WWE Draft preview special: WWE Now
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WWE Draft preview special: WWE Now

100 thoughts on “WWE Draft preview special: WWE Now

  1. The Future Titles after This Draft Please:
    WWE Championship
    World Heavyweight Championship
    United States Championship
    Intercontinental Championship
    World Tag Team Championships
    WWE Tag Team Championships
    WWE Women's Championships
    WWE Superstars/World Women's Championship
    WWE Hardcore Championship
    WWE Women's Tag Team Championships
    Please make this Happen to make This Company Great and all Championship will Be Drafted

  2. My opinion: WWE Champion goes with Lesnar to RAW cause Heyman runs RAW, Universal Champion Seth Rollins goes to Smackdown. Womens Champs switch sides but not the Titles. Womens Tag Titles stays on Raw, because of the 3 hour Screentime. Maybe US Champ AJ Styles goes back to Smackdown that AJ Styles buildt. We will see

  3. Curious on how both world champions cant be drafted until monday night raw…..hmmmmmm i wonder if wwe is being a bit bias towards USA over Fox

  4. You know I just thought of this, shouldn't Rey Mystero still get match with Seth at some point. Because he did win a number 1 contenders so he should technically still number 1 contender.

  5. Imagine living in Australia so we get every PPV 1 day before everyone else so when we wake up to watch it we try as hard as we can to not get spoilers

  6. This is y wwe losing viewers bcuz every week u see the same wrestlers aren't there anymore wrestlers in wwe on Monday the confrontation between Braun and Tyson we see a bunch of wrestler running to part them and to be honest those are the only times we see them Monday night raw have 3 hours use that time to show rest of talents on the roaster on both shows please thanks to all who take time out to read this it might be a paragraph but that's part of my opinion Jah Bless

  7. Ok, let's get something straight. All champions except the Intercontinental and U.S. champions should be staying with their exclusive brands. So Seth, Becky, and Dolph and Robert should stay on Raw while Brock, Charlotte, and The Revival should stay on SmackDown

  8. Roman defeats Seth and Reigns is announced as the first overall draft pick for Smackdown. RAW chooses their first draft pick after that and they will either choose "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt or "The Man" Becky Lynch. That is how the first round draft picks are going mark my words.

  9. If becky lynch gets drafted to SmackDown qnd Charlotte goes to raw they could swap titles so Charlotte as raw women's champ and Becky as SmackDown womans champ PS WWE please do this idea

  10. Roman is definitely winning because if Seth wins crowd is gonna boo the hell out of him.AND JOHN CENA NEEDS TO GO TO EITHER SMACKDOWN OR RAW AND NOT BE A FREE AGENT

  11. Smack Down draft predictions for tonight:
    -Nikki Cross
    -Erick Young
    -Lacy Evans
    -The Revival
    -B team
    -Street profits

  12. If a champ gets drafted and the title is not assigned to the brand then the title gets vacated for example if Seth Rollins gets drafted to smackdown then the universal championship shall be vacated and determined by putting all male superstars in the ring and have a battle royal

  13. I think the 4 horsewomen will be on the same brand, probably Smackdown. Kofi could very well split from the New Day. Strowman probably to Smackdown. Roman Reigns Smackdown. The Fiend to Raw. Harper and Rowan to smackdown. Orton and Corbin to Raw. Nakamura and Sami Zayn to Raw. Kevin Owens to Raw. AJ and the OC to Smackdown. Carmella and R Truth to Smackdown, Maverick to Raw, EC3 to Raw, Usos to Smackdown. New Day to Raw, AOP to Raw, Viking Raiders to Raw, Hawkins and Ryder to Smackdown. Miz to Raw, Ziggler to Smackdown, Roode to Smackdown, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to Raw, Mandy and Sonya to Raw, Gable to Smackdown, Alexander to Raw, Ali to Raw, Murphy to Raw, Ricochet to Raw, Aleister Black to Smackdown, Cesaro to Smackdown, Matt Hardy to Smackdown, Roman Reigns to Smackdown, Daniel Bryan to Smackdown, Naomi to Smackdown, Lacey Evans to Raw, Natalya to Raw, Liv Morgan to Smackdown, Sarah Logan to Raw, Tamina and Nia Jax to Smackdown, Ruby Riott to Raw, Drew McIntyre to Raw, Seth Rollins to Smackdown,, Lesnar to Smackdown, Velasquez to Smackdown, Mysterio to Smackdown, Street Profits to Raw, the Revival to Smackdown, Sheamus to Raw, Lashley to Raw, Rusev to Raw, Lana to Raw, B Team to Smackdown, The Ascension to Raw, the Colons to Raw, Slater to Raw, Titus to Smackdown. Benjamin should go to NXT, Eric Young should go to NXT and if Morrison signs he should also go to NXT. Apollo Crews to Smackdown. Zelina Vega and Andrade to Smackdown. Lucha House Party and Sin Cara to Raw.

  14. List of Superstars not in the draft:
    Aiden English
    Alicia Fox
    Ember Moon
    Epico Colon & Primo Colon
    Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy
    Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso
    Konnor & Viktor
    Lars Sullivan
    Maria Kanellis
    Mickie James
    Nia Jax
    Ronda Rousey
    Ruby Riott

  15. Might as well have Brock hold both WWE Titles & just become the unified champion who can control where he stays. when unifying the WWE, Tag & Womens Titles you get that incentive where you are not exclusive to one roster & you can do whatever you want & if you lose the title. whoever you lose it to, you are now exclusive to that brand & now the new champ(s) gets the same incentive.

  16. we might get Raw Women's Tag Team Titles and SD Women's Tag Team Titles since we have the draft and defunct the WWE Raw Women's Tag Team Titles

  17. I hope none of the tag teams get separated from each other like Liv Morgan did from Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan in the Superstar Shakeup.

  18. OMG 😂 😍😍 😍😍 ………… Queen Charlotte flair my favorite a WWE Superstars and SmackDown live women's championship awesome 💋

  19. fox is being scammed raw is the long term a show vince duping them fox can have part timers and they ruin bray anyway samoa joe said it right

    take all the graphics and flashing lights away and what are we left with guys?
    Half fast, flim flam performances
    Come on guys
    Hire someone who has no clue about the redundancy of WWE
    A fresh perspective will do wonders
    If you're having a highly publicized draft ..why do I have to go online to retrieve the additional draft picks…was this not the draft???
    Forget the half fast time filling matches this should have been strictly a draft
    Alrighty I'll say a pray for you guys

  21. draft. what draft? its actully the same wreatlers that stayed on raw other then a couple. should have been only some going to raw and some from raw going to smakedown.

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