YouTube to Google Plus – A Direct Link
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YouTube to Google Plus – A Direct Link

YouTube videos to Google+ – A Direct Link.
Want to check it out? Click that right over there. Yeah, that thing right there. Okay.
Maybe you’re back by now. But if you’ve clicked it, it should’ve jumped you right over to
My Place on Google+. Pretty cool. So now, how do you set that up? That’s what this video
is all about. We’ll show you in annotations inside YouTube how you go about setting it
up. I’ve got other videos that talk about how do you set up your channel so that it
connects properly with Google+ to make this all work. We’ve got two things we need to
cover. One, what’s the normal way that you’re supposed to do this so that this thing right
over there works, and two, what is the trick that we have to do to make it work today,
because it’s not quite working right today, though it should later? By now, maybe by the
time you’re watching this, it is fully working and you don’t have to do the trick. So here
we go. Here we are. We’re inside our YouTube annotations area on a specific video. I’ve
already made the annotation, just to make this go a little faster. And you’ll note here
I’ve got it highlighted. It’s called a spotlight annotation, because I put it on top of a graphic
here that I wanted to let the graphic show through. You could also make your annotations
of any different kind – speech bubbles, notes. Probably just speech bubble and note would
be the main ones, or spotlight would be the one that I tend to use when it’s going right
on top of another image. So the choices are, down here, you’re going to turn on a link
for this particular annotation, and choose the drop-down and choose Google+ Profile and
Page. Now, that’s available for you if you’ve properly connected your YouTube and Google+
channels together, that I’ve talked about in other videos. So that’s the way it’s supposed
to work. You just simply choose that. It fills in your little picture, your avatar here.
You can verify that it’s going to the right place by clicking on the profile, and it’ll
jump you right on over there. Right now, it’s not working for pages. It is working for profiles.
So that’s the way it’s supposed to work, and maybe by the time you’re watching this video,
it is. But what we need to do now, to make a trick out of it, to make it work, trick
it out to work, is the following. Instead of choosing this obvious choice, Google+ Profile
Page, we’re actually going to need to link it to a different area, because from what
I’m seeing, right now, it’s about 16 days old. It’s still not working. We’ve been having
to do tricks, like go to the channel. So here’s the example. We click on Channel. Normally,
you would put in here, this link area, you would type in the name of your channel or
a URL to your channel. But instead, this is how the trick works. We’re going to go up
here to our Google+ profile area, so I’m just clicking right here where it says Profile.
You get your link right up from the very top, in the URL area. And let’s go back to YouTube,
and we will paste that link in. And there’s a little bit of editing that needs to be done.
Now, zoom in down here. See where it says “posts” at the end? You’ve got to get rid
of that and the slash. And if you happen to have a “u/” and a “0/” and then this other
stuff, you’ve got to get rid of that as well. So here we go. We’re going to back up, and
right when we get to the point one more, delete, here it is, takes you automatically and locks
in your profile to get you right into Google+. And so, that’s the way, that’s the trick.
And you’re going to want to save it and publish it, and you can always verify it. Just click
on the Here button. You know, Click Here. So this is a video that’s saying, “Go click
on that thing over there,” you know? So there’s my example. There’s my graphic that’s got
a note there. There’s a little icon that shows you, this is going to jump you off to another
page if we click on it. It’ll open us up right here, and we land on Google+. How cool is
that? So, if you’ve got other stuff you want to check out, go ahead and watch my videos.
Give this a thumbs up, give it a +1, give it a share, give it a write reply, comment,
do all that great stuff. Follow me on Google+. You’ll learn all about videos. You’ll also
learn about hangouts on air, which is phenomenal, as well as regular hangouts. It’s your time
to shine. Make these links work for you.

18 thoughts on “YouTube to Google Plus – A Direct Link

  1. YouTube to Google Plus – A Direct Link…

    Click ON your Video and people will land on your Google Plus Profile… Watch the video here to learn how to make it work! This is FREE, and for those of us that have connected YouTube and Google Plus Accounts.

    Click on 0:48 to jump to the details if you know what this is about…
    Click on 1:56 to jump to the trick to make it work today…
    Watch the whole thing to get the most out of the video and the 4 minute tutorial.

    See more about how to connect your YouTube and Google Plus Account to make this awesome Direct Link thing work by going here:

    Share this with your friends and encourage them to make videos that allow people to land on their Google Plus Stuff! G+ Pages don't work for this yet, only Profiles work (for now)

    Have you tried this yet?
    Are you going to? Can you see how awesome this Direct Clicking Thing is?
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  2. OK, but why would you want people to have to 'copy' and paste it, if they can now just Click on it and it works?

  3. Not working at all for me, Ronnie, on my bubblevision channel. But I'm also not seeing "Google+ ProfilePage" in the dropdown list of link types.

  4. Thanks for sharing the tip on getting the annotations to finally link properly to our G+ profiles. It worked for me!

  5. It is only working (from what I can tell) for the 'fully connected accounts'… the ones that share the same Profile name (i.e. your YouTube channel has been invited to use the same Profile name used in Google Plus). When they are connected that way, you get extra Google Goodies, this is one of them!

  6. YouTube On-Video Links Direct to You on Google Plus!

    Dynamic way to say Click Here to Find Me on Google Plus

    This went out last night. Sunday evening is not the best time to break a big story, so many have missed it. Check it out if you use Both YouTube and Google Plus… you will want to know how to make this FREE link thing work.

    Jump to the Orig. Post here to join the conversation.
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  7. **ALERT*** Thumbs Up this comment to keep it up top!

    The Trick is no longer needed, the proper Menu Choice is now working as of 10-Oct-2012. So the first part of this video is right on now, the last part (the trick) is no longer needed! Thanks to YouTube for fixing the 'bug'.

  8. I did some fancy-pants video editing to make the G+ logo show up.

    That is done with a video editor pgm, not on YouTube. I added the logo with my video software before I uploaded to YT… then I put a spotlight annotation around the graphic, then made that annotation click-able as a link to my G+ Profile.

  9. The spotlight annotation is only there to spotlight/highlight an item in the video. You can also add other annotation types that show text and color that can also be clickable… in other videos I use Red Text boxes with White Text to encourage folks to visit me on G+.

  10. I cant connect my google plus account to youtube when I click the botton it comes back to the youtube page

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