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– None of my back catalog
is capable to be put into vertical.
This is not gonna work. – I don’t think YouTube
is really worried about Instagram. Prove us wrong, Instagram. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (funky music) ♪ – I’m so confused. – I’ve seen this video before.
– I don’t know what I’m looking at. ♪ (funky music) ♪
– I know what this is. – This is the Instagram thing. – Yeah, this was in
the Instagram lounge. I’ve seen this. – Oh! – (both) Oh!
– Fun. – Somebody’s launching
a video platform. Good. We need that in 2018. I’ve been waiting
for one to come along. ♪ (funky music) ♪ – Jiffpom’s got a show. – Do I have to format like this now? – Oh! – Okay, the dog is cute. – (laughing) – (Bach) Yeah, this is real.
– Bach! ♪ (funky music) ♪ – I like the song. – The only thing redeeming about this
is that I don’t have to make a new account in order to use this. – I know we’re gonna
talk about it later, but I just want to say
that I already think it’s stupid. – (puppet) I love vertical video! – I’m, like, completely
mesmerized by this. – So they’re bringing
back vertical video? – That’s awesome. – I don’t think it’s a game changer. I think its was
just a necessary feature that Instagram needed to have. – No! No to vertical video. I fought the good fight.
Have we lost? – Instagram video, comedy videos
is a huge thing, so having that as a tool
is, I think, could definitely blow up. – I can see vloggers using it,
just holding on their phone. – If we animated that,
one little half a face would be in there. – Even though I don’t know
if I’m going to use it, I’m so glad that someone
is offering YouTube competition. – People are going to have to make
original content that sort of plays to the dimensions. – Lilly Singh’s doing spice news. She’s gonna be posting daily,
just about current events. That would be the way to do it. – (FBE) So that was Instagram’s
introduction to Instagram TV or IGTV. – (both) Yeah. – I think it’s a good idea. – Everyone holds their phone like this
when they’re watching a video in their hands, so why not? – Instagram TV? It’s like modern social media
mixed with the oldest dying archaic media
technology that exists. Good brand. – Any time that a mobile platform
calls their content TV, I die a little inside. The thing that makes web content
stand out is that it is not TV. – Any place that we can put creators
in touch with fans is a good thing by me. I wish it had a different
aspect ratio, though. How am I supposed to do this? It’s gonna be a silver of my face? Now you have to re-film it
from the ground up. – (FBE) Before we talk
a little about this, we are going to show you
a few highlights from their website to see
what Instagram is saying about this new service.
– Instagram has a website? You learn something new everyday. – “Five years after the launch
of video on Instagram, we are excited to introduce IGTV…” – “…which brings audiences
closer to the creators they love.” – “We are…”
– “…re-envisioning…” – “…mobile…”
– “…video…” – “…with the new standalone service
that features longer videos and easy discoverability…:” – “…all in a vertical format
that sits upright.” Finally, what we’ve all wanted. A platform for
the worst formatted videos. – Your eyes are horizontal,
so you can experience the world in a horizontal format
and now they’re wanting me to go vertical– like,
how does that work? Can I get my phone?
Let me open Instagram. Oh, I’ve got an update. Okay, not gonna do that right now. – (FBE) So like you just read,
one of the most talked about features is that Instagram’s
previous time limit of one minute has increased to allow videos
that are up to an hour. – Which is great. – I think it’s dumb.
Sorry, Zuck. – (laughing) “Zuck.”‘ If somehow this became
the new way of watching video, I can’t imagine
watching a movie vertically. – (FBE) They are calling this
the next generation of video. – Okay, sure. – If this is the next generation,
then there’s been a lot of generations. – I’m excited about it. I like watching video on Instagram. – (FBE) Do you feel like
this will start making Instagram a more popular place for video
than it is now? – I think it depends on the person. I think, for us, if we do find
something that we think works for the format,
then we’re gonna explore that. You could say it is the new generation
in terms of the fact that it’s longer, vertical format
than we’ve seen before vertical-wise. – Even in the promo video
that they showed me, there was not a clip
over three seconds long, and so now they’re gonna make
a platform to show hours of video. I don’t know. I think this might be
a “brand-tastrophy.” – I can’t predict how it’s gonna go
because I remember when they introduced stories
and I was like, “Pffft. Good try copying Snapchat.
That’s not gonna take off.” (laughing) I was wrong. And I’m happy to have been wrong. – Oh, I was thinking maybe,
you know, with the whole a capella video things, like you can put
two squares on top of each other and sing to each other.
That’s kind of cute. I should do that. – (FBE) Instagram is also releasing
a standalone app, as well as adding a TV button
inside the regular Instagram homescreen for this new video content. This next image shows you
a preview of how the app will look, as well as some key features.
– Okay. – It’s mobile first. “IGTV is built for how
you actually use your phone, vertical and in full screen.” – Vertical videos. Everyone complains about them,
or so I thought. – “Simple and intuitive,
it starts playing as soon as you open the app.
You don’t have to search or browse to get started
and it’s easy to multi-task.” – I don’t like that! What if I’m on a train? – “Curated– IGTV is focused
on the creators you love most and already follow on Instagram.” – So it’s curated. IGTV is focused on the creators
you love already, but anyone can create videos,
just no one will see them. They won’t be discoverable in any way. – “Anyone can be a creator on IGTV
and upload videos in the app or on the web.”
– Interesting. Everyone is already
a creator, I feel like. – That looks very clean
and organized. – I’m really intrigued by it. It’s almost like
having the trending page just automatically play
if you were on the YouTube app. For now, I think it’s good
because it’s just so brand new. You would need to see
what there is out there. – I kind of want to be in charge. I don’t want to see
what you want me to see. – Oh, no, I want to–
no, I want the algorithm to decide what I do
with the rest of my life. – No more worries about thumbnails. No more worries about impressions. No more worries about anything else. It’s gonna autoplay
if people like you. You have to worry about the order
it’s autoplaying in, I suppose. – It’s like all the negative things
of Snapchat– like, I used to love Snapchat
and then they went to this thing where everything’s
right in front of you and it’s like you’re at a party
where the music’s too loud and you can’t think. – (FBE) So as we’ve talked about
a little bit, one of the most talked about features of this
is that all of the content is going to still remain vertical.
– (skeptical hum) – (laughing) – Every time a vertical video’s
posted on YouTube, everyone hates it. – I’m not excited
about vertical video, but I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong. – It’s a good idea because
already people are reading and watching stories and everyone
holds their phone like this when they are Instagram. – I think you should be
able to do both. If people do start jumping onto this,
I think there’s a chance this could take off. – I’m gonna start uploading
horizontal videos to Instagram– – Just crop them inside the screen. – Yeah, I’m gonna be
the horizontal video guy. – No, it was bad enough
I was having to format them as squares for Facebook– now I have to do it
vertically for Instagram? None of my back catalog
is capable to be put into vertical. This is not gonna work. I have to shoot everything
all over again! – There are a lot
of different styles of content that actually do fit
vertical video very well. I’m just very used to the whole–
I think a lot of people are. – (FBE) Some are calling this
an attempt to be a direct YouTube competitor.
– Good luck with that. – YouTube’s too established
for that to happen. – Some people are saying that, eh?
– Yeah. I think it’s pretty clear
that they want to compete with YouTube. – Competition is good.
– Yeah, but I don’t think YouTube is really worried about Instagram.
Prove us wrong, Instagram. – (FBE) So they’ve said
they do have plans to explore monetization for
creators in the future, but that option
is not there as of today. – Why not?
– Why isn’t it there? – Why wait?
Just give it up. – Well, Hank, because if
you have a plan to do something, until you institute the plan,
all the money is your money. – People have to remember
that’s how YouTube started. You couldn’t earn money
when you first started. – (FBE) Do you think that this
truly has a chance to become a YouTube
competitor over time? – I don’t think so. How long will the creators
continue to focus on a platform that doesn’t monetize them? – It’s kind of like building houses,
but you didn’t build the roads to kind of get there, right? You didn’t build the infrastructure. – It’s Instagram trying
to do everything and take over. – A lot of people on YouTube
are already upset with the whole
monetization thing, the mess of it, so if this video can’t be monetized,
then how is it different to uploading your videos
on any other platform? – I don’t want
to [bleep] on Instagram, but I truly believe that it
won’t be YouTube’s top competitor just because their sole focus
is not just videos. – It gives an opportunity
for people who aren’t established to jump in and say, like,
I don’t need to make money. I just want people to see my stuff. – If you’re not gonna monetize,
whatever, that’s fine, but, I mean, I’m not on board. My experience with
Facebook and Instagram up to this point is
they figure out a way to make it easy for other people
to share the content that you invest money to create. – They got a shot,
but it’s gonna be one of those things where they don’t
monetize it for four years probably and then, you know,
who’s gonna be on that platform? I mean, there will be people
who are trying to find you on Ins’, but people who are
already making cool stuff will probably not go all in on it. – (FBE) So we’ve seen more
and more social media platforms adding digital content
to their already existing services, Snapchat Discover, Twitch,
Facebook Watch and now Instagram TV. – Everybody had
their own little niche. Twitch is about live stream.
YouTube is about video on demand. And now everybody wants
to do everything all at once. – (FBE) So as someone
who makes online video content, do you like that
there’s multiple options for people to go to
to have their online video content, or are all of these new additions
gonna oversaturate the market at some point? – I mean, it’s already
oversaturated on YouTube. If they play their cards right,
I think this could expand. I think this could be
the competitor that YouTube needs. – Oversaturation from the user
is a definite issue, but I think they
each have their place. It’s good to have competitors
so that you don’t have a monopoly in any one area. – A great example
is they used King Bach, who got to be a huge star
by making videos on Vine, and then Vine went away. It’s almost like a cautionary tale. You can’t go all in on one platform. – Maybe they’re expecting me
to watch YouTube on my big screen television
while watching Instagram video on my phone. And I love there being
plenty of alternatives and there’s plenty of creators
who haven’t made it yet who still can, but the audience
can only be spread so thin. – A lot of creators,
it’s that they branch out, they see what kind of sticks,
what the response is for most audiences,
and eventually they start really paying attention to the one
they get an audience from. I think it’s just about, you know,
expanding to the places they seem to get
the most response from. – My only fear is that
it feels like another thing that they have to do
because I feel like a lot of social media is a lot of people
trying to keep up and spreading themselves thin. – Competition in platforms
can lead to a healthier landscape. – What I’d like to see is competition
in terms of higher ad rates and amounts of money
being paid to creators. – (FBE) So finally,
do you think that you’ll be creating for Instagram TV,
do you think you’ll wait and see what happens with the platform
before maybe checking it out, or you think you’re just gonna
skip this entirely? – I think we’ll
probably give it a shot. – If we think of an idea
that we’re passionate about. – I’m a wait and see-er these days. – Yeah, I am also too old
to early adopt anything other than bedtime. – I might wait a bit. I want to see what it’s like. – It’s a no for me.
– Yeah. It’s a no for me. – I’ll be making vertical video
as soon as I walk out that door. This is it. This is a life changing moment for me. – I’m gonna see if I can start
formatting my catalog for Instagram Television. – I guess I’ll see,
but I’m kind of interested to see how it goes. It can’t hurt to post a couple
and see how they go. – We’ll experiment, but as long
as it doesn’t take away from what we’re doing right now,
and that’s creating content for YouTube,
creating our Instagram stories. – I’m completely happy not worrying
about that social media platform. – I think I might try that out. It’s urging me to keep relevant and keep up on all
of the different platforms because what if I miss out
on growth of this thing that’s become this new thing,
but like I said before, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter
as long as you’re creating content. – Thank you guys so much
for watching this widescreen episode of YouTubers React. – Be sure to subscribe
to everyone in this video. Links in the description. – And as they say in our hometown,
don’t forget to be awesome. – Hey, everybody, Benny here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode and big thanks to all the YouTubers. Please subscribe to all of them. Everyone in this episode is not local. They took the time at VidCon
to come and film with us, so big thanks to them
and to the event for letting us film here.
See you next time.


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