WORLD RECORD EGG from Instagram Appears on ELLEN!
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WORLD RECORD EGG from Instagram Appears on ELLEN!

– We have a celebrity here with us today! Oh, I’m so excited for them to be here. (laughing) I cannot believe they’re here, everybody is talking about them right now. This is the biggest
celebrity in the world today. I cannot believe we have with us here on this show … The egg! (sad violin music) It’s the egg from Instagram! It’s the egg, it’s the
very egg from Instagram. (laughing) Let’s look at some memes. Before we do look at the memes I just want to let you know that I’ve actually started my own sub Reddit. I started it a while ago, I’ve added it in the description of all
the videos and stuff. I forgot to tell you all, so go make sure you subscribe to that thing. Post memes. Just have some fun at
my expense if you want. I don’t care, just put some memes on there and then on the next meme one we’re going to go through your memes. It’s going to be so
much fun. I cannot wait. Alright so today I’ve got
Moon with me, not my mum. Moon. – [Moon] Hello, hello! – And the egg. Moon is here, my girlfriend Moon. We’re doing the Guess the Meme game. What we do, if you’ve not seen one before, we get loads of memes,
we remove the caption, and the other person has to guess. Or, make a better meme
than the actual meme! So today, I have been the one
who searched for the memes. I’ve removed the captions and Moon has got to guess
what the caption was. – [Moon] Yeah. What can I win? – Um … An egg! – [Moon] The egg? – The egg! We’ve got a big secret here today that none of you know about the egg. Are you ready? – [Moon] ‘Cause you know you always, you just see the egg
from one angle don’t you? – You do see the egg from that one angle. – [Moon] Because you
never see the actual egg. – But here, we’re revealing
the biggest secret about the egg. – [Moon] At the end. At the end. – At the end, okay. At the end, alright. – [Moon] You know they’re
just here for the egg. – Yeah, you have to keep watching then. All right let’s look at some memes, Moon! Okay Moon, here is your first meme. – [Moon] Okay. – Stares (beep). – [Moon] When your mum says, “Come inside” but it’s
not even dark outside yet. (laughing) – I like that one, that’s good. – [Moon] That’s how I looked. – I know what it is, but I
actually know what it is. But I mean, in a different
one on your version. No, I don’t. When you offer a homeless
person a BLT sandwich and they decline because
they’re vegetarian. (laughing) – [Moon] That’s nasty. – It’s good, is it good, it’s a good one. If you don’t know this meme, it’s the white person’s day, you know it? The white person’s smile. – [Moon] Yeah, but I’ve
got a different one to it. – Go on then. – [Moon] That’s the face I make when they sing Happy Birthday to you, and you sit in front of the cake. (laughing) – Yeah but why is there
two of them? Is it twins? – [Moon] Twins. (laughing) – Hot and safe, be quick. When you really don’t like people and when you walk outside the street and you give them that look
to greet each other you know? That’s how white people greet
each other in the street. – Are you ready for this one Moon? – [Moon] Go.
– It’s a good one. How me and the cashier
be looking at each other while we’re waiting on
the debit card to process. – [Moon] Oh gosh. Even worse when the debit
card’s not accepted. – How about before when
it took so long time, when they used wireless things in the middle of trees
at shop, I don’t know. – [Moon] What shop’s in middle of trees? Where do you go shopping? – Next. – [Moon] Sometimes you’re secret. When you’re all ready
for bed in the evening, want to have a nice
evening with your boyfriend and he says, “I’m just
quickly going to poop” and you start a little, how you call it? You’re about to start an argument. – This is argument time. It’s something similar to that I think. – [Moon] ‘Cause that looks like me when I’m about to go bad into it. You know him? – I see morning, no. – [Moon] You know him? – No. – [Moon] You don’t know him? – I don’t know him. – [Moon] When you see his
name three times he appears. – Oh it’s Beetlejuice. Is it Beetlejuice? – [Moon] Yeah. – I think it’s Beetlejuice. – [Moon] No! (laughing) – When you’ve had an attitude for two days and he finally asks
what is wrong with you? – [Moon] It’s showtime. (laughing) – Here we go! – [Moon] Go on then, next, next, next. I’m on a move. – All right, it’s your favourite guy next. – [Moon] Okay. Aww,
Smiley. Awkward smiley man. Aww, he’s so cute. – Come on Moon! – [Moon] I do it again. When they sing Happy Birthday to you and it’s your birthday
cake in front of you. That face, that must be it. It must be it. All the people around, singing. – No, no, no, no– – [Moon] You know it already! – No, but I’ve got a good one. It’s me, when I’ve sat editing
a video and the door knocks, because I know it’s going
to be floor tile samples, or takeaway that I haven’t ordered. – [Moon] When your grandma asks you to fix her computer again
for like the 30th time and you’re really wound up but
then she puts that look on. – When all your friends
are talking about all the jobs they applied for
online and you just finished a survey to find out what
type of bread you are. (laughing) You! – [Moon] I always do them quizzes. – Moon always does the
silly Buzzfeed ones. – [Moon] Yeah, what type
of scrambled egg are you and stuff like that. Good movie that. – Oh no, no, no no! When you accidentally
stand on your dog’s paw and he makes that squealing noise. – [Moon] Yeah, when you
step on a piece of Lego. – Yeah, that one goes, that one goes. – [Moon] When you go to
McDonald’s, ask for ice cream, and they say “Ice cream
machine’s out of order.” It’s not working. – When you meet her
parents and her mum says “So you the one who be dropping her off late at night in the black car,” but you ride a bike. Oh! Our own mother crashing on the … – [Moon] Oh, okay. (laughing) – How’s he sat on there? – [Moon] Maybe it’s just a broken one. – What, like one that’s flattened? – [Moon] Yeah. – Pushed in on something. – [Moon] Maybe by a car or
something, and he sits on it. – All right then what’s the caption Moon? I know, I’ve got something. (groaning) I don’t know, I’ve got something right there but I can’t say it. – [Moon] You always first
would open your gop. And then you say you don’t know. So let me guess first. Be nice. Be nice and humble. I’ve got it. That’s when Katie Price sits down. Bar, bar chair. – I thought it was something like, I don’t know if I can
say it on this video. – [Moon] No, don’t. – Something to do with
Tinder, I can’t, I don’t know. Something to do with Tinder, when they lie on the Tinder profile and she’s not actually 18 or something. – [Moon] Ah, don’t. No no no no– (laughing) No, should that picture actually get … Oh wait! – How it feels when you have a big poo– – [Moon] Yeah, yeah. I
was just about to say, when you’re constipated for a week and then you finally have a poo. That’s the only one I can think of. – That’s a bit awkward, let’s have a look. And suddenly Bob found himself the topic of all the office gossip. – [Moon] That’s good. – That was good. All right then. Sorry mate. Wrong path. That’s that film– – [Moon] You know what that is? – You made me watch. – [Moon] Yeah, Black
Mirror, and you can decide. – But if you take a wrong
path, it just says wrong and you have to go back. It’s not got–
– Not always. – A million multiple endings. – [Moon] Nah, I think like
five endings or something. When you go to heaven as a Christian and you find out you were not Jesus. You should have believed
in Mohammad or something. When you pick the wrong religion and you go to heaven. – No, I thought you were
gonna say when you die, and you see the pearly gates
and then Jesus is there, and he says, “I’m sorry, wrong path” and then he sends you down to hell. – [Moon] Funnier would be that one. – I like yours though. It’s me, when a local takeaway brings some food that we didn’t order, because the address got leaked. I’ve already told all
the local restaurants not to bring food. – [Moon] If it’s paid
for, they can bring it. – I said if it’s paid
for before, bring it. But if it says pay at door, don’t do it. Me: hey, you wanna go out with me? Crush: yeah, sure. Me: Sorry mate. Wrong path. – [Moon] Eh, don’t get it. – I like your religion one better. – [Moon] Yeah, I say it’s
called “My precious.” – You just think it’s my precious? – [Moon] My precious.
It looks like Gollum. – It does, but I think
that’s just funny a bit but I don’t think that’s the caption. – [Moon] When my boss has to
give me my pay, my monthly pay. – Yeah, how it looks like
when I go and see my boss. – [Moon] When you have
to give me my paycheck. No, my precious! – When the cashier ask
you if you’d like to donate a dollar to sick
and dying children. (laughing) This meme–
– [Moon] Best one so far. It’s good, it’s good. – I like that one, it’s good. – [Moon] What is it sitting
in front of hot dogs? What every day feels
like when I’m on diet. – It’s true, it is. It is true. – [Moon] Yeah, every day. – But think more along the
lines of it not being food, the actual thing that’s there. What body part it looks like. – [Moon] No, I’m not saying anything rude. I stick to the– – It’s something to do
with the rude thing. – [Moon] The diet one. – Her inbox after she changes from in a relationship to single. (laughing) – [Moon] That’s nasty. Naked and Afraid. – Is that a TV show? – [Moon] Yeah, Naked and Afraid. I think they’re naked in a jungle or something and have to survive. It’s me every time going
first time in a bikini. Out and … But I’m not tanned. – When you go on beach? – [Moon] Yeah, when I’m not tanned and there’s tourists that
are already like dark brown and I have to reveal myself. – Trying to figure out
someone else’s shower. – [Moon] Or in hotel showers, it always takes half an hour
until you figure it out. – You just stood there completely naked How do I do it? (laughing) – [Moon] True, true.
– I like that one. – [Moon] Oh I like that meme. – This is a classic meme, there’s probably loads of
captions can go in this one. – [Moon] When there’s
two really ugly people sitting next to you, and you think, it only could get worse
when they start making out, and then they start making
out, and you look away, look. – That’s very specific. (laughing) – [Moon] It happened to
me once in the subway. Oh, no no no. When the plumber repairs
your washing machine and his bum crack starts showing. – A builder’s bum. – [Moon] Yeah. And you’re
about to serve him his tea, you’re like, there you go. – When you tell the cashier
you’re a man and not a sir and he calls you a sir again. Have you seen that video? – [Moon] No. – You saw it, when he’s
at the game show, he says, “I’m a man, not a sir!” – [Moon] Oh yeah. And that’s the cashier. – No that’s just a
bystander who’s watching. 13 year old me passing by the Victoria’s Secret shop at the mall. – [Moon] That’s good, yeah. She’s just devastated. – Just sat with your hand
down in your face. (mumbles) – [Moon] When your friend
asks you for the third time if you want to go out with them tonight and you have to agree, you
got no option than to go. – You’ve seen it? – [Moon] No, is it that? – You’ve seen it! – [Moon] No, I have not seen it but that’s how I always feel. – No way, you can’t just guess that! – [Moon] I’m socially a bit awkward. – You cannot just guess that from that. When nobody cancels and you
have to actually go out. – [Moon] Yeah! – No, no, you’ve seen it! – [Moon] Tom there’s no
for 100% I’ve not seen it. I know that there is memes out
for this topic but I knew it! – I’m failing to believe here. – [Moon] It’s not funny, it’s
not funny when I know it. – I do not believe you. – [Moon] Well that’s a nice
trusting relationship isn’t it? – This is me just now,
I just did that face! All right, go on. – [Moon] When your mum asks you, when you straight lie into her face that you’ve done your homework. And just, have you really done it? – Is this like a similar
one to the last one, like candour emotion? – [Moon] That one looks like
you want to have an emotion but you have to suppress it– – Pretend you haven’t got the emotion? – [Moon] Yeah. – Ah. Smile more. Me: I am. There’s a slight smile there, look. – [Moon] Little smirk. What is that? Oh, okay. – Staring at him while he sleeps. – [Moon] Like when you
have a stalker, that’s it. Look, look at him. Pathetic. (laughing) – Wrong channel, wrong channel. – [Moon] Wait, let me. – It’s us now that
everyone knows our address. It’s how I feel when I sleep at night, I imagine someone getting in the house. – [Moon] When you borrow
a fiver from your mate, and you’ve not paid him back immediately, that’s your mate waiting for it, look! (laughing) He’s like hovering around,
look immediately wake up, you’ve got me that fiver? – You got that fiver, mate? When you thought the argument was over and you’re at peace, but she’s not. I like yours better, I
like yours a lot better that was way better. – [Moon] It’s good though. – It’s still good, it is good. – [Moon] Oh, it’s the egg! Look you’re on! – Ah it’s the egg! On Ellen! It’s got to happen, it’s got to happen. – [Moon] When even an egg comes on Ellen but Killam does not. – Do you think the creator of the profile will ever reveal himself? Just a random person, or
do you think it’s like a– – [Moon] No I think it’s just a child or like a couple of people. – When you go on the thing look, they’ve got an email address. [email protected] They want people to
get in touch with them. I don’t know it feels
like a business doing it, then all the sudden it’s
going to come out as a big stunt for Cadbury’s Cream
Egg for Easter or something. – [Moon] I don’t know. – I don’t know, I don’t
trust these things. Tomorrow, on Ellen. I just wanted to put it
in because it’s topical, it’s people talking about it. – [Moon] What is it, in the? Oh! It’s in the toilet. – You can guess it, the
caption is what it is. – [Moon] Up in the toilet. – Yeah, you nearly said
the whole sentence. Come on! What have they done to up in the toilet? – [Moon] Oh, throw Up in the toilet. – Yeah! Not feeling well, just
thrown up in the toilet. (laughing) – [Moon] That’s funny, I like that one. I like the memes today. You picked good. – I’ve got some good ones,
we’ve got some good ones. Oh, this is the last one. – [Moon] Oh hello. – I think that is R. Kelly, just to give some context to the picture. – [Moon] Yeah, but I’m not
gonna go with the R. Kelly. – And it is to do with the whole thing. – [Moon] No, I’m not. – It is to do with the whole thing. – [Moon] When R. Kelly
passes a kindergarten. When the new first year’s
coming in, in school. (laughing) Just Google it if you want to know– – Yeah, we’ll not talk about
that let’s just guess– – [Moon] Did you show it even? – When you’re at the beach
and hear someone yell, “Help, my kid was stung by a jellyfish!” (laughing) – [Moon] Don’t! Oh no. I feel bad laughing at it. – If you don’t know then
look up what you have to do when you get stung by a jellyfish. And then look up what’s R. Kelly doing. – [Moon] Allegedly done. – But anyway, we’re going
to do that egg secret. Reveal the egg secret. – [Moon] And first thanking
him for being here, or her. – Want a big shout out,
thank you egg for being here, we really appreciate it. This is the first
collaboration on this channel, so obviously we’ve gotta– – [Moon] We have to ship him back. – Obviously we have to
do the YouTuber thing and expose them. – [Moon] That’s it. First
be nice in their face. – Be nice to them, and then expose them. – [Moon] As soon as they’re gone. – That’s the YouTuber
thing to do, so here we go. All right, so the big secret that you all wanted to know about the egg. I don’t think you can handle this. If you’re not already sat down, sit down. Or lay down. No, if you laid down, sit up. You ready? The egg has a tattoo. – [Moon] It’s not a really good one. And it shows that the egg
is going to die in January. – The egg is going to die
on the 18th of January. (dramatic music)

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  1. jeez i never knew that someone could be so happy for a single egg!?!?

    i feel like im missing out on lifes tru meanings…

  2. Any one else think his videos where better before moon was so involved no offense to her but I think she ruins his content

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