Willst du mich HEIRATEN? (24h Instagram Challenge) | Julien Bam
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Willst du mich HEIRATEN? (24h Instagram Challenge) | Julien Bam

Will you marry me? We make hundreds of decisions day after day many of them unconsciously But what happens when you consciously leave those decisions to your community? For 24 hours. Okay, then you have this Instagram 24 hour Challenge, but we’re going to make it more awesome we are getting it more exciting. We do it our way. You are virtually writing the story of this video live here. Here we go! Tomorrow then. I’m going to bed first. So it’s 5 o’clock in the morning I still have to dress. Guys outside at 30 degrees there is one question for me: long trusers? short trousers? I knew it Just a joke i still need it The long sleeper get up Whats up? 24 hours challenge or what? Are you ready? – I already started i dont care Which tshirt should i dress up guys?
“Rewi-Merch” or the NEW “Bamshop” Merch 71% Bamshop! Lets go! Sunglasses: Yes? No? Maybe? So maybe not but YES or NO? And what do the people say Marius? 76% Glasses! Yooo Glasses – Yooo sick beats Before i get outside i need shoes or sandals? Choose wisely 52% shoes guy. I didnt expect that Sick Guys and what else happened HATSCHOOOOO I hate pollen! My snot is everywhere and because of that there is a question trickshot into the trashcan or just going to it and trhow it in – Or trickshot 88% trickshot guys. Easy for me first try shit The day begins very nice! -You fucked up- Well guys! First breakfast. You decide what kind of energy ill have to eat -Thats Bao.- Thats Bao?! Bao is here What are you doing here? -Youre recording right now? Am I disrupting? Or what?- Well Bao come here that the guys see you Bao is here right now and he wants his camera lens back.
I could give it him normal like a normal person or we make a battle about it In a BBoy Battle -Right now?- Bao we have to fight Bao is very happy LETS GO So guys! Who wins? jury. What does the jury say? -Safe Ju-
Sorry Bao And do I get my camera lens or not? Well Guys! Bao picks up his camera lens and he’s a little sad because he lost Should we record his leaving in slowmotion to make it more sad? 92% for slowmotion. There he his. Slowmotion! My name is Bao, Gong Bao. I may lost this battle but I will come back stronger i’ll improve my dancing skills with Fortnite dances and this isn’t even my real voice Dude thats like a reality-tv-show Weeeell The boss question I have to got to the Bamschool today.
Should i drive by myself or sould I hitchhike -And what does the poll say?- 59% hitchhike I already regret it
-Treat yourself- -Have fun Ju!- I hate my life -Ohhh, he even did that- Oh shit Hello? Ey! -Do you want to go to Cologne?- Yes, what’s up -Good- Yes, I know that guy Perfeeeeeect We know Christian because his sons once acted with us in a music video Let’s go to COLOGNE Here we are Christian thanks again. Good drive Bye! Ciao And now we go to the Bamschool guys. see you… NOW Annika is not there yet, so there is only one thing we can do now in fact when she comes: funk her or not? As you can see clearly here, the majority voted “yes” that means Annika you are getting kidded Wooaaahhh -Did you think I’m scared you joker or what?- Annika and I have a few things to discuss now Regarding the Bam-School
-Finally- -Don’t just shoot videos here- -Hi- Hi It’s no coincidence that we met Emrah just because I was just asking if he is near and he said “yes” what a coincidence I’ll give you my phone now and you’ll do a poll -I can imagine doing something risky that you would do- Is this a good idea? -Shall Julien go for a walk with me or get a tattoo?- Oh what? – Filter on it, of course- -79% for- -NEW TATTOO- -Oh my God- -Are you doing it?-
Yes. do you know a tattoo artist? So thanks to this gentleman here I am looking for a tattoo artist in Cologne who might want to tattoo me right now ~we searched for tattoo artists~ ~Ju already gave it up~ ~He looks like Mark Forster~ ~sickest day yet~ ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ~Ju, did you find something?~ ~Ju found something?~ No, but Anni the duck is coming She just saw Insta Story and asked if we wanted to eat something I’m bent to on eating French fries, burgers, pizza or currywurst -Definitely a burger- A question for Instagram Pizza or burger -italian or american?- Pizza won guys -We are hungry hungry hungry ….. Can we eat? Fuck rings guys, if you can have a designer straw ring. Self made! Fuck or nice? ~later~ Rezo posted a very funny idea: “dude make a marriage proposal with the ring. Go, make a poll” Do or not do that is the question here. ~yes do it, definitely~ Then I’ll make my first marriage proposal now Then we must first persuade Anni to stay a little longer so that we can still go through it. STAY SEATED Anni the Duck would like to go home to do her laundry Or she can stay with us and experience adventures We let viewers decide what you do Anni: Hi So the people have decided. 88% wanted her to stay -Perfect- Hey, she scoots! Anni: NO! I just wanted to go to the toilet Oh. Do you want to piss out here or on the toilet? We ask the audience So Anni is taking a biobreak and we are now working on our new plan So people Anni is just gone to the toilet and Rezo texted me because of the straw designer ring that I should make a marriage proposal to Anni with this straw designer ring and that’s a really good idea. Shall we do that? 91% of you wanted me to make a proposal to Anni with this plastic straw ring Yes, Vince, you care about music Thoams you look that I’m not going to my wedding anyway or you just trade Vince: We’re just looking Thomas: We take care of that / Marius: He has to be whipped anyway Marius: he has to shine / Ju: We have to hurry Let’s go We just called all sorts of people, if anyone has a sacko or something at home We have reached red mushroom, which still has a Sacko home We could do a survey where we go now Anni: I would rather know where the other people are , like,by the way / Ju: Which other people? and we do a survey and that You decide where we will go now To the water? The countryside? You decide Decide wisely. You know what for. I have to hurry a bit I want to go to meet Martin, because he is so friendly and has himself put on his bike and now brings me the old guitar over Lets go to the water people! You must know Anni the Duck can not see the story at all, so she knows nothing at all We are there Red mushroom: is that good? / Marius: Yes perfect Then I go to the kiosk at the corner to get chewing gum Red mushroom: Good luck / Marius: I’ll bring this back to you someday There is the Martin he has no electric guitar he has a real one, perfect. Good day. That’s the guitar That’s the Martin and um, yes problem solved Marius: Here get yourself a gum Vince: great Marius: That’s a ring. Now we just have to go to the location, where we still do not know where to go Ju: Are you all right? / Anni: Yes? Anni: And you? / Ju: yes too Do you feel these Synergy between us Do not you know this this sparkling experience Anni: Frizzy powder? What are you talking about? / Ju: what are you talking about? Anni: what a titillating experience? Anni: What the hell? Annie the Duck We’ve known each other since already 2 years / Anni: Really? From Pokemon go there I already noticed that… I noticed that something flashes you and me will you marry me? Anni: But just for this video um. Yeah Anni: Shall I call my mom now? Yes, call your mom You may post something on my Instagram. A survey Anni: I’ve never reached more in my life Anni: We were already eating you married Did you already do the tattoo? The tattoo,no. Caution the ring is getting broken Which tattoo should Julien get? either that or that What should that be? We just do not have a tattoo artist yet but Karina just wrote me that she can not only build awesome costumes, but also tattooing. Anyway, 67% have matched for the sign tattoo. I almost got the funny railing That’s why I would say Karina High Five! We are now at Karina’s Tattoo Room Looks so blatant and this video just started at home Just alone and now I’m lying here in in … In which country are we Karina? Here at my hands, we have also done something I knew that Emrah works, that’s why I thought about If I should write to him to come by and now i think it doesnt matter Only because of this little decision I’m sitting here now, because of the small decision to build a ring Rezo came up with the idea with the proposal that’s why I’m engaged for 24 hours with Anni the Duck I’m not a person who believes in fate, because for me that means that you have no free will that you have no power on what you do Today you have decided on my life for 24 hours Ok, so the 24 hours are not over but yes it is blatant Those thousands of decisions you make every day just happen to give to other people. You only realize that how many decisions we make in one day Then you realize how important some decisions are what we actually do not know Is that what I wanted? I would have cursed you if the bridge part had come ready? I have often said that you not only make blatant costumes but can tattoo on crass and is very cool to be here for the first time then I see how you work here that is really blatant! and Tom still works too Guys we’ll drive home now and then let’s see what else we do That’s it But you can still become supporters We are one of the first German channels where that works Being supportet by the community, by you for the weekly videos this is similar to Twitch You can support us for $ 4.99 a month You can support us for $ 4.99 a month without detours If you support us like this you will get something back an extra icon next to your name in the comments It shows that you are supporters There is also an exclusive access to to non-public postings there There are also additional videos for you Everything stays the same and free for ordinary subscribers And will help us to produce better videos and it will stay like that There will just be more possibilities that will be interesting for you And will help us to produce better videos I just want to make clear again We do not force anyone here everything is voluntarily But that helps us Thanks to YouTube for the chance

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  2. Wie Anni 2018 noch Aussah. Uffff aber dieses ganz andere Mega xD
    Ps: Hat sie beim Antrag etwa eine Träne vergoßen ? xD

  3. Ihr hättet doch einfach einen Ring kaufen Kuchen💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Wow, aufwändig produziert. Die meisten Fragen waren aber so gestellt, dass eh klar, dass die nicht langweilige Option genommen wird

  5. Bist du jetzt eigentlich mit dem Mädchen zusammen was da auf den Anfangsbild war weil ich guck Dich erst seit vier Tagen?

  6. Ich bin mir sicher Sie hätte sagen können bei dieser Abstimmung Pizza oder Bürger hätte sie Italien oder german and american weil americaner und deutsche den Bürger gemacht haben die deutschen haben den Hamburger gemacht für Hamburg

  7. Hi ich bin ein RIESEN Fan von dir bitte antworte mal und könntest du auch mal Laute grüßen !!!!???😁☺😊😌

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