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from July of 2015 to July of 2016 I quit using social media mainly Facebook Instagram and Twitter but I was still doing things like watching the occasional YouTube video and using email this is a topic that often gets people quite worked up you have people that demonize social media and applaud anyone who quits then you have other people who say that social media is amazing and quitting is stupid or that you should just use it let this video isn’t about trying to convince you that social media is the devil or that everyone should quit this video is just a reflection on my own life about why I quit what I learned and how I use social media now so I’ll start with ye quick the main reason I quit was that I was compulsively checking social media I was wasting lots of time on it when I got up in the morning the first thing I’ll do is roll over and check out my social media accounts any time I was bored or in an awkward situation I’ll pull out my phone and start scrolling through social media began to feel like a crutch instead of doing activities that I deeply enjoyed and created value for me I took the easier blessed fruitful action of scrolling through social media I felt like it wasn’t accomplishing very much in my life I know what some of you are thinking why don’t you just control yourself whenever someone quits social media there’s always this outcry from people who just say why don’t you just control how you use it I can see where you’re coming from but I think we also have to understand that social media was designed to be addictive the creators of Facebook Instagram and Twitter want you to stay on their apps as long as possible they pour millions of dollars into researching what humans find addictive and how they can better craft their apps to get you to stay on them and use them as long as possible I recently read a book by Nicholas Carr titled the shallows the book is essentially about how the Internet is affecting our ability to focus think and learn deeply it takes a very scientific approach and is well researched in that book Carr explains how our brains are quite plastic previously it was thought that brains are not very plastic and that once we hit a certain age our brains are fully developed and we were who we were we couldn’t change our brains I think this is best summarized by the quote you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but studies in neuroplasticity show that this isn’t true the brain is more malleable than we thought our circuits can be rewired and we can be changed every time we receive a like or a follow our phone notifies us and we got little hits of dopamine every time we unlock our phone and open up Instagram we’re stimulating many of our senses we hear and see the notifications we can feel the phone in our hands every time we touch a tab we rewarded with new information about what our peers are doing every time you refresh the page there’s newer information which rewards our brain with even more dopamine our brain loves to learn and learns to love the attention we receive when we use social media because of that we want to keep using it as we continue to repeat the cycle we strengthen this connection and this addiction in our brains on top of that car makes a really critical point in his book not just social media the Internet as a whole rewards us for shallow thinking here is a quote from his book when we go online we enter an environment that promotes cursory reading hurried and distracted thinking and superficial learning blog posts are littered with URLs to other blog posts YouTube is constantly showing you a hundred other videos you could be watching in the sidebar in annotations and at the end of the video you can read the comments while you’re watching the video in case you didn’t feel stimulated enough a simple scroll in Instagram will show you a new photo that you haven’t seen before the internet encourages us to rush from place to place and from link to link in the end all I’m saying is that while there are ways to control our social media usage we should also remember that it was designed to be addictive and as Nicholas Carr put it it was designed to reward shallow and hurried thinking now I’ll go over what I learned the first thing is that I could learn more deeply and create more during this time I began to read a lot of books produce music and write articles I wanted to learn more deeply and to create more and quiting social media provided me with a distraction-free environment to do these things I became more productive because I didn’t have notifications popping up and distracting me all the time as I created more in my own room I began to find out more about myself I felt less influenced by why everyone else might think of me the second thing I learned is that I won’t miss out everyone has this fear of missing out when they leave social media they think they’ll be out of the loop the truth is the only thing you’ll be out of the loop on is memes gossip and pop culture news things that are completely useless for your life some of you may be thinking but what about those times when a disaster happened halfway across the world and because of social media we were all able to find out about it that’s the amazing thing about social media we can get information like that out to the world in a matter of seconds however are people actually taking action wants to hear about these disasters or they just hearing about them and talking about them also what if we created an app where everyone could link their credit cards to and anytime a disaster happened people could read about it and then decide whether they wanted to donate money to help is social media really necessary for communicating these disasters because unfortunately for every good post that we see on social media there are a hundred dumb or meaningless ones anyways this is all just food for thought thirdly I learned that social media gives rise to lots of fake relationships I felt that I shed lots of superficial relationships when I quit it’s weird because there’s social media we feel like we are still connected to people that we used to know we like each other’s photos or see each other’s photos and think that we still know each other the truth is so many years have passed in that time we’re different people we don’t see all the experiences that happen behind the scenes we don’t actually really know each other anymore lastly I found that I was also happier I was no longer surrounded by these perfectly curated Instagram photos I wasn’t seeing the highlights of everyone’s life and comparing it to my behind the scenes I was just concerned with what was going on in the moment and with my own life as you can guess I’m back on social media now by how I manage my social media is different my goal now is to use social media deliberately and on my own terms I try not to be sucked into the highlight reels and all the negative aspects I do this by turning off all notifications so I’m not constantly being distracted I check social media when I feel like it and I only browse and post deliberately I deleted social media of all mobile devices so I can’t check it while I’m out with people I pretty much only use Instagram in YouTube on Instagram I don’t follow anyone who posts things that might make me feel a type of way I just try to follow people who add value to my life or offer me some happiness when I tune into the app on YouTube I try to only log in twice a day to respond to comments I try not to look at the views the likes and the dislikes so I don’t get attached to those metrics I create content that I want and I believe will help people I post it and the rest is out of my hands so I move on and I live my this video was just meant to offer you one perspective on what quitting social media is like and hopefully to cause you to reflect on your own use of social media what are your thoughts on social media would you ever quit lastly don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time you


  1. You really changed my life.. i watched your video on July-17, and that day and today- for 6 months i have stopped using social media after using it for 6 years. it was almost impossible because of a lot of concerns of mine that every one is on Facebook , i will miss a lot, i will lose touch with my old "fake" friends, i was rather depressed with others way of living life and was bound to record it by checking in to some place and taking photos to show it to my friend every time when i was out to some place. now after 6 months and continue, i am feeling like a free man and much much proud , i want to help others and make them feel and understand how this deceptive world and smart/cruel people behind it making us fool and ruining our life and we have no idea of it.

  2. Sorry but i have to say this…
    How ironic of you to say to us to not check likes comments etc and ask for it at the end of the video

  3. Great video! Thanks for posting this. I am in the process of quitting and focusing on my YouTube channel, that’s it. I will say that after 10+ years of using it, it has been really hard. One account at a time though. I don’t know anyone my age who doesn’t have a social media account and that is kind of alarming if I must say. I wonder what the world will be like years from now.

  4. The reason social media is actually really important nowadays is because it’s the source of most of the businesses these days. With one Instagram click you can start a whole company.

    Definetely, there are a lot of downsides to it as mentioned in this video but I think completely deleting social media is only for people who don’t need it for their future.

    Me for example, I want to become a YouTuber/musician and I need to build a social media fan base for promoting my content etc.

  5. Great information here. I have been thinking of doing this myself for a while and am currently making an animation on social media addiction. Thanks for inspiring me.

  6. I don’t quit social media because sis
    I need to communicate with my friends and many social media helps me with it
    But you do you

  7. Recently, I have gotten lots of these kinds of videos. Maybe it's a sign from the universe to take action..?

  8. After watching this video last year July, I took up the challenge for myself. Exactly one year later and here I am successfully surviving without haha thank you for sharing

  9. Deleted one of my socials i wasted Sooo much time on and i feel so free but im terrified of missing world news(the ice cream scandals, PSAs(tornado/earthquake tweets) and dumb but interesting trends ugh lol

  10. Quit Facebook and ALL other social media apps. Just whatsapp works for me. People we are social beings not to be put before screens ALL day long. Thank God I quit I'm free now yay!!! I do gym,read books,MEET PEOPLE and study a lot. So productive. Social media kills!!!

  11. I deleted eveything snapchat, tumblr. wattpad, twitter. facebook and instagram.
    Only have whatsapp to chat with my mother, youtube. spotify and pdf's to read.

  12. Very helpful information… I am thinking to delete social media cuz it makes me feel really dipressed n social media isn’t a real world … delete social media n live your life peacefully n happily☺️

  13. It was easy to get rid of Facebook and instagram but I just can’t stay away from twitter bcuz as an Army Twitter is where I keep up with bts so yeah that’s been the hardest point but I’m trying to delete the app whenever they’re on hiatus or not active.. stan life is hard

  14. I quit social media because, I started getting problems with douchbags and people who would literally harass others. The day I shut everything down, was the day when I understood how many real friends I really had. Thous who wanted to talk to me found still a way to contact me no matter what. Other just kept waiting for me to return into the platforms. I can say talking to people with the phone or meeting them in real life is way more fun, then spending endless hour on social media platforms.

  15. I ve not been using Facebook since 2013 and trust me that was the best decision of my life. At first I did have some urges to see post, put pictures and etc but later on when I found myself happy without it, I stopped caring about it. Now I genuinely don’t want to use for rest of my life. And about rest of the platforms, I just use Twitter where I follow the people who are in my field and inspire me. The only problem not having fb is you often miss to wish your friend on birthday. But now my friends know it. But when I do wish them, either I directly meet them and wish or I call them. I don’t wanna post a paragraph of how and where we met, what he means to me and all those nonsense. Who cares those?? We all need a genuine friend who really cares.
    Another interesting this of not having a social media is, you don’t have to take 100 selfies and 200 pictures of places you visit. You just enjoy the moment while your friends are fighting for perfect shot. How cool is that!!
    Trust me, you ll be a completely different person once you start quitting social media. You will have more time everyday to pursue your dreams, more time with family, more presence and most important, you ll learn true friendship.

  16. I use social media positively. I dont follow anyone that makes me feel uncomfortable, anyone that selfies too much, gossip and celebrity pages. I follow inspiring accounts that add value to my life, that gives me creative ideas to enchace my daily activities. I check it when im free. Mostly i post something beneficial without the need to be in the app for long or spend time browsing. I turn off all notifications so that i am not bothered every few minutes. I keep my social media acct as one of my memory bank to reminisce on events. I keep it to connect to friends and family i dont get to meet often, to share their happiness. Social media can be positive, it is totally up to u.

  17. social media sucks. I don't use any of it, except youtube and google, ( idk if you count that as social media )

  18. I have quit my instagram and whatsapp today, but idk how to be on my decision, idk how to motivate myself for being om what i have decided, i was very addicted to social media since past some months and i really need a break, suggest me some good books please and tell me how to carry-on

  19. i’ve already quit snapchat which already helped me feel better about myself. but i think i’m ready to quit instagram because it brought so many toxic people, things, and ideas to me. i would rather spend time with my one close friend rather than worrying about all these toxic friends.

  20. I love this! I quit about 1 week ago. I quit all social ones before last year for similar reasons. Somehow tho I thought I was strong enough to overcome the issues I was facing with socials (which you basically listed all of them) sadly I was wrong as the last 6 months of my life has been chaos and my socials seem to be the common denominator. This time around I want to focus more on myself, my interest, read more, meet people old fashion and organically 😍. The only way I could see my self downloading again is for promotional purposes.

    I can’t lie it gets hard sometimes because it is addicting so it’s 6 am and I’ve been laying in bed since 2am trying to fall asleep and. I thing is work…almost broke and downloaded socials again. As much as I like read it’s definitely going to be forced habit for me.

  21. i decided to quit social media today not just that i locked my phone too and put it away i will use my laptop for youtube and useful things and now i saw this video it motivated me more i hope i will continue doing this until 2020

  22. well, I just started a life without instagram and facebook for 2 days… now I'm in the phase where I kinda feeling lonely and empty lol. I just realised how big my addiction was towards social media now after these 2 days of trial quitting social media. This uncomfortable feeling after the absence of y favourite social media sorta led me to come up with more productive things to do to kill my free time. Why didn't I start since the very beginning of my holiday tho? I may have already read 100 books probably lol

  23. Enough is enough. i am finally gonna quit social media for 1.5 years.Lets see how it can change my life because right now i am doing nothing productive in my life other than scrolling social media all the time. God give me strength.

  24. What if you have nothing else to do? If I stopped using social media I would have like 6 hours a day spare, to do what stare at walls?

  25. I'm gonna quit. Social media didn't really make me feel bad but it made me conscious and unpassionate about my art. I drew stuff for other people, to be noticed and wanted my art to be liked, to be better than other pieces of art. I totally stopped liking my own art and didn't have fun anymore. I only compared myself to others. Finally, I stopped drawing. I realised this wasn't good for me so I stopped posting on instagram. I felt so much more creative and the pressure disappeared. I started ousting again a year later and I feel myself getting less creative and passionate again. I'm going to stop now.

  26. I'm going off social media. It annoys me, especially Instagram. It's because a lot of people boost there life up to look great, it's all for show! It's sad and is not a true representation of someone's life. That's what damages people because your comparing your own life to other people's all the time! Even when the life your comparing to is just fake and all for show!

  27. Why did you decide to go back to social media even if it was with certain self-imposed restraints, when you mentioned that you were happier without it? 😮 I'm legit curious (and aware that due to those rules, you will most likely not reply hahah)

  28. I very appreciate this video .Since i quite snapchat my friends has blame me about why i didnt. Know their updates & behaved with me like I am outsider but i am happy with this situation due i learned how to use apps according to my conditions

  29. I just deleted Facebook, I only have Instagram now. I want to quit that too but am hesitating because I'm addicted and fear loosing connection with people even though I am aware that most of those connections aren't real!!!! Your video made me realise that if I let go of those fake online connections I can make room for more valuable one's. Time to take a deep breath I think and cut Instagram loose………

  30. I use social media to learn more. Particularly in facebook, there are so many groups where you can discuss with people who have the same thoughts about things like you. There you could also exchange knowledge. And about memes, most of the memes are funny but some of it also bears a very deep meaning. A good meme can create a discussion and with discussions there is the exchange of information. I guess that's pretty cool so yeah i'm still using social media due to these benefits.

  31. The problem here is that people nowadays are making a big deal out of everything. Social media is a big deal, especially for teenagers. People use likes and hearts on their phone as a source of validation. It's unhealthy. I'm beginnging to realize just how social media has greatly damaged my self esteem. It doesn't help teenagers because they feel envious of what they see on their screen. They see a model with unrealistic body proportions and compare themselves to that model. They also see these pictures of their friends, co workers, and relatives on a vacation. It makes people feel like they're not living their life to the fullest.

    Right now, I deactivated my two Facebook accounts because I'm taking a break from it.

  32. I used to be addicted to social media as a younger teen, getting lots of likes made me feel good and I felt like I had lots of friends and felt like I was good enough. After deleting the apps off my phone for a few days I realised the only people I genuinely connected with and was truly “friends” with, was my mum, boyfriend and my cousin. I realised that if someone doesn’t have a positive impact on my REAL life, there’s no need for them to be a part of my digital life. And seeing as I see and talk to the close people in my life almost everyday, there was no need to have any social media accounts at all. Since deleting all my social media accounts, my anxiety has improved so much, I don’t care what people think about me and I’m more focused on myself and what I’m doing. It was the best decision I ever made to delete social media and not have to worry about other people’s lives or people sending me hate anymore. I use YouTube to watch videos on topics I find interesting, but that’s it. I love everything about this video. Thank you so much🌟🙌🏼

  33. Can someone explain to me where F.I.T was going with the old brain theory? I can't really see what value it had to the overall discussion hence it's more of a younger generation thing? Apart from that, I think the internet and social media platforms are going to be better monitized in the later generations by the government because it is revealing more and more problems for the new adolescents who need to perform and are way to distracted for it. At least i hope so, the internet and technology is very important as we progress as a species but if you abuse a great tool, it will not be that great.

  34. Last year I quit social media for 6 months and less stress. I got found more time for "REAL" relationship. To be honest, I thought of shutting down for my own peace of mind.

    Thanks for the video!😊😉😍

  35. I visit my fb account only to see notifications if there are important things there then I close it. I have already noticed a couple of years ago that scrolling down on facebook made me feel even more depressed. I am more of a youtube person. Now I am determined to use the internet for more productive things like taking online teaching jobs instead of staring at my phone all day doing nothing.

  36. I'm not really into social media in general but Twitter has been an exception that literally ruined my life. Ever since I started to use it my grades dropped, I never was an extrovert but my introvert self worsened a LOT, I started to feel depressed/empty all the time, started to be upset a lot more, I completely dropped reading, I became even more unsure of myself and I met the best best friend I could ever had on this app but she doesn't care about me anymore which worsened my addiction a loooot by trying to find someone or something to fill that emptiness she left. Now I'm fed up, I can't take this anymore so I just uninstalled Twitter yesterday without telling any of the "friends" I made there since I'm not even sure that they'll notice that I'm gone. I never want to comeback, I tried so many times to quit but I always failed so I really hope this is the good one

  37. It's okay to take a break every now and then from social media. It's addicting if you can't discipline yourself. I also tend to compare myself in there so I avoid it. I only use it now to advertise my artworks and sell something in the marketplace. As for updates for my life, I barely post anything as I'd like to keep them private. I only deactivated but didn't quit. I only use Messenger and IG to keep my loved ones updated.

  38. I quit social media one month ago, it's a little bit hart but now I feel more happy and productive.
    I just check YouTube 1 hour daily because I don't watch TV so YouTube is the way I get relax and I'm get entertainment.

  39. Social media just reminds us things that we don’t have and places we have not gone to.
    If I’m not careful, I’ll covet, be jealous and strive to achieve what others have achieved. Am I still living my life if it’s this way? I can remember how Instagram shapes me to think that skydiving, Patek Phillipes and Lambogini are the ultimate happiness one must have in his life. How shallow it makes me!

    And as the author of this video mentioned it right:- Social media is designed to be addictive. The temptation ponders at the door, why open it?
    I quit Facebook years ago. And instagram few months ago. Only open them for work usage and occasionally to see my dearest people’s posts. And these dearest people still love me☺️😊❤️ Now, I’ll learn from this author to take action to do, create and produce something meaningful. Let my real life be inspirational for others and the next generation.

  40. Thank u….. Fake relationships is one stark truth… I quit social media too and I felt liberated……… All I now use is YouTube and whatsapp

  41. using instagram makes me feel so hollow and sad, yet i keep using it but when i use it i feel so brainless. i deleted instagram for a day and a half and i felt so good, i felt like i was actually living n nothig was holding me back

  42. I have been using social media on and off since 2005 the first time I signed up for was MySpace. Then in 2007 Facebook. From then on I have been so driven to try all the new social media apps. But for some reason in 2014-2015 I felt something. Something in the back of my mind that told me something was wrong. I basically had a voice in the back of my head that told me to stop. So slowly since that time to now I have only used YouTube. I use Facebook Messenger and only that and a third party email app on my phone that pulls all my accounts from personal, work email and school email all in one place. But now in 2019 I feel that the only thing I use anymore on a regular basis is YouTube. I have reserved my email to spam blocking and I had went from having 2 Facebook accounts, a twitter account and a snapchat and kik account down to just Facebook. 1 Facebook account. And 1 Instagram account. Which I might be deleting that by the year's end. I have come to the optimistic realization that those things that you needed in school was just that. For school. To 'Fit in' and its sad but true. I have 4 email accounts but I have my reasons. And the thing is that if the internet ever went down I could survive. Because I lived in a time where dial-up was a thing and I had to go outside and I didn't have video games growing up my parents were those parents that chose to let me go outside and play instead of sitting in front of the TV and playing video games. I still sucked at school tho. I would probably go to the library more often and read and watch movies from there than watching netflix or hulu or youtube even. I think society would be the ones with the problem. The older age group would be just fine. They would just have to re adapt to that lifestyle again.

  43. You are amazing. Thank you for this. And I would definitely quit. Even though there's good on social media but I am a kind of person who gets easily distracted.

  44. I quit Instagram and Twitter about 3 years ago until now 😂 i still don't feel like starting one again. Living my best life without them! Hehe

  45. I just stopped using social media last week and i found this video on my recommendations.. I think im doing a good decision here. Thank you.

  46. I got ma family..got my dreams full fill…my passion for singing..places to visit..less fortunate people to help..so much on my plate..why I would I bother looking at other people's life..? It's only gna distract me from my purpose n make me compare..wch is a pretty shitty thing to do…

  47. Don’t even need to watch the video. Not having social media is a good way to figure out who you are and what you truly believe in. People use social media because humans want to see other humans lives and want to be “graded” on their lives, which is why people post pictures of themselves. Even if you’ve never acknowledged this, it’s a natural emotion. I had social media and shit when I was 15 maybe but I deleted all of my accounts shortly after because I could care less how well/poor people are doing with their lives. I also noticed too that nearly everyone with social media accounts on multiple platforms, they tend to ride bandwagons and follow the leader which is not good. Simply delete your accounts and your quality of life will improve.

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