Why The UK is “Banning” Right Wing Youtubers & Activists, Child Marriage in the US, and More…
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Why The UK is “Banning” Right Wing Youtubers & Activists, Child Marriage in the US, and More…

100 thoughts on “Why The UK is “Banning” Right Wing Youtubers & Activists, Child Marriage in the US, and More…

  1. Lots to talk about today. Hope you're having a not so terrible Monday, ya Beautiful Bastards.
    Wanna jump around?
    Right-Wing Commentators Banned From the UK: (00:06), Netflix Gamifies Watching Shows For Kids: (2:26), Pharma Bro Sentenced: (3:34), More Flight Crashes This Year Than Last: (5:23),Twitter Cracking Down on Tweetdecking: (6:56), Child Marriage Laws Scrutinized: (9:24)

  2. So at this point, portraying allah in a light muslims don't like is seen as terrorism in the UK. Why not just admit you're an islamic republic now? lol

  3. So, if there's now child marriage in the U.S., does this make it alright for me to marry a child as an adult? How about babies. Can they marry each other? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Hate speech is free speech, because when you give a government the right to restrict hate speech, you give them the right to restrict any speech.

  5. Jesus F. Christ, you'd think at least YOU would get it right. Pharma Bro did NOT raise the price of his drug for people who took his drug. He GAVE IT TO THEM FREE. How hard is that to understand? The price is ZERO out of pocket for patients.

    Either Pharma Bro gives it to them FREE, or their insurance pays.

    No person EVER pays for his drug.

    Beyond which, no one has to buy it from his company, anyway. Because actually it’s NOT his drug. The drug is NOT PATENTED. ANYONE CAN MAKE IT. Hospitals could make the drug themselves. IT IS NOT UNDER PATENT. But most hospitals only use one or two of these pills a year. So it is CHEAPER to buy it from Pharma Bro

    It is a STORY, put out the media. A story. But you're reacting as if it were true…

  6. There is a cultural difference between the UK and USA. I get that your right to be able to say whatever you want in the USA is sacred and can't be tampered with. But for us, we draw a line when it comes to deliberately stirring up tension hatred and violence. This doesn't mean that ideas can't be discussed, our TV program Question Time frequently has controversial speakers on, however it does mean that the UK border police were doing their job. This is a cultural difference that you might just not understand in the same way that we don't understand who you guys love guns so much and you don't understand why we love national health so much.

  7. Britain banned Louis Farrakhan, for decades, for his expressed racist anti Semitic-views. A whole load of people with extremist views, on all sides, have been banned from entering over the years. This kind of thing is not new and it's completely up to us who we do or don't let into the country. You don't have an automatic right to come here if you're not a citizen. Claiming 'free speech' is a nonsense excuse.

  8. You do not have a right to enter into any foreign state. Southern is a nativist and a part of her political philosophy is restricting immigration. For her to be angry when a foreign state like the United Kingdom exercise their right to deny entry to foreigners who they feel will endanger British values, is completely hypocritical and shows she does not care about principle.

  9. Phil, you did not research WHY Lauren Southern was banned. She was arrested in Italy for trying to prevent search and rescue boats from bringing in migrants. She's a very dangerous person. And I love the added irony of her complaining that the UK is keeping dangerous people out, when she is literally advocating for countries to keep dangerous people out (in her mind the only dangerous people are Evil Mooslims. So it's not good policy when they do it against her white ass- only brown people. Lmao)

    Lauren Sothern is a racist trouble maker. That's why she was banned. And I've noticed how these people, of Lauren's type, who are complaining about the treatment of white people in south Africa today were SILENT about the barbaric and vicous racist treatment of oppression towards black people yesterday when they enjoyed their white privilige during the days of apartheid.

  11. A judge can approve a marriage license if there's a pregnancy involved?

    So statutory rape or child molestation is perfectly OK, if the girl gets pregnant?

    And here I was, thinking the US couldn't get any more fucked up.

  12. I'm on the side of the UK government on this one.

    Bravo UK government for saying "Fuck you" to the three far-right activists who hate immigration into those rich, predominantly white countries. Or shall I be more specific in saying that they are against non-whites immigrating to those rich places.

    They preached against immigration into places like the UK for years now, and now they just got the "you can't come in" message from the UK.

    Good job UK government!

  13. I know I’m late In writing this. I respect a lot of what Phil has to say and finds he has a similar moral compass to myself however I don’t feel research was fully conducted on this topic.

    Muslim preachers who are deemed “radical” or “extreme” have been banned from the UK for several of years and were the first to be “picked” on and given the ban. Being a non radical Muslim, I believe soon are called for and some aren’t however this is life and law of the land. So to answer the question someone that is extreme against Christianity (or any other religion) yes! They are banned.

    This reminds me of another form of white privilege. Not until a white person is banned it makes headlines, even though this has been going on for many of years to non white people.

    So I think it’s only right that ALL extremist should be denied entry to the UK. Wither the conversation on should they be banned or not is another debate. On that same note, you can’t stop people listening to these radicals via the internet, social media etc so does it really matter.

    I also want to clarify “freedom of speech” does not exist in the uk. It is a US law and people watching too much American TV, think they have it. So you having an opinion and publicly stating it can have repercussions in the UK.

  14. I was appalled at the 3 day detention and subsequent banning of these people but equally appalled by the press coverage dismissing them as ¨Far Right Activists¨. Embarrassed and appealed at what my country has become.

  15. So those two ladies are a "serious threat to the fundamental interests of society", but the Pakistani Child Sex Slave Rings which operated for decades, one in Telford and one in Rotherham, each with over 1000 victims, isn't? Is that why the local authorities & police looked the other way in those two towns, because muslim criminals forcing thousands of children to get raped for money is not a serious threat?? Hmmmmm…

  16. [9:32] the reason being social mobility and human interaction, is it rape if everyone consents, is it your place to dictate what is and is not socially acceptable. the exception case in most states is because marriage is a state sanctified religious concept. the pregnancy exception is to provide for better human treatment of the children, that is why a judge has to approve, he has to determine if the act was truly an act of consensual consummation. that is the only way it is ethical or reasonable.

  17. You do realize that Shkreli gave the drug, free of charge, to those who could not afford it. Why do you never point this out?

  18. @2:05 – I think you hit it on the head when you said , "if anyone was anti-Christianity would they be barred from the UK."
    And we all know the answer to that. The answer is "no" of course. Its all part of the double standard hypocrisy that exists that every Christian knows about.
    Not saying that I agree with that Austrian guy. Southern has done some edgy stuff but she's pretty mainstream on most things.

  19. the child marriage is fine in my opinions, THE CHILD RAPE IS NOT. really how the hell does this offer ANY pause for these monster to go to jail.
    let love concur all… all but a lawful prison sentences.

  20. As an American Phil, you of all people should realise that rights extended to citizens, don't extend to foreigners (you know, like Guantanamo detainees). England doesn't have to let anyone into their country that they don't want to. It's a red herring to say their free speech is being abrogated. Like when people accuse corporations of censorship. It's not censorship, they just don't want to be associated with that person's message.

    Your American right to free speech isn't valid in the UK. And vice versa.

  21. typical american ignorant to the fact that his country is WAAAY ahead of any other country in terms of denying entry to people. How can you be "Against immigration" and yet be complaining that you've been "denied entry to another country". Hypocrite much?

  22. So Laura was considered a threat to the cultural interests of British society after being asked whether she's a radical christian, but radical imam's entering are fine? I dislike Laura and I don't care much for religion, but the last time I checked the Queen is still head of the christian church of England. Surely this is getting ridiculous. I'm guessing this is actually doing more harm than good for muslims, this has actually given a lot more weight to the argument that "muslims should be denied entry because their believes contradict British society".

  23. we are used to the US and our constitution, The UK is not the US and they are entitled to their own laws and the way they want their country run, or who they want in it, it's not up for other country's to decide, as for anti-freedom of speech again we are used to what the US allows, they may not have the same feeling about it, (example)someone in this country(us) wouldn't have been punished for the nazi dog(under the law) but the UK works differently, I don't agree with it, but I don't live there and it's not my say, and I DO NOT AGREE with child marrige, although 17 i'm split about, however, was there a culture map with these numbers, some of these could have been arranged marriges in some cultures, I don't find it right but those do happen, gypsy's are also married SUPER YOUNG (between 14-21) so I think that also really depends

  24. As much as I may find other peoples' views to be offensive at times, I would much rather they be allowed to put forth their views in an open and honest forum so I can decide for myself what I think and feel about them. There seems to be a prevailing sense these days that if we just "block" something, we can pretend it doesn't exist. If I meet someone who is a blatant racist, I would much rather know what they think straight out of the gate than have them sugar-coat it in some covert double-speak. The former makes it much easier and quicker to discern if this is someone I may not want to associate with rather than waiting for their views to slowly unravel. Deleting "hate speech" (and that definition varies depending on who you talk to) is different from deleting hatred. Hatred has been around as long as the human nature itself, and like it or not, it's something we humans are stuck with. The best we can do is confront it and try to overcome it, but hatred isn't something that can be wiped out with the click of a mouse. Treating a few symptoms might make us feel better temporarily. The problem lies in the delusion that we can instantly make a wound disappear simply by slapping a band-aid on it.

  25. Honestly I disagree with what Southern, Sellner and Pettibone think and promtote in terms of nationalism, race and culture but still I don't think banning people entrance to the UK or any other country is the best job to do, especially knowing that there are other people who promote also hate and violence and still they don't get punishment

  26. Flipping the situation is the best logical way to take your bias out of it, but you have to be honest with yourself

  27. I am so sorry. The UK is a fking joke these days. We have a mainstream political party which is part of the mass enablement of paedophilia against non muslim girls in 4 cities (and rising) 1400 in one city. 1000 in another and so on. But, hand out a vaguely balanced leaflet? I'm a christian! surely I would be offended right? I really dont care! If I am offended, it is irrelevant. I am offended because I need to think, an activity banned by default in society nowdays. Thinking is a hostile activity.

    Unlike many of those we let into the UK on a routine basis (that doesnt want to kill normal people) I just dont believe how far our incompetent border authorities have gone. They are literally a laughing stock. Even in every pub in the UK. They represent no one anymore and I think the Lauren Southern thing sealed the deal. It is like a joke in every pub. How utterly useless our border authorities are. We are flooded with extremist nutcases. But Lauren, No. Lauren should put on a Burka, declare herself a refugee from the religion of peace, throw away your documents and try to walk on in. Like every other lunatic or terrorist. Seriously? We have massive amounts of people here that want to blow us to pieces or try to recreate Mogidishu ( Sorry to pick on this particular degenerate Asylum, I like to be even handed) in London ffs?

  28. JFC how can anyone possibly support the Republican party?? That's absurd! Child marriages in 2018?? If I had read about the issues about the laws I would have just assumed it was about updating old laws on a slow day in Congress/the state capital.

  29. They're not keeping her out because she's a crazy extremist; they're keeping her out because the crazy extremists are already in.

  30. I agree with you it's called child molester those kids should not be getting married at those age the law should be 18 and over under 18 you need to go to prison so I agree with you they call child molesters and those parents didn't get a good ass whooping for doing that for lying there little 10 year old kids getting married they need to ass whooping.

  31. Its quite simple, and US citizens know this well, if you are not from that country (right or wrong) and you want to make statements about the constitution or people within that society you will be a target for deportation. You are a traveling guest, with no right to stay to that country, your rights are not limited to stay for any reason and can be stopped. Whether I agree with the message or the action is irrelevant, If you comment on the 2nd amendment in the US expect hostility, which if a foreigner, might prompt unwanted attention and get you deported. Only when you become a citizen can you start to tread the line, of insane hate speech laws in the UK that favours religious people.

  32. When I saw the news about child marriage part of me was thinking : « Good, we are evolving as a society ! » but I’m from France and my other thought was « How was that still legally allowed last year and before in the US ?!!! » 😱

  33. It’s not a crack down on free speech. Because we don’t have free speech in the UK you can’t publicly say anything racist, sexist, homophobic in public, with enough evidence you can also be in trouble for saying them in a work place or school

  34. Part of the idiotic Brexit Referendum was about the UK being unable to control our own borders. It turns out that we are perfectly able to control our own borders as the booting out of Southern proved perfectly.

  35. Since when is insulting people's constantly ok? Why does freedom of speech only count to malign and bully a whole group of people. It's obvious that they would like to get a rise out of people to push their own agenda

  36. These ultra right wings speakers and muslim radicals are two sides of the same coin, both incite fear and hatred.

  37. My uncle served in the European theater so that the Brits could do this?  Let the muslim  thugs have them, maybe the limey can save himself this time around!

  38. Freedom of speech doesn't give you authority to be a complete moron. Here in the UK we allow you to act like normal human being. The moment you start acting like a cretin we're going to step in and have a word. Wish people would stop acting like "freedom of speech" means you can say and do whatever the hell you like. Guess what… I have never been placed under arrest in a foreign country… Guess why? Because I keep my mouth shut. If I said everything I thought I would have been placed in a psychiatric ward many many moons ago.

  39. Y are you talking about russians bots, this is such bs, 0 evidence. Just someone makes a claim, then with time this claim is taken as fact.
    I saw the other day the president of my country being asked by some jew reporters. Over 26 nations agree they are Russian bots he said to the president! I was just thinking, Okay and now if he agrees with you, the next time you will say over 27 nations agree! This is all based on nothing.

  40. especially prevalent in such contentious times as these which we find ourselves in, where the world is riding on a wave of populism and right wing thinking. I don't agree with these decisions that were made though.

  41. There is no scientific or religious authority that says 18 or older is an adult. Any post-pubescent person is obviously ready for sex. Whether they are mentally ready for a relationship… well thats not determined by age at all.

  42. I'm South African and wish Lauren was banned from entering all of Africa. She is peddling lies about a white genocide happening in South Africa and that happened last year not that far in the past. So I think its good they are being banned

  43. 9:24, You mean to tell me people were pushing back gay marriage laws but allowing this bullshit to persist? WHAT?
    I didn't know this sort of thing even existed, and I'll bet those who did used it to the fullest extent to take advantage of the fucked up loophole. That's absolutely mind-boggling to me.

  44. Lauren Southern should not have been denied entry into the UK. They have literally abandoned the principle of free speech. So she criticises a religion… as a gay moderate Who has seen some of her videos and some of her interviews she is really not a hateful person… for a western country to deny her entry on the grounds that she is is crazy to me. Even if she was hateful, since she isn’t advocating for violence this shouldn’t have been an issue.

  45. My parents got married (by their choice) at ages 16 and 20, and they’re still happily married almost 25 years later. Personally, I think 16+ should be allowed to marry with parental consent, but younger than that is creepy to me. However, I do think that maybe there should be similar rules in place to prevent inappropriate marriages as there is to prevent green card marriages. Just a thought 🤷🏼‍♀️

  46. I really feel that this shit happening in the UK/the west will turn into a full blown hateful far right situation.
    Current people in power and the people that are supporting them (being silent is also supportive) are to blame. I hope for a civilized solution and open discussion which would lead to sane decisions, but it is not going to happen I think.

  47. Anti-immigration is hate speech imo. I am a Muslim living in Jordan, a stable country that shares borders with Syria. We had Jordanian Muslim people that were extreme anti-immigration when Syrian refugees started flooding in, and it was horrible and inhumane. Fortunately our society discarded these insecure f***s soon enough.
    People who are afraid about the cultural threats are being unreasonable, because cultures are already being influenced and changing rapidly during present times, and standing against weak people who escaped cruel conditions to protect your culture means you have messed up priorities.

    On the other hand, being anti-religion isn't necessarily hate speech. Lauren Southern should not have been banned IF the sole reason was insulting religion, or insulting Allah. Personally I think she's a moron but a moron who's entitled to her opinion nonetheless.
    But honestly I don't know if she just insulted religion or there were other actions or speeches that incited violence. More right wing is going extreme and their terrorism is expanding in an alarming rate.

  48. Shkreli cried in court? I'm sorry. I'm not a horrible person I swear but I wanna, no NEED to, see footage of that! The world is starting to crush me and everyone else and this piece of shit, whom I seriously believe is a sociopath, suddenly cries in court when HE is punished? I need evidence that golem has emotions, please! Plus, I think it would at least ease some pain for all of those people whose lives he has destroyed with that dickish price-hike move! Scumbag!

  49. So, I guess I have confusing thoughts on the Child Marriage laws which is blowing my mind. See, I got married at 17 and the only way I was able to do so was because I was pregnant because my Mom would not sign. She did not like my boyfriend. (there was a reason. he turned out to be an alcoholic sociopath) He was 4 yrs older than me. But not everyone's boyfriend is a sociopath.
    On the other hand, I was sexually molested by my own father for 3 yrs (from age 11 to 14) and then sexually molested and assaulted by others during my teen yrs. I cannot imagine being forced to marry one of these disgusting fuckers!
    I think that the Parkland, FL victims proved to us that 17 yr olds can be incredibly intelligent and mature, more so than adults in some cases! I would have no problem allowing them to marry within a range of 4-5 yrs above them if they passed a series of psychological interviews (or at least one) and showed that they are indeed in control of their own actions and they have the maturity to make that decision! And then have a judge give the final decision on it.

  50. Also what if someone has a relationship with someone in that country? Then what if they're banned and the other person doesn't have the means necessary to move.

  51. the home office banned other hate speakers like farrakhan so u cant say theyre not even handed or hypocrites although i dont agree with them it is fair

  52. UK became
    U – Uzbekistan
    K – Kazakhstan

  53. Let’s see why we are “banning” them, look at daily express and daily mail we have enough right wing shit being spread. Oh and left wingers aren’t the ones tarring races, religions or creeds for the actions of individuals or groups within.

  54. Liberalism is killing us just look at what they have done to President Trump the dark state , u.s media is guilty guilty guilty

  55. Hell I wish all right wing nuts where banned from US and congress because right wings are disgusting people.

  56. Hello dudes, t'inquiète on va y arriver. Les gouvernements sont tres pour 'I S'rael, > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5LMuRMrAwU

  57. Do they consider themselves "Far Right" at least?
    In "UK" the freemasonry Windsor Anglo-US-Zionist mafia rules and attack anyone exposing the New World Order Trilateral Establishment.

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