100 thoughts on “Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Use Social Media at All

  1. A light ball : I'm bored
    Me : OH MY GOD it's bight sides little light ball
    A light ball : who
    Me : -picks up light ball –
    A light ball : HELP

  2. Facebook and Google are spy agencies who sells your personal information and stops your free speech for their enrichment, not yours.

  3. Apple didnt make facebook or Twitter so how does the credit go to them? Even if there wasnt apple products there would still be plenty of phones. Apple is just the medium to social media, not the cause.

  4. It's a brilliant idea to 'drop in' classes that we like.
    We don't have to do assignments or take tests.
    Just soak up all we need to know. Maybe we can even skip paying tuition fees!!!
    Proof of knowing is in the doing rather than grades on paper.

  5. He didn't use social media because he didn't need to. By the time he was world widely known there was a whole edifice of people around him taking care of all the minutiae that we use and often need the internet and social media to take care of for ourselves.

  6. Enough with Steve Jobs. He gets way more credit than he deserves. He wasn't the one who made things happen. A ton of other people do the hard work. He was just the 'Front Man'.

    Also, he didn't 'found' Pixar. He took advantage of a financially strapped George Lucas and bought his CGI Company then simply renamed it 'Pixar'.

  7. I don’t think Steve Jobs invented Pixar. He bought it from Lucas films. George Lucas didn’t know what to do with it.

  8. In the future even near future there will be Social Media scrubbers for a fee. Eventually there will be software that can delete you from the web. That whole ‘once you are on it you’ll never be gone’?…..I believe we will have software that can scrub us. Even if it’s an underground / black market thing, because it’s in the governments interest world wide that all our info is traceable and forever in one place. And who wants that forever?

  9. Then, why do you keep uploading video, keeping ppl always wondered when bell of your channel are ringing. Hypocrites !.

  10. Its always better to use social media for meaningful and useful purpose…..Depends upon each and every individual thinking…..coz not everyone having same thinking at all……Cheers😎👍✌

  11. Steve Job's got so many of his good ideals from the random inspiration he encountered in the real world. True, and it also helps to rip off other people's ideas. Like the way he ripped of Xerox PARC's ideals (and have Bill from MS rip of his ripped off ideals).

  12. Steve Jobs did not invent the iPhone. He never invented anything. He just piece together great teams of product designers and engineers

  13. ….😂…. Steve Jobs passed away in November 2011. he is my idol! At that time the social media was in its infancy… Of course he would not use it……

  14. If I have money as much as he has. I would even comment or watch your video..
    I will explore the world and try everything in theis world

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