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– [Female] You should
have been a therapist! – I am a therapist! – [Female] You really are! – I’m just disguised as an entrepreneur!
– [Female] Yeah. (hip hop music) – [Gary Vaynerchuk] Clouds and Dirt is the thesis that drives my business ambitions and success. When I think about the
clouds, it is the mission, the highest level thinking,
the why, where am I going, why, and it’s the
marathon of my ambitions. Whether that’s to buy the New York Jets, or whether that’s to be the
open sourced entrepreneur. The dirt is the work, it’s the grind. It’s the actually doing it. Replying to comments
with my own two thumbs. It’s never getting fancy
and understanding that with all the great successes, I still mean absolutely nothing. I love the dirt, I strive for the clouds. (reflective piano music) (rewinding) (upbeat music) Hey everybody this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is episode 273
of the #AskGaryVee show. Ryan, couple things, Andy and I have been looking at your
content while we’re here. You have to very seriously consider a Facebook Watch show instead of YouTube. It is very difficult in
a heavily mature YouTube, to break out. It is very difficult. You have to be
disproportionately incredible at tile images, at headlines, at understanding the algorithm and on top of it, be remarkably talented. Meanwhile, Facebook, in its quest to be very competitive against YouTube and become a video player is disproportionately helping Facebook Watch shows
show up in News Feeds, and there are far less people
producing shows on Facebook. You have a supply and demand issue. Google Facebook Watch shows,
learn everything you can, and immediately go all in and create your Facebook show, tomorrow. The person that asks never has the leverage. The way you do it, is by
listening to me right now and buying up inexpensive property. It’s called Facebook Watch. – [Ryan] Okay.
– It’s Malibu 45 years ago. I promise you, this is what
I’ve been historically good at. I don’t have plaques of Uber, and Facebook, and Twitter, and Tumblr. It’s for me to brag about my one scale, which is, I can see it
a few seconds earlier, and it doesn’t take, Andy you know this, I mean, you’re doing it with me. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. We’re just practitioners of our craft. Just like James Toney’s shoulders, right? It’s practitionership! It will 100 percent,
I’m not guessing here. You know everyone’s like, yeah, you did, I’m not guessing, musically, I gotta love the other
day because I was right. It was already big! It wasn’t like I guessed. I’m not guessing here
Ryan, here’s how you do it. You get to interview the biggest soccer players in the world. When they ask for you to be on your show. Go and build a huge audience. It can be done on Facebook. And when you tell Messi 14 million soccer fans watch your program, I have a funny feeling
when Messi has a new app – [Radio personality]
He’s gonna wanna come and put it on your program. (laughs) – And there you go! Soccer is one of the biggest, if not the biggest global
sport in the world. – [Radio Personality] Yep. There’s tons of fans of it, even America gives a crap now. Obviously the US team not making it will slow it down, but will not stop it. Go and create a tremendous
show on Facebook Watch, hold your breath and be
patient for 24 months and watch them come to you. (bell ding) – Hey man, I appreciate it. – I wish you nothing
but the best man, yeah. Talk to you soon. Thanks guys. Take care. What up, podcast? Every Monday we send out ridiculous email. Not only are we putting original content, but a big strategy for me in 2018 is to disproportionately surprise and delight the email newsletter. You know, I don’t know, giving away 10 Porziņģis signed jerseys randomly for the first 10 people that read the email that day. Or fly people in here, or, blah, blah, blah. Or VIP. If you’re in Utah on the 13th, here’s the front row of my speech. If you’re not part of it, you’re fuckin’ up. You’re smart enough to be on the podcast, but if you’re not in the email, you’re not complete. Check it, (inspiring music) What’s up Vlog? Getting a bunch of meetings done. On my way to Facebook for a meeting. Got a couple other calls here, I see. Quincy Enunwa. New York Jet, see him later. Hasan Minhaj. You know him? The comedian. Super pumped about that. (texting) Just like 99% of people watching, nobody’s listening yet. That’s okay! That’s not discouraging to me. [Gary Voiceover] Nobody
listened to me at first either. Let me say it one more time. For over a year, nobody watched my goddamn shows on YouTube. The way to be discovered is to either put out great content, have one great piece of content go viral and then everybody discovers you, or become part of a community. You’re gonna get exposure, you’re gonna get some followers, you’re gonna contribute, but you’re also gonna learn because you’re gonna watch 90 pieces of content doing well on Instagram. Instagram, Instagram,
Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. Big ups. Heading into December. I just dropped a post right now. Right now, just a second ago, I’ve never actually done this. I’ve never jumped on live on the back of posting something just moments ago on Instagram, but I’m so ridiculously fired up about the $1.80 Strategy. The $1.80 Strategy is something that for the 15, for the 17 hundred of you that popped up in a minute, which is very nice, I’m flattered, I love you, I love you, I love you. For the 17 hundred of you, the $1.80 Strategy, the $1.80 Strategy is something that can disproportionately help you. I can’t wait to get the email from you in several months about
the $1.80 strategy blew up your social, took you to the next level. I’m super fired up. Go right now, right now, right now! Go to my Instagram profile. Leave right here. I want the two thousand of you to leave right now. Leave! End it. Leave. Go to my Instagram profile
and check out the post that I just made, like it, tag a friend who wants
to grow their Instagram. A tactical piece of advice that will work for the hardest core, most disciplined, most
ambitious of all of you. Go check out the $1.80 Strategy. It’s real. It will work. And for a lot of you that
have under a thousand, under 10 thousand, or 100 thousand, under a million followers,
it works for me. It works for me, and it will
be the single biggest reason many of you grow on Instagram,
which is your ambition. And I love it. I love seeing you guys leave. I like that five hundred of you left. Leave right now, I want this 15 hundred number to go lower. Leave right now, go to my Instagram, leave! Leave the livestream! Leave! There we go, 13 hundred, leave. Leave the livestream, go to my Instagram. Watch the $1.80 Strategy. Like it. Comment it. Share it. But tag some homies. Leave. Leave right now. Best process leave, I want you to leave. Leave. There are 11 hundred,
a thousand, I love it. Leave! I want to be here by myself. Kyle, I want to be here by myself, me, Avi, and Kyle, That’s I don’t want anybody to there we go, nine hundred. Leave, go look right now. Let’s keep going down. Let’s keep going down, 970. Leave, leave, leave. See ya. See ya, see ya. The $1.80 Strategy. Changing your Instagram game. Just wanna make sure
that at the most macro Yo. – [Passenger] Hello. (gentle, upbeat pop music) – Sorry Vlog, can’t be
entertaining, busy as fuck. So the first thing you have to do is realize how young that is. (bell ding)
And that is not the normal thing a 27 year old understands. – [Female] Right. – Because you’re coming from
a world where you’re going up and you’re popping out to the real world. Like this feels the time, like, you gotta get your shit together. – [Female] Yeah.
– You guys I’m sure think about all sorts of things in life. You need to wrap your head
around how young you are. You need to get patient. You can not figure, listen to me. You can not figure this out
for the next five years, wake up, and still be young as fuck. You can think about having a
family, and a woman’s body, I respect all that. But if you’re gonna talk to me about profession, you have a lot of time. Like, a lot. You have to understand why this is the most important thing to start with. It changes everything if
you actually believe me. – [Female] Okay. – You’re putting pressure on yourself. – [Female] Yeah. – And it’s going to fuck you up. It’s gonna make you do shit you don’t wanna do. And the fact that you had the courage to break the system already
makes me ambitious for you. ‘Cause you already did the hardest part. – [Female] Yeah. – Who’s opinion do you
value besides your own? Here’s one thing I’ll tell you. The truth will always win. If you’re not sitting on the couch – [Female] Yeah. – Waiting for his second contract, can’t wait to have babies and a big house, because my man’s gonna do it. – [Female] Right. – Well then, you will win. – [Female] Right. – If you’re not, then you’ll lose. It’s super easy. So you’d rather be, using a football term, you’d rather be down, the way the Jets were playing this year – [Female] Yeah
(laughs) – It’s nice that you’re winning going into the fourth quarter, you’d much rather win the game. You need to get macro on this. – [Female] Yeah. – Do not make a short term decision. As long as you know that you’re doing the right thing, you will win. – [Female] So I guess my
question then would be like, what do you say to people
who have tried so many things and still have yet to do anything? – Keep trying. And you know what the real answer is? You’re scared to try the
thing that you might know you wanna do because you’re
worried about how it’s viewed, or can you do it? – [Female] Yeah, that’s
exactly the sentence You should have been a therapist! – I am a therapist! – [Female] You really are! – I’m just disguised as an entrepreneur!
– [Female] Yeah! My dream was like to do
makeup but I just feel like it would be a joke. I went to an Ivy League school, I feel like people would
look at me like I’m a clown and I don’t wanna do it! – I think you should do it. And I mean fuckin’ tomorrow. (laughs) – [Female] Like tonight. It’s just a matter of like, doing it not in the way
everyone else is doing it, because everyone’s on YouTube, everyone’s doing the same crap. – So I’ll give you some advice, I’m good at that too. Google Facebook Watch, start a Facebook Watch show, it’s hard to break out on YouTube. Too much supply and demand. Right? Facebook Watch is just starting. You can absolutely break out. Just eat shit for three years! If you’re good enough to
go to an Ivy League school, like, you’ve been positively
reinforced for a long time around a game, the problem is that doesn’t match what the fuck you wanna do! – [Female] No. – You have to deploy humility. And I don’t know how
much humility you have. But you need to deploy humility and you also have to really
get confidence internally. I think it’s rad as fuck
that an Ivy League gal wants to do makeup because
it’s an interest of yours. – [Female] Yeah. _ It’s a passion of
yours, like fucking do it! – [Female] So if I post a
makeup video will you watch it? (laughs) – I will help you so much if you have the courage to help yourself. I think the biggest problem
right is you have to have a real purpose that really matters, not the sake of purpose
for the sake of purpose. – [Female] Just sucks (background music drowns out conversation) – It’s not a waste, it’s your reality. You do this right for three
years, nothing good happens, but then it pops and you can
fucking get brands paying, you can pay off student loans
in the hundreds of thousands in one year if you make 400 thousand dollars in sponsored posts. You’ve already quit, which
means you clearly are strong willed enough to like, most people don’t. – [Female] No. – You need to really give
yourself a lot of credit for that. You already did the hard
part, now you need humility. Do you know why most real
celebrities are in deep shit? They didn’t have the
humility to jump on Instagram when they were gonna have less
followers than other people and so they thought it was good for them to stay off, and now they’re finished. You need to have the humility to put up a video that has 47 views. Put in the work. You don’t want to end up regretful. – [Female] No. – Because you know what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna be angry at other
people for something you did. You’re gonna resent people
and it’s gonna be a front. It was you that didn’t take the jump. Not Quincy’s mom, not the judgment of your best
friend at Ivy League school, like, what? The fact that we have this? Our grandparents didn’t have this. There was no nine to two. You know how many fucking emails I get from people that are homeless? Single moms with six kids, like fuckin’, this is a fucking lay up! Now, we all have our own shit. – [Female] Right. – Right? See, it’s about perspective. You’re in such a great spot. Take advantage of it. If you actually understood
how young I feel and how much life ahead of me I have, you would feel so different. I’m 15 years older than you are. Fucking younger than I did at 27. You’re young as fuck. And as soon as you wrap
your head around that, all of a sudden it’s like, whew. Awesome. – [Female] You’re the
best, thank you so much. – Take care. – Likewise. – Please don’t Good to see you. Feel better.
– No, I’m gonna be watching if you’re watching my makeup video. – Listen, listen, listen. I’m dead serious. You have to do it. You will regret it. – I know. – And it will be the worst. Regret is the worst feeling on earth. – I know. – Please just fucking do it, like what? Just fucking go! Unless you know how to story
tell in here, you have no shot. Period. Binary. Oxygen. For anybody in any business, let alone the consumer
business that you’re in. Let alone, you guys actually have
an authentic story that once understood, is
disproportionately ROI positive. So you have all the upside, so you need to figure it out. Fast. I’m surprised by how much confusion in marketing there is between branding and sales. And I think it matters more than ever, ’cause this can do both and it needs to matter. My personal brand has
17 full time employees. So like, I’m living it but I’m
also committing financially at a level that nobody’s ever heard. I probably have the single biggest human production company in the world. I believe proper marketing in the land that we’re going
into over the next decade is disproportionately more
important than financial ability. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – You’re gonna spend money on marketing. You might as well spend it smartly. Do you know that I’m
filming, and that literally, this is not a joke, in 100 years my great-great-grandchild Jeremiah (waves) will
literally sit in Justine’s seat through VR and actually feel like they’re in this meeting as we speak? It goes so much further,
what you’re talking about, I have a search engine
that you can search, when I say the word Jeremiah, literally, right now, in two months when this gets documented in there because there’s a lag, because we don’t have a big enough team, you’ll be able to search the term Jeremiah and get right to this moment. Not only will we be able to chop it up into mini-documentaries, every single word said by every single, you wanna get to truth extremes? If you do that, and actually document, you build data behind it, it becomes disproportionately
more powerful than the thing that you and I believed in. The end. (dramatic hip hop music) Hey everybody this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 274
of the #AskGaryVee show. Hasan Minhaj is in the building. You’re my best friend. Oh, I haven’t put most things on wax because I don’t know about most things. Like, meaning I’m aware-ish – [Hasan] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – But the thing that I
like, take enormous pride, like I understand what’s happening, I understand that thesis,
I understand Twitch, I understand Blockchain, I understand a ton of shit. – [Hasan] Got it, okay. – The thing that I think
has really, really, really, worked for me is understanding
the difference between understanding shit, and
being the best at something. I’d love to talk more about Twitch. And I may next year. Actually, this is around
the time when I usually get my shit together
because I’ll go on vacation in a couple weeks for a week or two. About four hours into having
downtime I’m like, fuck this, and I get crazy, and I
start thinking about, like last year, during this December break is
when I decided to get serious about podcasts, and serious about IG. I have stayed directly in my fuckin’ lane. – [Hasan] That’s cool. (bright music) (bell ding) (music drowns out conversation) – Going into four hours
worth of meetings now. One hour a piece times four. At Hunt and Fish. (bell ding)
So we’ll see how that goes, should be pretty good. Get some stuff done. (Italian jazzy music) (laughs)

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