Women, social media and the revolution – Digital Warriors | DW Documentary
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Women, social media and the revolution – Digital Warriors | DW Documentary

81 thoughts on “Women, social media and the revolution – Digital Warriors | DW Documentary

  1. Keyboard warriors are NOT "digital warriors." Any coward with half a brain can make a self-righteous tweet about how messed up the world is, it takes GUTS and CHARACTER to actually step out and do something about it in the real world.

  2. Might be a good idea for the preservation of your own psyche to not identify as a victim. Blaming others is what weak people do.

  3. The number of dislikes out of reflex due to the title was to be expected. Extremism on one side always gives birth to extremism on the other, no matter if the things presented in this documentary are basic entitlement or real issues. (It's the latter)

  4. For anyone who is reading this as: "feminism is being stupid", watch the video. Hating patriarchy because of getting your breasts cut — most likely without anesthetics, which makes it more traumatizing and cruel — is different than wanting women to replace men. And if you read the title, it never had to talk about feminism. It did, though.

  5. Powerful. This video clearly shows the many forms of violence against women across the world. The more these stories are shared, the more people will build the language to talk about these issues, mobilize, and advocate for justice and freedom for all women. Thank you for you work.

  6. Attacking and criticising local tradition and values is still wrong regardless of how righteous your call is. What you are fighting for is choice and nothing to do with Scarf tradition, FGM tradition, or War tradition. You want choice then frame it as choice and avoid criticising tradition.

  7. To all not mentally insane Men. Stay way from these ridiculous feminists apart from those advocating the abolishment of FGM, those support

  8. Women insist that they have the right to have an abortion They also insist that you dont eat meat because thats murder. This is a woman.

  9. Western women have rights. Its non western women that dont. But you never hear a feminist say the west brought people freedom and liberty.

  10. Once you're pregnant it's no longer only your body and therefor shouldn't be your choice. If you murder a pregnant woman you are charged with two counts of murder. With toxic femininity nobody wins.

  11. It's so sad to read the comments in this documentary. I can assure NONE of these people have watched the entire thing and they start ranting around. This documentary is showing REALITY for some women and how they are obligated to change their bodies in order to appeal to men, society or religion, in worst cases, the three of them. Get your facts straight before commenting on this, read, get well informed. Stop making yourself look like an ignorant.

  12. Love these women! We all have something to learn from their courage, putting themselves in risky situations trying to stand up for the rights of so many poor oppressed women! Deep respect…

  13. My body
    My choice
    Your body
    Also my choice
    I will tell my man what to wear , whether to shave or not , whether he can have a tattoo, if he needs to lose weight, who he can hang with. Etc etc etc

  14. Thank you to the women featured in this excellent film! Thanks to DW! I cried while viewing the tragic, painful & very sad parts and also at the joyful, powerful & good parts and women! I wish I could meet the women featured in the film snd befriend them. That were and are so magnificent! 🙋🏻💗🌎☮💚💜🌱💓❤️💙🙅🏻💔😍💟❣😻🕉😀

  15. Este documental también está disponible en español / This documentary is also available in Spanish: https://youtu.be/bcZNn8OIqE0

  16. It would be great if an unborn baby could parrot what these women are saying when they say "my body my choice". Unfortunately, these innocent babies can do nothing except be murdered. They die in the dark and what should be the protection of their mother's womb and they die in pain and the terror that comes with excruciating pain.
    Guess what ladies? If you don't throw your legs open to this man and that one you probably won't get pregnant. It is your body. It is your choice to have a little self-control or not. But you are not going to put your self-absorbtion and the life disasters of that, off on other people without having them step up and squarely tell you right in the face how disgusting you are. Enough of that!

  17. True feminists do not use violence, and especially oppose the more powerful among us using violence against more vulnerable humans. Real feminists oppose the violence and oppression of abortion.

  18. Interesting how I only find "feminists " under 20 years old lesbians who are still in university smoking pot , why i never find actual adults with families and successful carrers calling themselves feminists? I blame this TRASH media like DW influencing and brain washing kids today

  19. This issue is so complicated that its mind-bending. But feminism is becoming toxic and contra-productive, thats for sure. Basic issue of trust between people is what is wrong anywhere and no one really is working on that. Who divides society most? Why are women put into second row? RELIGIONS. Not the so called"patriarchy" but RELIGIONS. Parasitic systems to use un-learned peoples need of placing their faith in something higher/un-seen.

  20. First of all
    People have to fight against poverty . Hunger . Sickness
    Then about your dress code
    Because we have been seen that modern ordinary Americans are unable to feed their child . Unable to afford a house
    But they don’t have any restrictions about dress code .. so is it good for ordinary people

  21. Equal rights? So, because a bastard lunatic that happened to be male killed his girlfriend, women want all men to be what exactly? I really don't get it. Feminism for me it spoiled western women trying to protest against men because there is no need to protect themselves from anything. It's human nature. We have this fight response natural in us, because of our evolutionary past. Nowdays, we are spoiled and women get it out of their systems that way.

    Justice is different than feminism. Justice should be something to aim for, equality in rights for women in Muslim countries should be a goal worth fighting for. But spoiled girls yelling against men in general?

    Nope. Don't buy this. I didn't see them complain when men go build skyscrapers and risk their lives building shit all over the world, that women enjoy. Next time you want to protest, think outside your girly bubble and maybe for a second, think that men too have many problems that muscular strength doesn't solve.

    Maybe for a change go and protest for equal rights of people, not for forced outcomes like 50/50 men women in all jobs and shit like that.

    And don't start with all the violence propaganda. Men need to be more aggressive because of our nature. If you don't like our nature, go lesbian all of you and go to Mars with Elon Musk. Until then, stop blaiming ALL men just because a few assholes hit and kill their wives.

    It's insane.

    Western women usually have more advantages than men. World is tough, but our society made us spoiled and soft. Women protest about bullshit ideologies and men protest about not getting laid.


    Jesus. Should we all become p**ssies just so that women can try things? Wake up. This is humanity's self destructive nature.

    The same holds true for men that don't want to date women because they are afraid of them.

    We all People (not men or women) must harden up and become a little bit more hard working/optimistic.

    FEMINISM seems like communism to me. An ideology that has no merit. Men are useful with their aggressive nature. Women are useful with their own nature. We are useful. Instead of protesting aout bullcrap, go find a real humane purpose and go help some kids that are hungry, or people that are war refugees. These are cause to fight for.

    Or fight to increase the effectiveness of justice against criminals (men and women) who kill their spouses.



  22. I would like to recommend providing subtitles in different languages along with the docs. Having German subtitles for example will definitely help those who are seeking to improve and learn German, while watching-listening with their own language.

  23. Men with hijab was a terrible idea to promote gender parity & equality. If you view hijab as a symbol of subjugation & patriarchy, why let men go through it. Tit for tat shouldn't be the attitude. The other day I heard a pseudo-feminist saying clothing should be gender neutral! It's difficult for me to understand what's wrong with them.
    Men & women should look at their relationship as complementary in nature against supplementary or competition for dominance.

  24. I dont know the name of this french doctor who can reverse gmf he is also training doctors in africa it could at least help some women recover sensibility and pleasure .from all the wrong that have been done to women .is done to women gmf is the worst and it is going on since such a long time bravo to the women who fight to end this terrible practice

  25. I Agree with everything but the abortion it is a very sensitive issue! As a woman I understand that yes it's our body, but the body inside it's not ours so instead of try to legalize abortion why not legalize sterilization? After all that is your body (our body) why let it to be pregnant for then killed another human being?

  26. but –but— but—- aren't these same people from the middle east the new saying we all should respect their customs and traditions and "culture"??  

    If this is a bad tradition WOMEN want to change, and there are others that lead to oppression and bad things in OTHER places, shouldn't we all also want to change those?? Why isn't she trying to change the more pressing devastating traditions?? It is silly to concentrate on HAIR and scarves if there are other more oppressive things to change… if they change those this will be easy to do, in fact I go further, until and only if they change those others will they be able to change this tradition. And I am sure not all women want this… so is that "internalised misogyny"

    Men should go out to get rid of suits and ties… LOL

  27. Get yourself Un-slaved, freed, from the scarf… and get liberated by makeup and hair salons, either way they can't just go as they are after a shower… or is a shower oppressive too?? We should accept the "natural" human male and female odor.

  28. The solution is simple… if men stopped doing anything for women AT ALL from the smallest thing to any big thing, nothing at all… and see how they manage.  

    If women stopped working or doing their things tomorrow, society would just cough a few issues and keep going, but if men stopped working and doing what men do, society would come to a screeching halt, no water, no lights no gasoline, no building anything, no computer networks, no airplanes in the air… it is fine for women to complain about their (small?) issues because there is a strong structural base to stand on, supported and kept up by MEN!!

    Try as I may, I cannot see the INTENDED inequality women speak of… except for the NATURAL inequalities biology has imposed on each sex. Legally there is no longer an issue, and yet I see "women only" places at all levels, women gyms, woman taxis, women enters in high numbers, women support groups, women scholarships… and a disparity in sentencing where the courts (perhaps from the natural male tendency to protect women) give woman lesser sentences. If the cops come to any home, theme has a much higher chance of taking that ride downtown. So what in the fuck are women talking about!! Even I give (away of the things I say here) preferential treatment to my lady friends or coworkers and female children.

  29. war IS NOT the way you do it dear feminists. you lose! PLEASE cooperate 🙁 The feminists actually cut any chance 4 ''freedome'' for all the other womens 🙁

  30. already at mimute 2:35 and really hope i will get to see women from saudi arabia complain. so far, the usual suspect- iran.

  31. I don't realise how much lucky I am to live in a country where women are free and almost on a equal footing with men. I have a profound respect for these activists and I am certain that one day their work will pay. New generation won't let the old cultures make them unhappy.

    Thanks for the documentary

  32. That there are nearly as many thumbs down as thumbs up shows how far we need to go. But at least it has finally started — for real this time. No turning back. Keep fighting! Remember though that many men are good and if we don't show that we recognize this and express it, the fight will backfire and take longer. Men who see the oppression of women are also hurt by it.

  33. I have been waiting for this for 50 years. Fighting it in my daily life to mostly deaf ears. So excited.

  34. MEN. Before you comment. WATCH the video. There are women who have experienced the WORST atrocities featured in it. Some of them will UNDOUBTEDLY read your comments. THINK before you SPEAK. WATCH before you SPEAK. There are HUMANS reading your ignorant comments. HUMANS will be hurt — by YOUR WORDS.

  35. There is a huge difference between feminism and Iran and America. Please stop conflating the two. Feminism is needed in the Middle East and it is not needed at all in America. Third and fourth wave feminism is ruining the West.

  36. I really like those hijab wearing guys. It shows that it really isn't a fight of the women against the men, but of people just wanting to live their lifes against oppressive traditions.

  37. I think I overheard an all-news cable news manager remark,
    we can’t afford to hire many more female anchors and reporters, our hair dye
    budget is already way over drawn, now that our on-air male talent have started
    dying their hair too on a regular basis…as ‘appearance journalism’ has taken a
    seat upfront on every news and information program we produce…

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