World News Media Congress 2019 Wrap Up
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World News Media Congress 2019 Wrap Up

This is an opportunity to renew
friendships and to create new friendships. A free media is not an
optional extra. It’s really a good time that everybody
from different parts of the world get together. We share what works, what
doesn’t work and how we can actually make things better. The one common issue we are facing is how to make sure that good journalism quality journalism is sustainable into the long term. If you invest in newsrooms, you build up your newsroom, you get the best journalists in the world and you try and get more each
year so you can make the product richer and deeper, people will want to consume
it. Because they they fall in love with the product and it becomes part
of their lives, you can convince them to pay. People from all over the world
pushing for innovation but also for what journalism means for civil society. There are fighters everywhere. We can coalesce and learn from one another another. We heard some very powerful testimonials from women who are leading brave
journalism, leading news organizations in the most difficult of political
environments. I’m proud to honor the late Jamal Khashoggi, a courageous man, Saudi and journalist with this year’s
Golden Pen of Freedom award. I love coming to a conference where you
have a really diverse group of editors and publishers from some of the most
important news organizations in the world. It continues to be a great experience!

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