Why You Should GET OFF Social Media and Start Living Your Life
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Why You Should GET OFF Social Media and Start Living Your Life

no I mean kids nowadays I can bombard by marketing messages social media they’re spending more and more time on their phones it’s just like cuz we have justice stories on Instagram yeah it’s just never taking over the life David Meza throughout their day and all they’re doing is it’s like oh yeah I got a capture this moment like enjoy the moment stop trying to capture it like live in the moment if you’re if you’re one of those people where social media controls your life look like for what it is I missed the days because yes I’m young but I grew up in a time frame where we all didn’t have phones when we were younger and I don’t even have a nice phone right I have one of those cheap free phones it’s an iPhone but it’s one of those free iPhones social media shouldn’t take over your life the moment it takes over your life you won’t enjoy the moments that you’re in as much yes some of you will but I’m seeing especially with the younger crowd that whatever they do they focus on capturing it versus living in that moment the other big thing that I’m singing is everyone’s all about capturing each and every single moment versus getting stuff done in their life if you’re out there taking pictures all day doing these Instagram stories doing these snapchats when are you going to ever get work done when are you gonna ever quit your own company when are you gonna ever learn more when are you ever going to increase the traffic on your website whatever your goals are I bet you taking tens and 20 pictures a day isn’t helping you fulfill your goals if it is by all means you go do you and you keep taking those pictures and posting you on Instagram and social media but if that doesn’t help you accomplish your goals then I’m not saying don’t do any social media I’m just saying create some sort of a balance and don’t spend more than an hour a day on social media and go and focus on accomplishing your goals your dreams because taking pictures yes may seem cool may make you feel instafamous may make you have thousands of views on YouTube or Facebook or whatever it is but I bet you in the majority of the cases you’re not going to make that much money you’re not gonna succeed what do you do when you grow up and you have to pay your bills I don’t know can’t be taking all those Instagram stories go do something with your life yes Logan Paul and Jake Paul are doing well or the Kardashians are but you’re not them yeah you may do all right and you may get in so famous but most people don’t they’re not even the 1% they’re the 0.01% and that’s probably not going to be you it’s more realistic to create a company and have it be worth millions of dollars than it is to be a Jake Paul or Logan Paul

48 thoughts on “Why You Should GET OFF Social Media and Start Living Your Life

  1. I think people have become habitual to these social media platforms these are just contagious they spread like wild fire even i was mad about it but I slowly cured myself from this social media disease

  2. I recently joined social networking sites. But when I became used to it and became addicted to it, my life became worse financially because I left important things that cost me money and I lost my time in these sites, which have an alternative by communicating directly in the street with all the people.

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  4. Thanks Patel I'm going to implement it, can I know how to get more traffic to sell my T-SHIRTs online?

  5. Hello Neil,

    I want to start a digital marketing agency. Do you think I should start "locally" within my country (Norway) or should I try starting off internationally? There are pros and cons to both sides. Within Norway the competition is much lower, but so are the number of potential customers. Also, the language barrier keeps low-cost solutions from other countries out of this market. My biggest concern is that very few business owners in the Norwegian market has heard of digital marketing.

    Best regards
    Ole J

  6. Which is best site to check competitor's backlinks and keywords? Semrush, Ahrefs or something else, your recommendation.

  7. social media is a great tool to earn money…but if it isn't used as a tool then we are the tools that are being used by social media 😀

  8. Thank You Neil! Your Advice is a Gem! Many people waste their lives on Social Media, a lot of it can be spent on Creating Businesses,

  9. Yo Bro, you're totally right! Great video! Social media is wonderful to connect with your niche, but not as a way of living! You can provide value to your public, and it offers a channel to communicate with them and see what's on their mind. But using it for yourself and spend your life on sites like FB… get a life… go do something indeed about your business! 🙂

  10. Hello Neil. What advice would you give me if I want to work for a Digital Marketing Agency and I don't know nothing about Digital Marketing, I want to work in an Agency to gain work experience in the industry, because later on I want to start my own. Thank you in advance, I apreciate all the work you do, I found your channel this morning. Best regards.

  11. I agree! It's a delicate balance. Kinda need to be on social to keep up w/ the world, but then again not be on my phone all the time. Well said!!

  12. Nailed it. I've done a couple of videos here on YouTube, talking about the same thing. I just recently posted a video on why you need to discipline your kids, and so many people lost their minds. This is the main reason, the human race is going to diminish faster than anything in the coming years. We don't have productive human beings coming out into the world. Thank you for sharing this message Neil. Even if it helps just one person, you've made a difference to raising consciousness and awareness.

  13. I never used social media for myself before starting my business, 0 interest in it. So I had to learn the codes and customs, and I can say I hate it. I’m most likely doing it wrong, but it’s a chore to me, it seems very fake and I can’t get it out of my mind. I much prefer discussing with clients and partners face to face, or even via email.

  14. Amen! Glad you said this despite being in the tech industry having to use social media for business 🤘✌🙌🔥👌

  15. Well said. I use social media mostly to document my progress in my career (Garyvee). Other than that, I like to post pictures of books that I read and other things that I find interesting.

  16. i go to concerts and there are people filming instead of dancing. wtf. there's probably a billion videos of the same thing on youtube. i'm kind of grateful i cannot hold a camera due to my disability

  17. I get it, I totally spend to much time on social media. This is only because I have no plan on how to sell my golf schools. I need a weekly blueprint of what to do! Neil, please help me… Where do I find this blueprint?

  18. Hey Mr Neil, we are observing that when we search anything on google then google doesn't use meta tag as a description, the Description is generated automatically from the Post even they doesn't use heading tag so now how can we customise the description to get more traffic.

  19. Thanks for saying the truth Neil.
    This is actually changing our world, when we'd be busy building a better place for the next generation.

  20. Neil! Just wanted to say, you are AWESOME! I've been on your blog for the past hour and might spend another hour. So many amazing tips and they are all digestible in under 6 minutes. All killer no filler. I'm used to reading a ton of crap content that's been generated strictly for SEO purposes and rarely to actually give good information so this is a breath of fresh air. Love your philosophy on life and personal growth. It comes through loud and clear in all your messages. So positive. This is what the internet needs. thank you!

  21. Yo Neil, I know this is kind of ironic, but could you recommend some literature or something regarding social media?
    It would be cool if updated..

  22. Plus, if you're using social media to promote & share your perspective on the world, if too much time is spent on social you won't have as much to say!

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