Wie FAKE ist Instagram? I Ich werde zum “Insta Model”

Have you ever asked yourself, how long it takes to create the “perfect” Instagram picture? And are those “perfect” pictures real or fake? I would really like to know the answer! So I’m becoming an Instagram model for one day. Oh my God! Okay – lets go! I’m already confused… Insta means to have a great foundation, like a primer. That’s good to reflect the light, so your make-up looks much more evenly . That’s the whole idea behind it. Instagram-secret #1: Insta-Primer I always thought that it’s just a filter that lifts your face. In this case we’re using the primer with pigments, so there is make-up included and I’m going to put that on your skin rubs. I really don’t get the whining about eye bags. Hey, I’m cool with my eye bags, it’s something super natural! Anyway, we’re going to remove them. I have the feeling, that many people think way too much about stuff like that. It’s not, if I wouldn’t know the struggle. You see those perfect people in the commercials and it seems that this is the ideal of how you should look like. Why can’t I look like this? So far we did the bright colors. And now we’re going to do the more dark ones. So we’re going to enhance your cheekbones. There are a lot of possibilities for contouring. It really depends on the shape of your face. The result is, that you look perfect in every light. So now our goal is to kind of shape my face. Some parts are getting more angular, while others get smoothed out. For photographs it’s always good to use more make-up, than less. I’m Two-Face now. I know those models are in pose and there is nothing real about it, but still I ask myself: Did she get into bed like that? Then they’re seducing their boyfriend looking like that and using the hashtag #relationshipgoals ?! I know those pictures are all fake, but still I catch myself believing they’re real. I’m also a little bit sad about the fact, that those pictures always look the same. So the perfect face got that exact shape, it’s always that shape and everybody wants to look like that. Everybody wants to look the same. Now you’re putting powder on, right? So you’re firming the make-up with powder. I’m listening, what Heidi explains to me! Now we got the foundation set. So I’ll start working on your eyes now. In your case I don’t really need to do much. That’s what you say to everyone, Heidi! No, that’s not true! You’ve got beautiful eye lashes! But we want to achieve this wonderful Instagram-effect, right? So you gonna get fake-lashes now. Ah, fake-lashes – okay! Wow, thats a super sexy shot. Feels a little bit like wellness, but it smells. Can I open my eye? I don’t feel it anymore. Again, that’s a beautiful shot! Oh God! Feels super heavy, right? Yes, feels super heavy! Now you have to suffer, like all the other Instagram-models. I mean I’m happy to have bigger eyes now, but the interesting thing is, that I see less now. Do I look like I’m straight from Instagram? Now you’re finally beautiful. What’s next? Now we’re moving to the eye shadows. That’s where the color comes in. I’m going to darken your crease. In German it’s called the “banana”. It’s the part you don’t see, when your eye is open. I’ve got slight inverted eyelids. So by darkening the crease you remove that. But why are inverted eyelids bad? If you got them, your eyes seem tired and sad. But my look isn’t that sad, right? I’m now blending the dark part, so we get a soft border. The next step are full lips, so I can do a perfect duckface. So we probably gonna do something with a lipliner. Actually no. We could do that, but I’m going to paint over your lips. You already know how to pose right. Take me serious! For the last step: Super important! Everybody does that. You need to have a highlighter! So we need to put some highlights above your outlines. I could eat some chocolate now. The only thing that really feels weird are the eyelashes. The other stuff is okay. I don’t really feel the make-up. It doesn’t feel heavy or something like that. I need volume and waves. Now I’m going to do, what every *** does. I’m checking Instagram on my phone. Daniela Katzenberger got the same make-up as I have. and backwards I’m loving it. It feels like you’re styling me for three hours. I’d say … Done? Done! The light is build up in this direction, because it shows my best side that way. In general I have to turn myself in that direction. If I do that, I’ll have a nice shadow on this side of my face. The result is, that my face looks slimmer. And because I’m small, I need to stretch myself as much as possible. What am I doing here? Now it’s the moment of truth, or as Yannik would describe it: My funeral. Have fun! You already notice, that I don’t have that much experience being an Instagram-model. Some look really unnatural. I didn’t do anything. Oh my! Where did suddenly the photographer come from? That one is the worst! Before we start with Photoshop, we need to prepare some stuff. How long do you need to edit one picture? If you’re going to do it in minute detail – about a day. Wow, so a whole day! So, what can we do? I could put your should down a little bit. We can push up your breast a little bit. Extending the leg is hard, but we can work on the shape. Feels a little bit like being at a plastic surgeon. You’re shaping me a little bit more, right? Yes, to make you look younger. So nothing droops or flaps. Yannik knows the truth. Now we’re heading towards the other jobs. There are some wrinkles, nobody wants to see those. It’s really interesting to see, how much you can do with such simple tricks. There is a hair! That has no business here. Urgh hair! Humans don’t have hair, disgusting! Have a look: It’s all dirty, there is fuzz on your tights. The goal is to keep a touch of the natural look. I’m just keeping the perfect stuff. Everything distracting like a wrinkle or a birthmark can be erased. What about my belly? We can try to remove those lines with this tool. Awesome! I think that’s okay for now. Now we’re getting to the more interesting part: Your face! Oh really, my face too? By the way: We could do that with your body as well. To push the adolescence, I’m now working with the highlights of your face. That’s the status quo. The difference is tremendous. Yes! Tremendous! Now I’m just adding a vignette. It’s not super prominent, but it supports you in that photo. Before. and after. Awesome! That’s really awesome! Now you’re removing the little veins, right? Now it looks perfect. That can be removed as well. Do you want to add a birthmark? We can decide, if we want to keep it or remove it completely. Wow! That’s the real one?! It’s huge! Now we’re selecting this big area. I’m going to smoothen out the shine. (Bad German play of words — “That went really smooth”) Okay! I think it’s time to let your eyes shine a litte bit more, okay? But not too much, or it get’s an unnatural look. And I’m thinking: Why ain’t I look as perfect as her? Yes! And then you get those comments like “Awww you look so beautiful!” Yeah, well there is a stylist, make-up, the right light and photoshop. I think it’s kind of weird, that you can change the whole face with nearly one click. That’s not me anymore. Yes, that’s the idea behind it. That’s just the same filter copied from before. Looks a little bit old-fashioned. If you compare those, you look like an alien, kind of. But if you look at it that way, I would think I know her from some commercials. Even though I think it look super fake, it’s not as bad as some of the stuff you find on Instagram. Are you satisfied with it? Yes! Well, I’m not satisfied, more fine with it. But thanks. Before anybody gets offended: I’m not assuming, that everybody on Instagram is photoshopping themselves like that! I just wanted to try out, what’s possible. What one can achieve with a little help. And I have to admit: It’s kind of scary! This urge to look like some beauty-ideal ensures, that everybody looks the same. So in the end everybody ends up being a copy of a copy of a copy. And that’s super sad, because in my opinion individuality is the beauty of each and everyone of us. Especially that we have different characteristics. This journey to become a beauty-ideal isn’t worth it, because it’s fugacious. I personally like myself the best without make-up. I don’t need to have any photoshopped pictures of me. I don’t want to shame people who like to do that! But what I want to say is: Instagram and commercials are no reason to feel bad! You’re beautiful the way you are! And that’s true! It really is true. Thank you. You can find more videos regarding this topic here. Just click them. And if you don’t want to miss any new video, just click here to subscribe my channel, so we’re going to see each other next Thursday at 4pm. I’m looking forward to that. Bye bye!

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