post my life.
But it’s also like a business. And it’s a way for people
to stay updated with, you know,
their favorite people. – Social media makes celebrities
so much more available and especially if they’re
making videos and being present on Instagram,
it makes sense that people want to feel like
they can connect to them. It’s probably in the top two
on my phone at the moment. – Thank you so much for watching
another episode of YouTubers React. – Subscribe to everyone
you saw in this episode. Links are in the description. – Peace! – Hey, guys, Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React, and hey, if you want to
check out FBE on Instagram, we post a ton of content over there
featuring these people. – Hi!
– Hey! – Bye everybody.
– Peace out!

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