WordPress Yoast SEO Social Tab – Designating Right-Sized Graphics for Pages & Posts on FB & Twitter

Do you have a wordpress website? Here’s a cool trick for using the Yoast SEO plugin to designate social media
graphics for when you share links to your pages and blog posts on Facebook
and Twitter. Hi, I’m Alison Kessler and I help heart-centered entrepreneurs with
their holistic website design needs in WordPress. For more website design and
wordpress tips and tricks, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be
notified when I post a new video. When you use this method to create separate graphics for both Twitter and Facebook for your web pages and posts in
WordPress, your preview links will be guaranteed to look amazing in Facebook
and Twitter when you share them. You won’t have to worry about your graphics
getting cut off or being deformed when you or someone else shares a link from
your website. So as you can see I posted my blog post to my Facebook page and the
graphic turned out the perfect size for Facebook at 1200 by 630 pixels and then
you can see that I also posted it to Twitter which requires a different sized
image for your blog posts at 20 or add a 1024 by 512 pixels and you can see that
it’s perfectly formatted on Twitter as well. So you log in to your
WordPress dashboard and go to posts and edit one of your posts which I will do
right now and then you scroll down to the Yoast
SEO section and you’ll see that there’s a third tab here called Social. You click
on that social tab and then you’ll see that there’s two tabs under social
called Facebook and Twitter and here you can actually designate a completely
different title and a completely different description for your page just
for use on Facebook and you can upload a brand new Facebook
image using the recommended size of 1200 by 630 pixels
Likewise on Twitter you can do the same thing you can put a new twitter title
and page description just for Twitter and upload the recommended size for
Twitter is 1024 by 512 pixels and then you update your page and that’s how you
know that when you post a link to your post your blog post article or page on
to Facebook or Twitter the graphics are going to be the perfect
size. And that’s how you use the free version of the Yoast SEO plug-in with
your WordPress website to designate the right sized graphics for your pages and
posts when you share them on Facebook and Twitter. If you like this video hit
the Like button be sure to Subscribe to my channel for more great tips about
WordPress websites. Thanks for watching!

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