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Why We Build – Facebook Life

(light music) – When I joined Facebook six years ago, it was basically a website
that people came to share photos with their
friends but as more and more people turn to Facebook
to get news and other kinds of critical information,
it’s super important that the stuff that we show them in feed is really high quality. – So I build because Facebook
has really revolutionized the concept of giving everybody a voice. I see this in my own
family where I can interact and share stories and
videos with my nieces and nephews around the world. – Why I build on Facebook
is because I really care about privacy, security
and safety and those kinds of issues. I grew up in India,
didn’t really necessarily feel that safe so I
just kind of grew aware of a lot of these issues
and so it kind of always interested me and I
wanted to be at a company where I was empowered
to make a difference. – Three years ago I had a
fairly severe climbing accident and I was taken from a
very active lifestyle to being hospital bed ridden for many days and it was a pretty dark time for me with my family, thousands
of miles away in India and that’s when my husband
came up with this idea and created this Facebook
group, through it I ended up staying in touch with
my family and my friends and over the next many months
it became my support system. Facebook has the mission of bringing the world closer together. I live that mission as
Facebook helped me bring my family and my world closer together. (light music)

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