WorldVentures – Social Media 101: Tags and Hashtags
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WorldVentures – Social Media 101: Tags and Hashtags

You can’t get far on the
internet without seeing a hashtag and the at symbol or
tags. Though they might seem like
just another fad hashtags and tags actually play a major
role in social media culture. Let’s start with hashtags. They were first used on
Twitter but have since found their way to other platforms
to serve multiple purposes. Their main function is to
categorize popular key words or phrases so they’re easier
to find. By searching for hashtag
DreamTrips, for example, users will be able to see every post
using that hashtag, including yours. Even if they don’t follow you. Using hashtags is a simple way
to start or join a conversation and expand your
social reach. If enough people use a certain
hashtag it becomes trending. You can use trending hashtags
to increase your contents visibility. For example are people buzzing
about the world cup? Join that conversation and
link it back to what you’re promoting. Businesses use hashtags to
promote their brands. But you can use them to
generate interest around anything. Use them to promote events,
the membership or even your business. Use one or two hashtags per
post and remember they’re most effective on Twitter and
Instagram. You can use hashtags when
cross promoting on Facebook. But users won’t be able to
find them via search. The at symbol is used to tag
other users and make communication quick and easy. Place the at symbol in front
of a users name or handle and they’ll be alerted that you
mentioned them in your post or comment. If you want to tap into the
fast paced world of social media, proper use of hashtags
and tags are essential. Use the official WorldVentures
and DreamTrips hashtags to stay connected with our
community and beyond.

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