Will Openbook kill Facebook?
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Will Openbook kill Facebook?

Lot of people are wishing to switch from Facebook
to some other equivalent Social Media Network as they are frustruted with Facebook’s privacy
violations and advertisment-foused tactics. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal made them
to think about doing it very quickly. A netherland based social nework named as
“Openbook” is trying to be the best alternatve Social network for Facebook. Openbook will include all features one would
expect from a social network, plus it allows its users to customise their own profile. And, It won’t track users. Openbook also makes the switch from other
social network as easy as possible. Openbook Team has declared that their revenue
model will never be advertisement. Instead they plan to earn money by running
marketplace for products and services. The source code for the social network is
also said to be open-source, meaning free for anyone to download, inspect and reproduce. OpenBook is raising funds by running kickstarter

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