Woman’s Ex-Husband Insists He’s The Dad But She Says It’s Other Guy (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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Woman’s Ex-Husband Insists He’s The Dad But She Says It’s Other Guy (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Livingston v.
Livingston, Doerschlag.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Livingston,
you’ve petitioned this court for a DNA test on your
21-month-old daughter
Jordyn to prove to your now
ex-husband Mr. Livingston that he is not Jordyn’s
biological father.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Livingston, you claim that
the only reason your ex-wife is denying you are
the father is because
she desperately wants to have a relationship
with her ex-boyfriend
Mr. Doerschlag. The man your ex-wife
claims to be Jordyn’s
biological father. Yes, Your Honor. Now, you’re here
today to prove that you are indeed
Jordyn’s father. Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Doerschlag is
waiting in the hallway and we will hear
from him shortly. So, Ms. Livingston,
why are you so adamant
that Mr. Livingston is not your daughter’s
biological father? Around the time of
conception I had sex
with another man. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Yes, Your Honor. But did you also have sex
with Mr. Livingston? Yes, Your Honor. So, why is it
you believe that the other man is your child’s father
and not Mr. Livingston? My daughter, when she was
born she looked a lot like
Mr. Livingston. She had dark hair, and, you know, she had some
of his facial features. But as she got older
she got blonde hair. Neither Mr. Livingston
nor I have blonde hair, but Mr. Doerschlag does. She started to look a
lot like Mr. Doerschlag. JUDGE LAKE: And so
Mr. Livingston, you say today that this is
your biological child? MICHAEL: Yes, Your Honor. Why are you so sure? Because I was there
through all of it. I was there through the
doctor’s appointments.I was there through
the birth.
Everything about that
kid looks like me.
JUDGE LAKE: So take me back.
When you found out
you were pregnant, who did you tell,
Ms. Livingston? Um, I told Mr. Livingston. Because we were
seeing each other, we had just gotten engaged right before I found
out I was pregnant. Like, two weeks before
I found out I was pregnant we had gotten engaged.He proposed to me with my
class graduation ring.
And, then I had a dream
that I was pregnant.
And I told my mom,
“I think I’m pregnant.”
She’s like, “J, you’re
probably not pregnant. “Stress can cause,
you know, symptoms.” JUDGE LAKE: And so ultimately
you did find out you were
pregnant? The next day I found
out I was expecting. I went to the
health department. That morning I was like,
“I wanna go to the
health department. “I wanna find out for sure.” And we find out we were
four-and-a-half weeks
pregnant.I looked at the pregnancy
test when she told me
it was positive,
and I was like,
“I knew it.”
And so, was it
a happy moment? JUDITH: It was. I was excited.
I’ve always wanted
to be a mother. And I was excited
to be a mom. And then, in that moment
did you also think about the other
potential father? No. ‘Cause at the time
I wasn’t thinking that
there was a possibility that he could be the father,
because it was one time. JUDGE LAKE:
And so, Mr. Livingston, are you on the baby’s
birth certificate? MICHAEL: Yes, Your Honor. You are? I’d been told I was
the baby’s father from the very first day
that we found out
she was pregnant. And you were with her
throughout the pregnancy? Yes, Your Honor. You went to the
doctor’s appointment? Yes, Your Honor. And you were there when
the baby was born? Yes, Your Honor. I was out in the lobby
room because I can’t
deal with blood. So, I… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I had a C-section. I let her mother go in the
delivery room while she was
doing the C-section. JUDGE LAKE: But you
were there waiting? Yes, Your Honor. Okay. And at this point,
you didn’t really have
any doubt in your mind. Is that correct? MICHAEL:
No, Your Honor. So, when did the doubt
begin to set in? And when were you
informed about… When she… He knew before that there’s
a possibility because I was messaging
Mr. Doerschlag on Facebook and
he told me that he thought that
he was the father. But even if he wasn’t,
that I should leave
Mr. Livingston and be with him.
Let him be my baby daddy. And Mr. Livingston saw
those messages on Facebook. Yes. And that was while I was
six months pregnant. MICHAEL: Only after I had
to go through her phone. Through her Facebook app
to find out that she was planning on
leaving me for him. JUDGE LAKE: So
you had no idea? No, Your Honor. You thinking you’re in a
marriage that’s going well
and you have a new baby? MICHAEL: Yes, Your Honor. Hmm. We hadn’t had the baby
yet, Your Honor. And no, I did not say
I was going to leave
Mr. Doerschlag. I said, “I’m married, Jayson.” I married him. He is my child’s father. That is what was
said in the messages. I never once,
at that time, told him that I was
going to move to
Tennessee with him. MICHAEL: There’s several
times throughout this
whole time that she was planning on
creating a relationship
with him. They were talking about
wanting to form
a relationship. JUDGE LAKE: So, are you
saying, Mr. Livingston, that at first when
you guys were engaged, she was okay with you being
the biological father? But then she decided
she wanted to be
with Mr. Doerschlag, and then all of a sudden… Yes, Your Honor. She decided you were not
the biological father. Yes, Your Honor. So, you don’t think
this is about the DNA, but this is about who
she wants to be with? Yes, Your Honor. When, after I got the
divorce papers, she
started telling me that there could
be a possible
oppourtunity that Jordyn is not mine. When you got the
divorce papers? Yes, Your Honor. I have
the copy of the divorce
papers right here. Let me see that.
So wait a minute. You all are married.
The baby’s born, and then you get a
divorce right after? JUDITH: No. No, Your Honor.
That is not how it went. Me and my sister, who
is sitting right here, we were sitting on my couch. We were watching a movie
at my mom and dad’s house. And I hear a knock
on the door. Well, it’s a cop.He’s coming and bringing
me the divorce papers.
And then when he leaves
shortly after that, I get a phone call from
my ex-wife over here who tells me that there
is a possibility that Jordyn is not mine. So, you called him and
said that, Ms. Livingston? Your Honor, I told him
yes, there was a possibility
that Jordyn was not his. Also, Your Honor, the reason I filed
for the divorce is not so that I could
be with Mr. Doerschlag. It’s because I got a screen
shot of a text message from my family members
saying that he had asked
for nude photos. JUDGE LAKE:
From a family member? Yeah, from my family member. Oh. One that I am
really close to. I had previously asked… JUDGE LAKE: Is that
true, Mr. Livingston? Yes, Your Honor. It is. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) I didn’t start messaging
Mr. Doerschlag about us getting back
together or anything until after I filed
for divorce. MICHAEL: That is not true. These messages have happened while she was pregnant
with Jordyn before
she gave birth to Jordyn. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re
saying that they were
already in contact? Yes, Your Honor. Sending pictures and
texts back and forth. Yes, Your Honor. Since the time we
broke up till now, we have never been
out of contact. We have been talking to each
other this entire time. Yes, we still have
feelings for each other. And we have had feelings for
each other since day one. That’s not gonna change, and I told Mr. Livingston
that in the beginning. I said, “There is one
person in my life “that will always be in
my heart and that is
Jayson Doerschlag. “And there is nothing
you can do to change it.” There you go, Your Honor. She just proved her point. And so, you think
this is all about her trying to get back
with Mr. Doerschlag? MICHAEL Yes, Your Honor. You don’t have any doubt
that this child is your
biological child? MICHAEL: No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Sir, you’ve
brought a witness. I’d like to hear from her.
Please stand, ma’am. And state your name. Alicia Arbogast. Ms. Arbogast, you are
Mr. Livingston’s… Little sister. Little sister. And so you are here
to testify as to
what exactly? For Michael to be
Jordyn’s father. You believe he is, in fact,
Jordyn’s biological father? Yes, Your Honor. Please explain
to the court why. Because if you look at
that little girl’s eyes and you look at
my brother’s eyes they have the
exact same shape. They have the same face. Michael has been there
since she was a baby. Michael’s been there
through the pregnancy. JUDGE LAKE: And so
you’ve always believed
this was your niece? ARBOGAST: Yes. Forever. We drove four hours
from Fort Scott, Kansas all the way to
Great Bend, Kansasfor the birth of
Jordyn Livingston.
We were all there for support
of the birth of Jordyn.
And I honestly did
think Jordyn was
Michael’s at the time. But as she’s gotten older
and her hair is lightened, she does have some
features of Jayson. ARBOGAST:Your Honor,
every child is born
with every DNA color
in their body.
Their hair can be any
color it once no
matter the parents. She looks just
like Michael. JUDGE LAKE:
Why do you think that Ms. Livingston
is saying, unequivocally, “Mr. Livingston is
not my child’s father?” ARBOGAST: I think
because she adamantly wants a relationship
with Mr. Doerschlag. And she wants nothing
to do with my brother. And she doesn’t want
him to be around. Jerome, I think it’s time
we hear from Mr. Doerschlag. Will you escort
him in, please? Okay. Sure. Hello, sir. Thank you
for joining us today. DOERSCHLAG: Hi. You understand
that we are here discussing the paternity as
it relates to baby Jordyn. Yes, ma’am. Do you believe you are this child’s
biological father? Your Honor, in a way
I do believe it because of the eye color
and the hair color
of the kid. I have sat down and looked at
my previous baby pictures and baby pictures of Jordyn, and I have came
to the conclusion that because of the hair
color and the eye color we do look similar. That’s exactly how I feel. JUDITH: I want Mr. Doerschlag
to be the father. I do, but… JUDGE LAKE: But
wanting and then… But I am not exactly… Coming to Paternity
Court to prove that he is the
biological father, that’s two different things. I came to Paternity Court
to find out who my daughter’s
biological father is ’cause she has
a right to know just like everybody else
has a right to know. I don’t want Michael
raising my daughter
if she is not his. If she is Jayson’s, he has
a right to be her father. That is why I am here. So, what you’re saying,
ultimately, is you just hope
he’s the father. Yes. That is exactly
how I feel. You don’t believe beyond a doubt that he is. MICHAEL: Excuse
me, Your Honor. No, there is doubt. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. If that’s the case,
where has he been this whole entire time
that she was pregnant
and through the birth. JUDGE LAKE: She said
they’ve never lost contact. Mr. Doerschlag, have you… Then why has he
not been there? …been in baby Jordyn’s life? I have not, Your Honor. I mean, I have talked
to Judith about the
whole situation. I’ve seen pictures of her.I’ve not actually seen
her physically in person.
JUDGE LAKE:You have not?JUDITH:No, he was
living in Tennessee.
He left soon after
the conception time. He went back to Tennessee
with his family. He found out I was pregnant
when I was further along. Like, when I posted on
Facebook, he found out. We didn’t talk about
him being the father until it was summer
and he was like, “Well, is there a chance
I’m the baby’s dad?” “You could always move
out here and be with me “and let me be
your baby daddy.” So, Ms. Livingston, are
you saying that he’s not
the biological father because you truly think… I don’t know. …Mr. Doerschlag is. I think that Mr. Doerschlag
is my daughter’s father because of how
she looks now. She looks like him. MICHAEL: Your Honor. Pictures of him as a baby,
she looks just like him. JUDGE LAKE:And you submitted
those photos to the court?
So on the left, this is
a picture of Jordyn?
JUDITH:Yes.And on the right, it’s a
picture of Mr. Doerschlag
as a child? Yes. MICHAEL: Your Honor. And you say there’s
a similarity? JUDITH: Yes. MICHAEL: If you go to the
picture right before that one. Well, the picture’s
not a very good one. But if you look at
her now and him now, you still see
the resemblance. MICHAEL: I don’t
believe it, Your Honor. That girl looks exactly
like me when I was younger. That one right there. She looks exactly
identical to my picture. And you believe when
you see that picture
she looks like you? Yes, Your Honor. She has the exact hair
that I had when I was born. Who has been there?
She’s 21 months old. She’s almost two years old.
Who’s been there? JUDITH: I have. MICHAEL: I have been
there, too, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So has he
contributed, Ms. Livingston? Not since she was
seven months old.He came home in June.Is when he finally
came home.
Michael was there and I was
putting together a crib, he was making me upset. I was having to do
it all by myself because he was in the
living room playing video
games with his friend. I was putting the crib
together, so, yes, I went to Jayson for comfort. Because Mr. Doerschlag
has been my friend
ever since we broke up. That’s not true,
I put the crib together and then me and my friend went
and we played video games. But, before that I was also working
and paying for stuff
that Jordyn needed. And while I was doing that,
I gave her money to go pay
the gas bill and she used it on buying
Fifty Shades Of Grey
novels. I never… MICHAEL: Instead of
paying the gas bill. That never happened. JUDITH: That never happened,
Your Honor. He didn’t get a… Did you pay the gas
bill with the money, Ms. Livingston? JUDITH: Yes, I did. The gas bill was paid… No, Your Honor,
she didn’t. Because she came
home and said that “I just got the new
Fifty Shades Of Grey
books.” JUDITH: No, they weren’t new. What does that have
to do with paternity? JUDITH: It doesn’t. He didn’t get a job at
McDonald’s until September. This was in summer.
He didn’t get a job
until September. And he only had that job
until two weeks after our
daughter was born. Then, he lost it. And Mr. Doerschlag,
if you are Jordyn’s
biological father, are you going to step up? You say you haven’t even
met her and she’s almost
two years old. Yes, Your Honor, I’m gonna
step up for the simple fact that growing up, my dad
and mom had split up and I wouldn’t want
that for my children. I plan on being
there for my kid like, I’ve even sat down with
my current girlfriend, now, and talked about the
situation of if Jordyn
comes out to be mine about moving to Colorado
to be closer with her that way there’s not such
a distance for… You say, “current girlfriend?” Yes, ma’am. ARBOGAST: And that means
you’re still talking to
Ms. Livingston, right? All right, I think the
only way to move forward is to just get the results.
Jerome, I’m ready for the… (CROWD APPLAUDING) Envelope, please. There you go.
You’re welcome. Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. if she is not his. In the case ofLivingston
v. Livingston, Doerschlag,
pertaining to 21-month-old
Jordyn Livingston, and whether Mr. Livingston
or Mr. Doerschlag is the biological father, it has been determined
by this court, her biological father is… Mr. Livingston. ARBOGAST: Yes! JUDITH: Like I said,
I didn’t know for sure. I just wanted
to know for sure. And I told Mr. Doerschlag
I didn’t know for sure. I said that sometimes
I see similarities but, more I see similarities
to him and that’s why
I’m confused. I don’t know where she
got her blonde hair from. MICHAEL: I told everybody that daughter
will always be mine. Even if she wasn’t
proven to be mine. I would still step up
and take care of her. Like I just said, ARBOGAST: Any kid can
have any color of hair. Any color of hair,
it’s in your DNA. JUDGE LAKE: Are you two
divorced or still married? BOTH: We are divorced. As of May 26th of 2015. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. We were finalized. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
well, listen. We both want it. So, now, you understand you
have two children together. MICHAEL: Yes, Your Honor. You have to co-parent. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: And you wanna
be as involved as you
possibly can. Yes, Your Honor. Ultimately you all are going
to have to communicate. You are going to have
to work together. So, communication,
co-operation, and commitment. Meaning, sometimes
it will not be easy. But you have to
say to yourselves, to make sure these children
have the life they want and the relationship
with both parents that I think you both
want them to have. You’re gonna have
to work together. My family has stated
through all of this that even if Jordyn
is not mine, she will still always be
a part of our family. They have. Well, she is yours.
She is yours. And we’ve determined
that today. So now, let’s move forward
in a positive way putting the children first
and the past behind us,
all right? We have different goals. Thank you. We have, uh, counselling
and resources available
to you both. If you just need help
trying to figure out how to sort through
this and begin again, I wish you the
very best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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