YouTube and Google Plus Connections – More Integration
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YouTube and Google Plus Connections – More Integration

32 thoughts on “YouTube and Google Plus Connections – More Integration

  1. YouTube and Google Plus Recent Connections… More Integration

    GooTubePlus Recent Integration
    Since the beginning of September 2012, I have witnessed many more connections between YouTube and Google Plus. Much more integration between the two platforms.

    Update 10-11-12: The YouTube Annotation Link mentioned at 5:32 in the video here is NOW WORKING PROPERLY! (Thanks for the mini hack by @Gabe Johansson – but we no longer need to use the 'trick'.) Here is a link to my 4 min. full tutorial making this work now:

    This video and post shows you many of them and points to other posts I've made that have the details. The Click-able Time Codes for the video below are the most recent example of GooTubePlus improved integration.

    Along with the helpful video below, there are many posts to read referenced by each topic summarized in the video.

    Many things here are for everyone, but some Google Goodies are only for those that have chosen to 'Connect their YouTube and G+ Profile Name' together. Here are the major points in the video, jump around by clicking the blue numbers below, or just watch and then review.

    0:01 Introduction – Integration for All or only for Connected Accounts
    1:06 Time Code vs. Time Stamp
    1:44 Time Code example/usage –
    3:00 Time Stamp example/usage
    4:06 Google Goodies for Connected Accounts
    4:46 Connecting YouTube & Google+ Profile –
    5:32 YouTube Annotation Links to Google Plus Accounts – (new tutorial makes it work: )
    6:56 Private YouTube Video Sharing Goodies – 
    7:45 Find Mentions of you and Your Comments –
    8:37 R U New to Google Plus?… How to Interact Well –
    8:53 R U New to Google Plus?… Using Hashtags Well –
    9:27 Google Plus Influencer Tip using Time Codes
    11:33 Summary & What's Next…
    – – – 
    #googleplustips #GooTubePlus #youtubetips #socialmediatips #googleintegration #googleplusintegration #videocontentmarketing #timecode #timecodes #videotimecodes #annotationlinks #timestamp
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  2. Thanks for the feedback… I really appreciate it.
    Re. connecting accounts… When/If you connect your old account name with your Google Plus 'Real Name' then many parts in YouTube will show the new name, BUT the URL will not change from the original one….

    i.e. My Comments here show my name 'Ronnie Bincer' but the URL to my channel is still showing "VideoLeadsOnline" .. i.e. /videoleadsonline.

    Again thanks for the feedback re. the charging and the info here… maybe a master class group?

  3. I really like your videos since I've found that they really help me promote my own site and google + profile. I also agree with the e-book idea since it would help keep the cost down for the average consumer.

  4. Thanks so much Ronnie. This was a great summary of the power of connecting Google+ with YouTube, and has convinced me to write a blog post about it. I hope you don't mind me referencing you in it. 🙂 Cheers friend!

  5. Nice, Thanks for sharing Ronnie! Just tried it in one of my videos and it seems like it's not working yet. I'm hoping they allow Google+ pages to be linked up soon.

  6. I'll assume you are speaking of the Annotations discussion that takes place at about 5:32 in the video here.
    Question: do you see the Avatar / connection visible in the Annotations Interface when you try to make the connection to your G+ Page?

    Currently, I see my Personal Avatar (i.e. Profile image) show up, but when I review the 'link it makes' I see that the link is not working (yet).

  7. Thanks for the encouragement for the videos and maybe an ebook or 2. I am also considering a recurring live Hangout Master Class (that can be recorded and watched by 'subscribers') as the landscape for this stuff is changing so rapidly… any thoughts on that?

  8. I think it would be a good idea. Especially for those who are just starting out. It would allow them to ask questions as the hangout progresses and provide them with interactive feedback.

  9. Yes, I see the avatar connection and linking to it but it's not working yet. I think they are still working on it, thanks for the help.

  10. YouTube now lets you Link Directly to Google Plus… In Your Video!

    YouTube Annotation Links are working!
    Thanks to a sneaky idea/trick discovered by @Gabe Johansson (who kindly shared it with me), the Somewhat Broken Annotation Link to your Google Plus Profile Page is now working!

    Mentioned at 5:32 in the video here, the Annotation link to Google Plus is now working if you choose to link to your YouTube Channel with the link and then paste in your Google+ Profile URL… get rid of the last portion of the link and it will end up selecting your Profile and work as a link.

    *EDIT* Watch the full tutorial on how to do this here:

    i.e. my profile link from the URL first looks like this:
    I remove the '/posts' part while treating it like a YouTube Channel Link and Presto-Change-o it works! That's Dog-Gone Brilliant!

    I'm not sure if this will need to be the way to make the link work moving forward, but I can tell you it still won't work for me unless I 'trick it out' this way. I tried pointing to one of my G+ Pages and it would not work (FYI).
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    #googleplustips   #youtubetips   #socialmediamarketing   #GooTubePlus   #videomarketingtips   #googleplus   #youtube   #youtubeannotations  
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  11. Thanks for the great explanation on the benefits of connecting YouTube and Google+ I was regretting my decision to do that, but now I see it is a good thing!

  12. This is all so foreign to me that my eyes glazed over and the brain shut down at 0:48. I'm certain that this would be valuable. But the implementation needs more detail.
    For a step by step guide of how to set this up, I'd pay….

  13. Thanks for the feedback.
    If you want to learn about the connection part (key to all this stuff working) then jump to 4:46 – or better yet, look at the description text for that area and click the link provided there to read up on how the connection is offered and made between G+ & YouTube.

    If you are REALLY interested, contact me via PM and we can set up a private Hangout where I can teach 1:1 how to make this all work!

  14. Ronnie, I shoot real estate video tours on my Android phone, which instantly uploads to Google+. Is there any easy way to share this to YouTube, or must I download to my hard drive then reupload to make video appear on YouTube.

    In terms of SEO ranking, it's better to have all videos catalogued on YouTube, correct?

    Thanks for your response, and aloha from Maui!

  15. Re. SEO, for sure having your videos on YouTube is much better (for now) you can't add meta data to your videos on Google plus (right now).

    You should be able to 'share' your videos to your YouTube channel from your phone… You can't currently get your video that was uploaded to G+ over to YT… but I would do another upload from your phone instead of a download from G+ and then up again to YT… make sense? And aloha back to ya!

  16. I like the direction google is going. The new Youtube looks sharp, I just hope google will finally fix the toolbar they put on the top of every feature

  17. Ronnie, Im having real trouble getting the youtube channel linked to google plus. On my plus page instead of it saying youtube it says videos. then when i say add video it only allows me to upload videos, not show my youtube videos from my channel. when i go to youtube, it says im already linked, so how do other people get it right to have a youtube tab appear instead of just videos

  18. When you connect your YouTube with Google Plus accounts that allows the Video Tab to eventually become a "YouTube" tab inside Google Plus. That does NOT change where you need to upload your videos. You still should upload them to YouTube unless you only want them to be visible inside G+, then you would upload inside G+. My Tab name changed to YouTube after a little while, give it time, and it will display your YouTube PUBLIC videos inside G+ and the name of the tab will change.

  19. Thank you so much for all of the information that you share. It has really helped me to grasp all that I need to do inside Google to make it work for me 😉

  20. I'm very glad to hear that Tammy. I appreciate your comment, it lets me know that people are finding value with the content I make and share.

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