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With & Without Social Media || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Shit! It is 10 already. Any updates? That is my brush. I didn’t click
a single selfie since morning. ‘Eating healthy food.
Morning breakfast.’ What the..
500 likes in 30 seconds? ‘Breaking news! All social media sites
are to be banned by government starting tomorrow.’ How could anyone ban social media? Why try difficult ones?
I’ll do something relatively easy. My stomach is aching already.
Enough yoga for today. Perfect!
All set to go to office. Let’s go, buddy.
– What? Hurry up! We’re getting late for work.
– Ma’am, I’m a food delivery guy. I’m so sorry. Why are you laughing?
– Because you hopped on the wrong bike. So, funny!
Now let’s go. Shit! I’m so late.
I’m sorry. You should be here by 10AM. It is 1PM now.
– W-Well, Vasundara was sick. Had you told me your sister was sick,
I’d have granted you leave. Sir, Vasundara isn’t my sister.
Vasundara is my pet. A dog?
– Yeah! – Get out of my sight! ‘This girl uploaded a new pic.
She won’t get as many likes as I would, anyway.’ What is wrong?
– You are eating from my lunch box. I’m sorry.
Let’s click a selfie. Your shift ends only 2 hours later.
Why are you leaving already? What would I do here anyway?
Before the ban, I used to kill time with Dubsmash. What would you do by going home early?
– Why do you care? Get back to your work. One chilly chicken.
– Out of stock. One chicken roast.
– Out of stock. Fine, I’ll go with prawns fry then.
– Out of stock. What do you got in stock?
– Chicken Biryani. How much is a single biryani.
– Rs 220 only. Rs. 220! Why such exorbitant prices?
Because there are no other restautants around? Just give me minute.
– Yeah, whatever. I’ve a food delivery app.
I’ll get biryani delivered in a jiffy only for Rs. 99. Greetings! One egg bhurji.
– Out of stock. Gobi 65?
– Out of stock. What do you got in stock then?
– You know it, chicken biryani. How much is it?
– You know it, Rs. 220. Alright, cool!
I’ll take one plate of it. I’ve a request.
– What is it? Could you put the bill on tab?
I promise I’ll visit your place regularly. Alright! One chicken biryani for the girl.
– Nice goggles. Why is mom calling me now? I dare you guys to beat me. Yeah, mom, what is it?
– ‘Had lunch?’ This is the 10th time you’ve called since morning.
I’ll have lunch when I feel like to. Phones are prohibited while at work. What if I get fired?
So, I’ll call you back after office hours. I’m getting so bored.
What do I do now? I’ll call up mom. Hi, mom!
So, what’s up? ‘Nothing much. Why?’
– I only wanted to know if you had lunch. Cool that you had lunch.
Alright, I’ll call you later. Bye. Where are you going?
– To my friend’s place to study for exams. I’ll keep calling you.
– Sure, no problem. Bye! Hi, mom!
– ‘What are you doing?’ – Studying. ‘Who all are with you?’
– Sindhuja and Megha are with me. We’re preparing for a very tough paper.
– Yes, ma’am. Okay, mom! We’ll get back to studying.
I’ll call you later. What are you waiting for?
Take it out! I can’t disappoint my followers. Your exams are around the corner.
Won’t you go study with your friends? What for, now that all sites are banned. I’m actually well prepared for the exams.
So, I’m cool. How is work?
– Fine. Any problems at work?
– Nope. How is college? Are you even studying
or are you going after girls? How I wish you see
his posts and stories. I’m taking note of all that he is doing.
– And I wish he sees yours. Put your phones aside
and focus on your food for heaven’s sake! We’ll be done with our meal
in 2 minutes anyway. ‘You people won’t get it.’ Ask him..
– No, you ask him.. Dad, we both got no commitments today.
You got any plans? I’ve asked you something. You guys used to cut me
each time I wanted to start conversations. So now, I’m cutting you guys.
– We’re sorry. See, we aren’t using our phones. Whatever. I’m going to Delhi next month.
– What for? Because I’ve got promoted.
– That’s amazing! Why didn’t you tell this before? I would’ve had you both put your phones aside
and spent some time with me. So, how is your work?
– I quit. – You quit? – Yeah. But why?
– Because I’m preparing for MBA entrance tests. So, you quit your job? And you!
Are you even studying or are you after girls? He’s lost count of the number of girls he’s flirting with.
– Like father like son. Greetings, people!
We all are social media addicts. We tried to potray how it’d be
if social media is banned. I hope you guys liked it.
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I’ll see you guys next week!

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