WTF Instagram Beauty Hacks TESTED! NataliesOutlet
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WTF Instagram Beauty Hacks TESTED! NataliesOutlet

Loser so I was scrolling through Instagram, and I was kind of just like oh, you know looking through stuff And I was like well, that’s weird wow that’s weird That’s really weird across for really weird hacks, and I thought I put them to the test. I know about you guys I like to make my life easier [and] that’s you and you liking these your life gives you a thumbs up [because] I Not why not live an easy life why go the hard rap? They involve really strange things like colgate shaving your hair and Just you guys will see if you’d already follow me on [Instagram]. I encourage you, too I’m actually posting a lot of like mini Instagram videos pertaining to different beauty hacks So if one day you’re just like why is my eyeliner not work. [oh], let me check out natalie. Oh, hey She’s given some hats on her you know just to make your your beauty regimen [a] lot easier Leave me a comment, or a link below letting me know What’s the weirdest beauty hack you’ve seen and maybe I’ll test out next time. [they’ll] give you a shot I’m gonna credit the people that I saw this off of Instagram down below because they’re amazing some of them are actually some of my Favorite accounts, so make sure you check them out schultz low it’s going on to the weirdest first weird beauty hack I’ve seen is to use a shaver and shape your bangs naw m8 get better hair for real u ugly asf But supposing what I create is like a really beautiful feathery look so you know those girls who are like constantly? Flicking their hair, and it’s all nice and like feathery. That’s what it will create I’m [gonna] test it on my hair, but I actually have I have two wigs right here you guys Arielle wants to attack me. Let me know [who] I’m gonna be arial, or legally blonde arielle almost attacked me So I’m gonna be legally blonde for this one if you guys have ever tried this out Or this is actually part of like your daily routine [regiment] Let me know down in the comments because I think it’s pretty cool. It worked on the girl theory but You feel like a Charlatan cuz I beyonce yo [se] Okay, so I’m just parting my hair as I normally would if I had things right so what you do is you take your bang? Right, so this is Gonna be my bang and then just with the shaver I Know this is kind of creepy right and what you’re gonna do is point this downward and just start taking hair off Oh, [Lord]. I would hate to be doing this to my real hair Leave a comment. If you think [this] is gonna work I’m being balded [alright]. Let’s see how much hair I lost That is his sad this is how much I lose in a day, so it’s I guess it’s [alright] I’m feeling my bangs have to be cut like this just just Her bangs were a lot shorter so I don’t want to discredit what she did I just want to make it You know one that looks good. Yes, and it goes down like this Which honestly I don’t know I don’t only see what this does other than make me ball alright. Yeah, yeah So I don’t know. I mean it does look like it kind of like. I want to say yes I don’t wanna say no. I want to say I would never do this because This could go very wrong. [do] you feel like it created a little bit more volume, but then again I don’t know is it just an illusion you guys let me know down in comments Have you ever try this out does it actually work? Alright, so the next weird beauty hat claims to give you the perfect eyeliner and all you’re going to need is any kind of beauty Blender with a sharp [point] and then just some gel liner no tool that make you go Just it mentions This had to be wet But I’m pretty sure it [has] to be a little bit moist so that it actually picks this up really nicely and is able to Spread it but not too Soft to where the tip isn’t like something that you cannot easily draw you know beautiful line what I’m Gonna Do is just take [some] of my eyeliner and just put it kind of like [onto] the top? Let’s get some color in there looks a lot more difficult than I know the way she made it [works] All right, I’m gonna have to dip it again The only thing getting in the way are my lashes this is why I test [these] out for you guys, so you guys don’t waste your time because I Did use a different makeup sponge which maybe results to a thin liner? But it’s kind of hard to get in between these cracks personally I wouldn’t do this I don’t know. I feel like the hassle of cleaning this just kind of it sucks, and I wish this had works I’m just gonna fix up this liner It’s a nice for your beauty hack is to actually take a pencil to create really nice tight curls. [I] actually did a straw Curling hair Hack method if you guys want to check it out I’m gonna Link it down below But it made my hair amazingly like Beautiful and curly right you just take [a] little strand of hair twist it around the pencil and then you just start to apply heat Onto this these little parts, how do you get those [alright]? That’s the most I could do Hey, what’s up girl? [alright] very very effective. How long do you think this would take like I don’t have patience. I’m already done [I] want to try and try out my whole hair, but I already know like a simpler method in the straw method I feel works a lot better You know you just like sleep on it And then the next [day] you just take them all out with this you literally have to sit there unless you’re watching like a good Sitcom or Netflix show then I don’t know I feel like It’s too much work this one was the hack that was like woods Just this is very strange like how do people [come] up with this stuff and it’s basically taking colgate putting on your lips for less than 10 seconds and supposedly this is going to give you a fuller and also, take away any kind of like Rustic chappy chappy lips So well see if it worked if she does say and warns us to not use this more than 10 seconds because you can actually Rotate skin and even make I’m giving you guys a preview of my lips with nothing on them So you guys kind of like compare this for and after so we’re Gonna put some toothpaste on No more than 10 seconds, and then just basically take it off and my lips are kind of chalk or right here So I’ll definitely be able to tell the difference [is] so weird This is so strange Okay, this is [perfect] before our first kiss because your lips just already smell like it all right ten seconds is up I gotta take this off This is really crazy, but my lips actually feel softer they feel kissable more kissable They’re really soft like what the heck for ten seconds. [I] know this is really strange [I] I Feel like this one’s like a too hard to believe actually supposed to put some Oil on to the lips after it felt really new you know like when you exfoliate your lips, that’s pretty much What it felt like they were a lot softer in regards to like fuller and bigger? [I] don’t really know. What do you guys think? maybe Maybe it’s just an illusion. [no]. I really like this one because in the winter your lips You just want like a quick remedy and you go and buy all the Like those Carmack’s and all those expensive lip stuff and honestly you could just use colgate like it works It works pretty small it is video make sure you give it a thumbs up scribe to not miss out on any additional really weird Beauty and follow me on Instagram and Twitter because I’d love to connect with you [guys] and like I said I’m gonna posting a lot of really amazing content on there Just kind of like giving you guys daily doses of hacks and just good stuff. You know. I love you guys so [much] I hope you guys have an amazing day if you haven’t already check out my second channel Natalie and [Dennis] show right over here check out my last video right here and subscribe right down here I love you guys don’t forget to [lure] or die normal. Bye

40 thoughts on “WTF Instagram Beauty Hacks TESTED! NataliesOutlet

  1. You shave Rosalinda's head just for hack #1 that's just rude AF the hair is the best part of a girl and shaving a girls hair is just not cool dude not cool😒😒😒😒😔😢

  2. The skin on my lips are falling off I NEED A Cure I haven't got that part but does the toothpaste work

  3. I tried the colgate hack but I had the toothpaste on my lips for 20 minutes and the result was amaizing!!! Just try it i promise you won't be disappointed!

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