Winspiria – a social network focused on art.
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Winspiria – a social network focused on art.

We are all different and unique. We live in different continents, and grow in different cultures. But why we all love art and have relationship with it? You know, someone likes to make and to create things, others like to listen or to view it. But how come? I think because art gives us the opportunity to find ourselves through it. Art is a great mirror. And my goal is to create a good web home for art and creativity, the home where you can find new emotions, to get recognition, motivation, and ultimately inspiration. This home is called – Winspiria. We all live in a society. Everyone wants to be themselves and at the same time be successful. But not everyone can do it. We are afraid that we may not be accepted as who we are. And fear can destroy our future. But when we don’t have any fear, we can realize our maximum potential. In this case, the Internet world gives us a sense of freedom. And this is an easier way to show your creativity to the world. When you take part in the talent contest, only judges can rate your work. Passing round after round, one day you will find yourself in the final. You can take part in many different types of contests, or create your own. Only the creator can select the winner. Or delegate Winspiria members to vote. Want to have quick feedback? The critic’s room is the right place to find out what people think about your work. Be ready, you can be showered with tomatoes, or you can be acknowledged for your work. Only critics can comment, and can evaluate your talent. If you are confident in your abilities, and want to show your talent to as many people as possible, the fastest way to express yourself is to take part in art battles. Win more, be at the top! And be prepared for successful outcomes! The winner in art battles is chosen by the Winspiria members. There is a champion in every category of art. There are also national tournaments. Win as many matches as you can, to become first in your league. Next season you’ll be your country’s representative in the World Cup Championship. You can also sell or buy art. Create or take lessons. There is a talent market where you can find performers or new partners for your projects. Winspiria has many other interactive and engrossing options. Our goal is to create a unique go to resource for creative people. You can also share your dream or whatever you would like Winsperia to be for you. Be creative, never stop! If you like this idea or you’re interested about this project please hit subscribe and like below to get updates. Also don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family, it will help to spread the word so this idea can become a reality. In the description below we have our kickstarter web address and other links listed.

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