Why You Should Never Stalk Your Date On Social Media

– [Woman] Hi!
– [Man] Hey, nice to meet you. – In the flesh. – All right. Ciara Reynolds. – Ben! – Who are you? I know nothing. Ciara… Reynolds… (orchestral music) All right. Yeah. I can be into this. Tampa… – I’m from Tampa. – Really? – Yeah. – I love Tampa. – Really? – Yeah. – They have that pirate
festival every year. It started in May 1904, then the first sea-based
invasion happened in like 1911. – Wow, how do you… that’s really specific. – I don’t know. Big fan. What’s your favorite kind of music? – Indie. You? – Indie. – Favorite band? – Favorite band… Auri and the Squid… Auri and the Squid. – How do you know Auri and the Squid? – You do not know Auri and the Squid. – I love Auri and the Squid. – [Man] Get out of here! No! Favorite song on three. – [Woman] One, two, three!
– [Man] One, two, three! – [Woman] Island Romance!
– [Man] Island Romance! – Oh my God! – Wait, is this… – How, how. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Who is this guy, Brad… Take every picture together. We got the ex. Yeah, I don’t know, I just got out of a pretty
serious relationship. What about you? – Nothing since college, actually. – Not even a little thing, anything. – No, I’m like, I work, I have cats. – This is like, multi-year
relationship here. When did they break up? – You really haven’t dated anyone? – No, no one. – You’re here now, right. – Yeah, it’s great. – Being real, honest. Love it. This dates back like five years. Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram. What is this? What am I doing? Brad… This kind of weird? Nah. I wonder if she still has a Myspace. Where is it? The answer, it’s not
in here! It’s nowhere! Would you be able to
help me find someone’s Social Security number? She’s got a Brad tattoo, what? – Okay, totally random question, when I say the name
“Brad” what comes to mind? – My brother’s name is Brad. – What do you mean? – My brother, his name is Brad. What do you mean? – [Man] You mean your boyfriend. – No, no, no, my brother’s name is Brad. We’re, like, super
close, like best friends. We live together. (gagging) – I got to go. – Are you okay? Do you need a water? (frantic breathing) – Pick up, pick up, pick up. Hey, hey, did you do it? Call off the hit! I can’t kill him… Oh my God, what have I done? I’m so sorry about that. – No, it’s okay. – That’s never happened before. – So, little bit of a confession… I Googled you before this date. And I thought you were
going to be an asshole, and you’re really a great guy. – Yeah, me too. – [ Man] Oh my God, I’m so happy. Um… You should give Brad
a call, though, right? – I’m going to call him after. – Maybe you should probably,
like, do it right now. – Right now? – Like, right now. ♫ My friends’ been saying lately ♫ that I’ve been acting crazy ♫ because I’m so into you ♫

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