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  1. I get an e-mail whenever my subscriptions upload a video, I click the link on e-mail and a new page opens up with the video auto-starting. How do I get counted on those statistics? I didn't click the play button on the video.

  2. Thanks so much for the info! I'm considering posting some short videos on my Facebook fan page to draw more interest to the things I'm posting on YouTube.

  3. The way Facebook counts views is misleading because people assume they're similar to a view on YouTube. Totally not so. Here's the number you SHOULD be counting on Facebook.

  4. Hey Tim, I've got a question, maybe you can answer it on Thursday in the Q&A video or just reply to this comment, that would be very kind 😀
    I started making videos about 7 weeks ago. Usually my videos were getting an average of 60 views, but my last three videos only got 20 views, and it seems like they won't get more views than that anymore. I have 65 subscribers, so 60 views on every video was very good, 20 views is normal, I'd say, but can you tell me what might be the reason for that sudden change? I really don't understand what happened. Maybe some kind of YT bug or something like that? Btw, thanks for making these videos, they are really helpful! 🙂

  5. Good stuff Tim! Facebook views are like crack. The numbers are huge but the reality is not quite equal to the hype. I'm sticking with youtube as my primary video location for now but am playing around with Facebook videos for teasers with a link to the blog post at the end.

    Oh and I'm digging the new lighting and background you are going with.

  6. Thanks.  Your videos are helpful.  I wonder how I can get statistics on the general percentage of views that come from social media outside of the youtube search engines.

  7. audience retention tells me a lot about my content, views are not that important to me if they are not even WATCHING my video

  8. Interesting stuff!  Definitely makes sense why the views can seem to be so much higher on Facebook at first. You didn't want to make this video with a YouTube ending eh? I was surprised you were saying "here on Facebook" and to click "Watch more" etc.

  9. Sometimes when a video on my timeline has already begun autoplaying, I just un-mute it without restarting. Does that count as a user-initiated view, or still an autoplay?

  10. Great video! Short and sweet, very informative. This was new to me and now some of those ridiculously high view counts on FB videos make way more sense to me. Thanks Tim!

  11. Kind of slimy from Facebook. They know clients care about how many impressions they get and it's obvious Facebook knows the number they display is bullshit, but they do it either way because it's bigger. Same thing as if YouTube counted as views when people see your Thumbnail.

  12. Face Book is a scam, a propaganda machine. The only thing I use it for now, is sometimes I share my videos there. I thought it would help me draw people to my Youtube channels, I was wrong, but I did get hundreds of Birthday wishes from people I don't even know Yet are referred to as "Friends" LOL, which only clogged up my Wall. Took me hours to delete them all, so that for those few who visit my page will be able to see what I wish to share with them. But FB seems to be just a big waste of time.

  13. Q: do you think that your title might have been better as, "1+1=6"? and do you think that is more accurate math & more interesting? thank you…

  14. Tim, I'd love to hear about how it works out when your YouTube video is viewed via Facebook (as far as whether it counts as an AdSense impression and whether it counts towards your YouTube views). I usually post a link on Facebook to my new YouTube videos when i upload them. But is this working for or against me? And does it matter whether they go to the actual YouTube view page or click and watch it through the Facebook page?

    I know that videos watch via Facebook end up having comments on the Facebook page rather than the YouTube view page. But how else is the process affected? Thanks.

  15. That is very interesting to see how much of a difference there is on these numbers.  Thanks Tim!

  16. Great to see things like this, still experimenting with facebook videos myself.. the reach is good but the auto play thing is just not realistic

  17. Hey Tim. I have a question. What's the best way to steer traffic from FB page to a youtube video? I've been using slideshare to post a dynamic picture with txt in the hope that people will click on it and watch the video, but the view counts can't compete with what the Facebook Video platform is offering?

    I've got over 20,000 members on my FB pages, but getting just a small fraction of them to engage with youtube is damn hard :/

    Any advice appreciated

    MM 🙂

  18. Okay now I have learned something really cool today and it was something I had not given much thought to. I have posted video on FB not thinking much about it as G+ is my favourite Social Media hangout place 🙂 lol so thanks @Video Creators  for an enjoyable informative video

  19. Oh and would it be cool to use your video here in a blog post I am currently researching and writing. Wanted to ask as some people are a bit funny about that sort of stuff these days and I rather be upfront and ask then assume it is okay just because it is listed in the public domain 😉

  20. Thanks Tim – Im trying to grow my Facebook page as I think it could be huge in a couple of years for video as long as Facebook keeps building infrastructure for video creators.

  21. This video should go viral… Awesome video !! AND OMG !! On your video FB was off by more than 600% .. Dayum !!! That is so sneaky

  22. i am a regular viewer of your channel ,yu are doing realy good videos …can you know last yearin febuary 2014 my channel was disable for monetization becoz community guide line and copyright they disabled all my channels even there was nothing but for adsense was same on all can you tell me when will be monetization enable normaly it been enable now becoz its year hasbeen passed and channel in community guideline  good standing copyright in goodstanding

  23. Hey there, I love your videos – thanks for posting.  I wonder if you thought about doing a piece on third party content matches.  I'm getting absolutely killed by it, and I KNOW that the labels are NOT using content ID , but applying anything that they think they can take a piece of manually.  (Because it has showed me when I click on third party matched content , 95 % of them say "Claimed manually") .  I'm doing piano tutorials on three different channels, all have the same problem, whether I'm talking, doing a MIDI video, a cover, whether it sounds completely different to the original, or even just shows chords !
    On top of that, I am able to share in the revenue of cover songs.  Ever since youtube introduced that feature, labels and publishing companies have been exploiting it like crazy.  Say for instance, I can share my cover 50%50% with Warner Music.  Warner farm it out to 10 publishing companies, who all claim at the same time, so I only get 10% of 50%.  They even claim 2 different songs, for example my Say Something tutorial had 2 claims, one for SAY SOMETHING, and the other for Say Something.  Surely this is illegal ?
    Sorry for the really long comment !! Hope you get a chance to read it . Thanks.

  24. Also do views count in YouTube's new and aggravating, autoplay? I say aggravating, because I should only have to turn it off once, while signed in. But since ( I ) the user didn't initiate the play, does my view count on that channels video? What about duration? Doesn't that lower the duration, everytime the autoplay comes back on, and i click off the video, 1 second after, it came on?

  25. Just another reason why the time being I am not delving into making Facebook videos.  It seems to me that it's still in its infancy.  I'll wait until it has matured a bit.  Real eye-opening info, Tim!

  26. I kept re-sharing a video and using the way you showed here, I can only see how many views it got each time! I don't seem to be able to find a way to check the total amount views..unless I'm doing something wrong..

  27. Hey Tim! Quick follow-up question! I often see videos on my feed that have started playing automatically, but then I just click the Volume icon that allows me to actually hear what is happening. I then continue to watch either the whole video or at least 30 seconds of it. Would that count as a "Click-to-Play" or "Automatic"?

  28. OK I'm crushed! This past month I have been working my butt off on FaceBook promoting & sharing my video restaurant reviews thinking all my efforts were paying off with some really good numbers. Well after following Tim's instructions I found out the numbers were about only 30% of what FaceBook was showing at face value! What a crock & waste of time!!!

  29. Could you make a video on how to view you own old videos that you've uploaded to Facebook long time ago? using you phone.

  30. This is great @Tim Schmoyer I knew the numbers were skewed and this just confirms how good a job Facebook is doing to mislead brands and creators.

  31. Very interesting.
    I generally upload my videos to Youtube then share the link on facebook so don't worry about how facebook counts views

  32. Great video! thanks for the info~
    Do you know why my video views on FB wont show? even if I upload from my phone I cant see the number of views. thanks

  33. This was very useful. I've experimented with facebook videos and found the same thing to be true lol.

  34. Okay this is all great information but… in your opinion what is the better platform to go with I have been on Youtube for over 6 years and always post my videos to facebook using the Youtube link.. should I be posting them also to Facebook?

  35. hi.i make a group fcbook then i shared a vidio but i cnnt sew numbres who whatched this vidio even i have tree or 4 likes in it?????

  36. Awesome sense. Do you have to upload your videos to both Facebook and Youtube? I was wondering more on how to get more Youtube views if I shared them on Facebook. Does my Youtube link on Facebook get Youtube view counts?

  37. hey..that was really useful ..but I have a silly question …can you see who's the people that viewed your video ??
    please answer

  38. Hi Can I ask you 1 question? when I post a video to my facebook profile why I can't see a view that's how many people watch my video.
    reply please !!!!!!!

  39. I have autoplay turned off, just have a personal page not a managed one and I can't see stats, only that I had 826 views in 3 days! How can I view stats? https://www.facebook.com/tibor.january

  40. is there a way to see how many people viewed my video i posted on my personal account ?(not a Facebook page that can be liked)

  41. Does this only apply to Facebook pages? I have a group page and cannot find "insights". How do I know how many are watching on a group page?

  42. I uploaded a video on my Facebook page and it was restricted to friends and i have 60 friends only… guess what? The views are more than 114. How come? I need an explanation

  43. quick question if I take my facebook live video embed code and put it in my website … when the video is viewed on my website .. are these views being counted overall with the facebook views or statistics?

  44. Hey Tim, Hope your well, I have a question and hopefully you can answer for me, I have a facebook page and I have promoted a post it has reached up to 40,000 its that the same as views?As I have notice other peoples facebook pages like for ads, showing 3 things on them Likes, Comments and a  View count?I seem to only have the Likes and comments showing on my page and no view count I think it would be great to show this to help increase the awareness it has of my post or ad but how do I activated my view count to show on my post?

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