Why Quitting Facebook And Instagram Made Me Happier
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Why Quitting Facebook And Instagram Made Me Happier

I’m Christina Farr. I’m a technology
reporter with CNBC and in my job I use a lot of social media, especially LinkedIn
and Twitter. But in my personal life, I was all over Facebook and Instagram. It was just getting a little bit out of control. So with everything going on in the news,
with Facebook and all these privacy scandals, it was a ready top of mind for
me that I should take break. And I approached my boyfriend about this in
the summer and we decided actually that we would do it together. We deleted
Facebook and Instagram from our phones and haven’t logged in since. When I first
got off social media, I found myself just going to browser’s randomly throughout
the day and sometimes I would even just type in the letter F, which was just
bizarre because I had no intention really of ever being on Facebook. But it
was this this programmed behavior. But it only really took me two weeks before I
found myself letting go of the urg turn to social media during my downtime.
But we did have this weird moment on social media when my boyfriend and I
were traveling the summer in Greece and Turkey. So we went to this island called
Santorini, which is really beautiful and it’s famous for its sunsets. And around
has 6 or 7, we just saw thrones of people kind of waiting to capture the
perfect selfie. They all had their smartphones out and finally when the
sunset hit, I think we were sort of alone and really just sort of enjoying it without needing to see it through it lens. So without the pressure to craft
the perfect Instagram post, we ended up taking a lot fewer photos on this
vacation and just being more present in what we were doing. But there were a few
people that we wanted to connect with. So we texted them a couple pictures and we just said thinking of you we missed you and got back some really sweet responses. And then when we got home we took a collection and we turned it into a photo
album just for us. For me, it was just a really positive experience to take a
break from social media. When I would be on Facebook and Instagram all the time, I
just would constantly see these amazing vacation pictures and people getting
married and having babies and just somehow doing all of that and excelling
in their careers and it just always felt like I was falling behind. Without the
constant stream of updates about my friends, I find myself feeling less
anxious about my own life. And I’ve gotten better at just relaxing in those
moments where I would have been looking at Instagram. So now I’ll look out the
window, I’ll make like eye contacts and smile at someone. But social media sites haven’t given up on me. I’ve been getting just so many annoying emails from Facebook telling me that some random person has liked some
other random person status and they’ve been coming and I’m more frequently than longer I’ve been off. So I think it’s just coming across as a bit desperate.
However, there are a few drawbacks to being off of these apps. One is that I
almost certainly missed a few events just not seeing them on Facebook. And I
may have missed a few life moments from people that I do care about but I’m just
not that close with anymore. But overall this has just been a great break for me.
So good in fact that I might never get back on Facebook or Instagram. But if I
did start using social media again, I would make sure that I wasn’t doing any
of this infinite scrolling behavior and maybe just check once or twice a week.
Ultimately, I want to be in control of how I use social media and I don’t want
social media to control me. you you

100 thoughts on “Why Quitting Facebook And Instagram Made Me Happier

  1. the thing i do is, i never scroll my feed. that the catcher that makes people feel bad. i am currently looking for jobs , and i got my notification for those groups turned on, so when i open my FB i go directly to those groups and scroll those group feeds for what i need. For people who dont need even that, i would suggest deactivating FB for the working weekdays and only activating them in in the weekends and then deactivating again. it makes a huge difference in your attitude and discipline. i though keep my messenger on so that people can contact me if they really need me. i really dont like it when people call me on messanger tho. lol

  2. Social media makes otherwise unimportant person feel like a celebrity, esp this is true for women and to far less extent men

  3. The content of the world is not the issue. How you operate with facebook and other social network is the key. How you interpret all is the essential undiscovered element to everything. Do not label or interpret good or bad just live what is.

  4. I quit Facebook a year ago due to an over-exposed relationship going bad (and also not caring), but I also have to remind myself to stop staring at everyone's Instagram life too. Even aside from superficiality, sometimes you can just feel lonely and see people having house parties or friendsgivings or a house full of kids because they're married, and you just feel worse about yourself.

  5. I quit Facebook because people has become really shallow and they get into my nerves. It gives the dumbest of the land a voice which makes them feel powerful.

  6. Why lots of people are always saying that they are sick and tired of socials media, that they will quit facebook, instagram and so on, but after one week are back again reactivating their account or creating a new one? I think many people lives are a bit empty (even when they have lots of things to do) mainly because the structure of the society we are living has changed a lot and to socialize in real life has become a hard task, nearly impossible to achieve. It is sad if you think about it but this is the new reality. I wish to be in a place where it is still possible to see people living and enjoy their lives in a simple yet more meaninful way.
    Using the internet is great but when you spend too much time on socials is not good at all. We need balance in our life and monitor the time we spend online

  7. It's opposite for me . The FB and Insta actually makes me want to do more and be more successful and productive . The key is not being addicted to these social media . Even youtube is addictive and counter productive if used more than necessary .

  8. I quit social media (Instagram and Snapchat) about 8 months ago and life has been so peaceful ever since then.
    My friends always wonder why I ever deleted them and they look at me with a pitiful look like I’m missing out on something great but actually nah im good 😂 I pity them xD only if they knew what THEY are missing out on

  9. I use fb just to use to call overseas but I don’t post or comment if the people I connect is posting anything. I learned my lesson.

  10. I finally quit Facebook in August 2018 never felt better, quitting Instagram I haven’t decided yet but I make sure not to login but once a week but now that once a week is exhausting as well. I can see me quitting Instagram very soon.

  11. I guess it depends on who and what you follow. I follow home decor styles since we are home shopping. And dogs as well as dog tips since we have three. I only have Instagram just for that. If you want to talk to me call me. Now Facebook drained my life cancelled in 2012 never looked back.

  12. Aah, good to know that I am not alone. It's been a year since I left all social media platforms, and I am enjoying it. And just like you social media platforms don't wanna leave me, so I put all there mails to spams, and I blocked all there messages.

  13. what a stupid video.. title says u quit facebook however 5 seconds in u reveal u actually only deleted the app from your phone.. how is that helping with ur data protection exactly? if youre genuinely concerned then you should be deleting ur actual account not just the app… then you give out about people taking loads of selfies on holidays yet there u are doing the exact same thing… codswallop

  14. You quit social media and after a month you find yourself logging again. Now it's what you called experimental thing.

  15. I kinda quit using facebook for about 3wks now but I kept my messanger app on,so people close to me can still reach me. Does it count?

  16. I quit FB and Instagram because I was in a dark and depressing state in my life I had to do something . I knew that I had to do something that were giving me some of these feelings and emotions I had. I have to tell you that I quit Instagram and FB now I’m more confident about my self. I stoped Comparing myself to others like how they dress or how they have better body then me . Or how they looked .Yes I still have issues with my self but who doesn’t . We live in a world were we have to be this or do this don’t do that. I know I can’t control how people act or what they say . I know that I can control what I do or watch on social media. We need to stop say to our self that we’re not beautiful . So my last thing is you are beautiful and you are enough and you do matter. Sending love to anyone who needs it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. I feel you have to approach Facebook and Instagram as tools. But your main social life should be true life interaction with people. Much more meaningful and authentic. Go serve your community it's amazing how many people you will meet.

  18. I've been quitting Facebook and Instagram for almost 2 years. I don't miss it because actually I'm better off alone with my family (a wife and my gorgeous son). Youtube? An hour a day 🙂 No more curiosities over someone else's life.

  19. Everything she said was VERY relatable and really hit home! For example a few years ago…between having Facebook AND Instagram I found myself exaggerating my time spent just scrolling thru these two combined. I never felt "up to date" with people in my friends list because it was way too many stuff to check out from everybody. It was endless! Social media has made me feel so depressed in the past–seriously! Between seeing everyone's accomplishments and life events, it truly made me feel like I was somehow falling behind on my OWN life, always comparing my life to others or some sort of 'Leo The Late Bloomer' mood, always sleepless and then crash from tiredness because I would spend hours until the wee hours of the morning just checking people's pages and other randomness. It was extremely unhealthy for me to say the least. Then I decided one day to just do a social media detox. I felt so much better. I never went back to Facebook….ever! And at least once a year, I deactivate my Instagram account and return either weeks or even months later. It's all about control and discipline!
    The downside: now I'm addicted to freakin' YouTube. Lmao!

  20. ~I deleted facebook about a month ago~I started in August 2009 after being on another social media platform~it started as a joke and wound up from that platform to facebook~I became a writer, poet and an author by writing on the other social media platform~as time went on my ideas were all about wisdom and ZEN*~I joined a group about ZEN* on facebook and was kicked off because of my knowledge and wisdom in seeing the truth~

    ~so I went further year after year writing wisdom on my timeline and seeing so many friends liking, commenting and helping them with situations in their lives with ZEN*and its wisdom~until 4 years ago as my inspiration started to die right after my mom's death~all the time I was there until last year I hiked low peak mountains in 3 states that I am surrounded by~that is where I got my insights from~

    ~I was feeling real good egoically and could not wait to get that selfie near the edge of a mountain in the Adirondacks~then after all of that inspiration I began to lose I felt something inside myself saying~"why are you here?~there is really no one here at all~all you are doing is writing words to a response or looking for one"~"what purpose does it serve you that you already know as in Wei Wu Wei?~see, it is an illusion fulfilling an ego that is not the awakened self"~I then GOT IT!!!!!~it was becoming a waste of time and a waste of energy of supposedly "helping" people on some path that they already know but are ignorant in seeing from their ego as all wrote we are one and oneness and there is no oneness at all if we all are still ignorant and separate~all I then seen in the last of it was an ego in myself and others that needed to be identified or validate their lives in proving who they are in someone else's eyes~to me this is sad that it seems they are missing something in their lives and it is called themselves~as I was in that as well for some sort of recognition~but from whom?~there was no one there but an ego and all claimed of awakenings and how to reach it it still was false and mirror talk~I even got rid of linkedin~

    ~as to be on there when I requested my data some of it was encrypted, did not get 2017 and 2018 posts, there were instances that I was potentially hacked as I had to identify recent messages to log in~they sent me to advertising I did not approve in the background~identity theft with those weird private messages other inbox~it allk added up and then I just said~goodbye~I feel better as I went to my blogger sites and continue writing there~not many followers come on it but I am in a world that I can get things out of my system with my ZEN* experiences~as another thing about facebook~I am not a user being used to promote wealth from not knowing the truth~if you can condition someone by making them addicted to them then you have control and that to me is very scary to all the one's who do not know their own truth~

  21. Quit Facebook in 2017. Was a hard road for me. Got my Twitter account suspended. But who cares. Shoulda just stuck to YouTube back in 2009. And I quit Instagram also.

  22. I never started Facebook.
    I really don't use Instagram that much.
    But addicted to YouTube.
    And I use Twitter as a news source.

  23. I thought they deleted their accounts, but, no, just the app temporarily… No guts!!!
    I deleted my FB account over a year ago, and will never go back. No one needs to be in contact with 500+ people at a time. You know who your real friends are and they can text or — god forbid — call if they want to contact me!

  24. Loved this! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm going to try it too. I need a break from instagram and want to spend more time with people. We are social people, we need to be with people in real life. God bless you!

  25. Quitting facebook is not giving up, it's choosing to focus your attention on something more important. Quitting facebook is not losing confidence, it's realizing that there are more valuable ways you can spend your time. Quitting facebook is not making excuses, it's learning to be more productive, efficient and effective. Quitting facebook is letting go of things (or people) that are sucking the life out of you so you can do more things that will bring you strength and peace .

    Before I was really scared of quitting facebook at first. I thought I would miss out on a ton of things. It actually turned out to be the best choice I've ever made .

    Don’t dwell on what went wrong, Never allow anything to distract you , Instead focus on your actions towards to your goals and spend your energies ,on moving forward ,toward finding the answer.

  26. I deleted Facebook after a mental break down during pregnancy lol I never thought it would make such a difference, I did it out of wanting to hide away from the world and everyone and while doing so I realised how amazing it was to not have Facebook! I’m deleting Instagram next but I love me some YouTube on a nighttime 🙂

  27. I have no Facebook and Instagram and I’m happier and more content with life… it never stopped me from hanging out with friends I’m still connected with them through their mobile numbers

  28. I deleted Facebook and Instagram two and half years ago and I have no regrets! The best thing I ever did! Do not miss it at all! 🙂

  29. I quit fb n insta, its just that I didnt find myself in there.
    I mean its good if you use social media for spreading a good vibe or create a positive social campaign but who is in control, you or the socmed?

  30. I've just quit both FB and Instagram. Although I had the urge, it's about time I leave those addicting social media platforms for good

  31. Almost 7 years without social media (except YouTube) and i love it! people think I'm "secret agent" or "mysterious guy" or "something else" XD

  32. This has definitely changed my life for the better and I’m very happy I took the leap of faith to do so deleted all my social apps lol besides my YouTube not going to delete my YouTube because I use this to document my life. 🥰

  33. I quit Facebook last Tuesday but I didn't leave my Instagram yet but I'm more addictive to Youtube a lot because there's more free speech.

  34. In order to quit Facebook you'll need to permanently delete your Facebook account! That might work. Lots of people have done this in order to not feel left out of something! Anyone agree?.

  35. Left social media altogether last year. And it's not just the mental reasons either. One too many stories about data being compromised and sold ensured that I went cold turkey and encourage everyone to do the same.

  36. Wow, I really thinking of quitting too from social media. Finally found a video to confirm that. Honestly You’ll never know who why real friends are in till you quit social media. 👍

  37. SM is more dangerous than drugs, alcohol tbh.
    Its been 1 year i stopped using social media and it feels so great .

  38. I just deactivated my Facebook account and later on I’m planning to delete Facebook and Instagram. I would always wake up and check my accounts right away to see what my friends would post or what memes they post. It was a headache 🤕 especially when it was time to go to bed and I would be on my Facebook checking and scrolling, looking at the same posts.

  39. I left FB for a few years then went back for a few months then I realized why I left in the first place and took off again . That was two years ago. Love youtube you learn a lot more And not glued to my cellphone in fact I can forget about it at home without a care, just like the old days when I did not need a cell phone . Wonderful! I Just came here to see what everybody else is saying, out of interest.

  40. I deleted facebook 6 months ago, lessen those my day posts in msgr and IG, but never youtube. Youtubeezzzz where u at???

  41. i remember when i was forced to get off social media for a month, but then prolonged because i completely forgot about it. it honestly, made me happier and carefree. i felt like the weight off my shoulders was gone! i really recommend it if you’re someone whose depressed, having anxiety, all those stuff

  42. Been off Facebook for one month now. Everybody on my Facebook, a little over two hundred people, I actually knew in person and/or worked with them. Only two people from Facebook have contacted me through messages since I quit Facebook. If you want to see who your friends really are, leave Facebook and see how many contact you by text or phone call. Facebook friends are fake.

  43. True! I quit facebook in order for me to focus on my own routine by looking at my own life instead of scrolling down and see the life of other people. It made me less anxious, more focus and stress free.

  44. Good for you! I deleted my accounts. I don't miss it all. It's helped my mental health. Utube is the only social media I have.

  45. Beware of facebook complete fasting, it is like fad dieting AND you will all bounce back harder than before, YOU MAY AS WELL ACCEPT IT FACEBOOK HAS GOT YOUR LIFE NOW! you no longer are in control of your life! resistance is futile, you have already opened the door, it is too late as you have let facebook in, there is nothing you can do, so inject……absorb let go of your ridiculous attempts top control, type in f…proceed,,,you know you must chase that f___dragon, so proceed, you are no lionger whom you think you are, and you dont belong to you

  46. im using facebook for the groups of tech stuff like video editing and tech gadgets for help but i don't follow any of my friends. i dont have messenger and facebook app i only open it via browser

  47. 1:46 was the main reason I quit FB. I still have Messenger, but at least I don't see people get married, go on fabulous places, etc which makes me really anxious, depressed, and jealous

  48. FB is by far the worse. It's obvious they are crawlng all over the net. Plus it's much easier having just a few close friends. I had an account for a month years ago, then deleted it.

  49. I just deleted Facebook and Instagram app. I noticed people were so nice to me face to face but cold to me on my Facebook posts (I don't mean quotes but rather my special photos, like wedding etc). These same people were so nice to my sister's photos even when it was not my sister's special photos (like wedding or not something). Recently I am having issue with some people being different to me since I got married. It was as if they were only nice to me so that I invite them to my wedding and when I did, they did not once thank me to say thank you for inviting them to my wedding let alone clicking Like on special photo. I am just over and out. I don't want people to be my concern. I want to sleep and enjoy my life with my husband. I am moving away from such social media people and going to build my empire off internet. I also want to be off WhatsApp but this one is tricky one 🙄

  50. I should definitely Try It! I may as well have more time to read my Ultimate Spider-Man Comics

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