Wie Melde ich auf Twitter?
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Wie Melde ich auf Twitter?

Counselling Unit
#AgainstOnlineHate If you come across an inappropriate tweet, you can report it directly
to Twitter. Click the Menu at the top right corner
of the inappropriate tweet After that, click Report Tweet. Select the category that best describes
why you wish to report the tweet. To report hate speech, select the option It’s abusive
or It’s harmful. Select the category that best describes
why the tweet is harmful or abusive. Select who the
hatred is directed at. After that, Twitter will ask you if there are any other
hateful tweets from the same user. Hateful content isn’t always
a violation of the Terms of Service or Community Standards on Twitter. But you can still report it to the
Counselling Unit #AgainstOnlineHate. Visit the website: With the report form,
you can report hateful online content or cases of cyberbullying. The Counselling Unit supports victims as well as people who want
to take a stand against online hate. Please send us the
direct link to the content. To get the link to a particular tweet, click the timestamp
to the right of the user’s name and then click Copy.

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