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Your Struggle Is A Setup | Pastor Steven Furtick

Geez all through his ministry people were trying to trap Jesus the Sadducees and the Pharisees and Judas trapped him in the garden and and and and the and the Roman official stuff They had him trapped on the cross But Jesus was always the one even when they thought they had him they never really had him because he was always in control Even on the cross there were over 300 Messianic prophecies that Jesus fulfilled in his life and in his death and so Jesus was Jesus was never He was never really trapped see here He is with this woman, and he says I want to drink, but he’s not really thirsty like that He’s trying to give her something God doesn’t really need anything from you. He can have another you in a minute I don’t mean to go back to 2002 but sometimes and so God God God really isn’t needing something from you when we talk about giving in the church How dare you with your thirsty self get an attitude they just want my money God doesn’t need your money God wants to be in your heart. He wants to set you free. You’re the one thirsty You’re the one So He says give me a drink. She says well We don’t have a bucket, and he’s trying to get her to see that. She is the bucket And he is the water the woman said sir if if if there’s if there’s some kind of water If there’s some bottomless well, if there’s free refills Somebody shout free refills Give me this water, so I won’t have to be So I won’t have to be trapped, so I won’t have to keep coming back here so on So I won’t have to keep texting Travis, I’ve just made up the name truck Swabbin have to keep performing So I won’t have to keep being so Thirsty and Now Jesus. He’s got her all right got her He came to some area and sat by the well and now she’s trying just watch I see us all right go get your husband and She says what had happened was I’ll have a husband which is true, but it’s not a total truth. You know how you do late Right I Have no husband jesus said you’re right saying I have no husband for you have had five husbands And the one you have now is not your husband what you’ve said in is true, and you’re thirsty Thirsty and you’re trapped And when I asked you for water, I was trying to release you from Having to go all around the people and things And stuff that doesn’t satisfy I Want to give you something that comes from within I Want to give you something that doesn’t depend on bank accounts that doesn’t diminish No matter how the biopsy comes back I Want to give you something that you can live off of? Something that only gets stronger in your struggle I Want to give you unlimited supply, and she said sir, I think you’re onto something She goes back to Samaria Carrying living water that she didn’t even expect again Comes back to Jesus and the Bible says that many in Samaria believed because of her testimony See it what it was a trap Jesus used the thirsty woman to transform an entire region I wonder how he could use your life If he would receive this grace today I Want to talk about the setup Because that’s what it was It was a setup That’s why he went through Samaria He was setting this woman up That’s why he asked for a drink Cuz she was thirsty That’s why he went to the cross hill 650 yards That’s why he said I thirst and I’m gonna tell you how I found out Cuz I thought about that thing so long I thought okay How can living water be thirsty how can a well need water how can the one that spoke the oceans into existence now need water From the very same source that he created. How could God who reigns above the waters need water How could it be possible that God could come down plunge us into the form of human man? How could Christ be made flesh? How could he die and suffer like that how could it be that their seasons in my life when I call on him and nothing? Happens how could it be that I have divinity, but I’m trapped sometimes in my desperation How can it be that I’m full of the spirit, but sometimes I feel so dry so I had to read again. I Read that verse like like 20 times in John 1928 and that don’t read Greek although. I took Greek I Don’t read Hebrew, although. I took Hebrew. I was not very effective in my language studies and And and and I don’t even read Aramaic Which is what Jesus was probably speaking in at the moment when he said I thirst but? But what will I do read really well as English And I know I know my punctuation marks So when I read John 1928 have y’all got like seven minutes for me to tie this up seven minutes seven minute miracle And and and so it said that after this After all you’ve been through After all they’ve accuse you off after all the people who walked away who should have been there after this After they counted you out and sent you or nothing and mocked you after this After a crown of thorns was placed on his head after the blood ran from his brow after this After they beat us back after they released Barabbas after this after the cock crowed and Peter denied him thrice after this Knowing that now all things were finished Jesus had one more thing to say One thing to do because there are 300 prophecies And he was on 299 And see everybody standing around that day thought that death Had trapped Jesus right and The cross was a set up But it wasn’t set up by Judas and it wasn’t set up by the Sadducees and It wasn’t set up by the Pharisees, and it wasn’t set up by Herod. It was set up by heaven Listen to me preach this sermon Listen to me preach this sermon Listen to me preach on the parenthesis in John 1928 I preached on a lot of things in my little tenure preaching, but I never preached on a punctuation mark until today after this Knowing that all things have been fulfilled Knowing that he had drank down the full cup of the wrath of God so that you would never have to After knowing that he suffered like a criminal so that he can reign like a king after humbling himself Being obedient even to the point of death on a cross And it was saying Jesus said Parentheses To fulfill the scripture Huh I Wonder why John put it in parentheses Probably cuz he didn’t know that’s why it was happening at the time See when Jesus said I thirst They thought he wanted water so they gave him vinegar to mock him, and The thing they used to mock him Was actually the thing that he used To finish the work God gave him to do The thing that they put on a sponge to shame him Was the sea because listen I got to tell you something stand up, so I’ll finish this sermon please oh I got to show you one more thing See because When Jesus said I thirst? to fulfill the scripture Parenthesis Have you ever had to live in the parentheses I mean like not Understanding why you were going through what you were going through. Please be real with me. I cannot preach this sermon to closed hearts I’m trying to give you water today for your thirsty soul But sometimes you’re in a wilderness, and you don’t know why? and Sometimes you’re looking at a red sea and you feel trapped Jesus looked trapped up there on that cross, but John said no He wasn’t trapped death didn’t trap Jesus Jesus trapped death Nah Now I know why he said I thirst Now I know why why the lips that spoke the waters into their place on the earth said I thirst to fulfill the scripture God has a purpose for every thirst in your life Death didn’t trap Jesus, Jesus trapped death! Jesus was setting the trap for death this was the last thing he had to do Before the spirit would be released. It’s a setup. It’s a setup If he didn’t suffer Salvation could not spring up like a well if he did not suffer It could not flow forward if he did not die he could not rise Somebody shout it’s a setup It’s not the end It’s in the parentheses It’s in the parentheses Sometimes you got to trust God in the parentheses in the tight places When it looks like you’re trapped to know that the very red sea that feels like it’s gonna kill you is gonna drown your enemies behind you somebody shout Just when the devil thought he had Jesus trapped Just when he thought it was over Just when he thought we got rid of that one Just when he thought it was the end just when they wrote the stuff let it become a trap God said I got you The trap they set the trap To set the trap so God brought you here into this garden so you could sweat out your insecurities God brought you here into this tight place so that your doubts could die and your faith could live and never thirst again

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  1. Unblocking to receive blessings is what i need to do!!! Love your videos. They're uplifting and they help me when I feel stuck!! Ty & God bless❤❤❤🙌

  2. You are so blessed to be able to stay obedient and discern and with AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION…TELLUS WHAT GOD'S WILL FOR ALL IS..U STAY BLESSED! U TAUGHT ME IN MARCH 2017.." MY SEED IS ON SCHEDULE!"

  3. Very discouraged to see so many dislikes and lies about Steven, He preaches the Good news of Jesus Christ! Sure we've made mistakes and is also going to make more mistakes (same as me, you and all other people). "Judge and you will be judged." -Jesus. All men are filthy rags in the sight of God!!! yes that includes all the Men who wrote the bible!!! Its time to use your time, talent and treasure to help others and build them up in Gods right hand NOT waste it on judging God's people.

  4. Death: "You're trapped in here with me Jesus"
    Jesus: "No…you're trapped in here with me. And you ain't getting out alive"

  5. Death didn't trap Jesus, Jesus trapped death! Amen shout out for the good news! Amen, praise God!

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  7. This guy is so spirit filled and full of fire! 🔥💥 I love watching him. I always get so much from his sermons. Thank u Steven Furtick AND GOD 👏👏👍

  8. He said i thirst yet he made river, he said i thirst yet he made the sea, i thirst. Said the king of the angel and with his great thirst he brought water to my soul. Thank you Jesus.

  9. Hi Brother Stephen. I have gone through so much hard hitting storms. I have had such painful circumstances and those closest to me have been the ones who have come against me. I have had so much at me. I still go for God even tho something keeps trying to stop me. I have been in the wilderness. Also my brother. I had been praying hard for some finances which were meant tk be for me. But the person wasnt wanting me to have any thing. I prayed. And one night I dreamt I went to the person and I took what he had with holding from me. I went to the enemy and took back what it stole from me. Then I received the finances that were due to me and were rightly mine. God lets us go to the enemy camp and take back what it stole from u. Please brother Stephen come to England united kingdom plse. U say u go to all nations to preach Gods word. Please come to our nation.

  10. It’s amazing how as Christ followers we become so perplexed when we struggle. I think why me? Why I am going through this? I am trying to live a holy life and it seems as if everyone is doing fine but me. It is just a reminder God wants to purify, strengthen, and mature us through trial. This is when our faith can actually be tested and grow. Every time we struggle He is producing a blessing on the other side!! Great message!!!

  11. You know something?
    Jesus had such power over Death, that he told Death to loose Lazarus and let him go. When Jesse is said that, he then told Lazarus to come forth.

  12. The most powerful preaching I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life. Thank you so much Pastor Steven🙏

  13. I am not bragging by no means but I enjoy your messages . But praying that God will give me a message from you just for me . I watch your messages everyday it prob the closet I get to being in a church sense I have no way to go to church .

  14. Luv your messages, always so inspiring and so spiritualy motivationally moving to live as Christ wanted us to, why he was born and suffered and died for us♡

  15. This is a great sermon about our thirst and God satisfying that thirst. I still dont understand why Jesus said "I thirst". Was it to fulfill prophetic scripture that Jesus would say that? I'm just not following that part of the sermon or scripture. Can someone help me out? Thanks

  16. Yes brother. My name's Bryant Jacobs. The message I just litentened to . was for me. The parentheses. Has been branded on my arm by God. Deaths angel came to get me in a motel room in. Plymouth north Carolina. Before I believe I died for three days in my room. I watched three letters begin to brand on my arm. " C O ' ". WHEN I AWOKE FROM MY DEEP SLEEP. THIS APPEARED ON MY ARM JUST AS PLAIN AS YOU WANT TO SEE IT. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. THAT MESSAGE YOU JUST PREACHED WAS SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO ME. I WAS TOLD BYVA PROPHET THAT THE LETTERS MEAN THE CHOOSEN ONE. and that im supppswd to reach out and help people that others cant reach. I dont know exactly how i will do what God's asking of me. But he's sent me a wife to marry a job and is supply me with that sweet loving spirit and is showing me things i have never seen take place in my life. I have the fear of God dwelling inside of me and I'm asking for prayers . pray that I want let him down and never return to what and where hes brought from. In Jesus name amen. And your sermons have changed my life. I love you brother. And I thank God for you. Remember me and my friends and family invyoyr prayers. This isn't a joke this is real. A bare the " C O. ' " ON MY ARM RIGHT NOW.

  17. Pastor Steven I thank the Lord God almighty that he called you into the ministry and you heeded to his call. You are one fantastic preacher and I love to listen to you. I feel the Holy Spirit in your message. I thank you so much.

  18. Thanks to all who work effortlessly to make this happen, I love this short sermons, I always watch before I sleep, pastor Steven Furtick you are a blessing to millions of people out here!!! you've impacted our lives in ways that you can never imagine

  19. With your thirsty self 😂😂😂 you are comedy Pastor!
    I thank God for what he’s done in you! You are blessing millions!!!

  20. Thank you sir.. I really thirst for the love of God and it feels like I've been trap for so long.. I'm gonna go deep down my faith in God and trust him everything this day onwards.. Pls pray for me that I may not turn my back to Him again..

  21. John didn’t put parentheses There is no parentheses in the Greek there’s no periods there is no: there’s just words man put parentheses and periods when they put together the manuscripts in a book form called the Bible. And it amazes me because you say you studied Greek but yet you have no clue about this. I’m speechless.

  22. Sir the devil speaks of his own nature. Are you talking about televangelist who have 54 million dollar planes?

  23. 🙌🏼My life is a gonna stop ✋ being confused at all that my life brings, as long as am facing the cross and know my redeemer, surely is a Setup. I give in🙇🏽‍♀️. Thanks for assurance🙏🏽

  24. Oh yeah…my father here I'm lord…have your way and I'm ready to do whatever you tell me to…jesus..all I need is you my redeemer 🤲🤲thank you for blessing me always pr Steven..many blessings to you n entire family

  25. All i hear in this message is a prideful woman yelling out between breaths right,yes,and wow .This woman is trying to be noticed as if she is a power christian .Shhh woman listen dont speak it time to learn.

  26. I absolutely love elevation. Pastor Steven has absolutely changed my life, and I thank God for his impact in my life

  27. Oh, who isn't moved by a message that there's purpose behind you're struggles? One would think the world would be a better place with all of the Loving/Living that perfect Christian life.


  29. Married for 5 years….i got married and pregnant at 20 to a 27 year old man. He promised to love me…we both are believers….or were because he has strayed. Ive put up with him and the many costly mistakes he made. He left me 4 months ago but kept giving me hope because we are still married….i found out this week he has been cheating on me since the beginning of the year. He had a sexual relationship with various women at work and then came home to lay with me….i feel so betrayed….and confused…i see God working in my life because a police officer came looking for him….and i let him know the drug and alcoholic life my husband was living and he was no longer at my address. He suggested to remove my name from his car registration if he was driving intoxicated. I did….not even 2 weeks later, he crashed driving with 2 of those women and wrecked the car. He searched for me and said he needed me….but then he tells me to move on….he is living in sin and committing adultery but fails to see it because he is so tangled in his sin. I know God is removing him from my life…but sometimes it is hard to let go. But i must…..

  30. In a very tight place rn. I'm living with my sister, but we're both broke looking for jobs. But I'm not giving up. I started a small Bible study group, my sister just accepted Christ, which I don't think she would've found without losing he children. We're getting them back though! One step a a time!

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