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Nick Nick Nick Yeah, Nick will know what to do @Intelligent Machine Learning GOOOD MORNING Good morning good morning good morning good morning good morning morning *shoves shoulder* good morning morning*smiles creepily* Good Morning Good Morning Nah ANDDDDDDDD GOOD MORNING! GOOD MORNING *beats bat down on floor like an idiot* *begin beating boys with bat* -awkward laughing- So what do u think? How many kids do you wanT? How many kids do YOU want Amanda? A SELFLESS MAN I’m down for whatever You have sex? NOOO.. Noo Not before marriage.. Hes a liar. -awkward laughing- My mom vlogs. Your mom does instagram skits. Your mom versus my mom. Yea. -inaudible- I am ganna take all of you on. Ohhhh snappp. Thats mom. My moms black so she’ll stab a bitch? Back at the team 10 house. Guys with the suqad we are about to go to a charity event are you wearing dude? I’m looking gooooodddd IM looking goooddd. Hashtag who wore it better? Who wore it better? Uh-oh Uh..Idk Jakey has the shoes. Only the comments will determain Oh uh oh. Who wore those better? OHH BE CAREFULLL Took me 30 years.. Its fun to stay at YMCA Its fun to stay at the YMCA That was good guys.. We should start a band. Yea, or we should just drop a rap song. Nah, naw Naw dont do that. it’s not like it would get like that
well yeah and even if it did that doesn’t mean it’s a good song right
right I don’t watch it I wouldn’t get it out of it yeah yeah are you a Jake
public you’re not a Jake baller are you a great part yes yes yes yeah maybe my
dad’s vlogs are blowing up okay so we’re here at the Brooks Brothers st. Jude’s
charity event that’s right and really good my dad has 310 Instagram numbers
are growing Oh No so then go home now do you oh snap
yo look how cool these stairs are we should totally get a shot in slow motion
of us walking up it already bigger words right out of my mouth and I thought you
said we’d never think that I didn’t even take the words out of your mouth but how
about to do we just bond like we did all right let’s do the stair shot how my
words back Kane did look good
lid look at all this wrong for this dream
hmm Beverly Hills is so luxurious yeah it’s
great I wake up to it every morning you all go shopping on Rodeo after Oh Jo
you mean my home address ha ha ha I think all these people below
us must be tourists ha ha ha put on today and crumpets already ha ha
ha I’ll see you on hole 11 later ha ha ha ha
rich people play golf right yeah 11 more than nine holes so 11 would make sense
yeah I’ll see him on 11 yeah yeah like 11 Cole cool dad if you’re gonna get
girls yeah yeah this is the spot man don’t look it are you ready I don’t know
I mean can you hug it Martina coming out you need to help my
dad and to learn how to get girls oh yeah
what’s the trick give you one well everyone go to the drill okay
I’m grateful I have followers you want me to and that’s it so I just walked up
and I go I’m Greg palm I am follower yeah
I’m grateful it didn’t work like you the road you
have to save that sexy Spanish voice yo my man and you play it every day bro by
Jake Paul you don’t have that that was awesome bozos thing right now we are
about to prank everyone everyone in exam so Alex had this idea he pranked me like
a while ago year ago I prank Jake and I sent him a text with this as a
screenshot and I’ve never seen anyone panic so much so I think we can do it to
the rest of you exactly so basically what you do which Photoshop and make it
look like their Instagram accounts have been hacked and that like the hackers
are posting like terrible pictures on their stuff it looks a little like this
I have Emilio right here for now and as you can tell we keep the three lower
rows of their pictures so it looks more real and it was like some random girls
and like an advertisement and then it’s like on their page so it looks
completely real this is a screenshot so it’s actually a like it’s not real at
all but if we go up to then we show them that we go oh my god and there’s a
little bit and now you know what to do no I think we should give it a try
can we go for it Martinez Martinez oh they’re so addicted to their Instagram –
yes verified prank yeah this other car yeah are you trying no no don’t you hate
it when youtubers tell you guys to do it like obviously you’re not going to say
anything you’re just by the screen anyways because I’m probably going to
keep on doing it it’s like I should be like busting the door like
panic country and you know but you guys you see that that’s me
oh yeah hacked shut up to the pro there’s like a bikini up here doesn’t
know no it’s literally my friend just sent me that he said your account hot
rule it’s on mine oh look do you have Wi-Fi guys broke Emilio oh no what are
we gonna do so bad but is like a very long there’s ad means no talk to do
around it yeah I change a pastor China change a password enter password quit
you have fooled like a hundred thousand people already saw this fall their
phones that updating bro yo nigga oh yeah yeah hey yeah hey yeah nickel know
what to do they got hat meet you upstairs like this like girl there’s
like and this is their account no it sucks is that like it’s completely fake it’s Vegas it’s so bad yeah yeah it’s a
prank hmm I almost evil ain’t nothing on well I’m
nervous right now little bit they don’t have America vol bro they have no
American called you guys up no service alright yeah yeah I think we should get
dressed I have stuff ready for chance and Anthony future Justin why you posting to to this girl’s
god forever oh no forget about that this is bad
why do you post that we might do to their town had know what the literally
has everything on fix it it has a picture of like the early has when you
log in change your powerful you know he texted me he said you read naptime
it’s up it’s not mine to I don’t know how to react to this you kind of like it
the girl I said like I have a lot more followers and that’s what my feet look
like do you know anyone Instagram oh do I yeah I do
could we that’s above no no no I actually have 3000 more followers just a
lot of I checked well it’s just a prank bro
I actually thought someone did this but I didn’t know how to react kill are you
I got you look I’m look seeking anything anyone gives me bad news I’m always like
yeah okay please Eric dude fuck what happened to
your Instagram what do you mean why would you post that you talking about
Dean what what what is this dude it’s your Instagram I want next your home you
have no no are you serious bro are you serious
you don’t even follow me bro I see you like everyday you don’t even follow me
yeah yeah that’s fine but like that’s all we were tighter than that like you
know I’m like it’s fine you know those people in Instagram right it’s not a big
deal I’m more mad about the fact you know
follow me bro go first off are we gonna do either you ever been happy for and
also just follow me right now so thank you dude no no you’re like getting free
promotion and I know what is this something to play with no to you how
they work on all the layers falls into Instagram
no one is households anything of them no no one else you won a Grammy Amelia
College Oh buddy take care of like what 7 million dollars you know a single
person that works missed again we picked it no no oh yeah I want to do I don’t
know obviously I know what to do I don’t know what the guys well here what just
we’ll just hold this vlog wiser the corner ah oh my god ha ha Wow
how do they not see this like I’m like you have a camera in your hand holding
it like literally like this oh you look like you’re always carrying anything
about it’s not like a weird thing for Jacob I guarantee if you go my real
Instagram I’m following you I got an editor to do this yeah follow because
I’ll go just everyone fo Justin Roberts verified but what is that bro you can’t
be posting that fast I’m hi Jake
what are you doing hi Erica hi yeah this is just your dude where girl I
am ago I’m sorry I go Justin you can’t be posting stuff like that here is going
to this hat there’s like Aang why did we post that or is it hacked what is that
that’s your Instagram my friend sent me that yes yeah he was like dude you can’t
post up like that I didn’t post that really bad for you man I didn’t post
that my friend next we go hard to get to 100 there’s no Wi-Fi here you won’t load
it I’ve never been hacked if you need a like I don’t know what to do I don’t
know I’ve never been have you been had never been oh oh oh my god oh you’re on
dive your phone dies and you know what the worst part about this is like not
only is there a picture of like a butt and like promoting stuff but it’s like a
print yes they all say anything on Ted no I know how much he cares about his
Instagram because it took me that 100 K don’t worry you’re still there okay
Justin I thought all my videos were gonna be gone you mean yo what my friend just sent me this know
right act like a mighty time with you get hacked for what what what turns you
sent me it is any speech other than what you put me bitch
what no no you mess with me bro Yui I was gonna literally go crazy this is my
you know got me good yeah I thought I was good they call you the man by chance
Anthony are here to now it’s just ended to me they would never think I’ll do it
and it’s a great thing to rent I said I think you should take my camera and vlog
it they don’t know I have a YouTube channel they don’t know I mean I guilt
so we’re getting rain do the plane as because we know they’ll know if it’s
Jake we don’t know where their their public
test is I’m gonna pretend like I’m holding the camera down man okay so if
you want to open their door so we have to find a way to trick them into letting
us trick them that make sense would you panting yo and if you can’t anyway you
know what’s the yo way why while your hat Oh No well hat her up
yeah dude wipe em we gotta do anyway oh man
we’re gonna get all yelping out but how I can’t get more real that I wasn’t
there right yesterday he told the camera I’m like what do you do that counts up
he’s like oh you know I’m just trying to figure out a new channel again I’m
trying to figure out how to focus the lens oh you got him so I was good at
murder me girl let me go check my phone do I need to say a word Ross guys check
out this new 10 is everyday bro sweat Sergei knows matching with the Oh with
the joggers baby oh it’s hot what is this March no huh-uh
if you guys don’t want to check this out the March link is in the description
shameless plug always plug oh you got your phone Anthony yeah yeah oh wait oh
what happened oh oh oh that’s available now I just set my down because I was
everybody plugging it there’s my phone phone case March Lincoln by oh I forgot
one other thing iPhone giveaway no no you give away oh I’m giving away three
pairs of all white geez guys all you have to do is follow me on instagram at
jake paul and follow at how to kicks on instagram guys we’re going to pick the
winners in three days we’re going to ask you for your sizes and then ship them
right to you so follow me on instagram at jake paul i thought oh how to kick
kind of missed you today bro yeah bro yeah we didn’t have a lot of long didn’t
know it’s cool come on bring it bring it and jake follows we will see you
tomorrow Alex we kill it good job we will see you tomorrow because it’s
everyday bra piers we have to answer a little few long hair day sorry Jake
Pollard’s what pop and check out this new March
oh that March is hot boy new items of merchandise limited-time
click the link make sure you’re subscribe to keep up with my life on a
daily basis and if you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog
because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you
guys can subscribe to right now and if you want to see more content from
everyone in the house our group channel is called team 10
check it see you guys tomorrow


  1. It's almost 2019 idk why I'm here,I started to believe that this wasn't set up but after Shane's series I was like ooooo it's fake

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    The last digit of likes is who u are
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  3. Thank you guys for watching, if you need help, reply with your name below! UPDATE: it appears that trial is no longer offered, still worth it! Give it a go if you truly want to know… I will keep you guys updated if it comes back

  4. You know the drill
    The last number of the likes is your character mine is Jake

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