24 thoughts on “Yahoo Sued After Leaking Data From 50 MILLION Accounts

  1. Good. I hope Yahoo gets hit so hard that they hemorrhage money. They're being entrusted with that data by the people who use their services. If they can't be trusted with said data, then they need to pay the piper.

  2. 50 million is a drop in the bucket. Will Yahoo users outside the U.S. also be eligible to be part of this class action suit ?

  3. What worries me is that this is probably the tip of the iceberg. We just haven't heard about the other leaks. No ones personal info is safe anymore!

  4. Microsoft made a substantial offer to buy out Yahoo and they turned it down. The only smart move they made was investing in Alibaba.

  5. So, basically, the Republicans think it's a good idea,
    to short change the ppl, that made them,
    who they are today!
    And you don't think, stealing your life, is a bad thing.
    They've lost the confidence of the ppl.
    Just like zuckerGUTLESSberg, from f**kfacebook.
    No confidence in LIARS!

  6. Just the cost of business they get paid back ten fold from your tax dollars to allow these leaks so the GOV gets the data.

  7. Who gives a fuck. The elections are over. The blue wave turned out to be a toy duck in the bathtub.
    Chris Hedges is right. 10 years from now we're living in a police state and everyone but the 1% is bankrupt from lack of health insurance.

  8. So let me get this straight. I cannot get into my yahoo mail account (don't remember the password from like a decade ago) – but these yahoos let a data breach happen so someone else probably can? WTH

  9. What about @ROCKETMAIL.com which is also a Yahoo account? Who's getting the money from the lawsuits??? I've had a Yahoo email address for several years how do I get my cut??? LOL!!!

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