Why Kevin Nealon Muted Ringo Starr & Channing Tatum Left Social Media – Lights Out with David Spade
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Why Kevin Nealon Muted Ringo Starr & Channing Tatum Left Social Media – Lights Out with David Spade

You know, soccer moms everywhere
are freaking out because Chanum–
Channing Tatum’s announcement. He’s leaving social media
for a while. -He’s gonna focus on his art.
-(awwing) And, uh, are you guys
as deeply affected -by this as I am?
-Yeah. Well, first of all, I’d like to compliment you
on the shirt. -Oh, thank you. -I bought
my three-year-old the same one. -(Branum laughs)
-You know what, I follow him on Instagram, and I just buy whatever he buys. It’s so funny seeing
Dav-David sit normally, ’cause, usually, he sits
with his feet under him, -like my 12-year-old, you know?
Yeah. -That is true. -My fake bad neck.
-Yeah. Yeah. I sit kind of crazy
when I’m out at restaurants and I see my pictures
on Instagram. If it was me, and they go,
“There’s no way that was him.” But then, they show
how I’m sitting. I go,
“Yeah, that was definitely me.” Do you have those knees
that can go sideways? Is that what….?
Are you double…? -Do you perch
like a little bird? -Yeah. Um, we’re talking
about Channing Tatum. CHRISTINA:
Okay. Yeah. Um, well… -My deformities.
-I’ve lost contact with him since he went off social media.
I don’t know… I’m worried about him.
Have you seen him? -I haven’t seen him.
-I haven’t seen him. It’s one of those tricks
where they go off, and it’s a big story, and then
a day later, they come back on. -CHRISTINA: Oh, yeah, of course.
-It’s… -It’s the old Cher thing.
-SPADE: Yeah. -This is… this is not okay.
-SPADE: No. Like, Channing Tatum’s
only job is -to take his clothes off for us.
-CHRISTINA: Yes. And, like, Instagram is a place -where you show America
your act. -CHRISTINA: Preach! -Preach. -So I don’t believe
this, like, for a moment. I think
that he is leaving social media the way that Catherine
Zeta-Jones was bipolar. I think he’s 39,
he’s taking some time off -to get, like, an ab lift.
-CHRISTINA: Yes! -SPADE: Yeah. And then he’ll come back looking
refreshed, as Catherine did. -CHRISTINA: You’re so smart.
-NEALON: I must say, I’ve lived in… I’ve lived
in Hollywood too long. I think
I’ve really become jaded, because you know who
I muted this morning? -Ringo Starr.
-CHRISTINA: What?! Yeah, he was just…
Too many posts. Too many posts. -SPADE: Oh, yeah.
-Peace and love. -Peace and love.
-I muted a Beatle. -Oh, that’s going too far.
-Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know,
have a talk with him, then. -SPADE: Yeah.
-CHRISTINA: Well, Instagram… Instagram is a-a cesspool, -a garbage dump, and I love it,
and live for it. -SPADE: Yeah. There’s a guy on Instagram, uh, who’s an adult
baby diaper wearer. -Mm-hmm.
-Let me rephrase that. I follow on Instagram. -It’s fantastic.
-NEALON: I don’t… You know, I… uh, I never
would go off social media, but I will mute everyone
I follow.

66 thoughts on “Why Kevin Nealon Muted Ringo Starr & Channing Tatum Left Social Media – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Is this just the Burn with Jeff Ross? He'd do a better job than David Spade, Spade acts like he doesn't even want to be there, he has writers writing his jokes.. He doesn't even give a fu**

  2. Good to see Christina pelanskiibgjb and TOM SEGURA, and that CAMO shirt makes TOM look so SLIM…

  3. There's an obligatory gay guy, there's mentions of instagram, talk about Channing Tatum going off media, Loud Music at the end, where's Ringo?, people in comments are attracted because David Spade and Kevin Nealon. This is too much, dislike

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  5. this is a bunch of howard stern fans….yet no one gives him credit. spade stole the cameo bit on who's more expensive, kinda sad spader

  6. Fuck you YouTube for advertising this fucking garbage after days of suggesting u NOT show me talentless douche bags like David spade is that so fucking hard to ask? Stop pushing this asshole on me!

  7. after listening to Bobby lees podcast and how allll the jokes are pre scripted idkk what’s nog a script and what is

  8. I have asked to NOT see this Ad no less than a dozen times now. I have reported it irrelevant, repetitive, and now offensive. Please stop showing me this stupid fucking ad with this stupid fucking face.

  9. Channing Tatum is LEAVING social media??? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, HOW DO WE GET BRIE LARSON TO DO THE SAME?!?!?!?!?! Seriously, the C*** has an SJW stick the size of Texas crammed SO far up her ass, it requires dental surgery TO REMOVE IT!!!

  10. Poor Dave's been getting a lot of crap from his guests. Dana Carvey said that when he met him he looked like a fetus with sneakers or something, this woman makes fun of his shirt, Nealon makes fun of the way he sits…it goes on and on. He must be getting paid back for all the things he said about people on SNL. "Look kids, a falling star. Make a wish!" (He upset Eddie Murphy). I still like him though.

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