Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media
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Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media

Trust in the media is at an all-time low—and
for good reason. We in the business of journalism have exempted
ourselves from the normal rules that used to govern us, and so the most egregious kinds
of reporting errors are becoming more common. Formerly well-respected news organizations
and experienced national reporters are making the sorts of mistakes that wouldn’t be tolerated
in journalism school. When these mistakes are corrected at all,
it’s with seemingly little regret. And the corrections never get anywhere near
as much attention as the original salacious —but incorrect—narrative. How did we get here? I discuss that in detail in my book, The Smear. Here are three factors: First, firewalls that once strictly separated
news from opinion have been replaced by hopelessly blurred lines. Once-forbidden practices, such as editorializing
within straight news reports and the inclusion of opinions as if fact, are not only tolerated—they’re
encouraged. The result: It’s never been harder for Americans
to separate news that’s real from news that’s not. Example: May 14, 2016, ten days after Donald
Trump became the Republican presidential nominee, the New York Times published a blockbuster
article titled, “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved with Women in Private.” The story’s authors, Michael Barbaro and
Megan Twohey, interviewed Rowanne Lane, an ex-girlfriend of Trump’s. Her quotes made Trump sound, at best, like
a jerk, and at worst, like a predator. The reporters went so far as to provide their
own quotes for the story, presenting their personal commentary as if it were established
fact, writing, “This is the public treatment of some women by Mr. Trump…degrading, impersonal,
performed.” The problem is, the reporting wasn’t true—according
to Trump’s supposed victim. Once the story was published, she publicly
accused the Times of misleading her, writing a “hit piece” against Trump and putting
a “negative connotation” on what —she said—was “not…a negative experience.” No matter where you stand, this was a huge
development in terms of journalism: the main source behind front-page national news discredited the entire premise of the story. You’d expect something like that to rock
the whole news organization and prompt investigations, a retraction, and re-examination of policies. Yet, I can find no record of any of that. The Times and their reporters never even apologized
or printed a correction. Second, though we may personally like or dislike
a politician, as journalists we’re obligated to treat them the same. Too often, that’s not the case. For example: In May 2008, then-presidential
candidate Barack Obama said he had visited 57 states. Since there are only 50 states, everyone knew
what he meant. He meant to say was that he had visited 47
states. The remark, nothing more than a verbal gaffe,
drew little attention. And it didn’t deserve more. But when Sarah Palin made a comparable gaffe,
saying, “We’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies,” she was relentlessly ridiculed
and mocked in the media even though everyone knew she meant to say “South Korean allies.” Third, too many of us have allowed ourselves
to become tools of politicians and spin-meisters— often in order to get something in return. I call this “transactional journalism.” Example: Emails show in July 2009, The Atlantic
reporter Marc Ambinder was promised a scoop. He’d get an advanced copy of a speech by
then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton— but only if he followed certain conditions,
as privately dictated by Clinton aide Philippe Reines. Reines emailed Ambinder precise instructions,
including: “Describe Clinton’s voice as ‘muscular’” and “Don’t say you were
blackmailed,” by which Clinton aide Reines obviously meant, “Don’t reveal our arrangement.” “Got it,” replied Ambinder. His resulting article reads in part: “When
you think of President Obama’s foreign policy, think of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That’s the message behind a muscular speech
that Clinton is set to deliver today.” That Ambinder, then considered a serious journalist,
would allegedly violate basic ethics for such a minor story speaks volumes about the state
of today’s news media. For the record, Ambinder defended himself
by saying that he found Clinton’s speech to be muscular, so the adjective was appropriate. I think most Americans would like to believe
their news is factual, well researched, and untainted by a reporter’s opinion. To put it another way, they want their news
straight up. But too often now, that’s not what they’re
getting, and they know it. I’m frequently asked, “Can the news be
fixed?” The answer is yes…but the first step to
fixing a problem is admitting that we have one. Until we do that, nothing can change. I’m Sharyl Attkisson for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media

  1. In Brazil, the mainstream media isn't trustworthy either.
    The Brazilian journalism earned notoriety for gossip and fake news.

  2. The is no journalism in the Lame Stream Media, never mind investigative reporting, it no longer exists! Media equates to unadulturated Marxist, Commie Rat propaganda!

  3. If Americans wanted straight up factual news, someone would provide it and make a fortune. That’s not what Americans want. If asked they’ll say they want that, it sounds good.

  4. Bernie: "Baltimore is like a 3rd world country."
    Media: No problemo.
    Trump: "Baltimore is rat infested and filthy."

  5. It won't get fixed. False news (Rumors of war) could very likely be one of the end time signs. But hey can't ride this dustball forever eah?

  6. Lmfao… Do you remember when CNN was caught red-handed building a completely fictitious set, complete with actors to stage faighned outrage and protest?

    What a bunch of assclowns.

  7. Most who report for BSNBC or the Clinton News Network or the alphabet networks are not journalists. They're left wing activists, nothing more.

  8. The MSM is the propaganda arm of the DNC. I take that under consideration and don't trust ANYTHING they "report." Just like the Russian people didn't trust PRAVDA.

  9. Only problem with this video is the propaganda cuts both ways but her example only shows one side being unethical. Ironic really given the title of the video LOL

  10. I never believed news and I never will especially at times like this where most "news" is just propaganda and hit pieces

  11. I was misled complicating my life even further when trying to actually resolve a problem that a news story projected how I could find the answer. I hesitated a lot because I'm not very trusting when I get a gut feeling. I usually find out my gut is right afterwards. This was not the exception. It was regretfully devastating to my family, but opened my eyes about who's who and how the wheels go round. Hence, I dont watch local news just national once in a blue moon. I get most news from late night shows. Which btw I haven't been watching much lately because I miss being entertained and laugh at jokes for entertainment of the good old days. Nowadays, to think to HERE'S JOHNNY is to think of The Shinning followed by a mockery of every important office holder, good taste, good principles, true beauty and all that is good

  12. A fair, balanced, and objective video like this would include Fox News. Since you never mention them you're obviously biased. Be better Prager U.

  13. @PragerU Can you recommend legitimate news sources we can trust? It's hard to tell now because even fox is starting to do the same things.

  14. It's like the Aleppo joke, ask someone from the left what's the capital of Vanezuela or what's the capital of Africa (as if the whole continent was a nation) and you'll see the same result.

  15. I noticed how the media now routinely call Trump's comments racist, when he didn't even say anything about race at all.

  16. Leftist here. Note I did not say "democrat". Cause I dont like either party. The more extremists of us have been disregarding The News for literally decades. Partly because its stupidly engineering the crowd and partly because all politicians lie like ninjas. And of course, who would benefit from the stupid crowd that knows nothing? The people in power! But when confronted with right-wingers, I've always been called either a conspiracy theorist, a traitor, or just a hopeless romanitcizing rebel. Or a communist. Well look at us now. Trump, the main lying machine, got all of you convinced everybody is lying EXCEPT for him. Frickin amazing.
    But okay, irony. I accept it. Anyway now you are on board! Media lies, politicians lie, rich people in power are A holes… Right? So how are you still supporting capitalism, or this channel? Why oh why, cant you see that it is rich people who pull the strings on media AND politics, for a veeeeery long time?
    Why cant you see that THIS CHANNEL is no different? Public deception has taken quadro-paradoxical turn to decieve you. I advise you to research for the supporters of this channel.
    Still good videos from time to time, but most of it is as good as bashing my head against a 50's tv set. America is sooooo DAZZLED by thr "left against right" beef that you forgot rich people still have the most effect around. I wish that I would be wrong, and using capitalism will some how get us out of this. But I dont see how, when the culture is still directed towards consuming whatever nonsense is being offered in a charismatic way…. weather material or mental… And kids are getting christian patriotic values instead of freedom of thought, open-mindedness and reason. And actual morals… Not capitalist mish mash for the glory of the status quoe….
    But what do I know? I'm a "commie"….

  17. Why has this channel not been taken down, forlorn fake news and stirring up hate?

    Oh that's right JewTube allows it's subsidies to do as they wish.

  18. Not just the so-called mainstream media. Don't trust any media blindly. All media, after all, is manipulation.

  19. Lionel Nation 2016 (Condensed from “The Media Lie About Everything!): “Yknow what struck me?. How few people, what, 6% actually believe the clowns in the media (MSM).  Who are these people? From Wolf Blitzer to Chris Matthews to Don Lemon you name it.  Who NOBODY BELIEVES!  94% of the people don’t believe the media!  Nobody!  These patsies, these lemmings, these sycophantic, ball-less, a-testicular geldings…cons, frauds, 94% don’t believe them! Why should they?…Think about that!  It’s amazing! And they give these stories…complete crap! BS! Stories that boggle the mind!  You will never hear the truth. They don’t care about the truth. They’re repeaters, scared, petrified, outmoded, outsourced, outperformed by everything from online, blogs, to alternative media,"

  20. Correct no one trusts the mainstream media. Why?. Here's one reason why and it really pisses me off.
    Throughout the years there have been many many protests against the gay agenda not only in America but several other European countries. In fact I'm sure the majority of you never heard about the TFP volunteers. Millions by now have demonstrated and marched against the LGBTQ agenda and the Queerifying of our schools and society, AND YET, Not ONE major media outlet has EVER covered these protests and demonstrations. WHY?
    Not even FOX. The SUPPOSED conservative choice among all the Leftist liberal garbage.
    Are we being played?
    Brother Nathanael knows who owns the media .

  21. Here's a question how is it that blacks have continually been left to rot in the inner cities throughout America and yet homosexuals have stepped to the front of the line for rights??

  22. If you don t think the media is bias look at them after Trump won! You can see they were sick to their soul. Only for 12 precious hours did they admitted they were CHEERLEADERS instead of Journalist!! Don t believe me look it up. Media reaction on Trumps victory.

  23. Why don't I trust the mainstream media? Uhhh….let's see, what is the word limit per comment on YouTube….this could take a while.

  24. When Obama called Michelle, "Michael",
    that's like calling
    Michael Jackson,
    "Michelle Jackson".

    SOME gaffe. lol

  25. In India, we have a joke here: News channels are a comedy, and comedy channels provide news.
    Wait. I still don't know if it is a joke or a fact. ^_^

  26. The mainstream media isn't giving us straight journalistic reporting, their're giving us propaganda straight up, and their ratings are suffering because of it.

  27. This video shows an obvious right wing bias. Yes,……. all of the main stream corporate media that she calls out are completely corrupt, but FOX was way ahead of everybody else in biased, corrupt reporting. I'm as sick as anyone of fake corporate news – but all of it has to be cleaned up. All of us, moderate right, moderate left, and center, need to call out ALL of the MSM BS. If you tolerate lies and spin from a news outlet because it supports your personal political beliefs, then you are part of the problem.

  28. No tv connection: saving money, watching what you want through dvd's you loan from the library, no adds, you can stop it when you want, hours of extra free time when you can do what you want like doing some works in the house that still need to be done, sunbathing(now in te summer)…priceless

  29. In the U.K. it has rebounded on the rabid left wing BBC. Opinion and political propaganda published as News. Nobody believes a word they say anymore. Whilst we have elected to leave the European Union the BBC report from the front of the Houses of Parliament making sure the rowdy, EU flag waving great unwashed are clearly in view behind the reporter. Their loudest ass actually has the surname BRAY.

  30. ~The younger generations are taking over as we older folks retire and it's only going to get worse.
    ~One day they will control our Local, State and Federal Governments and that should frighten the hell out of everyone over the age of 55. I know it does me.
    ~I don't like thinking the about Government my Grandchildren may likely be forced to live under. That really scares me.

  31. Prager tells truth…. I love Prager….. Cheryl Atkinson was from Northern California…. What concerns me about her is that she had done Ted talks….. Ted-x is a liberal nwo product of Ted turner…. You know the Ted turner that CREATED AND OWNS CNN…. This is what concerns me…. The deepstate Cia mafia use mind Control techniques against we the people… It concerns me deeply that she disappeared for some time from northern California and quite possibly was being educated by the Cia mind Control division…. And that the wool is being pulled over the eyes of WE THE PEOPLE…. It always concerns me when supposed conservatives work for and are paid by communists seditionists and especially by TED TURNER that advocates killing off the population and by his stated preference that the population be maintained at 250,000 people…. That is one not so large city worth of people for the whole world…… Yes Cheryl Atkinson and her history are very disturbing….. My hope and it is only a hope is that she went to work for the deepstate Cia to learn what they are doing so that she could work to expose the evil that is among us…. We have Cia operatives in political offices in DC and in every state now….. Never give up your guns and Jane plenty stashed that can never be known of as well as plenty of ammo….. Bible prophecy is coming true and we are facing difficult trying times…. I hope that Q is not a Trojan horse and that the Q team will clean out the evil amongst us….

  32. I pray that all in the mainstream media are held accountable go to jail loose their jobs for lying to America and not reporting truth that is happening cause it doesn't fit the evil narratives of the commies! All of them not just a few

  33. Wikipedia has far higher journalism standards than corporate media. Every time I see an article with some derivative of "Some people say…", I realize that wouldn't be accepted on Wikipedia.

  34. How could anybody with half a Brain Trust journalists especially when Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has them in his pocket they're disgusting pigs

  35. Take them to court trump could have sued for defamation of character, he should have taken them to court and still should!!!

  36. in order for a democracy to work, the citizens must be well informed. The main stream media can no longer be trusted to inform the people of what is going on. I first learned this back in the early sixties in a economics class assignment. remember when President Regan used to give tv addresses to the people and after his talk the news would have four or five reporters to spin the news so regular people could understand what he was talking about – spinning the news. It has only gotten worse since then. I personally gave up on the mainstream press back in the sixties

  37. "We The People"
    Expect the Truth from the media Left

    But sadly that would be like
    Having chestnut trees 
    Yield peaches …

  38. MSNBC & CNN Do Not Pass the Smell Test
    They ARE WAyyyy Beyond the Due Date
    Being Nothing More Than Kiss Ass Lap Dog
    Prostitutes $$ Whores of the Left _OUTcasts of "We The People"

  39. Not true about mistakes. This is pure fraud, … about everything. For example: This is my standard package on global warming:

    Global warming is pure fraud. If anyone is truly interested, simply go
    to YouTube and start watching global warming videos. Those videos are
    overwhelmingly negative towards climate change. Here are two videos to
    get you started:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo7U_yfCyeU&t=146s
         and      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sbalx6UyAXY         The
    global warming
    fraud has cost the US Treasury on the order of $500 billion over
    thirty years for unnecessary alternative energy subsidies. For
    example, the Arctic is not melting, watch the second video. The
    problem is the corruption of the data. Almost ALL of the warming is
    adjusted data.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgk3xFHvWLE&t=59s        Also try
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krrimqxDBMI        and
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YMttEhtgpk      An early video to
    frame the problem is:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQPGU85cm4A     One other point: most
    of the pro-climate change articles are published in publications that
    do not allow general comments. the result is climate claims that have
    no basis in fact are allowed to stand unchallenged.

    The first two videos are about fraud at the New York Times. The following video is about fraud at the Washington Post.


    I have many more videos.

  40. Sorry I'm late………..

    THIS IS BAAL SPEAKING: please keep your seats and get off your knees ..no we dont eat babies… I was given this info from my IT guy…from this day forward : TO WIT :: the word MEDIA (unless it is of the alternative type or Tucker) SHALL BE REPLACED with the more accurate AND descriptive PROPAGANDA … being a cardinal rule the punishment shall be limiting your reception to one channel on any device you own to: MSNBC OR CNN. you have been instructed..

  41. Propaganda is presented as news to the population with a biased narrative people then quote the soundbite as fact.

  42. Here in England our trust was lost,when the EU mandated 6 countries to be mixed race in 200 years.The countries were France,Germany,England,Sweden,Ireland, and Holland. The MSM did not report this,in fact they were paid to this this quiet.30 years ago, Spitting Image portrayed them as Pigs,so this rot goes back a little.In Britain,there,s only 2 groups of people on par with these animals.They are Estate Agents ,and sales people.

  43. I started going to college part time to become a media photographer. By the time I graduated, I didn't want to have ANYTHING to do with the media. Great video!

  44. What puzzles me is today's media supports socialism. And socialism leads to authoritarianism. And Authoritarianism leads to control of the media. Just ask Pravda and Izvestia.

    Today's journalists of mainstream media are trending themselves toward government telling them what to say and when. Do they really want that? It takes away their creativity, regardless of how one is bent politically. As soon as they realize they cannot broadcast news the way they want to, they will realize what grave mistake they and their predecessors made.

  45. Strange that all of the mentioned incidents befell moderate or left-minded news outlets. Because as we all know, F** News has never stooped so low, not once.

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