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– What?
Shakira? Where’s Beyonce? – Argh, I was just one up. ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we’re gonna see if you can guess, in the right order,
the top ten most liked Facebook accounts of celebrities
at the time that we’re filming this episode.
– Oh, okay. – Okay.
I guarantee I won’t be able to. I know nothing. – I haven’t been on Facebook
in a couple months. – I don’t even know
what Facebook is. – Yeah, what the [bleep]
is Facebook? – I did the top Instagram people
last time and I think I literally got ten for ten wrong. I check Instagram three times
a day. I got every single one wrong? – I did the ranking the most
viewed YouTube videos. – ♪ I know you care ♪ – I think I got seven
out of ten. I don’t think I’m gonna
do that well on this one. I know a lot more about
YouTube than I do about Facebook. – (FBE) We checked a few
different sources to get this information
as accurate as we could and we’ll be showing you
videos posted on their Facebook pages
and see how you do. – Okay.
All right, I think I can do this. – I’m really confident about this,
but I’m gonna be surprised if I’m totally off.
So, I’m actually fine. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna
give you this. – Let’s do this. – (Eminem) Yo, 50.
First off, I wanna say “Happy Birthday.”
– This has 5.4 million views. – (Eminem) I wanna remind you
of the verse you did… – He looks so different. – (Eminem) Remind you
of the verse you did that made me wanna quit rapping.
– Oh. – (Eminem) ♪ Picture
a perfect picture ♪ ♪ Picture me in a pimp hat
Picture me starting [bleep] ♪ ♪ Picture me busting my gat
Picture police mad ♪ – Is he saying this made him
wanna quit rap as in it was bad
or it was good? – (Eminem) ♪ Picture me blowing up
Now picture me going back ♪ ♪ To my momma basement to live
[Bleep], picture that ♪ – Damn, Eminem’s still got it.
– Yeah, he’s good. – I think he’ll probably be sixth. – He should be number one,
but let’s say number five. – Let’s put him at seven. – I’d put him seven. – I think he’s mid level popularity,
so I’ma put him as number five. – What about seven?
– I’m thinking seven, too. – Yeah.
He’s well known and all, but he’s not top six
if you know what I mean. – Michael Jackson. – Michael Jackson has a Facebook? – Michael Jackson has to be
really up there. – Ah, this is tough.
You guys are not playing nice right now. – There you go,
that’s the meme. – (woman) Can we get out of here?
– (Jackson) No, I’m enjoying this. – I love that part.
She’s like, “I’m uncomfortable.” “Shut up.”
– “I’m an eating popcorn meme now.” – I’m gonna put him
as number two. – I’ll put him at fourth right now. – Number nine. – Michael Jackson has to be
more popular than Eminem. I’m gonna put him
as number four. – I was thinking lower
than Eminem, though. – I’m thinking higher.
– Really? – Yeah.
Do you wanna put six? – Okay, let’s do six.
I’ll settle for six. – (Rihanna) Hello Comic-Con.
– Rihanna. – It’s Rihanna.
– Hi, Ri-ri. – (Rihanna) I’m about to
check in to the Bates Motel. – Shoot.
I just wanna keep putting them up here. – (Rihanna) Guess who’s
playing Marion. – Oh, girl.
It her. – I don’t think I’ve ever
heard her speak. Isn’t that funny?
I should look for people’s Facebook. – I’m guessing she’s gonna be ten. – Let’s put her at four,
’cause I don’t know what ya’ll are gonna throw
at me next. – I’ll put her at seventh right now.
I feel like she hasn’t been as popular recently. – I would say three.
– Okay. – I wanna say two or three.
– Do three. – Three?
– Let’s be safe. – I’ll put her at seven.
Rihanna’s definitely a big star, but I feel like there’s no way
she has more Facebook likes than Michael Jackson. – (Veach) Tell me when to go.
– (Bieber) Go. – Justin Bieber. – Oh, Biebs.
Oh, is this his hot pastor? – Is that his pastor or something?
His hot pastor? – Go Justin! – (Veach yells)
– What a random video. – I’ll put him at number one.
He’s just so famous. – Number four. – I’ma put him at three. – Justin’s number one for now.
– (both) It’s Justin Bieber. – I’m gonna put him
as number four. – Let’s go five.
– These people are really famous. – Is Justin Bieber more popular
than Michael Jackson on Facebook? I say yes. – Oh, a soccer one. – Cristiano Ronaldo. – Oh, I bet this is popular. – Ah man, ya’ll gonna throw
this guy at me again? – Oh, he’s super big on Instagram,
so I don’t know if that translates into Facebook. – Oh, but straight people
love this man. – World famous Portuguese
soccer player. – So, ten?
– I would put him higher. – I’ma put him as number seven. – Let’s put him at number two
for right now. – Number seven, I’m gonna say. – I’ll put him at number two.
This dude had some fans on Instagram. – Number three for now,
but he could be up there. – Put him at six.
Man, we filled up the whole middle. You better have some amazing and
stank celebrities coming our way. – How about eight?
Just because we don’t know about him, doesn’t mean that…
– Yeah, I’m sure he’s the biggest soccer person and…
– We’re insulting a lot of people. – They’re like, “Unsubscribe from this.”
– We’re the odd ones out for not liking it. – ♪ (Seinfeld theme) ♪ – (Swift) Getting vocals.
Far away? – (gasps) – It’s Taylor Swift!
– Tay-tay. – (Swift) ♪ Don’t blame me ♪ – She sings good. – (Swift) ♪ If it doesn’t,
you ain’t doin’ it right. ♪ – Sing. – Man, this is game changing. – (Swift) ♪ I’d be using
for the rest of my life ♪ – Dang, she belting it, yo.
– Yeah. – She’s got such a powerful voice.
– Yeah. Number two. – Okay, I’m just gonna put
her as number six. – I’m gonna put her
behind MJ. – I’m gonna put her at five,
because as soon as I get home, I’m gonna follow her
on Facebook. – She’s gotta be up there.
One or two, right? – All right.
Swifty. – Swifty.
Get swifty. – She’s super popular
on Instagram, too. Number four, yeah. – That was actually impressive,
though, ’cause you hear all this autotune bull [bleep]
nowadays and that was– she’s pretty talented,
so I’m gonna put her at fifth. – I went to a Taylor Swift concert.
Everybody was there. Every type of person.
This number one spot’s gotta be reserved.
It’s gotta be somebody good. – (Smith) Did you ever think about,
as a human being, – Ah, Will Smith. – He makes vlogs. – Isn’t that his son
that no one talks about? – (Smith) What had to happen
for you to be here? – (Trey) You wanna make
that comment on camera? – People are way into this.
I’ve seen a lot of these videos trending and stuff. – He gets social media.
He just collaborated with Superwoman. Will Smith, I’ma put as number nine. – I put him at nine. – I’m gonna put Will Smith
at nine. He’s famous, but I don’t know
if he’s as famous as some of these other guys. – I think top tier.
– Yeah, top tier. Maybe five. – I’m gonna put Will Smith
on the lower end of this list, but I have much respect for him. – I wanna say number eight.
It’s always so fun to watch him. He’s so positive and happy. – Oh, Leo Messi.
Another huge football star from Argentina. – Oh, Messi.
– Another soccer person. – I know this one.
– Oh, you do? – Is this a soccer player? – This has gotta be a trick,
because I don’t even know who this is and Lord knows
they’re gonna be number one or something. – I literally don’t know
who that is. I’m gonna put him at the bottom. – I’m gonna put him
near the bottom of the list, ’cause I don’t know that much
about him. – Number six, I’m gonna say. – I’m gonna put him
at eighth right now. I actually saw his final game. – I’ll put him here.
He’s so main that I know about him. – He’s my favorite football player.
– Really? – Yep.
– Who’s your favorite soccer player? – (both laugh) – (Diesel) Okay, you guys
see me smiling. You know I’m happy.
– Oh, Vin Diesel. – Look at that happy face,
Vin Diesel. – (Diesel) I’m on a kickass set.
– Oh, what a babe. – Fast and Furious ’97?
What are you filming there? – (Diesel) This is all top secret.
This is all top secret. – What are you filming for?
– Apparently not, ’cause you’re filming
the whole thing. – Oh, that’s number one.
I know that. – I’ll put him at tenth right now. – The bottom.
– Ten maybe? Just because I wanna see
who the last one is. – Yeah. – I don’t think Vin Diesel
is number ten, but I’m kinda waiting
to see who the last one is. – Let’s put you at number one
for now, just to hold it, ’cause he’s all about
his Facebook. – Vin, we love you.
Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you’re down here. – I think Vin Diesel
would be number ten, although I do love
Vin Diesel, especially after finding out
that he plays Dungeons and Dragons. This one better be number one.
– This one better be someone really famous.
– Yeah. – (Shakira speaking Spanish) – Shakira. – Oh, yeah.
– Shakira. – Shakira. – What?
Shakira? Where’s Beyonce? – Ooh, Shakira.
Ellen’s not even on the list? – (Shakira speaking Spanish) – Aw, that’s cute.
I like her. – She should do ASMR.
That was very comforting. Well, I guess she’s
my number one. – The only slot left is third,
but I think she’s gonna be lower than that. – I’m guessing she’s gonna
be second. I don’t know.
Now I’m doubting myself. – Clearly, she has to be
number one. Is Shakira more popular
than all these people? I wouldn’t be surprised. – All right, put her at the top.
Shakira. – Shakira, number one.
Have you listened to Shakira in Spanish?
– Yes. – Agh, it’s the only way
I can listen to Shakira. – Her hips don’t lie
in any language. – (FBE) So now,
you have a chance to reorder however you want.
– Okay, Eminem, you’re not top.
These are the tops. JB.
Vin is maybe number three. – Shakira’s number two.
She’s really famous. – Let’s put Vin D
at eight, Will Smith at seven. – Let’s just stick with our list.
– You think so? – Yeah, why not? – I think I nailed it.
This is not a bad list. – (FBE) Number ten
is Taylor Swift. – What!? – Oh. – Aw, dang it. – I was not expecting that. – Whoa.
– Oh no, we put her at three. – Vin Diesel’s more popular
than Taylor Swift? – Holy [bleep]. – (FBE) Number nine
is Michael Jackson. – Hmm. – Aw. – Okay.
– Oh, we were close. – Oh, okay.
Got one there, okay. I get one point. – You guys are disrespecting MJ.
He needs to be higher on this list. – (FBE) Number eight
is Will Smith. – I had it initially.
I called it, too. – I was close.
Had that at seven. – I was so close.
Dagnabbit. – We put him at seven.
Oh, we’re so close. – I got two points.
Yeah. – Whoo, we got it!
– Yeah, big Will in style. – Ding, ding, ding, ding. – (FBE) Number seven
is Justin Bieber. – Mm, I had him at six. – Okay.
– Really? We put him at two. – Ah, dang it. – I was wrong.
I think he’s actually the most popular on Twitter,
so I thought he’d be the most popular on Facebook, too. – Wait, what?
Shakira’s higher than Justin Bieber? Good for you, girl. – (FBE) Number six
is Rihanna. – Okay, they were all
in the same stratosphere, so I didn’t get any
of those correct, but they were in
the right quadrant. – I knew the soccer players
were gonna be big, man. – Yeah!
My God, thank God. – I’m very anxious to hear
who was number five. – (FBE) Number five
is Leo Messi. – Oh, I was so close. – Leo Messi, yep.
– Oh, Messi boy. – I had him at eight,
so I was a little bit off– a little bit further off on that. – Who is that guy?
I don’t know. Does he play football? – We did that right.
– Yes! – Yeah, I’m happy now. – (FBE) Number four
is Eminem. – Really? – I was very close. – So far, I am zero
for all of them. – Argh, I was just
one up. I almost got four points.
Dang it. – I have that one right. – (FBE) Number three
is Vin Diesel. – That’s crazy. – What?
I mean, what? – Good for him.
Work that hustle. – I knew he was up there.
I knew that– he’s really famous. – Whoa!
– Good for Vin Diesel. – Yes, boy, booyah.
I knew it, Vin. – (FBE) Number two…
– Don’t say Shakira. – (FBE) is Shakira.
– Dang it. – Oh, I was far off on her. – Ah, there we go.
Yay. – That’s good.
That’s a point on the board. – (both) Oh no.
– Cris– – (both) Oh!
– Shakira, why? Her hips sometimes lie. – (FBE) Number one
is Cristiano Ronaldo. – Oh my God. – I was right.
Facebook is full of footballers. – Two out of ten.
That is an F+ if I ever saw one. – I put Cristiano at number six,
but I am one for ten. Who’s your daddy?
Can I get some airhorns in the background, editor?
– (airhorns) – There we go. – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Check out all the links
in the description below to see more from the creators
who were in this video. – Bye!
Bye, pals. – Hi guys, JC here.
Thanks so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React.
Thanks to all the creators who came down to film
with us today. Make sure to check out
all their channels. Links are in the description


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  2. I feel like there could be a better scoring system, like how many places off they were and at the end who ever was the least amount of places off would "win" in a sense

  3. Facebook may no longer be as popular as it was in The US…..but it is still popular among youngsters in other parts of the world.

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