Would Cesaro ever go back to NXT?: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 6, 2019
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Would Cesaro ever go back to NXT?: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 6, 2019

100 thoughts on “Would Cesaro ever go back to NXT?: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 6, 2019

  1. "I know people hate on the way I talk or whatever."
    Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon have destroyed people's confidence on the mic. If you have anything other than the stereotypical, Hollywood style, American accent they don't want you talking on their show.

  2. It was not enough for WWE to insult the fans on a regular basis with their booking but now they want to take it a step further and actually tease us with what we want only to not do it. Sorry but I'm not falling for it. History tells me not to.

  3. If they confront balor, he should have back up and reveal he's a new part of imperium and then have Cesaro join. Idk I just want Cesaro not to be wasted

  4. Cesaro in NXT: Hot, up and coming talent destined to go places.
    Cesaro in main roster: critically underused and unappreciated curtain jerker.

    Gee…tough choice.

  5. I say Cesaro should be sent over to NXT UK he did great with that match against Ilja Draganov. Plus Kassius Ohno is there kings of wrestling comeback call them lords of the ring.

  6. I don’t know how many times I could say this but it’s his in ring work that gives him charisma remember how over he was in 2016 didn’t even use a mic

  7. The problem isn't Cesaro. He's great. It's the content that he's put into that ruins his greatness. He should go to NXT to thrive at what he does best. Great matches on NXT may have less viewers but less eyes on a good thing beats more eyes on a bad thing.

  8. Please that Antonio Cesaro return to NXT so that Triple H makes him a champion as he always should have been
    The Main Roster wasted a lot of Cesaro
    stupid Vince and his creatives

  9. "i know Some People™ hate the way i talk"

    "hopefully the ones that do the 15-minute monologues will be gone by then"


  10. Cesaro is the BEST wrestler in WWE but for some reason Vince holds Cesaro`s accent against him, I`d love to see him have a Championship reign, he`d be a great Champion.

  11. Cesaro is an AMAZING athlete! But honestly I love him on Up,Up,Down,Down where he is just the biggest child and goofball I have ever seen. He is LEGENDARY!!!!

  12. I don't k ow about anyone but I think WWE will never push Cesaro again the kind of talent he is man! He is super cool super athletic and super powerful, one of the best to become WWE champion and Sami zayn, he is a gold man!

  13. He's just not charismatic. He's just not. Yes, I know, I bloody know kid that he can wrestle for 3 hours like a machine, but this is an entertainment show not a pure wrestling show. He needs to have charisma, he needs to be able to talk. Just hear this interview when Corey asked him the first question, it took him a long time to answer. It's not because of his nationality, I've seen plenty of European people speak fluent and smoother English than him, it's taking him so long to improve his mic skills and it's getting boring already.

  14. Let's be honest, there is just one guy who hates how Cesaro speaks and it's the same guy who wanted to stick needles in Dean Ambrose's butt to get "heat"

  15. I believe in Cesaro when I see him. In his walk and in his talk. Whoever is holding him back can't do what he does.

  16. Huh huh… When we need to expand our market to Switzerland we'll make you champion.. Huh huh..

    He's better than Ricochet on the mic. He's better than a lot of native English speakers. He's literally as good as Rollins. If you don't like his mic skills it's because you don't like his accent. Get over it, focus on talent.

  17. Not everyone can go to nxt, they already have enough talent.
    At some point Raw and Smackdown are just gonna have to get better or continue to fall.

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