Why I’m not on social media.
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Why I’m not on social media.

– People always but be asking me why aren’t you on social media? The purpose of this video
isn’t to convince you to get rid of Facebook, like
I don’t care what you do. These are just my reasons,
my personal reasons. Are there any other reasons
besides personal ones? I got on Facebook my
freshman year of college and was on it for a few
months before I was like, overwhelmed with it
and I had to delete it. I couldn’t stand seeing
everyone’s life, you know, their highlight reel on social media. I was, like looking too much
into other people’s lives and it was making me feel really bad. So I got rid of Facebook. Then, a couple of years
ago, I got on Twitter and was on that for just a couple months. I kind of feel like sick after you’re on Twitter for a while. You’re just like, this is
the stupidest place ever, I hate this place. I hate the world. Instagram, I’ve never really been on. The most I’ve been on it
was stalking this girl I dated for a couple
of weeks who crushed me when she ghosted me,
but I kept tabs on her, in a creepy way. So anyway, what are my actual reasons for not being on social media? (saddening music) Why aren’t I? Why don’t I just sign up now? What are the reasons? The first big reason that
I’m not on social media is because it’s just such a time waste. It’s a huge time suck for me. Now I’m sure lots of you
probably know how to use social media in a moderated
way that is reasonable. Not me. If I were to get back on social media I would waste hours a day on it. I already experience it with YouTube. I don’t consider YouTube
to be social media, because it’s a totally different dynamic. Facebook it’s like, we’re
friends, we’re keeping in touch on real life, on the internet. YouTube is like, I’m creating videos and putting it out there for an audience. It’s an actor audience relationship. It’s not a friends in
real life relationship, you understand what I mean? Why was this the? But I experienced this on YouTube already where I waste so much time on YouTube. And I mean, I can justify it because my channel’s doing okay. I know that this is
what I would do if I was on Facebook or Twitter
and it’s like you get these little dopamine hits when people, like when I see the views,
when I look at the view counts and I read the comments on my videos, you know, I’ll admit, like,
it’s kind of an ego boost. It’s a dopamine hit. And it’s like addictive, I
keep coming back to look at it and see what else have people said. And it’s the same with
Facebook that, you know, I keep checking on what,
“Do people like my post? What did people comment on my photo?” The big difference is, these videos are a controlled kind of creation. This isn’t like my pure
real life I’m showing you. Whereas if it’s Facebook or whatever, it’s sort of like my
real life and so I feel like it would be much more hurtful and much more addictive,
like the two extremes if I had a Facebook or
Twitter and people were reacting to like, the
real things in my life. Whereas on YouTube I can
sort distance myself from it and be like “Okay, what did people think about my creations?” It’s not really about me,
except when people comment how good looking I am. So yeah, I’d waste a ton of time and I would become addicted to it. I’m not really good at moderating anything so it’s basically either be a total addict or get off of it so that’s
one of the big reasons why. Related to that secondarily,
and as I mentioned before, I just felt like crap
whenever I was on social media comparing myself to other
people’s lives and you know, that’s what it is basically is people, most people, go on social
media especially Facebook and present themselves,
it’s their highlight reel. Their life is great, man. Look at all the places I’ve traveled, look at my new job, look at the fun thing I did last weekend, look at my significant other, look at my dog, look at my children. Not everyone does this and not everyone does it intentionally but it happens a lot. I just, I hate that. I don’t want to be a part of it. I don’t want to, I have
such a low opinion of myself that if I see other people
putting on this front of being well-adjusted
and competent human beings and contributing members of society, it’s gonna make me feel even
worse, if that’s possible. Even if people are genuinely
nice, I don’t wanna see it. I suppose a legitimate
reason for using Facebook is to keep in touch
with family and friends that you’ve moved away from
or something like that. Or you just don’t get to see very often. Okay, yeah. The thing with showing photos though, is before Facebook, before computers, if you wanted to show someone photos you had to sit down with them
and show them the photos. And you’re giving them context with what you’re showing them. So it’s like an active
thing, it’s interactive, you’re talking to the other person, it’s a bonding experience. With Facebook though, it’s
this totally passive thing where you put up your pictures, and people can look at ’em. Yeah you can ask people, “Hey Uncle Joe, look at my pictures
’cause I went to China.” But for the most part,
it’s sort of just like you post it up there and hope
that your 800 Facebook friends will passively find their way
to it and then comment on it and it’s just all these
pictures of very little context. Sure you can write a caption
but there’s no bonding. I just got to see a few
instance of your life and got to see all the cool stuff you did and how happy you are, great. There’s like the really
human element that’s missing and I also think it’s
weird that it’s so passive. And, you know, so many people
have friends on Facebook who are people that aren’t
really even in their life. Why do I need to see what some person I knew in high school is doing now? Why do I need to see the
photos of someone I met at a party and we, you know,
had a good conversation and we friended each other, why do I now need to
look through their album of their cousin’s bar mitzvah? Now you can say “Yeah,
Frank you don’t have to look through it.” Yeah right. But I also just think it’s
weird, why would you want them to look through your stuff, why would you want to
make it available for them to have a window into your life? Maybe that’s just me. I don’t like people having
windows into my lives. Except for the 13,000 of you
subscribed to this channel. That brings me to my next point is, I don’t like being available. I don’t like being connected. I like my life to be very
separate from everyone else and for me to have,
like, control over when I interact with other people. And the thing about social
media is that you’re constantly connected with other people. Even if you’re not actively connected, you know, you friended
someone and now they have this constant window into your life. And they can look back on
your whole life, you know. Your pictures from, you know,
2012 when you were dating that guy you haven’t talked to in years. Now I can go and look at that because you haven’t taken
it down for some reason. Why would you keep it up? I don’t know. And the thing is, so many people, you see people with all
these Facebook friends. It seems like most people that I know when I’ve looked at their
profiles, they have like, between 800 and 1000 friends. Sure, you can have that many
acquaintances or whatever and I understand, like,
maybe you meet someone who can become a good business
contact later and whatever. But this has taken so much of
the work out of being sociable that’s it’s really
cheapening all relationships. If we didn’t have Facebook
and I wanted to possibly get in contact with you in the future, I would have to make the effort to like, write down your phone number
or get your email address or something. Now it’s just like, I’ll friend you and I’ll keep you on
reserve if I ever need to get in contact with you. Meanwhile you can look
at all the pictures of my Cinco del Mayo party. I don’t want to be closely connected with a bunch of acquaintances like that. The way the world is supposed to work is you pass in and out
of other people’s lives. And if you wanna stay
in someone else’s life, you make the effort. But now we have this thing
where you’re never really fully passed out of someone’s life but that’s the thing, is
there’s this natural thing of okay, well, we went
to high school together now we have no reason to
come in contact anymore. That’s gone. A lot of my friends from high school are still friends on Facebook
even though they never talk. Why?
What’s the point? And then that makes it
that much more special when you run into each other in person because you’re not, you know, you haven’t thought of them, they’re not on your friend list. Now I know not all your– Even if you have a thousand friends that doesn’t mean you’re
checking all their profiles but, you know what I’m saying. What really bugs me about not
being on social media though is that so many people
they don’t think about you when you’re not on it. I can’t count how many times there’s been like an event or a party of something where they’re like, “Oh
well, you’re invited but you’re not on Facebook so that’s why you didn’t get the invitation.” It’s like, no, I wasn’t invited. If you didn’t reach out to
me then I wasn’t invited. Sure, maybe you thought about it, but if you didn’t take that
next step of calling me or something, then I wasn’t invited. And, “Oh, you weren’t on Facebook” is kind of a, that’s such a dumb excuse. Yeah I’m not on Facebook but
I still have a phone number, and email address, and I
exist in the real world. You could have told me any of those ways. One of the big things that
came up a couple years ago during the presidential election and I’m so glad I wasn’t
on social media then, is people decide that,
okay, I’m going to spout my political opinions. It’s like, I don’t care. People who in real life never expressed any political opinion will suddenly like stand on a soapbox and
start to wax poetical about their beliefs and how, you know, the injustices of the world
and what we’ve gotta do and how could you vote for this person. It kind of makes you not like your friend who in real life never would
have said these things. But with a keyboard and
the platform of their wall. And it doesn’t matter if
your political opinion agrees or disagrees
with me, I just find it like not tasteful to get on a soapbox and say to your friends you know, this is what I think and you’re wrong if you don’t think what I think. You know, a lot of people
during that election were like, you’re immoral if you don’t believe what I believe. Which is like, dude, come on. You don’t know anything, really? Like I don’t know anything either which is why I’m not posting about it. It’s what you might call virtue signaling. There’s a lot of virtue
signaling on social media. A lot of humble brags too
where it’s like, you know, “Just coming back from
my day of volunteering and my model photo shoot.” Let me know what you
think in the comments. Are you on social media? Do you find some value in it? What do you think about
what are my reasons for not being on it? I mean honestly, I don’t
see the value in it. But I’m not here to tell
you to get off of it. I don’t care. Thank you so much for watching. If you liked it give me a thumbs up. If this video gets 2,500
likes something will happen. If you haven’t subscribed already hit the subscribe button at
least a few times for good luck. Until next time stay cool and attractive. (vibrant music)

100 thoughts on “Why I’m not on social media.

  1. I'm not in social media at all. It's the Devil! I love YouTube, though. I learned how to play the guitar, how to cook, learn about myself and find people like you, without having to actually interact.

  2. Most INTP like myself and my other friends, but we don't really have that much friends don't we?, lol. We like to have at least one, for me it's insta, why?.. well it gave me some thing to fill up free times. Other times it feels like a good solid window to understand other people as u know INTP never understands people.

  3. You have good reasons for your choice. My husband's "friends" on Facebook led to the end of my marriage. I still look at Facebook often, though. I don't share much, but I like doing research on what interests people and it helps me stay a bit more connected with my friends and family who live on the other side of the world. I'm also involved in marketing and I like to see how companies market their products. I'm an INFJ, but I don't seem to struggle with comparing my life to others. Is that odd? Maybe I've finally become comfortable with being "different".

  4. I recently deleted my fb and Twitter accounts, it's been a few days but I'll tell you, I literally feel like my whole mind was poisoned by that crap, I literally feel like my body is detoxing from a drug. I was on it for years and I noticed that I've been suffering a great deal of depression for all these years and finally I had enough and said no more.. One of the best decisions in my life deleting social media out of my life. I'm starting to feel a little better now .

  5. Paused around 6:30 and time Stamped 6:18. That is the main reason why I questioned and deleted my facebook about a year ago. At times, I felt like the past was holding me back and other times FB and the people on it wasn't doing anything beneficial to my life, so I decided to 'break up' with 'them' and start a new life.

  6. Watching people on social media having the perfect life, yet seeing them in real life being miserable!
    I’m in the fitness industry!
    I finally deleted people with their daily selfies!
    These people are pretty empty!

  7. I just want a social platform where i can share the things i find interesting.. with my friends and possibly new friends.
    But i aint sharing my life. NO. Its just a platform to VOICE OUT for me. Nothing less, nothing more.
    But thats exactly what social media is about. Showing off merits and being bitter about your problems. I got called out for not posting much pictures. But like you said.. i dont care about what a lot of them do with their lives. And why should anyone else care about mine? So there's no point of me posting pictures like there's no tomorrow.

    Also i value authenticity. Staring afar while tucking my hair behind my ear is honestly not what im like. In any candid pic you take, i either look awkward or bored.

    I can never post fake pictures. It makes me feel really bad if i see people liking a picture like that. Because im not THAT person.

    I like to inspire people with new quotes on life. But apparently, that's so BORING.

    Also, there's the problem with comparison and social media's view on perfection.
    And i dont want to be depressed.

    Also i hate people who show off on social media. Its not a 'healthy' hatred. One day i might just put a story, calling them out by elaborating how stupid 'some people' on social media are. I'm going to be creating haters with my opinionated mind.. so NO THANKS SOCIAL MEDIA. I'M GOOD.

  8. Me too all of it. I couldn't delete facebook ultimately because I felt like that was too final, if that makes sense, but I have not checked it in six months, I kind of fear it. I dislike all of facebook, I used to love it in the beginning but that was when we all sent each other sheep and flowers 🙂 Ha

  9. I'm basically on all social media, but I have this wanting of just deleting my accounts for the same reasons you mention. Especially facebook, but I feel like I can't because I'm in facebook groups relating to my work and school, where there MIGHT be important information shared that they do not share anywhere else.

    I do see value in instagram and snapchat though, as I use those as main ways of communicating actually (as opposed to text messages and calling). Also I feel like instagram could be sort of like youtube, depending on how you use it, in the sense that you could create content for an audience. A few months back I created a separate account where I do not follow anyone I know in real life, only people I do not know that I find inspiring, that has valuable and positive content.

  10. Why it's a waste of time being on social media:
    (1) Too many MESSAGES from the external world taking up space in my internal world;
    (2) making every day people feel like they are something special or mini-celebrities in their hometown (false self?);
    (3) I keep it as a record/journal/timekeeper of my crap and care less about others crap;
    (4) it plays on my moods and then I can't function the rest of the day; and
    (5) who is REALLY benefiting from this? What is the prime motive for social media? What is its' ulterior motive for existing in this capitalistic upside down society of a place?
    If there was a good reason for it? To watch my nephew grow up and know that my best friend from grade school is still alive.

    Love that you said, "You pass in and out of people's lives and if you want to stay in someone's life you make the effort." That's a good point.
    Can I just say you crack me up: "I still have a phone number, an email address, and I exist in the real world." I love it! It's so my humor… subtle digs of sarcasm going from 0 to 60. That's how I describe our humor anyways. Good point about the political thing… -__-

  11. I feel the same way about FB and Twitter. Hate them. I still have FB for the invites but deleted my Twitter account. I prefer Instagram. I can be creative with my photos and I've found more like-minded friends on IG then my own town!!

  12. FB had to be removed from myself when my psychotic (ex) gf had me pay $100 4 a hotel room for us and 30 minutes later her phone rang and she had an uber outside & said she'd be back in an HR. Or so…………….after being out bar hopping with a few drinks in me and nobody to listen to me rant bc do you seriously think she came back in an HR?
    So it became just LinkedIn and Poof! which is fake beggars now; so ❌'d it..and now it's just Bumble and Cupid which is full of mutes who are all terrified of communicating after liking someone..??wtf??? Plus FB should be called narccisists.com.

  13. I made one just to keep in contact with far fanily but don't explore. The app is a big Negative NO. I hevent been on FB over…..2months. Last time i went is just to put Likes on my Happy Bday comments and such. One time i changed the date of my Birthday to April 1st. then said April Fools. Was funny but later felt a little sad for obvious reason that almost nobody knows anybody's Birthday. INSANE.

  14. I 💯% agree with you Frank. I have deleted my Facebook long ago because of the same reason as you. I opened an account on Twitter some years ago for some 4-5 days then just deleted it and uninstalled it. Never went back since. Thank you from a fellow-INFJ ( me ) .

  15. Thank you so much Frank I feel identical to you with social media I just found out about my personality trait yesterday I knew I was different I’ve known it for a long time but now I know what it is and my mind is blown yeah Facebook social media it has its place in business in the marketplace but as far as friendships go yes it has disrupted the natural sequence that we know as friendship

  16. I totally get everything you're saying. I really love watching your videos. I havent felt like I was really understood in a while. Personally, I still have facebook as I have a couple friends on their that I like to keep tabs on if that makes any sense. I dont let myself post anything and I rarely share or comment on things. I personally hate social media simply because I feel like everyone is creating fake identities for either themselves or other people. Everyone is doing basically the same thing just with different items.(Sorry, that probably made no sense whatsoever) I feel the pressure to like something because a friend liked it or I want to share something that someone else shared but then everyone will think I'm just trying to be like them or something, ya know? I just hate the feeling that people are judging me based off that. I hate that so much.

  17. He do sound like he's high though BUT thats the only reason i watch his videos. Maybe thats my thing. Im not even an INFJ.

  18. Twitter to me has always seemed like everyone yelling on a bullhorn into a big void, all at once. I never saw the point in it.

  19. In natural irl socialization we subconsciously attract those people who resonate with us and have a purpose in out life. On facebook its forced interaction because its full of ppl we are incompatible w at present time

  20. I don’t have any social media accounts except YouTube. People think I’m secret agent or something else🤣

  21. It feels great knowing that there are other people my age that don’t partake in social media. It makes me feel less alone. Creating relationships without social media has proven to be much more genuine. Thanks a million

  22. Gives me anxiety.

    What, I have an assignment of following and liking ppl?

    But yes, I end up not having as many friends but staying true to myself instead.

  23. I agree with you totally. However I still torture myself with Instagram despite trying to post and follow positively and positive people. Most people just post happy photos and I find myself just drawn to the posts that seems down to earth and real. If that's even possible….oh or better yet the people who post about things OTHER than themselves.

  24. Facebook to me is the recipe for a warm beer or a cold coffee! I am on Facebook but I only go on once or twice a week..and I usually regret it.

  25. I have a FB account just to have the FB messenger app for in case my family needs to contact me.

    Aside from that I don't use any social media. I don't like being shown a tailored version of people. These are fake representations of these peoples lives, only showing their "best" parts. I don't like small talk in real life, and social media is the electronic version of small talk.

    YouTube is more like a forum with videos. The video is the topic and the comments are the threads. You get more ideas and discussions than just look at me, look at me.

  26. Facebook is overwhelming. I often take days off at a time to refuel. I’m susceptible to other people’s plights, needlessly. I love the positive quotes & messages while the other things on there are pointless. I’ve Finally found a place on YouTube where people actually RELATE to me. I prefer intimate connections that challenge me to grow rather than empty banter.

  27. I have always felt uncomfortable with facebbook. Mostly because of the surface not deep connection. I know people are sharing parts of their lives but it doesn’t feel authentic. I do like the fact that you can keep in touch with distant connections. But over all I feel weird about it.

  28. I did not use FB because I sent my password to someone on FB, then I forgot my password… hahaaaaaa Can not sign in to ask him " What is my password ? " haahhhaaa And he.also.. forgot who am I …

  29. I completely understand. Why have 5,000 friends who don't know the real you. That's the driver of our socialized norms (illusions) I prefer to defuse and at times, provoke and keep'em befuddled.

  30. I thought I am the only one who left social media because all my friends and family members are so doped by it. I wrongly judged myself as an ISTJ by the shorter version (four questions) test but when I took the full test the result showed very good match with INFJ. So when I saw your videos and many more then I realised what I am. Thank you.

  31. I've been looking for your social media so this explains alot…. I relate 255,000% literally with everything you have said. I'd love to speak with you more. My name is Elise, I'm 33 from Atlanta and my email is [email protected]

  32. You are so right! Facebook and other social media platforms have taken away that human connection/interaction. People comment things they would never say face-to-face. The whole idea is to be your superficial self and to an INFJ, that generic persona is repulsive. We need genuine, intimate human contact not pre-packaged pseudo human interactions in an artificial and mechanical environment. As you said, it’s not a healthy place for an INFJ.

  33. A friend of mine announced her engagement on Facebook and I had no idea…

    She called to tell me the news and said, " I am so excited I get to call and tell you this because you are the only person I know not on fb."

    I fucking love being that person for her!

  34. A ton of people don’t TRUST me at all because I have been on and then deleted every single thing on facebook, including blocking “friends” so many times… and don’t even use my own name.. so Facebook itself has come after me and kicked me out a few times.. ha! I don’t block friends to hate on them… I block them because it stresses me out to get sucked into following the insanity and then knowing they are WATCHING MY page and judging everything I might put up. I LOVE and HATE online stuff! I’m curious as a cat, but HATE people devouring my space and also being disgusting fake and crazy on there. I hate how much time it can swallow and I hate myself when I realize I got lost in it for so long. So I use Facebook for stuff I absolutely have to have it for… like community events I might want to know about.. or …. stuff I have to know about for my kids.. but now that my last kid is getting ready to leave home… I can’t wait to sneak off Facebook forever. Facebook just makes me feel like I’m a loser if I start actually looking at others’ personal pages.. but overall.. it makes me sick. I have Moon squared Uranus, though… so figured I would hate technology. (Ahem.. yes.. I am an astrologer)

  35. Also… one of the WORST things anyone can ever say to me: “Hey! Can I get your phone number! We should chat sometimes!” Holy SHOOT ME!!! I go to the phone store about once every two years and change my phone number and never update anyone on new number… just say’n.. nothing personal.. I just don’t like people randomly calling me to talk. That’s worse than the worst horror movie. My feelings are similar to Facebook.

  36. Hahahaha!!! “You weren’t on Facebook.. so… you weren’t invited…” haha!! Had this one.. so dumb!! Made me laugh so hard when you explained how stupid that is. YEAH.. you didn’t invite me!

  37. I guess I'm old school; but I'm a young open minded 67 year old INFJ/INFP.
    I've tried viewing my Facebook page, 6/7 times over past 10 years. It's shocking, I'm off it within a minute. As if someone else pulled my shower curtain back and my life's personal habits are completely exposed to extended family and their friends.
    I have no problem hanging on a nude beach in southern California. A very natural human experience around strangers and close beach friends. Wouldn't hang naked with my sisters though, too embarrasing.
    Opening my personal life up to family is a personal humanized exercise, one on one over skype or phone.

    Real connection or meaningful communication involves human senses of surround sights, sounds, hearing, taste, touch, smells, perceiving the aroma of presence.

    Texting to family members, implies communication. Texting disgraces human communication.
    Texting waters down human connection where family and stranger so called friends become same.
    Love the ones you're with, and call the ones afar. Use your senses, answer the phone.

  38. I agree 100% with everything here. Social media just feels so invasive though, and now to make sure people see you have your own business.etc they expect you to have social media…I hate having to use it so much. I am an INFJ myself. Facebook use to be good to keep in touch with my distant family too, but it always felt shallow and like I was just exposing my private life even more to other people, not just my family. I found substituting Social media/Facebook with something like Line or Skype to keep in touch with distant family works so much better. To be honest, cutting off the Facebook and Instagram trash just alleviated a lot of my own depression, and made my anxiety levels go down tenfold. I still have Twitter now and again, but only for business really…I still don't like using it though and wish I didn't have to.

  39. I dislike social media just because I don´t give a holy f*** about other people´s lives and I get angry because they keep sharing usless crap nobody cares insted of beautiful and useful memes.

  40. This is why I mistyped. I can be very f'kin open with my life. Not all of it, just the stuff that I reckon isn't worth hiding anymore. It's not been easy, life isn't for anyone I doubt but this nagging feeling that deep down I can be harmful, that I am essentially bad… it drives me to be good. Y'know? No?
    I also can articulate a fair amount of the craziness… before finding out more about archetypes people thought I was nuts for comparing [a] to [z] in whatever form it took. They were like "what the hell are you talking about?".
    I don't know about politics and that so leaving that aside, JBP was an eye opener for me.
    After that didn't totally align with my own morals though (I can't quite explain that part, ironically), I looked at John Vervaeke's work on "awakening from the meaning crisis" which I have to say gave me even more tools to articulate things I didn't even know had a name.
    Anyway, I'm off to watch some more. Thanks for the vids.

  41. We are a meaning driven, if there is nothing deep there to learn, then it's better to turn it off, that's social media for us INFJs.

  42. I can relate on so many levels.. left facebook because overwhelming, couldn’t control my time, viewing perfect lives…
    Then got on twitter few weeks after, then wasn’t really active.. then created instagram, eventhough I only post scenes, seeing peoples lives again and the crap stories.. so I just deleted the app, but got back to twitter lately and I spend HOURS a day.. now leaving it for short periods to disconnect..

  43. I use social media mostly for my vegan/animal rights activism. That's the only reason I have facebook.

  44. I’m not on social media because it has the word “social” in it and I cannot commit to that…
    He speaks the truth – I must follow him on social media… oh wait

  45. As an infj. I think social media is the downfall of humanity. Popularity contest and I don't want to be popular and I really don't like fake people.

  46. You nailed it! This is EXACTLY how I feel and almost exactly what happened to me!! I couldn't take it!! Yep, I can't stand being available to everyone for their ongoing display of shallow nicities.
    And furthermore, I wasn't invited to my only nieces' weddings and baby showers because "You weren't on fb"…Um, hello??? Glad I actually don't exist in real life with a phone number and such after being in yours for about 20!!!

    New INFJ subbie here 😃.
    Finally another soul out there who understands my insanities….

  47. About how people use Facebook and esp the politics posts. Oh yeah! And you thought you knew that person. Fb here comes a great shower of a human. And its good.
    But talking about the majority.
    Not all people think. They think of course, but not trying to investigate the full picture with different variants. So the majority follows the crowd unfortunately. And it leads to other thoughts like why? Cos definitely there is a system and I believe in a Creator of it. So why, why there are so few
    really thinking people created? What do you think?

    Also i still cant define my type and every test is impossible to pass cos there is this question where i can say both variants are true at the same time! Like logic or feelings? I use both in my desicions. I choose logic. But then if i feel bad about it, i wont keep that decision. So i cant choose. And then the next question. And then the next like this. How can i ever pass it?
    Also i cant leave the thought like: are there really only 16 types? You cant just squeeze all people in just 16 types! There are so many variables and influencials.
    Who am i here?
    Intetesting though that the horoscope description fits in so well with me.
    So, any thoughts or advice.
    Or i will answer differently and have multiple results.

    Also, do u think the type may change with age or its more about psycho-biological thing?

    3 questions ive got. Hope for the answers. Esp the first one.
    Frank, thank you for the videos. Hairstyle really make people look different! The last two sentences are not connected though ahah

    [email protected]

  48. I am on social media and had very few friends until like 2 months ago I started getting an insane amount of requests…I take it as ok…maybe it will be useful to have a lot of people idk on fb…lmao! So I'm using it as a tool to learn how to network better because I am terrible, and I mean horribly terrible at keeping in any kind of contact with anyone, and I have a few things I'm trying to start in which networking will be needed. My friends call me MIA lmao! I believe your reasons are completely true and valid…so how I deal is….and it's going to sound selfish and bad but… I will check on who I want to check on, when I want to check, I do not scroll the home page, I post once in a while about something I feel like sharing or feel is something people should know or video they should see (which is usually too deep for them and gets like 1 or 2 likes lmao) or something I think is funny. I go to my own page more than anything…check or look at my stuff and hop back off. The main reason I personally won't delete mine is I have my daughters memorialized page connected to mine and am afraid I will loose her stuff.
    I'm really an a-hole on there most of the time…but because I think I'm hilarious…and I think more people need more humor in an a-hole way in their lives I guess lol!

  49. INFJ here… The fact someone asked if you have aspergers is hard for me to hear. Even though you clearly don't have it I can tell that would have hit you hard and maybe even make you question whether or not you did.

  50. We always have the same thoughts FJ. Now that's creepy. Except I'm not so popular as you. In a way, watching your videos and the seeing all the people who like you here on YouTube is the same thing as on Facebook. Did you say 13 thousand subscribers? Try nearly 100 thousand at this time. I have a Facebook account and jump in every once in a while, then I'm reminded why I hate everyone and log back off for months.

    You're so popular you don't need MY support. Keep the scruffy look, people like it and it humanizes you. As far as your content…it nearly always is exactly right. We notice the same things, and have the same humor, except you have a talent for communicating and I'm not so chatty, and people think you're more attractive. Everyone loves you, enjoy the attention (you know you secretly do LOL). Yeah, I'm jealous.

  51. When unsure of how to proceed in a given situation, I look at what the masses do, then do the opposite. Everyone and their dog is on social media, so I quit! 5 months ago, no regrets. The fact I read so many articles that social media has a negative effect on mental health also factored into that decision.

  52. Never had facebook ever.
    No snapchat, no instagram, no twitter nothing except youtube, to watch videos like these and educate myself.

  53. I'm not on social media cause i don't want to know what's everyone busy about cause it just put pressure on me to do what they do and that sucks cause it is not me. So just say no and all 😂

  54. I came off Facebook years ago and came off Twitter too. Way to many superficial people, who only give a damn about themselves. I find it overwhelming, depressing. Then start wondering where has all the real people gone. Usually I find 99% of people are fake. It's a known fact as no one has proved me wrong. I'm happier not being on social media. Xx

  55. This made me realize I've been unsatisfied trying to use social media to function like a messenger or chat room (like back in 'ye day #MSNmessenger). I've noticed even in a chat setting, ppl don't know how to converse anymore. It's a one-up contest where the dopamine needs to be instant or no one cares. Not the end of the world but kinda annoying for someone like me interested in relationship dynamics and the soul and all that crap. I usually avoid commenting but I appreciate the vid.

  56. Total agreement. Why would I want anyone to know me? Especially without my permission. It’s like my worst nightmare. I can only deal with people in small numbers and in small portions of time. The idea of being out there in a vast ocean of exposure to other people? Worst nightmare ever.

  57. I'm late to this video but who cares lol. Never had any social media accounts I have been tempted on occasion but no thanks I'm to private I like going unnoticed as much as I can, its even hard for me to comment on your video but your an exception lol!!!

  58. I'm not on social media either. I was very active on Twitter and everything but I've had to stop using it. Twitter made me feel awful too. I made friends there and it only caused heartache.

  59. I kind of like facebook, I don't don't post stuff myself much but I do like to study what people I used to know are doing from time to time without having to actually ask them. Most of the time I forget it's there.

  60. I never did social media. I am a recovering addict. I know when i am being turned out by tech. That shit is insane. There.

  61. It sounds like you're one step ahead. I can't stop watching funny videos :(. This is the first time I can't totally relate with you. I take it as something unrelevant, and I also like to see what others are doing, I like to see what they eat, where they went, their opinions (although sometimes I'll get overwhelmed). But I have to say I'd like to see your pictures on Facebook or IG, or whatever you'd prefer.

  62. I’m fairly new to watching your videos, but I wholeheartedly agree. I have to say my fragile ego has been crushed by things I’ve viewed on social media. On the surface social media appears like a tool for people who have trouble approaching others in person to more easily interact and establish a relationship with someone. I know there is more to it than that, but it just becomes a way for us to do more of the comparison game and feel worse about ourselves.

    These days I really only use Instagram to post some of my design work. There are barely any photos of me on there personally, but again I get people that want to connect and I see their feed and it’s can end up hurting me eventually.

    It’s comforting to me to watch your videos and listening to you talk about subjects I deal with often.

  63. I use Facebook on a regular basis. I've got it narrowed down mostly to using it to see cats, dogs, birds, rats, etc. Social media can be wholesome if you tailor it correctly, but you'll never be able to get away from all the downsides that come with it. Those downsides still make me want to get rid of it all some days.

  64. agreed–social media can be too much for those of us who are too much in our heads when we're alone and want genuine connection when we're with people.

    Never had a Facebook as I want to avoid the DrAmA, twitter is just angry people yelling at other angry people, Snapchat is weird unless you need more storage space on your phone and you use it to hold your photos on vacation on their servers until you can download them and same thing with Instagram.

    But I do have Instagram for occasional stalking purposes–well, snooping is a more accurate word. It's good for snooping on other people you really don't feel like chatting with but are still curious as to what they're up to. Though I often wonder if that's just me and I'm a weirdo…or if other introverted types also only use social media for snooping purposes…

  65. I've theorized that people can use social media as a way to build their best self. Getting likes, and herd approval is probably a good motivator for people to be better in their lives.

  66. Just downloaded all of my photos! I’m leaving because of everything this young man said. Proud INTP here. Killed my twitter and Facebook is next. Honestly always felt alone and social media makes it worse. I hardly crave human connected as an INTP but when I do I need authenticity. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  67. I enjoy being inspired by artists and creative talents on IG. Lots of spammy people follow and I’m too lazy to delete them, but It’s nice meeting the world without having to leave home. I have made some great friendships. Make an account that your close ring won’t find, so you can be free to be you and explore to see if you like it 🧐

  68. There is a great line /scene in Witness for Prosecution. The old lady asks the judge to help her get a hearing aid. The judges answer . ."My dear Madame ..without the amount of gibberish being spoken today , I dare say you are hardly missing a thing." ..that pretty much sums up social media.

  69. @ 4:29 – 4:44 At least your honest about your own reflection of self and motivations, which makes YOU BETTER THAN ALL OF THEM pretentious attention seekers !!

    I quit social media for the same reasons as you.

    I've only just uploaded a picture after 6yrs of stagnation on Instagram because I want to use it to campaign against climate change. I even uninstalled whatsapp 2 weeks ago because i didnt want to be always available to be contacted. theres no option to just stop receiving messages.

  70. I've cancel my fb 2 years ago, one of the best things I've done în my life. Now I have lots of time for myself

  71. I'm on Facebook only, andI have a Facebook account for two reasons.
    1. So that I can get invited to things and have the opportunity to contact someone not THAT close if I ever want to.
    2. To be able to use the messenger app since most people I know use group chats on there. So I sort of need it to be included.

    I basically never go onto Facebook and scroll through my feed though, I'm just not interested in what people I barely know did or just bought or ate or whatever. My actual friends post things they want me and the others to see and comment on in our group chats.

  72. Hey, Frank.
    You're amazing thank you so much I really needed to hear something like this..
    I mean I have instagram account because I used to draw and I loved what I was doing but in the last few months I started to hate it not sure why maybe I thought if I followed so many artists I'll get inspired but I think I start comparing myself with them.
    Thanks again.

  73. This was a really enlightening video! Thanks for sharing. I never thought about the idea of humbleness bragging before, but it is true. I didn't have social media for the longest time but eventually the peer pressure and fear of missing out on potential opportunities got to me and I installed Instagram. Now our world is so heavily dependent on social media and the impossible standards it puts up that people are forgetting or ignoring what it means to have personal, lasting and deep connections with others. It creates a chain reaction of seeing other's "perfect" lives and comparing our lives to it then trying to measure up by posting a facade of our lives too. And the cycle goes on. To be honest, I am afraid for the future generation who is going to grow up in a world like this with no idea of what it is like to just live your own life without having the person you went to summer camp 10 years ago know everything about you. Sorry. I went on a rant there. I have so much more to say too. BUT GREAT VIDEO!!

  74. You are so fricken real 💗 And open! I’m fasting social media right now, I’m shooting for 40 days…… I feel like I’m actually socializing instead of virtually socializing. Which is a great change for me! I might stay off “foe evah” ✂️🚮📵 thanks for the inspiration.

  75. Agree, I use it for work since my daily colleagues live all across the country. It has been invaluable for work. I recently made a decision to block all negative & soap box ninjas content from my feed. Nothing they post is going to change a thing. So it is wasted negative engery that I don't need suck from me. When I choose to post photos, I do it intentionally as a live journal and scrapbook just for my children when Im gone.

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