Why I DON’T Share My Personal Life On Social Media (TRUE STORY)
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Why I DON’T Share My Personal Life On Social Media (TRUE STORY)

neela I’ve gotten to know you a lot over the past six months or so shared a lot your personal life but I’ve noticed you share none of it on social media what’s going on there I’m not a fan of sharing my personal life on social media because people use it again to you when you talk about family I don’t know I’m just private and I don’t care for people to know about my family that’s between me and my family like nothing’s wrong we’re all happy everything’s hunky-dory but I just don’t want to let him in on you know my niece and nephews life or my personal life or am i dating someone or am I not it’s like my life is my life and I rather just people stay out of it I’m not famous or anything like that I just like my life being to myself another reason why I don’t share everything and you know I don’t know if I’ve told you this but as your business grows and I’m not saying I’m more successful than other people you tend to get sued quite often and I’ve been sued for the most silliest things like referring someone to a friend who does a good job or just not even a friend referring someone to another company to do work I don’t get a kickback or anything and they’re not happy with that person for whatever reasons and I tell them on the phone make sure you vet them check references get case studies whatever don’t rely on my word make sure you’re happy with them before you write them a check then they come back they’re not happy and they sue me or they leave nasty comments on Facebook and they expect me to pay cuz I have money like well you referred me and I’m like you didn’t sign a contract with me you signed it with someone else and I recently had this with someone and I wrote him a ten thousand or five or ten whatever doesn’t all her PayPal payment just to get him out of my hair I think it’s ten thousand bucks and they’re like thank you you know you refer to them like well I don’t work with them so and there’s like well you should they’re like I’m a small and medium business and the more you show personally it just causes more problems because everyone’s like you have money you have this so you should take care of me or when I refer people to others I even got sued and got letters from lawyers being like you owe us all of this money back I’m like you signed 150,000 dollar contract with someone else didn’t work out so you expect me to pay you and $50,000 and I still have cost cuz I had to deal with this legally for all of you out there who are sharing stuff on the social web there’s nothing wrong with it I wish I could do it in a nice friendly way and not get too many people coming back at me and using it against me in most cases 99.99% of you guys are awesome when I share a family photo or anything you guys are commenting you know I’ve loved pictures of my family in Indian outfits for me in an Indian outfit and I love the comments that I get from all of you guys and it brings joy to my life but when you get too personal you share things like where do you live I don’t have a car but people assume sometimes the worst case and when you get really personal with social media a lot of your personal life just comes in and I’m afraid that people use it against me because I’ve already had a lot of lawsuits and issues like that and that’s really why I don’t get too personal in the social web in addition to that I know many of you guys have like the latest iPhone or whatever I still have like a old device right it’s not fancy I don’t pay a lot of money for phones I’m not one who wants to be holding up a camera and being like hey guys check out my latest Instagram story again for many of you guys who love that nothing wrong with it yes you can generate leads and sales with it right in doing so you’re gonna store you can have people swipe up to go to your website and drive conversions but I don’t think all of life should be about sharing and capturing the moments I’m a big believer in just living in the moment and I’ll keep a mental note of it all enjoy that moment for what it is in life and that’s it and I’m happy to be living in the moment versus being like oh my god perfect lighting let’s take a picture that’s just not me I rather experience things with friends family and have it to myself and not worry about capturing it or taking a picture cuz for me if I’m in the moment I’ll remember it and that’s good enough

81 thoughts on “Why I DON’T Share My Personal Life On Social Media (TRUE STORY)

  1. yep you're absolutly right' if it wasn't for work i would never get these social media profiles ! in fact i just opened a FB account for work when i never had one lol…thanks a lot

  2. good for you neil. I really look to you for great advice about online business. you are a wise young man.

  3. Sometimes I feel guilty about not sharing too much personal life. So great to find a likeminded person to agree with. Great video Neil. Makes psychological sense too! Humans can be weird people sometimes and it's always smart to be mindful of that.

  4. Right Neil! Personal life is not anyone else's business…you bring a lot of value in every appearance and that's all what matters. 🙂

  5. Totally agree. I share very little of my own personal life on the internet. There is enough on the internet about me, without my help – adding to it anyway 😊

  6. I have so much respect for Neil Patel. When I first came across him, years ago, I thought he was a hack. He is sooooooo not a hack. I can feel his energy and it's amazing how he manages to stay so positive. This video is a perfect example of that. I often ask myself, "Is it possible for me to do what Neil Patel has done?" That's a question I still don't have a definite answer to, but the more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that his attitude, his positivity, his passion, and his outlook are really what drive his success at a fundamental level. Thank you so much, Neil Patel. You have made my life better.

  7. Neil I have been sued too. Call me next time, I'll beat them up for you! Don't worry, Soggi is here. BE THE BEST

  8. Hey Neil,
    On Your Podcasts, You didn't told your audience that how much money you are spending on One Blog Post.Please Tell Me I Want to Know

  9. We appreciate all the help you've offered along with your excellent course, Neil. So sorry to hear about your absurd lawsuits.

  10. My aim in life is to get where i dont even remeber properly how much i got sued for you are just amazing thank you so much i am entirely grateful

  11. Neil patel you don't need to share your personal life to social media.. at the end of the day its your life 🙂

  12. My stomach tells me you are a good man. You gave us a lot of value, and to our small business (far away). thank you !

  13. Hi Neil, as a top online marketer. Could you recommend me this,
    -should I create blog in english or my native language.

  14. I think that you are Gujarati? Why and when did you leave India and have you been born in India?
    How did you get the idea of doing blogging?

  15. Hi, Neil.

    I'm very interested in the idea of SEO and content marketing. But how do I start a blog if the only skill that I possess is the ability to speak English (which is not even valuable in English-speaking countries)? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

    Have a nice day!

  16. I completely respect your decision not to share your private life on social media. Besides, you give so much more than many people who spend hours talking about their lives. I believe you are very transparent and honest, and that is what matters to me. Greetings from Chile 😊

  17. very well said!!
    Everyone has their own privacy opinions (concerns) and one should respect them..
    I was confused with this question for a long time, whether going personal only opens broad way into digital world or not??
    And now i got answer for it..Thanks again!!

  18. I agree with this video so much it's crazy.

    Neil, hope you're doing well this week, man. QUESTION for you; how does one go about ranking high (SEO) for search terms including 'near me' with geographic relevance? For example; "dog trainers 'near me'".

    Thanks as always, Neil!! You're the man.

  19. Absolutely Right Neil! You have a great thinking. Sharing on social media about the personal life is not that important. The more you share more you have problems. Like the way you think. A man should be recognized for his own deeds.

  20. Totally agree. I like to live my private life in my own circle. I don't need to show the world that I'm happy as happy as can be 🙂

  21. Neil, I actually first discovered you by reading an article where you were bragging about your expensive watch collection.
    I really like the new more humble you. 👍

  22. By seeing video i am convinced its #mondaymotivation got it on sunday 🙂
    Nice to hear your thoughts

  23. Awesome!
    I guess everybody will agree 100% To You.
    And By The Way: Your Short & Sweet Videos always Teach Something Absolutely NEW.

    Thanks For That 🙂

  24. Those who are giving you a headache are probably 0.001% of your entire audience, I'm sorry that you need to deal with these "Noisy Minority". You give us so much value and educate us so we can make a better decision down the road. No worries, we will all help you when the time comes 🙂 as you have always been doing to us!

  25. That is just sad my friend. I think you are an incredible human being, that gives so much to everyone. I am truly greatful for all you do for everyone.😉 If you ever need anything that I can help you with, you have my number. Learning to be thankful is a wonderful gift 😁

  26. You give us a lot of value through your blog and other ways, and you're right, we all must be careful when posting our personal life in social media

  27. That is awful that there are trolls around every corner…hoping to pick up some breadcrumbs. Continue what you are doing, you are very appreciated.

  28. I felt cold hearing you speak about your bad expirence.But all you said is very true, being careful about it help save your online reputation and like you have experience prevent unnessary law suit.Thanks Neil Patel for your advice

  29. Well said. I posted that I was 'in a relationship' and got no end of drama. I don't post much at all now, just general stuff. Nothing personal. Now I get 'there's not much info on your profile.' I'm still on Facebook but don't use it much. I'm more interested in real life

  30. I could not agree with you more. You have helped me so much. Very few people have supported my choice to be socially free & not broadcast my personal life.

  31. Sharing with ANYONE is a major headache. People these days have zero empathy. Being real is like being a superfreak

  32. I am watching your videos and following you for a long time, also on website.
    But this is my first time comment.
    You are very down to earth person, like a typical Indian Gujarati.
    People like us don't need to see fancy cars and big houses of our influencers, we need a person like you who gives true values from the bottom of your heart.
    Keep doing what you are doing.

  33. Am I the only one that genuinely CAN'T UNDERSTAND why a person would want to share life and pics and shit on social media?
    Come on, don't let me feel alone!

  34. I don't like that i am so friendly and treat everyone like they are my friends. Ive noticed it gets me in trouble because others aren't happy or nice people. They seem to try to sabatoge others when they are jealous or want what you have? I just dont get it. I want to learn how to keep to myself and not speak all the time.

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