WWE announced NXT on USA Network, and Tommaso Ciampa is incensed
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WWE announced NXT on USA Network, and Tommaso Ciampa is incensed

Proud, grateful, humbled,
excited for the opportunity. I’ve read every damn Tweet from every damn guy about NXT
going live on USA Network. But I keep going back to this. Can you get this? I’m the greatest sports
entertainer of all time. This is the biggest announcement
in the history of NXT. I’ve been saying for
years that NXT is the eighth show and I’m not part of the announcement,
I’m left off the banner. For who? Matt Riddle, Shayna Baszler,
Velveteen Dreams, Adam Cole. I turned NXT into the eighth show. I’m responsible. I made the NXT title, Goldie, the most
prestigious title in this entire industry. You’re welcome.

100 thoughts on “WWE announced NXT on USA Network, and Tommaso Ciampa is incensed

  1. I mean will it be on Wednesdays or Fridays also I'm hoping that his phone did it get crushed by a superstar like a Samoan

  2. It would be sick if he goes for the north american champ in a fatal 4-way with Pete Dunne and Roderick again, but this time obviously incluiding Ciampa.

  3. Give this man a championship match asap he is one of the best sports entertainers I have ever seen. 😎💪

  4. I can't wait to see tommaso ciampa return to NXT and challenge Adam Cole for NXT Championship at the next takeover.

  5. There have been overwhelmign rumors that he will return as a babyface. But this promo proves otherwise. Thank you HHH!

  6. I’m gonna start getting into NXT. Anyone got any videos I should watch to get what’s going on, or past rivalries or alliances that are still relevant right now that I should watch back?

  7. If Vince is in control he won't care about NXT's own. I heard he wants the undertaker to show up on NXT. So that should tell you how much investment he has for NXT

  8. That's facts tommaso ciampa did deserve a lot of credit for building NXT making that s*** prestigious that title and also Johnny Gargano you know Johnny got a gun and him had the best match of the year that storyline of the year I mean there was a double killing each other will make it happen I'm hoping to see what Tomas of Chiapas going to bring to the table when he gets back and looking forward to NXT I hope that Vince McMahon do not f*** this s*** up a whole Vince McMahon does not micromanage his company and then turn this s*** into a f**** Monday Night Raw SmackDown I hope NXT feel the same way you know keep it the same way and let Triple H run it the way he wanted and William Regal I hope they continue to run this show and bring more eyes to the table let's see what happens I just think that it doesn't matter how good any Ste is I feel like a ew is going to crush the ratings on Wednesday night just because aew right now has a strong momentum they the hot thing today NXT got a little stale because they lost a lot of talent a lot of talent that was hot moved over to the main roster and now they lost you know they're not really doing much since K Nakamura office of pain the Ascension who else lost got lost in the shuffle Adele Tommy got lost in the shuffle Apollo Crews got lost in the shuffle I'm pretty sure these guys are not going to know what to do with them streets profit I just feel like they lost a lot of momentum plucking out a lot of guys that were hot on NXT they moved to the main roster and you're not doing s*** with them you know Alistair black what's the shape back there couple of months couple of year or a year a year ago he was the s*** now he's like cutting promos not doing nothing a whole lot of nothing Andreas Alma's he was hot and NXT now he's not Tyler Breeze used to be hot now he's not let's look at the beginning the guys that started at all you know that both Alice was a promising champion and I next team now he's not doing nothing Bobby Roode not doing anything EC3 who they pluck them out too soon and he's not doing anything so at the end of the day let's see what they going to bring to the table in USA I just feel like it doesn't matter if they have a jumpstart 80w will crush it on the ratings because they ew just a cool f**** show to watch right now the tag team division the way they promoting this s*** it's not scripted and you know it's not micromanage it's like old school wrestling when old school wrestling with the it was like it wasn't scripted back then you know so let's see let's see what happens

  9. Your welcome ….a certain ex-WWE wrestler is using the same line for another promotion on TNT….it on like Donkey Kong!

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