100 thoughts on “Why No One Should Use Airport USB Charging Stations

  1. Same thing with free WiFi they could scan for IP address(in terminal) and hack it.

  2. Use USB cable that only charges and doesn't support data transfer and you're good.
    I have a personally modified usb cable that i use for charging only.

  3. Yeah….it’s like plugging into someone else’s computer….Nope. I’d rather get my data stolen the traditional way…thanks NSA. 🙅🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️SMH

  4. there's still a way to charge your phone in a public USB charging station use the cable with only uses 2 wire inside contains +/- for charging only slow but secure. lot of us using charger contains +/- data wires, braid,foil,+/- wires etc. in short fast charger in public charging station.

  5. Sounds like there is a worrisome lack of security in airports for this to be happening. Unless of course security is involved in stealing people's data. Which would explain everything. 😏😉😎

  6. Just use USB cable only for charging, and with no data pins inside and that's it. And the whole this video is for nothing. Some magnetic cables are also with only 2 pins from the side of the magnetic connector of the phone, so you can be calm.

  7. This is false in most cases, the USB chargers are not designed to transfer data! USB ports in airports are very cheaply made. This could only be changed through a different USB port inside the wall. (I know the cable method isn’t included)

  8. The real antivirus is a pencil 😉 The usb has four lines IIII that carry in the following order: +5V, Data-. Data+, -GND. You take a pencil and bridge the middle wires like this: IHI, so you are shorting the data lines, your phone might give you an error, but it will charge and nothing bad will happen. The box that you did this to, might burn out eventually due to having data lines shorted out, leaving the hacker out of access, but that happens only after some time.

  9. I thought that phones do not connect data and only charge untill put in a different mode? I have no sympathy for these people if they undid this default security measure.

  10. Android and IOS has security measures to prevent that. And u can use non-data cables that are cheaper or get a battery pack orr just be careful. Simple and easy.

  11. I can't believe you used the RSA Conference as an example at 5:35. Even after watching this video I still would have plugged in my phone at a public charging station in the middle of a cyber security conference XD

  12. Just don't use the USB outlets then, they have plenty of sockets and even universal sockets on the 787 that will accept any plug model. I don't understand why USB outlets are configured with any software capable circuit boards when they should be working similar to your ordinary USB wall adapter which clearly can't be programmed.

    Edit: USB ports installed on computers and other devices are designed in such a way that they can transfer data, but when it comes to USB ports with a sole purpose of charging they should not include any additional components that will allow the ability of Data transfer and especially the ability of programming them.

  13. so my phone REFUSES to send data anywhere when I want it to … but an hacker would be able to receive the data I cant send ??? 🙂

  14. So, basically do not connect your phone to a cable hanging from a charger station that won't be there anyway cause it will have been stolen by the first person who sees it.

  15. USB has only 4 wires. 2 wires for data and 2 wires for power. Simply use a cable with only the 2 wires for power when traveling, as the cheap Chinese wires for example. That easy. With the data wires offline, there is absolutely no way of transferring data through the power wires which are heavily filtered for electronic noise by the phone by the way.

  16. Hackers are going to hack. A security conference is nothing more than a hacker conference, def con and black hat are just more upfront.

  17. Who else isn't watching in full screen

    I'm sußßing to everyone who likes this and sußs to me💞

  18. If I don't charge my phone using my own lighter plug in in the car, I have 2 power banks that can charger your phone up to 11 times

  19. This is not an issue in western countries, the video is from Russia so take it with a grain of salt. Also, if you are really paranoid you can change the settings in your phone to only charge and not use data. At least this is an option for Samsung phones…

  20. The phone asks permission to access the data. Do not give permission and unplug the phone if the phone asks it. A charger does not need such permissions.

  21. Inaccurate information. It is very easy to just use a USB cable that is power only, so no data can be stolen. Then you get a free charge and nothing else. Downvoted.

  22. wat you could do if you have contact charging is hook up the charge pad to the usb cable and lay the phone on the chargepad , solves the overvoltage too

  23. In the modern world it's almost impossible to be safe I learned lock-picking and I can open doors in seconds now everything we have in place that's supposedly keeps us safe only goes so far. It gives us the illusion that we're safe but in reality if somebody really wants to get into something they're going to get into it.

  24. Plug in a Qi charger and charge your phone that way you can charge your phone and no data transfers from the usb or lightning port. Qi doesn't do data transfer..

  25. Ever since Brightside got a fact wrong I have to question everything they say. 🙁 they said that limbs "fall asleep" and tingle from lack of blood, but it isn't true. They tingle because your nerves are frantically sending signals that are getting cut off from reaching your limb because of the way you're sitting or sleeping. When you take the pressure off the sleeping limb, you feel all the electrical signals that were sent as tingling.

  26. I use a solar and battery charger. You sit outside or you charge the battery charger to 99 percent and use it like a plug in charger. I also advise not to use your computer to charge your cell phone.

  27. As someone who knows about tech. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. They would have to come each day WITH A LAPTOP to get the data.

  28. Hmm. Its an airport. And if this things happened. Then why didnt they check the USB ports? Plus theres CCTV securities… So how on earth those a cybercrime do it in the AIRPORT?? I dont care. I dont keep bank accounts n my CP. They can hack it if they want.

  29. You are just being paranoid for nothing, there are two types of USB chargers. USB data cables and USB charging cables. A USB data cable has a positive, negative, data + and data – cables whereas USB charging cables has a positive and negative cables only. When you are in public places use USB charging cables nothing will happen to you.

  30. Here's the thing there is two types of chargers. There's a charger that transfers data. And one that doesn't transfer. IDK about you Apple users.

  31. I get that this is very simplified for the average person to understand, but this isnt really how this all works. It's much more complicated, and works about 20% of the time on the victim. Still not a bad idea to use a common charger and outlet. I think that this really still isnt what you should be concerned about, the real problems can occur from connecting to an unsecured wifi without a VPN.

  32. I am sorry but this is fake! Think about it: a usb cable can share data but only if data is on both sides. Leaving a cord in a port WILL NOT INSTALL SOFTWARE!!!!!! The airport USB ports are only able to transfer electricity NOT DATA! The only way this is ever possible is is there is a computer/ other software data in the electricity, which is IMPOSSIBLE!! Ok I’m done

  33. If you travel alot , there is a simple solution. Just bring another charging cord, a non-data syncing capable. It's job is only to charge your cp, no data transfer. If you have one extra data capàble, modify it by cutting the two data wires within that bundle, the green and the white.

  34. Then charge the device there still, but with its power OFF. And even if you use your own USB charger there at the airport, it's still in a public place (but safe).

  35. Tips for people with androids. Go to your androids build number and tap on it until it gives u developer options. Insert your passcode and then go to general settings. Expand your settings and select developer options. Scroll down and you should see the option for USB debugging. Turn it on and then ur good to go.

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