Will Smith’s Bucket List – Official Trailer | Facebook Watch
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Will Smith’s Bucket List – Official Trailer | Facebook Watch

It’s Bucket List madness! I’ve achieved everything I’ve dreamed, and I know that fear of the unknown is keeping me from that divine wisdom. Every time I confront this fear, I feel more free. I wanted my wife to skydive with me. Trey and Jaden are going to jump. Willow didn’t come. She told me it’s stupid. I start my dance rehearsal. Here’s the thing about me and dancing… I can’t dance! All right, let’s go, let’s go. Action. Drama. He hit the ground hard! Comedy. Digga, digga, BAM!

63 thoughts on “Will Smith’s Bucket List – Official Trailer | Facebook Watch

  1. To Will & the entire Smith Family , We Love and appreciate you all. God Bless you and thank you for all your acts of Love, Motivation and Inspiration. This is a Gift. I'm truly & forever grateful.

  2. Ya'll better mean Facebook Watch on YouTube. Look at Facebook trying to revitalise their platform. Y'all I left Facebook years ago, I only do YouTube.

  3. Ok Will,,let's you and me take a boat ride into swamps of Louisiana. Spend entire 24 hrs out there and survive. I'm 51 and that's one thing I haven't done since I was a child

  4. You know he got paid a nice little sum for this one. Facebook are trying everything to compete with YouTube but it just won’t happen.

  5. Facebook ??? WTF???
    Double that series by posting it on YouTube too 'cause you gonna have the surprise to loose some of your fans that are smart enough NOT TO USE Facebook.
    Only young & dumb people use Facebook nowdays. And your fans ARE NOT ….young or dumb.

  6. I think William could bring the pogo stick back into being cool, The new healthy way to get to work?! "Boing" 100 meters Olympic pogo? That would be entertaining.

  7. Will can’t dance, say what 🤔 he practically had every one dancing from fresh prince of bel air down to all his songs and his songs from his movies and now he says he can’t dance 😉

  8. So you made a show about your bucket list? I thought since your rich you might want to help other achieve their bucket list. Guess not.

  9. With 300Mio$ on my bank account like Will i would/could also do my bucket/to-do-list so there is no point on Wills videos/actions

  10. Wooow, soooo cool that he FINALLY gets to do all these things….,
    wait wasn’t he already rich and could have already afforded to do all this stuff?
    Guess it’s more fun when there’s a camera there to show the rest of the world what it’s like to have that kinda free time and millions in the bank.

  11. We had 10 million people had him on YouTube and it goes to Facebook. Doesn't make sense to me cuz you just did all that himself then reap the benefits from the advertisers

  12. So all the YouTube stuff was just a ramp up to a Facebook program. Not a real "I want to connect with my audience" at all. All just promo, hey this is how great my life is… nah thanks

  13. So who's going to share the video's on YouTube. I'll subscribe to your channel if you can upload them. 👍🏻

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