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Women in Analytics – Facebook Life

(music playing) I love that you can take any
problem and come up with a hypothesis and then explore using data and discover and learn
either that you were right about how you thinking about a particular problem or you learn some
new facet that you hadn’t thought of before. I think empathy is reflected in the work of
analytics because we are able to be that voice for the user. I think Facebook is doing an amazing job in
community, like bringing people together. I really believe that, that is super exciting
and important. Data engineering at Facebook is very unique
in the ways that I’m able to understand the product and able to even lead what metrics
are really good and what we should be measuring. That autonomy is very unique. We’re looking for people that share that passion
for the mission, who share the passion for the scale of the people that we support globally
and want to come and help us make even better decisions and build better products going
forward. Being a woman engineer at Facebook is like
one of the best places to be a woman. There’s so much support. We have [email protected] groups that we can, like, voice
your opinion and get feedback. We have mentorship here from other women,
and it’s just a very supportive environment. People can be themselves. They can be their authentic self when they
come to work. They don’t have to be somebody else which
matters a lot. We have so many opportunities ahead of us. We have grown so much, and then the scope of our
roles, the scope of the problems that we are trying to solve, the scope of the mission
that we have has grown and grown over time, and that’s really exciting. What excites me about the future of Facebook
is how we as a company are building products that bring people closer together. This is our work. We can truly impact how people interact with
each other and how their daily lives are. We know that we can continue to build better
products, new opportunities for people to engage, and building that on top of this amazing
scale is just so exciting and is what keeps me coming back.

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