Why is Facebook Content SO Bad?!
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Why is Facebook Content SO Bad?!

[Ethan] Today We’ve come across the dumbest Facebook page EVER [Rick Lax] Push the like button to lock in your number [Ethan] I haven’t seen a Facebook page this stupid since SoFloBro [Hila] And that says a lot [Ethan] That says SO much I mean this guy is not stealing content, but it is just so dumb I feel like the content that people– you see on Facebook is just the dumbest shit ever And I’m not saying that people on YouTube are like intelligent intellectuals, but what I am saying is that Facebook content is the DUMBEST. SHIT. EVER And I’m using this page to prove that to you today So here we go: the guy’s name is Rick Lax So this guy’s page has over two million likes and I’ve been seeing it like in Every Feed Of all time So this is the first post I came across and I saw that it had 51 Million views 1.2 Million shares and I was like: ‘This has gotta be great’ [thunder] HERE WE GO ♫ music from Rick Lax’s video YOU READY HILA? ♫ music from video [Ethan] 5+3! QUICK [Hila] 8! [Ethan] YEAH GOT ‘EM WHOO ♫ [Ethan] 9+2! QUICK [Hila] 11! [Ethan] GOT ‘EEMM WHOOOO! ♫ [Ethan] 10-6… wait, what? [Hila] 4 (Hila laughing) [Ethan, whispering] 7, 8, 7 [Hila] No pausing the video [Ethan] Oh, fuck I was supposed to do it quick I broke the rules [Hila] You ruined it.
[Ethan] I– Does it break the magic? [music resumes] [Ethan] THINK OF A NUMBER BETWEEN 5 AND 12! QUICK! QUICK! QUICK! Lock it in, guys! [Ethan] I’ve got mine
[Hila] Okay!
[Ethan] You got yours?
[Hila] Yes. [Ethan] Okay, sweet You could’ve picked all these numbers All the numbers in the whole entire planet You could’ve picked ANY of these eight That’s how you now you’re already in for a really dumb trick [Hila] Yeah [Ethan] Pick any number ANY number you could possibly think of between 1 and 3 [Hila giggles] [Ethan] I bet you I have a 30% chance of getting it right ‘BUT I’M GOING TO GUESS WHICH NUMBER YOU PICKED and if I’m right you gotta share the video.’ Okay, you got a deal, dawg [Hila] Pushy. [Ethan] Here goes ♫ Dude, what if– I’m kinda freaked out, like what if he gets it 51 Million views 1.2 Million shares I’m genuinly freaked out right now I’m spooked silly ♫ [Ethan] Seven. It’s seven What did you choose? What was your number? [Hila] Eight [Ethan] I chose five. He’s so, so, guys It’s… It’s… He just randomly picked a number! [Hila] I had hopes [Ethan] I thought– I said, ‘you know what Rick Lax?’ [Hila] I thought he had some kind of trick like he was gonna get it somehow [Ethan] Look at his satisfying fucking smug like: ‘Dawg, I got you, dude you owe me a share, dude’ This fucking guy Literally randomly chose a number between those eight And he, AND ENOUGH PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK chose seven, apparently, who watched this, were like ‘WOW! THIS GUY GETS IT’ [SoFlo] I won’t lie; this is definitely me when I’m [Ethan] the dumbest Facebook page ever [Hila] I dare you, okay?, to pick ANY number ANY NUMBER between 1 and 3, excluding 1 and 3 [Hila] 2 [Ethan] That’s what I guessed [Hila] Oh my god!
[Ethan] I had 2 in my mind, dude! I HAD 2 IN MY MIND I need to start my own fucking psychic Facebook group [SoFloBro AKA Ethan] Hey, guys, it’s SoFloBro here, your favorite Facebook magician back with another amazing trick Now, what I need you to do is pick a number between 1 and 5, guys ♫ [SoFloBro] It’s 3. Did I get ya? I got you, huh? How could I know that? How could I know that you picked three as your number? So if I freaked you out here with my Facebook magic remember to like and favorite this video [Ethan] So that’s the one that’s blowing up on Facebook right now and honestly guys, if you’re not– once again, if you’re not on Facebook content This is the kind of quality content that you are missing on [Hila] You’re missing out [Ethan] Every day Rick Laxative Let’s watch some more of his bangers [Rick Laxative] Hello my friends, my name is Rick Lax and I do a lot of videos where I say “hit the like button and I’ll do this” or “hit the like button and I’ll do that” uh, this video’s a little different. In this video I’m gonna tell you, that if you push the like button Elly here is going to take off her black shirt and I’m not even kidding. [Ethan] LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIIIIIIIIKE [Rick Laxative] …you push that like button, her black shirt comes off the rest of the way [Ethan] I liked! I liked! I liked it! [Rick Laxative] I promise. Really, go ahead, do it and I promise you this WILL happen. [ear rape yelling] [Rick Laxative] Alright, here we go. [record scratch] [Elly Brown] You oughta be ashamed of yourself. [Hila] You just got praaaaanked [Ethan] Be honest! If you push the like, you have to share– They getcha on every turn! It’s like a Facebook scam liking syndicate! So this is the other thing he does, it’s that he BEGS. He brings begging for likes and shares to whole new heights of cringe! [Hila] ‘If I just guess your name, please give it a like.’ ‘If I didn’t, please give it a like!’ ‘If I give you a giggle, please give it a like.’ “If you giggled, you’re gonna have to share this video” [Piano music begins to play]
[Rick] Hit the like button [Rick] –push that like button [Rick] Push the like button to lock in your number. [Ethan] I need likes to verify my self-worth. [Rick, pitched down] Hit the like button [Ethan] If you don’t like this video, I may end my life tonight. [Rick] Push that like button–
[Ethan] Like this fucking video, or I will hurt myself and it will be your fault. [Rick] Hit the like button to lock in your number. [Rick] Hello my friends, my name is Rick Lax and I am about to read your mind. [Ethan] I love how he shoots them all in, like, a fucking shitty internet café. [Hila] Yeah
[Ethan] Like, almost like he’s like homeless and this is the only place he can get internet.
By the way, there’s other people tryna enjoy their coffee, dude they’re not tryna get– you don’t need to disrupt them with your mind-reading bullshit, dude. ‘Pick any number between 1 and 2, I’m Rick Laxative.’ [Hila] He’s probably asking them to be quiet. Ethan: ‘HEY GUYS, KEEP IT DOWN DUDE, I’M DOIN’ FACEBOOK MAGIC.’ Everyone’s all scared of him and shit. Dude, this guy lives under a bridge for sure. [Rick Laxative] I need you to think about how old you were when you had your first kiss. [Ethan] I was like –pfft– eight. [Hila] Eight?! [Ethan] I was like, eight and she was like, eighteen years old. [Hila snickers]
[Ethan] Like a mo– she was like a really sexy girl, everyone had like a crush on her, and like, I wa– I think I was like, seven or eight years old. [Hila] That’s a nice story. [Ethan] So, not a big deal. [Rick] …good. and now that you’ve got this number, I want you to add three to it. Only if you’re a guy, I want you to add 4. And now, I want everyone to subtract the age of your first kiss. [Ethan] So basically, I got my first kiss when I was eight, she was like a really hot model, she was like eighteen, so I’m at -4 right now.”
[Hila laughs]
[Ethan] I’m in, I’m in womb, I’m pre-conception. I’m in some– I’m in my dad’s nutsack 4 years bef– [Hila giggles]
[Ethan] Wait, what? [Rick] Okay, now everyone, guys and girls. Everyone multiply your current number by 2. [Ethan] …minus so we’re at negative 8. [Hila laughs]
[Ethan] Okay, we’re gettin- it’s goin’ back in time, man. I don’t even know– I’m in somebodys nutsack, minus 8 years, this is getting weird, Rick. Like, I didn’t– this game’s weird, dawg. [Rick] If you’re a guy, then take your current number and subtract five. [Ethan] God damn, what’re we at, like minus 13 years?! It’s almost like, going back like, 2 nuts of generations, like, I don’t know if my dad’s balls had dropped back then; so I’m like, in my grandpa’s balls at this point. Like, so many generations of nutsacks here. [Rick] If you think you did all the math correctly, then right now push the like button to lock in your number. [Ethan] Lock in your number, what kinda?!–
[Hila] How? [Ethan] What is this?!
[Hila] How do you lock in your number? [Hila] This is Facebook logic. Ethan: This is fa– this is a Facebook page, bitch, this isn’t “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” you don’t– what kinda scam is this you’re running, dude? This guy needs to team up with SoFlo, together they’d be an unstoppable meme Facebook monster. [Hila] I think they already did. [Ethan] I won’t lie, this is definitely me when I beg you to like my page to lock in your number. It’s minus 14. So I’m locking it in. Final answer?
[high five] [Rick] Do that right now. [Ethan] You know what though? If I’m being honest with you, Hila, I’m gonna give it an ‘angry’ like, ’cause I’m a little angry that he’s forced me to like it, but I’m still gonna like it nonetheless. [Rick] Do that right now. [relaxing music plays] [relaxing music fades out]
[Rick] Really do it. [relaxing music picks back up] [relaxing music continues] [music fades out] [Ethan] I love how serious he is about this.
[Hila] He’s staring at you. [Ethan] I’m gonna give you thirty seconds to click that motherfuckin’ like button. [Hila] I’m gonna stare at you. [Ethan] He’s like a broke-ass, homeless David Blaine or some shit. [Hila] Yeah. [Rick] Really do it. [Rick] I couldn’t possibly know what number you are thinking about right now, but I’m going to try to guess your number right now. Actually, I’m not even gonna guess it — I’m just gonna roll these dice, and see if I can get to your number.
And all I ask is that if I SOMEHOW can roll the number that you are thinking of right now, you share this video. Sound fair? [Ethan] No.
[Hila] No! [Ethan] I mean– ugh. No dude, this isn’t a negotiation.
[Hila giggles] [Ethan[ I’m already doing you a favor watching your shitty page, this isn’t a negotiation. I’ll share it though. If you guess minus 14, I will post your video to our YouTube channel. And say, “this is the greatest man that ever lived.” I don’t think they have negatives on dice, by the way. I think we’re safe. [Hila] No they don’t. [Rick] Okay, here we go. [relaxing music resumes] ♪ [Ethan] Don’t even pretend like that was a dice roll, you fuckin’ slid it. Just because you slowed it down doesn’t make it look like you rolled it, ya ding-dong. [relaxing music returns] ♬ [Rick] Nine. [Ethan] I was minus 14. [Hila] Look at his look! [relaxing music again] [Ethan Klein Cough™] [Ethan Klein Cough™] [Ethan] So basically, he has like 100 videos and it’s all the same stupid shit where he like guesses your animal, guesses your favorite fruit, guesses your fuckin’ mom’s favorite sexual position. It gets really weird — at one point he was guessing like, “Ethan I saw you the other day at the bakery, you were pickin’ your nose, dawg.” And things got really weird: he’s like, “Stop masturbating so much, Ethan.” “Ethan, you masturbate way too much dude, it’s embarassing.” [Hila] “But while you’re doing it, please give me a like first.”
[Ethan giggles] [Rick] Push the like button [Ethan] Rick Lax, “deception expert.” I got duped. [Ethan] I got pranked
[Hila] Yeah. [Ethan] I got spoofed, I got goofed! [Hila] and spooked. [Ethan] This, I went through every range of emotion! So I gotta give it up to my boy, Rick Laxative, for having having the dumbes– second dumbest Facebook page of all time. Behind ya boy SoFlo, who will forever hold the title. [SoFlo] I won’t lie, this is definitely me when I’m driving. [relaxing music] [Ethan] So guys, thank you so much for watching, we appreciate ya so much, and we would really appreciate it if you could smash that mothafuckin’ like button. [relaxing music] [relaxing music]
Ethan: I’ll wait. [Ethan Klein Cough] [Ethan] And thank you guys. We love you, we’ll be seeing you on the next time! [lip trill]
Got ’em! [Explosion] [Echorobot – Great Moves! Keep it up!]

100 thoughts on “Why is Facebook Content SO Bad?!

  1. Think of ANY number. Multiply is by zero, then add 5. Now I’m going to guess the number…
    Is it 5?
    guys pls leave a like pls my wife left pls

  2. I remember watching this video 2 years ago and not having had a first kiss now Im re watching it… its still retarded

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong
    He was 8, plus 4, she was 18, 8 + 4 – 18 would be -6 not -4
    On top of the fact that she subtracted her age, can't blame him though instructions were unclear

  4. Its not dumb, not even cringy, its just kinda smart of him to trick a bunch of dumb people into share and like his stuff

  5. Hey everyone! I want you to take your age and subtract it by 5. Ok you got it? Now post that number in the comments and afterwards I will magically guess your age! But, be sure to give this comment a thumbs up before you lock in your number! I'm not gonna lie, this is me when I'm doing some rest and Ricklaxation, rocket to my brain.

  6. I choose 8 and figured he was going to guess that number, because it's one we already memorized due to the first calculation. It can't be the result in the second calculation because it was too low, thus, the number that should spring into your mind is 8.I guess 7 works too, because the number 12 and 5 plus subtraction would get 7. So based on this mind trick, there is a roughly a 50% chance he gets it right. Add people to it that don't get easily fooled by these tricks, and it becomes a roughly 33% chance the person watching it chooses 7. 33% is a good chance to get a lot of shares, since the 33% don't know that they are only 1/3 chance.

  7. The kiss age thing was so dumb.
    First add a number that is random, one i can't guess.
    Then add 4 and then add 3
    Now remember that random number that makes this whole thing random? Remove it
    So now we're just left with the numbers that he himself gave to the viewer, thus he controls the entire calculation.
    The only thing that makes it kinda neat is that he rolled the number, but considering such things can easily be faked, i am not impressed. Actually, i call shenanigans.

  8. He chose 7 because it's the most common lucky number ever. I swear people are unoriginal. He was pretty clever because he knows people love that number. Not saying hes great, but he knows how to rake idiots in.

  9. He didn’t randomly pick a number it’s just that for some reason 3 and 7 are very common to think of for some reason. He eliminated three by saying 5 to 11 and with the shitty math problems eliminated some numbers because you weren’t supposed to think a number that he showed. That was pretty garbage.

  10. Choose ANY day of the week… OK.. Got it? Now take the LAST LETTER of that day… NOW… What is the FIRST COLOUR that pops into your head starting with Y- with YOUR letter…. it could be ANY colour… Ok? Now If I guess your colour correctly, you HAVE TO like this comment.

    Your colour is…. yeee

  11. He got it wrong. I picked 6. Because it was the first number I could think of after 5. And also it was the answer to the previous question.

  12. Shit man, I almost chose seven as my number but then I changed it to eight. Almost had to share that video. Dodged a bullet there

  13. alright for this trick im going to need you to like this to lock it in so here it is. take your age add 1030 and then subtract 1030 that is your age

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