Why you keep using Facebook, even if you hate it
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Why you keep using Facebook, even if you hate it

Facebook has made itself so necessary to the
online experience that for many people it is the internet. And that is causing some major problems when
it comes to user data, and security. You can trace a lot of these problems
to a phenomenon called “the network effect”. I think the first time I ever read about this, they
were talking about fax machines, right. The first fax machine is invented, it’s totally
useless. But the more people who have it, the more useful it becomes, because you can
communicate with other people. Facebook is network effects on steroids,
right? It’s an event calendar, a contact book,
a photo album, it’s texting, video calling, money transferring SOCIAL NETWORK that makes
millions of dollars a day. “A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool?” Two billion people! And at that size the network effects push
Facebook beyond useful, to pretty much being integral to daily life. It’s not just that you personally would miss
stuff if you went off Facebook, but it would almost be rude, right? It could be an inconvenience to your peers,
for you to not be on Facebook, because then they couldn’t invite you to things that way. So you create a problem for yourself, and
you create a problem for other people by opting out of it. This FOMO is how Facebook turns the network
effect into profit. Even though no one pays to use the core service. But advertisers, marketers, and other folks
WILL pay. For user data. And because users feel that the free core
service is so beneficial, they agree to pay, in a sense, by providing that data. Yeah. Read those Terms of Service. What happened with Cambridge Analytica illustrates
how our personal boundaries for using that data in the real world are being tested. The consulting firm, hired by the Trump campaign
for the 2016 election, exploited access to the data of millions Facebook users. Now, Facebook allows academic researchers more
access to user data than commercial companies and app developers. So a researcher built this personality quiz app
under those guidelines. People used it and in doing so, allowed it to harvest
data from their Facebook profiles. But no one really read the Terms of Service, because it also
gave the app access to some data on the friends of the people who took the quiz. These are friends, who did not directly consent
to the terms of the app. Only 270 thousand people took the quiz, but by Facebook’s latest estimate, the app was able to harvest the data of at least 87 million users. Here’s the kicker: this was all above board…
the data collection didn’t violate any rules. But what wasn’t allowed was handing over
that data, collected for “research purposes”, to Cambridge Analytica. And when it came out that Cambridge used all
this data to develop techniques to target voters during the 2016 election, people were
not happy. And users wanted to know why Facebook was allowed to do this. When you have executives saying, “It’s our responsibility to do x.” A good question to ask is, in what sense is
it your responsibility? Is it your legal responsibility? Or are you just saying you’ll feel bad? The situation with Facebook is unique, in that there are no legal responsibilities. At all. Which is different from financial institutions, medical records, other kinds of things like that. Even though angering its users might seem
bad for business, Facebook isn’t doing anything unexpected here in regards to your data. Because the aunts and high school friends
and work acquaintances on Facebook aren’t just the users of the platform. They’re also the product. And Facebook sells that product — all of
that data — to advertisers who want information about potential customers. Which is how Facebook makes millions daily
without charging you to use it. When you look at it this way, Facebook is
very, very good at what it does… even if the people spending the most time on it don’t
actually like it that much. And that’s why I think it’s important to see that as far
as we can tell from the research that’s available, Facebook is not really good for its customers,
it makes people feel lonely and depressed. Matt’s referring to this study, by the University
of Copenhagen. It compared how participants self reported various emotions before and
after quitting facebook for a week. It’s a good reminder that, while Facebook does exist to connect you with
friends, and help you find events, that’s secondary to the platform’s
business goal of mining your data. Put another way: Facebook only cares that
you’re using Facebook, not whether you like to use Facebook. Which is why the main selling point is that
everyone is on Facebook. Because at roughly two billion users… those
network effects likely aren’t going anywhere. And whether you like them or not, you probably aren’t going anywhere either.

100 thoughts on “Why you keep using Facebook, even if you hate it

  1. I never had fb. Glad I didn't feel the need to show ppl what I was eating for every meal or what I was wearing each day. I decided acting like a 13 yr old school girl and believing everything I did was important wasn't for me. After all the info was hacked, I'm even more content with my decision.

  2. A keep and All a people it share Facebook,. save. A best and next year 2022 a open. you are see to read and point a Yes? or No?.

  3. I don't use Facebook. It is the enemy of the human race. I use DuckDuckGo because it doesn't track me. Google can go and %^&**- itself.

  4. yes, i'm an escaped former fb shnook.hung on a bit too long but learned they have all the aces so you can't beat the house.i'm out of their crooked leftest game.

  5. Lol, stop excusing intellectual laziness. I don’t have a Facebook account and I’m perfectly fine. I use this device called a “phone” to stay in touch with family and friends.

  6. facebook just locked me out for a post I didn't even make…
    I was told that they sometimes put posts on your account to lock you out,,!
    Yes , I am a Trump supporter!

  7. Before social media, when your bestfriend had big life events, they would call you and you were the first to know. Then social media came around and they are more likely to tell it on Facebook then you. They don't even bother calling you anymore. You are just expected to read it on Facebook. It doesn't make you feel that close to those people at all. Kind of makes you feel not important. I feel like Facebook has became a way for people to be lazy at building long term relationships with other people. It is probably one of many reasons why we feel disconnected, lonely and depressed.

  8. Ummm…. Don't use Facebook😐. I closed fy Facebook account for 3/4 times within 30 mins of opening it. WhatsApp & YouTube are enough. Don't need it.

  9. I only use it as an agenda for my contacts. I dont even share anything there. I dont spend mre than 5 mins on fb.. some days I dont even open it

  10. I have a FB account but I've not used it in over a year and never used it much.
    I use Google stuff a lot though, so they probably have a lot of data about me.

  11. I had facebook from 2009 to 2013. And have been free from it for 6 years… can honestly say I feel much happier without it…

  12. I still use facebook to plan event sometimes with friend, but frankly since last year the only notifications i receive from Facebook are"do you know this guy or this girl?". I won't scroll through Facebook homepage it's just ads and stupid fake content..

  13. I've had 3 Facebook accounts over the years because I've deleted it but then felt pressured to have an account by other people and organisations, especially in a university context. Nearly all social arrangements are made on Facebook now, it's so annoying!

  14. Using Facebook for 8 years,I learned to value in-person interactions. They're much more rewarding.
    Facebook is just and enless scroll fest of bullcrap. Nothing but pictures of people you can't care less about and people who think their opinions are gold.
    Goodbye Crapbook

  15. Two years without facebook. Ha my life's better. You'll able to find out who do really appreciate your existence, they'll call and talk you, invite to events in person. My insecurities is gone too.

  16. I like Facebook because it is good for my businesses.
    I also don't mind living in transparency and as a grown adult I don't find it "cool" to hide behind user nicknames like CyberDude797 and crap like that. To me it just seems sketchy and weird now.
    However, due to those same name reasons Facebook is losing the younger generation and that for me is NOT good for business so it's a 'catch 22'.

  17. Cambridge Analytica needs to be a much bigger story. They were hacking minds. I can't think of a better example of evil than taking away peoples free will. Social media is turning us into mindless zombies easily puppeteered by powerful people. Freedom? Yeah right.

  18. trump still lost the election based on literally amount of votes. but won the electoral soooooooo I mean how effective was trumps use of fb

  19. I have Facebook. I just don’t log in. The issue I found it the many other apps that use Facebook in order to login or whatever. I never check mine.

  20. Haven't watched the video, but regarding the title of this video~
    When you embark on managing a business project of such scale knowing that your customers are real people, you simply can't forget that your primary objective is serving people. Offering unacceptable "terms and conditions", knowing that 99% have no choice but to "Agree" – Unethical, the least I can say.
    An attitude "So, what you gonna do, huh, huh?" – what are you, some sort of punk? You are damaging your business credo.

  21. ~it is a big stalking machine that becomes identity theft~I deleted the account 3 months ago after 9 years~it wakes you up one day like I did and say~"what am I doing here and what is it proving?"~I got my data back but some came encrypted (weird) and did not get it all back (why?)~and had to login twice within a few years by answering tag and private messages to login~maybe someone was in an attempt to hack my account~it separates people and to me it is useless and an energy drainer with someone else's negativity~ to the one's that stay I say ignorance is bliss~enjoy it all until you wake up as well and find out you have a life after it~

  22. So glad I deleted my fb & Insta 3 years ago. The only 2 social media accounts I had. It got old quick. I can't imagine if I had more accounts. My time is way to precious to waste on attention seeking fake people.

  23. People who use Facebook but hate it are just addicted. I deleted Facebook five years ago and I have never log back in. I do not regret it and I do not miss it.

  24. actually nah i would delete fb (not deactivate it) in an instant but i 1) dont want to lose messenger 2) i have a lot off accounts for other sits/platforms that use my facebook to login

  25. I don’t keep using Facebook because they spy on users, conduct illegal behaviour experiments on users, spy on user activity with their snoopy apps, sell user data to the highest bidder, inject their political bias in elections and political discussions, and stuff mainstream corporate mouthpiece news down users’ throats in the name of protecting people from ‘fake’ news.

    For similar reasons, I don’t use Google, don’t watch CNN, and take all stories published by Vox with a large boulder of salt, since they publish their share of extremist political brainwashing, daily stories about the latest idiotic topic by which members of the hive-mind should be offended, and biased propaganda in support of the military-industrial complex.

  26. Very dystopian way of intending Facebook. Even if some things are likely to be true, it’s not so boring nor annoying or it would have been dismissed many years ago!

  27. People keep saying deleting Facebook made their life better.
    Lies and lies.
    It does nothing
    Having it or deleting it is the same
    No change.


  29. But I don't use Facebook because most of the Indians left it and I don't need to worry about fomo now

  30. Never used face book, never will use it. Two things I banned from my computer years ago, face book and yahoo.

  31. I don't use facebook anymore, because it's getting harder and harder to use… Of course i'm not completely not using it, i still use it sometimes for binding my game's account, but still… I'm not using it for social media things… And don't much games that used facebook for binding method…

  32. I'm not an American, but after the Cambridge Analytica nonsense, I realised how strongly my views were getting influenced by others users. And online privacy may just be an illusion at this point, but Facebook as a company made me deeply uncomfortable with how aggressive the personalised ads got. It's been almost a year and a half now, since I used my Facebook account. No regrets, tbh

  33. I quit Facebook and it was like I left a cult. Everyone I saw for a mo th afterwards ask me why, what are you doing!!! Lol

  34. I quit Facebook after a strong depression, believe me it has been a year since I no longer use Facebook and I feel great. Also my relationships are stronger with the people I care for and I don't feel like going back to it.

  35. All of my teachers send notice for classes up there. If I quit fb then I may as well quit school.

  36. if you're allowing social media to dictate your emotions. Im sorry but facebook is not the problem. You need to get your brains checked.

  37. I'm not someone else's eyeball database, and I wont provide food for their sociopathic narcissistic supply. I used to run a domain for freindship before it existed, it was legit and spoke of real things, later as web authoring flooded to every poor grammar gripe opinion holder under the sun, they all caused me to hate FB, logging on to see nonsense, taken so seriously and with such present urgency and importance, its a dumpster fire of what they reveal themselves to be on the inside, I avoid it like the plague and the insecure lifestyle lies it stands for.

  38. you don't speak for me or how I use the internet at all. There are people who think FB is the internet? – in trouble and ripe for invasion.

  39. I hate facebook. Especially their community guideline. Sometimes they don't folllow them. Even a small suspicion of spam would disable account go as far as upload an id of you just to prove you're not there is kinda alarming when they sell your personal to others and possibly using your personal info to impersonate you. I just don't trust FB in giving my personal info. But I couldn't just quit facebook because that's where I get to receive and share information.

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