Why Do We Make Life So HARD? Julien & Tyler Explore Emotional Addictions, Parallel Realities & More!
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Why Do We Make Life So HARD? Julien & Tyler Explore Emotional Addictions, Parallel Realities & More!

– Zoey and Ed, Julien Blanc, everybody in Chicago, he’s here! And what we’re gonna
be revealing right now, is whether or not your
making your life easy or hard. And what we mean by that is, really on a simple level, are
you making your life easy, or are you making your life hard. But we also wanna go even deeper today, as far as spiritual growth, as far as emotional
addictions, and even as far as, and this is getting a little bit far out, whether or not, we as human beings, all live in the same physical
universe, but maybe we live in different, parallel,
energetic realities. So we’re gonna very,
very deep, on this topic, of whether or not you’re
making your life easy or hard. Again, like we said, from a simple level, from a spiritual level, from
a emotional-addiction level, even from a parallel universe level. Jeez! What a day, man! What a day this is gonna be! And the goal here, is really
for you to come out of this with your life much,
much easier, and for you to have the ability,
and newfound knowledge to move up, and up, and
up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up! If we’re gonna go really deep here, but we’re gonna start it with examples that anybody can get. And I think we’ve all had these. I mean, what are some of your big ones that you’ve seen over the years? – Traffic, like you’re driving, and then like someone cuts you off, or you just get stuck in
traffic, you’re gonna be late wherever you go, and you just fucking start flipping the shit, you know? Late at a restaurant, or
there’s like a wait time at a restaurant, that’s one. – Ah, we’ve gotta wait! – One recent one was, I was
out with a friend of mine and we arrived, and it’s
like, “you’ve gotta wait “two ,three minutes, we’re so sorry, “we didn’t get the table ready”. And my friend was be
just like flipping out, like “What the fuck!”. And I’m like, “Whoa, you don’t
realize where we’re at?”. Like it’s a really,
really nice restaurant. – Well, let’s even go even past that, because I’ve seen this even
like, Prime 112 in Miami, is the biggest example of this, where they’ll make you
wait like an hour or two. And look, let’s be honest,
you got there on time. You’re time is valuable too. It is bullshit, that you have to wait. It doesn’t mean that you’re wrong, it’s just that it’s your life. You’re not gonna get that hour back, where you flip out. So it’s not whether that you’re wrong, but the question is: it’s
your life, how do you wanna use it? – Another one is, your Uber’s late. You know, you’re going
somewhere important, and the Uber’s like stuck
in traffic, or it’s like completing a trip nearby. And then, you try to cancel
it, try to get a new one, and they’re all fucking far away. And you start flipping out. You’re like, “Fuck, I’m gonna be late”. And as you said, it’s true. Those things are not even you’re fault. Like okay, the Uber is late. Oh, you arrive on time, and they’re like, “Oh, we’re sorry, it’s two
or three minutes for us “to clear the table”. But it’s, yes, how are
you gonna respond to that. Are you gonna make it hard? ‘Cause again, it will ruin the dinner. Like are you going let
those two or three minutes ruin the dinner? Even with Uber, it’s out of your control. Are you gonna let that ruin
your entire drive somewhere, or not? Choose your response. Your cell phone breaks, like you drop it. I think mine has a little crack You know, you drop it,
– Mine has too. – A little crack, a new cell phone even. You’re like, “Fuck!”. Actually, no, mine,
this is a great example. – That is a white line down
the side of my cell phone, I got for bringing it in the sauna. A white line! And it doesn’t look the same
anymore, when I look at it! – Dude, my last cell phone, true story. I just got it, dropped
it on the treadmill, running I’m trying to, drop,
got stuck in between the you know, the thing, and it bent the fucking
phone, like a few days in. – Did you actually watch it bending? – I pulled it out, it would
still work, but now it was bent. And I could choose to be like,
“Oh, my God, what the Fuck!”, or flip out, versus, okay, this happened. It sucks, but, in my response I’m just
gonna still go about my day, ’cause you can make it hard,
or you can make it easy. – Flight delayed, stuck on the runway! I’m about to go through
the air in a metal tube and fly through the air! I have more privilege
than a king or queen had 300 years ago! I’m doing something more
incredible than any human’s done in human fucking history of cave men! But this flight is late! – I know. – And I might arrive
late, to my destination! – The other one’s too, is
like there’s turbulence, so like, “Oh, we’re
gonna delay the snacks”. Ahhh!!!! People freak the fuck out! The screen’s too small,
when back in the day, there were no screens. It’s like, “Damn, this fucking screen!”. Like, that was the reason why people were screaming behind
me, because it wasn’t as big as the other airline they flew on. And they were just flipping out, and it literally ruined
their entire flight. You know, the entire
time, you could just sense like the frustration, and
just kept going back to it, “God, damn it, God, damn it!”. – My view in the hotel
isn’t the right view! – Oh, yeah. – My tire popped! I’ve gotta call AAA, to get it handled! I’ve gotta wait for some servant,
that I pay $12 a year for to come and change my tire. I forgot my keys. I’ve gotta sit outside my
apartment, and take a break. I ate some bad food, and
I got a stomach ache! We paid a lot of money,
for that restaurant! My friend Karen talked shit on me, and I look stupid, I look like a fool! I have a reputation, that
is carefully cultivated of a man of integrity,
and I look like a fool! I look like a fool! – I know. – What else we got here? – Let me think. You go to buy something,
and it’s not there. Or like your favorite foods, it’s like, “Sorry, we’re out.”, you know. – And I’m hungry! – They make your–
– I drove all the way here! – How dare they! They make your coffee the wrong way, it’s like, “How dare they!”. Or it’s not hot enough, not warm enough. I know someone who puts
a lot of ice sometimes, but it has to be the right amount. And if it’s too cold, they’re
like, “God, damn it!”. And if it’s too hot, “God, damn it!”. And only rarely have them being happy. – It’s the princess and the pea. This bed is too soft,
this bed is too hard, this bed is just right. But the bigger question
is, when you eventually got the just right bed, would you actually even
be able to enjoy it? Or, would you flip out, right? Like we’re doing this video. Oh, my, God, those people,
they just went through a shot, and we’re here in Chicago! How come we didn’t get the shot! Why are they going through
our shot right now? – That’s actually a great
example, and it happened to me in the past, where like a
little thing would happen, I’m like, “God, damn it!”. And the whole time shooting
the video, I’d be smiling, but inside I’d be flipping out. – We are flipping out
right now, by the way. I can’t stop thinking about those people!
– Those damn people, fuck! – We can’t stop thinking about them! – Or a seminar, I have it
all, you know, scheduled, like planned out, and I miss one point. And the whole rest of
the seminar, I’m like “It’s ruined!”.
– It’s ruined! – Exactly. Jinx, by the way. – Jinx. He jinxed me! Again! It’s ruined! My reputation! This is my life. This is my life. – Or someone’s late. No, someone’s late, you’re
on a date, someone’s like, how dare they disrespect my
time, being late for this! Yeah. I mean, pretty much endless. There’s an endless list
of these little things. – And that is the beauty of life. Is there’s endless shit to piss you off. Endless. As Winston Churchill says,
“History is one damn thing “after another”. You probably heard the
thing where people say, “You should go to a poor country, “and see how hard it is for them, “and that would give
you more perspective”. A lot of people recommend reading the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Do you know the story behind that one? – Yeah, I mean, if you haven’t
read that book, read it. It’s, to get a little dark
here, it’s probably the most, you know, horrific book you’ll ever read. It’s horrible, it’s absolutely horrible. And I’ve read it actually many times, recently on a plane ride. And the whole plane ride, I was just like. And it just shoves you
in your fucking place. You know, it’s like you
have your little problems, and you just feel so stupid,
every time you read that book. That’d be the–
– It gives perspective. – Yeah, it shifts
perspective, like you know, my little first world problems. No matter how bad your problems
are here, read that book. It’ll shove you in your place. You’re just like, “Whoaa!!”. – It’s like a really big
thing that I’ve really, I can’t say I like that this has happened, but I feel like I’ve
grown from this, okay? So, let’s say for example, let’s use, let’s go back to the
Julien Blanc media scandal. So if you ever wanna read about this, Google me, Owen Cook, or
Google Julien, Julien Blanc. But Google us, research
us, and look at all the different media articles
that you’re gonna see. Now I remember back in the day, there was the book The Game. And you could read a book
called The Game by Neil Strauss. And in this book, Neil kind
of had his portrayal of me, and I remember being in my
mid-20s, and being like, “Oh, my God, my reputation, it’s ruined!”. Or even reading like
little comments online. Say somebody took a live
program, and they didn’t like it, and then they were trashing it. Or somebody didn’t like
one of my articles online, and they’re trashing it. Or people didn’t like
a video, and they left a negative comment. And you feel that loss of approval. And you kinda wanna manage it somehow. Like Kevin Durant recently, was apparently screwing around on Twitter. And my understanding was
he was making fake accounts to respond, to kind of fix
his reputation on Twitter. ‘Cause he’s kind of, he felt kinda bad, ’cause he went to the
Golden State Warriors, and then some people kind
of tooled him for it, and then he kinda felt bad about it. I’m not clearing the
stripe, or I shouldn’t spread false gossip, ’til
I’ve researched it all. – Kevin’s bad.
– Yeah, yeah. If we didn’t quite get it,
we’ll put a little comment at the bottom, about what really happened. The basic idea being, is
that when you feel like you’re losing approval,
it seems like a big deal, and you get a cortisol spike from it. You get a spike of negative emotions. But funny enough, what I loved
about the Julien Blanc fiasco was you’d see like the one
negative article come out, and then be like, “Our reputation!”. But then another one came. And then another one came. And then another one came. And another one came,
and another one came. And then we were eventually contacted by almost every major news
media outlet in the world, who crapped all over
our life’s fucking work, misquoting it, and basically just like cutting it out of context, to make… Instead of talking about
the people who we spent all night coaching, and
crying with, and helping, and the marriages that we
created, and all this stuff that we did to change the
world, it’s just like, “Look at this quote.”, out of context. I mean, probably a lot of
stuff we could do better or do differently. But that’s why we wanna learn from it, we’re not even downplaying like that, like we’re open to criticism. We love criticism, and
we did learn from that, and changed things like what we do. But the point is, just
from our perspective, going through that process
of, at first, one article, then another, then another,
and then it being so many, that you realize you’re
concerned about your reputation was fucking bullshit. It was fucking nonsense. And it’s almost like, say
that like you’re going bald, right, I’m going bald. But then you realize,
you could have cancer. Then you realize you could
be getting chemotherapy. Then you realize you could
be getting amputated limbs. Then you realize that
your loved ones could die. Then you realize that you
could die in a car accident. Then you realize that
entire countries of people, not whole countries, but
like in Thailand, a wave, a tsunami could kill I think
around 1/4 million people, and that you could have
all your friends wiped out. And all of a sudden, you realize that you live in this small little
reality, fucking petty, petty to this short, brief,
experience of life that you have and not realizing how much
worse things could get. And how, when you’re sitting
there being a fucking cry baby, to somebody who’s seen more
extreme fucking craziness, you look like a fucking clown. And a lot of the time,
I’ll see girls for example, and they can’t get into club. And I’m like, and they’re crying. And I literally walk up, and
I’m like, “I’m jealous of you. “You’re life must be fucking amazing, “that you’re crying over this. “You must live an
incredibly beautiful life”. – Some that I’ve seen over
the years, like freaking out, like the most horrific screams, as if like the worst case scenario
of the world happened. Like if everything just ended,
it’s like ahhhhh! (screaming) Like it was, I’m just like, whoa! And like trying to hit the bouncer, like physically trying
to attack the bouncer, for disrespecting them. It’s like, “My dress, I always get in”. And their friends trying to
hold them back, and it’s like, oh, you know. – You know, an ex-girlfriend of mine, we were going to a very
special event in Miami, and it was a very upscale event. And she realized that the
dress, that a sponsor, because girls who do modeling, sometimes they get sponsored dresses, a dress was supposed to get mailed in. And what happened was, she couldn’t get the dress mailed properly,
and she had to wear, admittedly, it was a
pretty clownish dress, for a party of that level. You were at that party, by the way. The one in Miami in the, in the Easter Island.
– Oh. – And funny enough, she was just flipping out about it. And weirdly, even though she flipped out, I kind of relate to it. I know how that feels. You know, you kind of
plan things in one way, and then somebody kind of screws you over, and it doesn’t happen,
and you start to flip out. Like I felt empathy for her. But her body is so fucking fine, that even in her crappy little joke dress, she still was fucking
stunting in the faces of every other girl
there, for the most part. And it looked amazing,
and I had a great night. And what’s funny too, is like, I mean, take even like the media fiasco. Like we’re sitting here out
in Chicago, and funny enough, we only ever really talk
about this for a video, as a good example, ’cause
it’s a very evocative example. But we don’t think
about it, life moves on. When my ex-girlfriend got to that party, she just went there, she
started mingling, life moves on. But you realize in that
moment, when life moves on, and everything’s okay,
and everything’s fun, is that you took all this
pain, over fucking nothing. Over nothing! And you experience all this
negativity, and heaviness. You made your life so fucking hard, over
something that would pass. And the best thing that
helped me with this, it helped me tremendously,
it was T.I. the rapper. And he was about to go to
jail, maybe for even 15 years, because he got caught with guns. Now his friend was
murdered in front of him. This is what gets lost in the sauce, in this whole T.I. thing. ‘Cause he was kind of dumb, to
have all those weapons on him and kind of stupid. But his friend was gunned
down, one of his best friends, right in front of him. So he had like this
fucking armory of guns, he got caught with it. And I think he was already on probation, or had previous offenses, or convictions. So T.I. the rapper, was
looking at serious jail time.. Now eventually, I think he
was sentenced to maybe like a year, or two. It wasn’t to bad, actually. But what wound up happening was, a interviewer said to him, “Are you stressed out
about going to jail?”. And T.I., he looked that
interviewer right in the face, and he said, “You know
what, I’m gonna spend “a year in jail”. And he’s scheduled to go
to jail in about a year, ’cause like his sentence
was gonna be starting in about a year. “But I don’t wanna
serve two years in jail, “I just wanna serve one”. Because, and that’s paraphrased, but “If I’m stressed about it
leading up to the year, “it’s as if I served two years in jail”. So if you’re gonna stress over something, you’ve gotta realize,
you’re adding to the pain. So for example, when I was
coming here to Chicago, I came last minute, it was
like a list minute choice. We just decided we were gonna come. And I remember three
different Ubers canceled, and it was about 25 minutes. And what wound up happening,
was then I hit traffic, and I realized I might miss my flight, and I might not get to make
it to the event last night. But I realized in that moment,
I’m gonna suffer from this either way, if I miss the event. I don’t want to suffer
more than I have to. Maybe I’m gonna make it to the flight. Why even freak out? You don’t know for sure, that
you’re gonna miss that flight. So why freak out, if you don’t even know that that flight’s fucked. And guess, what? – You made it.
– I made the fucking flight. So I would of suffered
over literally nothing. Imagine right now, if you
had a health diagnosis, like a cancer diagnosis. But really it was a false diagnosis. You could stress about it so
much, you could give yourself something like cancer. You know that’s extreme,
but you know my point, if you stress about it too much. So you’re gotta realize, that often times you’re making life
harder, than it has to be. And I want you to really go right now, and catalog in your mind, everything that’s gone wrong in your life. And yet here you sit,
staring at your phone, or your device, or if this is the future in some weird 3D reality
that you’re watching of Tyler and Julien Blanc. And realize that, all this bullshit that you’ve had in your life,
you’re still sitting here now, watching a fucking video. Did it really matter? I think the answer is, no. – This is back in the day. I was getting to the
airport, and I was late. And the whole time it
was like, “God, damn it, “God, damn it, God, damn
it!”, like flipping out. So finally I was like–
– God, damn it! – Like stressing out in
the back of this taxi. And literally, we started
driving, it was like, we’re stuck, and it’s been like that for 20 minutes. And we finally get to where it ends, and there was an accident,
and it was like seven cars. I kid you not, seven
cars that hit each other. I didn’t see anyone hurt, but like, there was like some ambulances. And it just like made
me shut up, and like, that could literally be me. Here I am bitching, I’m
like “God, damn it!”, it’s like, “Holy, fuck!”, you know. And it’s true, like we
think that stressing out about something will fix it.
Trump, Trump! Trump, Trump! (laughing) – We literally think it’ll
fix it, if we just stress out. But in reality, as you said, or you know, as T.I., as the famous T.I. once said, whether you stress out of not,
it doesn’t change anything. And say it doesn’t happen,
like you make it on time, stressing out was a waste of time. And if you missed it, guess what? Stress out then, if you like, but stressing won’t help either. So it’s a loose-loose,
there’s nothing you can do. And it’s still reflecting
back on your life. There are so many instances,
where I thought it’s over. Like we literally over blow, we’re like, “It’s over, Fuck it!”. Or situations where you
think there’s no way out, and we’re just flipping out. Like in the end, here we all are. That was also something a
friend of mine reminded me, during the scandal. ‘Cause I was flipping out, and he told me, he’s like,
“Think of the previous times “you started flipping out,
or you thought it was over, “and how two, three years
later, here you are”. Imagine that right now,
if you’re going through a lot of adversity, watching this, imagine two, three years in
the future, I told you, “Hey, it’ll be okay”. You had a guaranteed, signed
contract from the Universe, from God, saying it’ll be okay. Your experience going through
it, would be much easier. – Yeah, any situation,
you can become a victim, or you can move up. Okay, you can get bitter,
or you can get better, and it’s all in the interpretation. And I think the major key
here, and this is what I’ve wanted to communicate
to girlfriends of mine so many times. If you’re an ex-girlfriend
of mine, and I love you, this is an issue that we
had, I’m gonna share it with you here, for video. Even though I told you in
person, you never listen to me, maybe you’ll listen now, when you don’t get to see me anymore. And I love you. Anytime that there is a problem, you can take as you
being a fucking victim, or you can take it as a chance,
to build emotional fitness. Now let’s say that word emotional fitness close into the camera. Emotional fitness.
– Emotional fitness. – Let’s say it again. Emotional fitness.
– Emotional fitness. – One more time! Emotional fitness.
– Emotional fitness. – And the reason why we repeat
that, is because any time something happens, it’s
you’re chance to use it to build your emotional fitness muscle. Look, you walk to the gym. You walk to the gym, to lift weights, to be
exposed to resistance, right? Well, emotionally, when
you’re getting hit, that’s you’re chance,
that’s the emotional gym. You’re emotional fitness gym
is being presented to you right here. Life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you need. And it’s giving you a chance to grow. And this is why little kids,
like five year olds, cry, and cry, and complain. But adults learn how to take it. Like I remember when I was
a kid, that I would even eat something that tastes bad. And I’d see my parents eating it. Like say vegetables, I hated
vegetables when I was a kid. Did you hate vegatables, or no? I did, okay? Because I got exposed to processed foods, so then when I got real food, I was like, this doesn’t taste good like Orange Crush. – Especially when we had real food. – Nah, lucky you, that’s
why you’re tall. (laughs) So before I became a little
process food grown dwarf, I would eat processed foods. And then what would happen was,
whenever I’d get real food, I didn’t like the taste of it. I always wondered how my
parents could handle it. And so my parents would say to
me, “Well, Owen, as an adult “you’re taste buds are more
dull, than when you’re a kid”. They’d say to me, “As a
kid, you’re taste buds “are more strong, so if you
eat like a Brussel Sprout, “it hits you harder as a kid”. When you’re an adult, it
wouldn’t taste like that. I think that may be true,
from drinking tea, and coffee, and dah, dah, dah, kind of
dulls the taste buds a bit. But I suspect, that actually
the reason why adults can eat food that tastes
bad, is there just like “Fuck it!”. They have more, it’s like,
when they feel that pain on their tongue, or not
the pain, but the distaste, they’re just like, “This will pass”. This too shall pass. And so, what I’ve now experienced, is like I’ll drink Turmeric
shots, or Ginger shots, or go to cryotherapy,
or whatever else it is, and it doesn’t feel good. But because I know it will pass, it’s actually an opportunity
to build presence. Present moment awareness
is built during discomfort. – A great book to read,
too, that goes hand to hand with this, is Antifragile,
by Nassim Taleb, who talks about it a lot,
how we need stressors. And it’s true, where, I mean, something that I
fortunately noticed early on, and you can see it with… Going through our video! You can see it in almost
anyone who’s moved up, in terms of success. Every time shit hits the fan,
instead of being a victim, where you feel sorry for yourself, they chose to use it as an
opportunity to step it up. Or, for example, like success with women, guys would go up and say hi
to a girl, and it’s like, “Nice to meet you.”, they got rejected. And they’d be sorry, and
upset the entire night. You could do that, or
instead you could be like, use that as motivation, perhaps. That fire under your ass,
to step it up even more. Another thing to realize too, with all those little
moments you freak out, it’s a question if you really think
you know what’s best for you. So that’s huge. Like, what is a life crisis? What are those moments
where you freak out? It’s when things don’t go
according to your plan. You think you should
be there at this time, you think this should happen, and eating at that restaurant
time is beneficial for you. Or having a phone that
doesn’t have a crack is beneficial for you. But is it really? ‘Cause most of the time, after the fact, like you hate it during,
but after the fact, you’re thankful for a
lot of those moments. You know? And remember, you might
not know everything. Maybe life is presenting
you with an opportunity, a lesson, something you need,
but you don’t realize it yet. So when those moments
happen, look for the lesson, look for the opportunity,
look for the message. And choose to go up, to
get better, not bitter. – Yeah, and actually, funny
enough, in spiritual growth… Now, I wanna be clear
that we can’t prove this. So Julien and I kind of have this thing, where we love the scientific side. I love reading about modern psychology, I love reading about
neuro-chemistry, or biology, science, things that are tested. But I also love reading
the spiritual books, the kind of whoo-whoo books. I like to read it all, to
be honest with you there. So to me, I’m not one of these
people that just bought in to anything I read, I love
different perspectives. One of the perspectives they have in Eastern spiritual growth,
or even a lot of like the New Age movement, which
I don’t identify with, Julien doesn’t identify
with, but we love it, ’cause it’s just kind of cool. You gotta just sorta
take some things from it. Even if it kind of rubs you the wrong way, and the people in it
don’t sync up with you, you can still get a
lot of value out of it, and I really enjoy that. So what they will say, is we
actually are reincarnated, and before we’re
incarnated into this earth, we choose our problems. And we forget that we’re
souls, we come to the earth with all these problems that
we preplan and chose, and I mean, this is kinda
weird, but they’ll even say that we come with a soul family. And so, our soul family
actually comes to the earth, pre-plans, even people
that we’re enemies with, funny enough, and our soul family comes and plays these roles,
so that we can learn. That’s why sometimes, if you ever see me have a dispute with
somebody, and then I never speak bad of them. As fucked up as this is,
in my mind, I’m like, that’s probably a guy from my soul family, that’s here to teach me something. So I’m like, I’m not gonna be mad at him. Now you know. Okay, how crazy, the
dumb shit in my mind is. But that’s the frame that
I try to take, is that we were incarnated on this earth with all the problems
pre-planned, and every time that the problem happens,
that’s a chance to move up. Now what’s funny about that frame, here’s what’s interesting about it, whether you believe that,
like the soul family, or whether you’re more of a
scientifically-minded person, or you like modern day psychology, simply ask yourself a question. What outcomes would it have,
to believe some nonsense like the soul family. Well, not nonsense,
really the soul family. But you see the idea of that. But what would happen is,
whenever something bad happens, you would have a powering
belief system, where you feel like you’ve planned this,
and then you’d be like, “Oh, this is cool”. What’s the lesson here? I’m excited. And there’s not a moment wasted, I’m getting another lesson right now. I don’t get to fall in my comfort zone. Because usually people who
fall in their comfort zone, it kind of sucks. So whether you believe
the soul family argument, or that you incarnated
here with this all planned, don’t worry about that. But maybe just try it as an experiment, and see how it affects you. And what you might find,
is it affects you so well, by the end of the year from
now, you start to believe it, even though it’s nonsense. But you start believing it,
just because it’s so helpful. That was something that I found. Maybe, you know, for
other people, I think that other things kind of sync up with them, and that’s just too out there. But– – I’ll use everything. Like, I’ve used that as a tool. Like I’d choose to believe that at times. I also question, if again,
I know it’s bad or not. Like say you really want a promotion, and you don’t get the
promotion, you might think like “Fuck, this is horrible”. But is it? Maybe in the long run, it helped you. And if you got the promotion,
something would happen, where you’re not very happy. Or like, a relationship
you wanted to go well, and say you break up, and
now you’re with someone else, and you’re like, “Oh,
thank God that ended”. You don’t know if it’s
good, or not, you know. – The break up one, I think is the most, the most visible and obvious,
of almost any of them. Because every breakup I’ve
had, I’ve been just crushed, if it was a girl I was really tight with. And yet, every single
time, it always turns out her greatest gift to
me, was to let that die. And that is so, so strange,
that it works out that way. And I don’t even know if it’s
just a trick of the mind, and it just feels that way. But I’ve never gone backwards. I’ve never had my next
girlfriend, and been like, no, I really want back
that previous girlfriend. I’m always just incredibly
happy, and grateful that she allowed that to end. Strangely, right? – Yeah. – But, it’s very powerful, to
go through that experience. – And that’s why the first
breakup’s always hard for people, ’cause they’re like, will
I ever get this again. But when it happens, say, a few times, then you have that trust, where it’s like, the universe has my back. It’ll all be fine, I’ll still be here two, three years from
now, watching a video with my new girlfriend,
and it’ll be beneficial. – Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. Comment in the comments,
if you’re watching this a year from now, with your new girlfriend, and you were crushed at the time. And by the way, my theory on this is, and I’m sure you’d
agree with this, is that the universe has your back, if you strive to understand universal
principles, and to surrender to those principles. So every moment that you have
a challenge, is an opportunity to say, “What is the
universe asking from me, “and can I use this as a
chance to surrender to that?”. Because when you want the
physical, you crave the physical to look how you want it to look, you’re now moving down. But when you say, okay, you know what, I’m going to go into presence now, I’m gonna move up, and I’m
going to move with the world. So for example, in the study
of say, success with women for some of clients over the years, they had to make a decision, do I wanna cry about
this girl who I’ve lost, or do I wanna actually say,
I’m gonna move into abundance. One of the great universal
principles, is abundance, the belief that there’s
many opportunities, or people, in the world. And when you move with life,
and you flow with life, then the universe has your back. Now, when you resist the universe… See, because the universe
is kind of moving you along the stream. And if you start fighting against that, you’re gonna start getting
beaten, until you surrender to what the universe wants. But, the universe is
essentially this moving wind, and if you put the sail up, the universe will push along your sail, in the direction you need to go, even if you don’t believe it. But what’ll happen is, if you’re like, “No, I gotta go back that
way”, when you turn around, it’s like boom, boom, boom. And you’re like, awwwwwwwww! – Or get fixated on that
little thing that happened, you’re no longer going with the flow. Someone walks around the
video, “God, damn it, “that person, that person”. Life already moved on. The universe moved on, stop
hanging on, stop being stuck. Let go, and go with it. And this is what we talked
about in our last video, too. Where, yeah, it’s easy to say, you know, the universe has your
back, but it requires opening up to that. And it’s easier to kinda
stay in your comfort zone, of just fixating on shit, versus, okay, a bonus, it’s all good. ‘Cause there’s just too much to take in. – The best example I’ve
ever experienced like this, was when we made that breakup
video several years ago, and I was just crushed during a breakup. It was weird but, every
time that that girl, she’d be breaking up with
me, and it was funny, because during the relationship,
she would chase me around like a little puppy, but
then when she decided she was done with me, the
power dynamics switched. And I was like, no, like
classic case, right? A lot of guys have had this, where you don’t appreciate
her really enough, and then she breaks up with
you, and then you chase her back and it’s kind of weird. That happened to me, it’s
kind of embarrassing, but that’s what happened. So, I’m chasing her back,
and as I’m chasing her back, I can feel it, this is done, the universe wants this to end. I’m meant to move on, I’m
meant to have new challenges, I’m meant to grow, this is done. And when I would just let it
go, I would start to heal. But then, I would keep trying to go back, and every time I’d go back,
maybe we’d have sex again, or, you know, it would
start to be good again. But it was never quite what it once was, and she’d kind of flip out, and stuff. And what would happen is,
I’d realize that I’m fighting against what I’m supposed to do. And when I finally just let
go, and I accepted she’s gone. Which by the way, I mean, you
know how close I was to her. Right, that was the closest
relationship of my life at that point. To lose her, was a loss of identity. It was an incredibly difficult transition. And I could never imagine
my life without her. I couldn’t imagine that
we could be sitting here on this boat, enjoying life, without her. I never imagined that
I could be whole again. And the truth is, when
we split, I wasn’t whole. There was half of my soul was
ripped out of my fucking guts, and it was incredibly painful. But now, as I’ve moved
on, I’m whole again, and life does move forward. And what’s weird is, I
would never trade one minute that I had with that girl, for the world. But I also wouldn’t
trade one minute I’ve had since we broke up. And I would never go
back, and keep replaying the life that her and I had,
when I look at the adventures that have happened since that point. But it hurts, because
when you love somebody, and half your guts are
ripped out, you never imagine that it could be the same. When we lost reputation, going from
being the media darlings, we’re like Hitch, to
being like Darth Vader. When we lost relationships in the past. Even people who we’re good friends with, who didn’t wanna be
friends with us anymore, has happened, right? Like, you know, you
might’ve seen that play out in the public. And when that happens, when
you have that transition, it’s painful, it fucking sucks! I mean, even take it like, I mean… You know, even like
friends of ours, right, who we hang out with, and
who are part of our crew, and then, they’re not around
anymore, and it’s kinda scary. And it hurts to lose them, when they don’t wanna be part of it. But then, all of a sudden,
new people come, right? You know, Maize is the guy
filming this, right now, is actually, you know,
hanging out with us. And what’s weird is, as much
as I miss some of our old crew, everyday, now we have Maize! And he can film for us. (laughing) We have our new pet. Oh, oh, oh! Oh, shit, oh! So, the point being, that
new people do come, right? And it can even be people
who are more suited to your current mode of life. It is weird, and we’re
gonna get into this, with the whole parallel realities concept, we’re jumping into different realities, we’re gonna get into this. But the idea being that, when one reality has kind of run it’s course, you are shuttled into that next reality. You’re almost like the movie,
or the show Quantum Leap, if you ever saw that in the 80s. Which you probably didn’t. The show Quantum Leap, this
guy he would go get a lesson, and then when that lesson
or mission was completed, he would be quantum leaped
into some other person’s body, and have to play that out. And a lot of the time, life is like that. Like at the time, let’s say
the Julien Blanc fiasco, we had played out that reality,
of being the media darlings. We played out that
reality of just like doing whatever the fuck we
want, having life easy. ‘Cause the business was
just growing, and growing, and crowds getting bigger,
like on top of the world, played out that reality. And what’s weird is, the
lessons that we could’ve got in that reality, we got them, and then now we get new lessons in the new reality. I mean, if we actually
created this script, from outerspace, before
we came down to earth, that’s ellizon, good job bro! (laughing) – We did it. – Good job Julien! (laughing) – I know. – I think it was good, who knows. Rationalization, human
beings have gotta be a master of rationalization, sometimes. – It’s like, you can
choose your perspective. You can choose. It’s how you choose to view it. – Yeah, you gotta be a
good rationalizer, okay? So we’re giving you are
loads of bullshit here, that we use to get through the day. Okay, really, we cry ourselves to sleep, and then we come out here,
and we make these videos. We’re like, we planned
it from our soul family, and that it was all part of the plan. When you do think of weird explanations, like the soul family,
and how absurd that is, it is not any more absurd, than just being this pointless,
carbon-based life form. So any theories absurd. I mean, when you look at
the world, and you see… You know, say you go on
YouTube, or any video site, and you look at map of the galaxy. And you see that we’re on this little dot, in this giant galaxy, we don’t
understand why we’re here. We don’t know why aliens
haven’t come to visit us yet, when statistically speaking,
they should’ve by now. It doesn’t make sense. So we don’t understand why we’re alive. And I’d like to get you thinking about weird things like that,
to open up your mind a little bit here, and make you realize, that there may be things happening that are beyond your understanding. And they’re certainly
beyond my understanding. But, when you start looking
a little bit deeper, and you do start looking for
patterns, and things like that, you’re gonna see things
in a different way, that you would never, ever expect. And one of those ways, is
that you begin to realize that you’re not as much in
conscious control of your mind as you think. So we’re gonna look at this,
from a scientific perspective, but also from a energetic,
or spiritual perspective. And that way, you’ll kind
of have both arguments. Because, it’s like we said,
we’re kind of open-minded to any explanation. So the first one that we wanna cover is emotional addictions, or
your emotional Step One. We’ve covered this in other videos, we’re gonna gloss over it here. And then we’re gonna also
go deeper, into the more weird explanations. – The question you should
ask yourself here is, what emotions, what sensations
do you experience the most on a day-to-day basis? And it’s crazy to do this audit, like we don’t wanna do it. I always compare it to
checking your bank account. Like say you go out and
spend a little too much, do you really wanna login and see. You’re like, no, but ask yourself here, day-to-day, what are the
emotions you experience the most? And you can be shocked
here, but you’ll notice, it’s the same fucking
thing every single day. There’s that saying, 90% of
your thoughts even today, were your thoughts yesterday. The same concerns, the same ups and downs. If you freak out over
like your Uber being late, if probably happens 90% of
the time, your Uber arrives. We’re creatures of fucking habit. And ask yourself, what do
you experience the most? A lot of people, it’s anger,
anxiety, stress, fear, just like what emotions
are you addicted to, and what emotions do you secretly love? ‘Cause you might think like,
what, I don’t like that. But do you experience it a lot? Do you? And if that’s the case, you love it. Part of you loves it, and
you will always find a way back to that. No matter how good shit
gets, you’ll find a way back to being stressed. If you’re someone who’s stressed,
you could be, you know… Say, hypothetically, I’m
stressed all the time. I’d be here, and I’d be like stressed out, like, “Aw, fuck, is it too loud? “Do we have time to shoot,
did we get the shot?”. If you’re someone who’s
mad, you could be like, “God, damn it, the
people walked in front”. If you’re someone who’s afraid, “Oh, man, “are we gonna fucking sink?”. “Oh, shit.” You know, what do you experience the most? And you can see how that
just colors your life. And it doesn’t matter
what changes externally, you’ll find a way back to it. – Why do these guys keep talking
about emotional addictions? Why do these guys keep talking
about emotional setpoint? And people, by the way,
who are often in a low or negative state, get really angry by this emotional setpoint argument. And the reason why, is ’cause
you’re basically saying the things that you’re pissed
off about are illegitimate. You’re angry, you’re
stressed, your frustration is just you feeding an
emotional addiction. And in a way, and I understand this, it can a little bit come across… Like say that somebody I’m friends with, like I’m downplaying my fuckup. Like let’s say that I was late for you, and then you’re annoyed by it, right? You’re like letting me know, like dude, you shouldn’t be late. And I’m like, are you just
addicted to being mad, Julien? This isn’t my fault. It’s your fault, for your
emotional addiction, Julien. And it can come across as condescending, or disavowing responsibility
for your mistakes. So I wanna be clear here, that when you understand that
this is part of human nature, that doesn’t let you off
the hook, for fucking up. And it doesn’t mean that
anybody that’s annoyed at you is wrong, and their just
emotionally addicted to negativity. It doesn’t mean that. What it does mean, though, is that there’s two parallel things happening. One thing that’s happening,
is you’re fucking up. And in your reality, you
should work to stop fucking up, and improve that. But the other thing that is
happening, let’s be honest, is most likely, that
person is freaking out. Even though they’re right,
that you should do better, they’re probably addicted
to negative emotions. I’ve had it to where I’m dating a girl, and I fuck up, and she freaks out. And I say, I say, “Baby, I love you”. There’s two things happening here. One is, I’m fucking up, and I’m owning that, I fucked up. “Baby, I love you.”, I fucked up. And I’m gonna work on it, by doing this, this, this and this. I’m gonna own this, I
own it, and I’m sorry. But, we also have to talk about the fact that when you flip out this hard, there is something else going on. And that’s not me taking
away from the fact that what I did wrong. But there is this other thing
kinda going on on your end, to where, let’s be honest,
even I didn’t do this, even if I didn’t fuck up,
you probably would be mad at the airport clerk. You probably would be mad at the waiter. You probably would be
mad about the flat tire. You’d be mad about something. When you have an emotional
addiction, you’re body is seeking to get what’s called
emotional homeostasis. You’re body is trying to keep
in the same range of emotions, because back when you were
a caveman, or cavewoman, you’re body was built to be in a very similar
environment everyday. You’d go pick your berries, you’d go hunt, you’d make your fire, you’d have sex. And you would do this
again, and again, and again. So our bodies are built
to go into homeostasis of emotions that work for us. So maybe if we were in an environment where being mad was
helpful, somehow it helped, our bodies would learn,
get mad all the time. Our bodies would learn that,
to keep homeostasis, get mad. Understand, that this
vestige of evolution, is actually fucking up
your life right now. And whenever you’re
getting mad, you’re pro… If you get mad about a half an hour a day, again, as Julien said, do the audit. Probably everyday, you get mad,
about a half an hour a day. If you’re somebody who
gets mad two minutes a day, probably you get mad two minutes a day. If you’re somebody who’s happy, and laughs about 30 minutes interspersed
throughout the day, you’ll find some way to get it. And so, when you see someone
who’s addicted to anger, you’re gonna see them kinda sitting there, almost like he’s a ticking
time bomb, waiting to go off. And then, as soon as that thing happens that they were waiting for,
boom, they go in the addiction. And if you learn to observe this, you’ll see it in other people. But by the way, that’s the easy part. The hard part, is seeing it in yourself. And you’ve gotta ask your
friends for feedback. – Something to help me
is, what turns me on? When are you turned on throughout the day, not sexually, but when do you come alive? And you’ll see it like–
– When you come alive. – When you come alive,
you’ll see it in the eyes. Like we could be talking about
a friend that’s doing well. You know, yeah, this friends doing well. And say, with someone’s who
hooked on bitching, or gossiping they’ll be like, that’s nice. But then I could talk
about John, or I’m like, “Did you hear what happened to John?”, and you’ll fucking light up. Do you light up, when you hear gossip?
– Keep engaged. – You’re like, oh, what, what, John? Let’s keep talking about
how John fucked up. Let’s hear about this thing about John. Oh, I can’t believe that, oh,
and the government did that. When do you come alive? You know. And it’s crazy how, I mean, just look at how
mainstream media’s designed. Most people come alive when
it’s like, oh, unfairness, blame, outrage, versus
here’s some good news. – This is where this is
gonna get even weirder, because what we’re gonna
suggest, is that even the people who you choose to be around,
are people who actually feed whatever emotions that you’re addicted to. And since a lot of girls, where I say, “Describe to me your
last five boyfriends”. And they’re like, he cheated
on me, and the other one cheated on me, and the
other one yelled at me. I realize that if I’m really
nice, and if I don’t cheat, there’s actually a chance
that that girl will leave me, for a guy who does, because that guy is feeding that reality. And I’ve seen this even with like, say guy and guy business partners, where they’re always
bickering, and fighting. And they’ll always
complain about each other, but if they were actually
to partner with somebody who wouldn’t engage in that energy, they wouldn’t have a
sense of identity anymore, and they wouldn’t be able to continue. I’ve even had it, where I’ve
seen disputes with people, where they’ve been fighting
and fighting for years, and you make it to where there’s
no reason to fight anymore. It’s done, we fixed it, it’s done! It’s all over, we
figured out the solution! But what happens, is that I’ll
see like say those two people and they will find a way,
to do something so crazy to keep that fight going. And the whole world is like,
what are these guys doing? This is crazy. But what winds up happening, is that, if you were to solve it, they would no longer
have a sense of identity. And by the way, I would even say to you, if your last girlfriends
have been chaotic, where’s you’re addiction? When I look at some of my
exes, who have had issues, I just don’t look at them. I look at myself, and I say,
why am I getting involved with girls that are doing that? And I’ve had some
incredible exes, that were way above my level, and
the salt of the earth. So maybe there’s hope for
me, or you know, whatever. But you see the general idea? You’ve gotta start to
ask yourself, why is it that you’re getting involved with that? I’ve also seen it, by the way, to where I might be involved with somebody, with her friend or ex,
and I can see that like as I was growing, back when we first met, I was more in that chaotic reality. And then as I grow, that
I’m coming more to peace, and joy, and abundance, they’re not kind of on that same track. And they’re sort of living
in that old parallel reality. And I try to pull them
up to it, but eventually, it has to unshackle. Because you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. High-vibration energy attracts
more high-vibration energy, low-vibration energy attracts
more low-vibration energy. So you yourself, if you have
friends, or business people you work with, or partners,
or girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever it is, and you move up. They may not be getting
that need from you anymore, and it has to unshackle. It’s like two asteroids kinda going, eventually, they’re gonna split, right? And it’s kind of hard when that happens, and that’s one of the painful
parts of personal development, but there is that emotional
addiction component. And also that reality that
is within the person’s head, and that they will construct
in their external life. Like if your somebody
who has a messy room, but yet, there’s also some
really expensive things in your room, and yet, there’s
also some stupid things in your room, that could signal, that you’re a little
bit messy in your mind. There’s also some amazing
things in your mind, and also there’s some fucked
up things in your mind. And I realize that’s
a very vague codering, because I think almost
anybody’s like that. But you see the general idea behind it, and you can actually
look at your entire life, and if you look at your
life, it’s often a mirror of what’s going on in your head. So say that we look at that
like that soul family argument, which is a very weird esoteric,
and may be utter nonsense, bullshit, fucking argument. – The smart family out there,
that’s all my soul fam. – Or it could be true. Let’s say that a person was incarnated, if you’re to believe that,
into a negative environment, and you actually try to help that person. What you’ll generally
find, is that the more that you try to help that
person, they say they want it, but later they fucking hate you. And the reason that I
believe could be the case, if you even believe in
that, which I don’t know, I mean, again, we’re just
in this fucking galaxy. We don’t know why we’re
here, so I’m just like, read books, and like maybe
that could be an explanation, I don’t fucking know. ‘Cause some of the shit that
we see, is so fucking weird, that we’re like, literally,
devolving to explanations like a soul family. To try to make sense of
some of the crazy shit that we’re seeing. When I see that, my theory is
that maybe that person’s soul needs to move down, and you’re
interrupting their process. It’s like, part of their
life’s plan, their soul’s plan, was to move down, and
you’re like, no, no, no, we’re gonna to travel,
and make money, and laugh. And they’re like, I
didn’t come here for that, why are you fucking up my shit? Like it’s like you go into a horror movie, and you wanted to experience
it, and then it’s like a romantic comedy, you know? And you’re like, I want the horror movie. – Yup, but I do wanna say
here, don’t use it as an excuse not to help people, either. Like you’re walking by, say,
there was someone in pain, you’re like, they have to experience that. I don’t wanna interrupt that. Someone getting mugged, I
don’t wanna interrupt that. – Because maybe they
came here to actually, to receive help, and you
could’ve given it to them. But then, if you keep trying to give help, and they clearly don’t want it, then that’s when you unshackle. Now, we mentioned that
we were gonna go into even some even weirder concepts here. So we’re gonna go into
an ever weirder idea. And we mentioned this in the
video that we shot in Denver, but we’re gonna dive into
it a little bit deeper. Which is this idea that, we want you to imagine
yourself like this balloon, that’s trying to move up. And it’s in the balloon’s
nature to move up, but there’s these chains
that are holding it down. And the word that we’re
gonna use, for now… But we’re gonna kind of use
these words provisionally, but I think we could have a better word, but let’s just use it for now. Is those chains are like karmic threads, that are holding you down from elevating. Now, the idea that we talked
about in the Denver video, was this idea that the
world is so amazing. There’s so much to be
grateful for, in the world. And what we do, is as
a way of shutting out how incredible the world is,
it’s almost like sunglasses for the glare of the awesomeness
of the fucking world, is that we focus on all this
petty, fucking bullshit, and ignore the bigger picture. So, you know, I’ve had it
where say, I’m dating a girl, and I’m bringing to the
table, world travel, living in beautiful places, going to incredible food restaurants, buying the best clothes,
doing, just having fun, meeting great people. But I’ve seen it where the
girl, all that she can focus on is like, I didn’t call her one
time, or something like that. And she can’t come off it. And the reason why I think
I’ve seen a lot of this, is because what I see
happening, is that the world has gotten too good, and it’s
almost like it’s too bright. And to wear sunglasses,
to shut off the glare of the fucking awesomeness,
is like, you didn’t call me that one time, oh, my God! And sometimes I feel like
when that girl will see that, it’s like, look, to keep
this ship moving forward of all this awesomeness,
we gotta be focused. We can’t be getting mad about like… Like if I got mad about every
little small think like that, the business would fall
apart, because we have issues like that everyday. So, right. And you become who you hang out with, so if I became like that,
then every single time there was a problem with
like, immersion processing, or some missed sale thing, or
some website that goes down, or some video that got fucked up. Or you know, we had our, one of my mikes ran out of batteries, so now
we have to share the mike. Like, “We gotta share the
mike, now, oh, my God!”. Well, when you run a business,
there’s so many problems that are gonna happen, or
if you try to be successful in any endeavor, there’s so many problems that are gonna happen. That if you don’t have
that emotional fitness to deal with that, you’re life is gonna be fricking miserable. So you have to have emotional
fitness, before you can even take your life to another level. Because more money, more
problems, as you move up, more crazy things are gonna happen. Now, understand that these karmic threads are essentially distractions
from how amazing life is. So what I want you to do,
is I want you to think about places you could travel to. Imagine you traveled to
Africa, or to Hawaii, or to any environment,
where things are just so, so beautiful. I want you to really think about that. Imagine just looking at
your hands right now, and just the little print in your hand. Look at the person next to
you, look into their eyes, take a deep breath of fresh
air, get present for a moment. Look at your computer
screen, look at your phone, look at the technology. Think of how amazing life is. Why can’t you just let that
in, and frickin’ be happy? Why can’t you? And my opinion, is that what
it is, is that you’re soul isn’t ready to move up yet. Now what would happen, if
you kind of just let that go, and you became super present? And instead of focusing
on a million things that are bothering you, you chose to focus only on the most incredible
things in the world. Let’s say that you
focus just on gratitude. Let’s say that you were
to focus on things that are teaching you, things
that you’re learning, the fact that your emotional
fitness that you’re building is amazing. If you focus on joy,
experiencing the moment. Like how often do you go
to a great restaurant, and you still sit there, kind of pissed? How often do you maybe meet a great girl, and she becomes your
girlfriend, and you thought you were gonna be so happy,
when you got that girlfriend. But instead you’re exactly the same. Right now, you probably make more money than you did a few years ago. And you probably thought,
that when you made that money you’d be happy. But you probably feel the same. Hopefully, you do enjoy it more. But you see my point, probably
a lot of it’s the same, maybe some of it is better. But you see the general point here, okay? And it if doesn’t fully
apply, look at the parts where it partially applies. Well what’s going on here? What I would challenge you
to do, is for one hour, just for an hour, just be present. Just be present to the moment. Just take in the awesomeness, let it in, open up that perception,
let the perception open up. And say to yourself,
rather than focusing on a million things, I’m gonna focus on, being present to the moment. I’m gonna focus on
learning what’s helping me. I’m gonna focus on
building emotional fitness, so when things don’t go perfectly. And anything negative
that I do wanna focus on, I’m just gonna focus on the
constructive aspects of it, and move forward. And think of how much
of your mental dialogue is just on a repeat of
negativity, or projection. Or thinking about things that can happen, or bad things that did happen. And what would happen, if you
just allowed your awareness to rest in the present moment. Well, the thing with being
present to the moment, is that it builds. And the more presence that comes into you, and the more that you
let go of negativity, as that builds, and builds, and builds, that’s like the balloon moving up. And like we said,
high-vibration energy attracts more high-vibration energy. Low-vibration energy attracts
more low-vibration energy. Even if you don’t believe
in that terminology, you don’t have to. Just look at it from a
scientific perspective and emotional addictions. And think about it, in terms
of self-fulfilling prophecies. It’s like, are you making
life hard, or easy? If you’re sitting there and thinking of hustling all afternoon, and
you’re in a bad mood about it. What if you’re just to be in a good mood, and you just took a
walk, and on that walk, you’re in such a good
mood, that you met somebody who could help you. And that person that can
help you, is attracted to your great energy, and all
of a sudden, you worked only 5% as much, to achieve
100 times the outcome. It’s like snakes and ladders, right? You don’t need to crawl
up that painful ladder, sometimes you can just
slide down the snake. But you make your life
harder than it has to be, because your stuck in a limited reality. So what I want you to ask yourself, whenever you’re reacting to
something, say to yourself, is this real, or could I just let this go, and move up? Like if that person
cut you off in traffic, is the anger real, or
could you just move up? It doesn’t all have to be so hard. Life can be easy. But as life gets easier,
and easier, and you become more and more positive,
and you let things go, it’s like that balloon is moving up, and it’s catching the
current, and it’s just going. And to me, that’s the kind of flow that you wanna get into. – So to build on the soul families. You know, we got a little
weird, why not go weirder, and talk about parallel realities. And to really hammer this point home, think of when you go to,
I mean, there’s that, there’s this liquor store in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. And every time that you walk in, it’s right next to this awesome club, it’s like everyone’s
partying, having a blast. And you walk in there, and
you just kind of feel like you’ve entered this
weird pocket of energy. You know, this new, this other dimension. You know, people like,
you’re just kinda heavy, like you’re… I always hear people
complaining around that area. It’s just very heavy, very dark. And you go up, and like, “You know, I’m just
getting some chewing gum”. And then someone’s like
mad, and just like, “Here, like you’re paying.”,
you’re like, “Whoa!”. You know, where was I? And then you walk out, and
it’s like, ahhhhh, you know. Or you go to, say, the
sauna, you know, the spa. And you walk in, it’s like, ahhh, it’s a very soothing place, you know, – And that’s a great example,
too, because some spas, some Russian spas, or Korean spas, actually are very dense, and heavy. So there’s actually, but,
and that’s a great example, it’s not just the environment, it’s the people attract that environment. ‘Cause some of the
Russian banyas you go to, are like the heaviest
environments you’ve ever seen, or the Korean spas, where some
guys are like whacking off and like staring at you, and shit. And I’ve seen that, guys like stroking it while staring at me, and I’m like, ha, ha, interesting spa here. And then other spas you
go to, it’s very light, and refreshing. – The same with spiritual
circles, by the way. You’d think, oh, in this
spiritual health shop it’s very light. And sometimes it is, but other times, you hear a lot of bickering,
and a lot of negativity. You know, it just feels very heavy. And to recognize this, I mean
you do have to get in touch with how you feel, go into your body, and even watching this video now. What environment are you in? Are you in a little pocket,
of that negative energy? Or do you feel very light? And just look at your entire life. What reality are you in? – We all live in the same physical world. But, energetically, it’s
a very different world. And what we tend to do, is
we tend to attract people that will reinforce that energetic, either high-vibration,
or low-vibration reality. And we tend to be attracted
to places, and jobs, that will go along with
that reality that we’re in. So, the way to think about
it, if you wanna go in that kind of weird spiritual
version, is you say that you made a decision to be
incarnated into this life, and you’re now seeking out people who will reinforce the lessons
that you’re here to get, and environments that reinforce that. And you’re entire life’s
drama playing out, either in a very heavy way,
or in a way that’s very light. And like we said, a lot of time,
if you try to pull somebody out of that, they’re very, very pissed. And so, the more that you help
somebody to pull out of that, if they’re resisting it, eventually, they can really hate you, or snap on you, and start calling you an asshole, and all this derogatory shit, because you’re trying to
show them something better, And for me, that’s
actually what it was when, like the people who I
saw, that were kind of living in a heavy world,
that I tried the hardest to really pull up. Seeing the blow back on
that, made me realize that you’ve gotta be,
you’ve gotta bring people into that reality, that
are ready to be there. It’s like, say you take a homeless person, and you bring that homeless person into a beautiful apartment. And the couches are nice,
and the pillows are plush, and the bed is comfortable,
and it’s very temperate, it has a great view. That homeless person, they might be in the same
physical reality as you, but in the same way that we talked about, where someone who’s
addicted to talking shit, they get in live in with negativity, but when you joke with them,
they kind of disconnect, you’ll see them retract. So you’ll notice, they
retract during laughter. They retract, during peace or positivity. That positive environment, will actually disturb that person. Say you have the homeless guy, some of them might really
like it, to be fair. They’re like wow, this
is the best, thank you! But many of the other
ones, will actually need to go back down. Or even if they’re in that
beautiful environment, they need to take drugs. Like you know, they’ll say like, “Oh, I’ve gotta do my crack now.”, in the beautiful environment. Or I’ve gotta get a fight,
in the beautiful environment. I’ve had it to where,
I’ve lived with people who are living in the most
epic, palatial mansions that you’ve ever seen. But they find a way to come
back to negativity and pain, even living in that beautiful environment. And it’s like, wherever
you go, there you are. And you might be in a
better physical reality, but unless you have a
higher-level, higher-vibration internal reality, you might
think that you’re moving up, but actually it might cause more chaos than you’d ever imagine. – And with this too, by the way. Ask yourself, like
around what people do you get turned on again? I love that word, turned on. And you know, who are your people? And I remember back in
the day, say I was around people who bitched, I’d feel
like, ah, this is my tribe. And then you’d put me
around people who are say, a little happier, and
it would be exhausting. ‘Cause like I was playing
this certain role. And then when I’d get back
to the people who bitched, oh, I could be me again. So around who are you, you? – So we’re on the home stretch here, and we’ve provided a lot
of very weird concepts. Concepts that are very out there. And again, to reinforce, always look at a broad range of ideas, to think about how your processing your life. So you wanna be looking at
the emotional addictions, the science, the psychology, and if you’re interested,
everything is interesting, you can look at those spiritual aspects, or even this weird stuff,
about parallel realities. And also, never just believe
anything out of hand. Everything that we told
you about, that we kind of maybe believe, it’s more just models that maybe could make
sense, or maybe could just be utilized, and whether they’re
true or not doesn’t matter. As long as it helps you to
understand your life better, and to improve, okay? Human beings, there’s so much information and things we don’t know about the world. So if you have a set of beliefs
that’s just helping you, kind of just play with those, use them while they’re helping you. Then if they don’t anymore,
then just let them go, okay? So whatever resonates with you, use it. But just wrapping on this
whole parallel realities idea. Whether or not it’s a spiritual thing, whether or not it’s a… Like ’cause some people
actually believe that there’s infinite different
realities, that we move into. Like what you just shift
your state, you can even move into a parallel reality. Like super weird idea. Could be true, might not be true. Like maybe there’s this other
version of you out there, that’s making millions, this other version that lives in a cave, like all
this different stuff, right? ‘Cause I mean, when you think
about concept of an infinity. Again, think about infinity,
maybe that could be true. Maybe there could be a
soul’s plan, a soul family, or maybe not. Maybe it’s just a cold,
harsh world, and we have emotional addictions,
and inner-psychology, and maybe that’s what’s running us. Who know, who cares, just understand it. So, let’s just sort of take that, and regardless of what model
you kind of resonate with, or go with, let’s just wrap
this on the home stretch with practical examples, of how you can get a sense for this, how
you can see it in the world, and what you can do, to change it. So, the first thing we wanna
do, is we wanna get you kind of a pallet, or inner
sensitivity about what it is that you’re really feeling. And the way that I think about that, is I think about that kind of
derp sate that I go into, when I’m sitting there
watching random videos online when I’m kind of tired. And a lot of the time, I think to myself, well maybe I should edit my own videos. And then I’ll jump in
and say, Adobe Premiere, which is a software that I use to edit. And I start seeing these
videos that I know, if I release that video,
that video is going to improve my career, it’s
going to improve my reality. It’s gonna put my life situation
on such a different level that the video itself,
begins to frighten me. It begins to, and I wouldn’t
say like, oh, oh, like that, but it just repels me a
little bit, and I’m like, no, just keep watching the videos. And it’s kinda funny, ’cause
I even feel these chains, these karmic threads,
holding down the balloon from moving up myself. Where I look at my life, and even with RSD in the low eight figures here in revenue, in my mind I’m like,
well, why couldn’t we be at 500 million, or a billion? And I say to myself, to
what extent am I addicted, to the kind of reality that I have? Maybe, you know, I go out
and meet women at night. You know, I work with this level of people who I’m working with. I do this type of work. And it’s kind of this loop, that has different iterations of it, week to week. When in reality, instead of
just climbing the ladder, maybe I could slide down the snake. So I feel that reality. So what I’m gonna ask you
to do, is for you to go into your reality, and just
think about that day-to-day loop that you’re sort of in. And think about the emotional fulfillment that you’re getting out of it. And think about the needs and addictions that it’s fulfilling. Think about how you’re kind of
moving through that reality, and then ask yourself, when am I done? When have I had enough of that? When have I experienced enough of this, that I’m willing to say,
let’s do the next thing. So kind of like what I
said with my ex-girlfriend, or having breakups, where it’s like, okay, you experienced that,
what’s the next thing? And not being in pain, or flipping out, as if you lost your car keys or something, when you have a life transition. So that being the case,
what I want you to do, is develop a sense of what you’re feeling, as far as your addictions. And then ask yourself, how you’ll react to when something more
positive is around you. How do you feel, how do you react? And what I noticed, is that
whenever I have say a video that would improve my
career, sometimes I’m so afraid of my own success,
that I have to pay somebody to make me sit down, and actually finish the friggin’ thing and put it out. And then when I do, my life
gets better, and people are like “Oh, that was awesome, dah, dah, dah”. And then, my life does move up. But sometimes you gotta kind of force it. So what you wanna really
do, is you wanna get an idea of what you’re life could look like. What would be an incredible life for you? And ask yourself, am I willing
to give up the derp state, or addiction, of that kind of derpiness, or kind of floatiness, that I’m in. And what I really want you to do, is everywhere you go in public,
look at different people. Look in their pupils, and
look at the brightness in the pupils, the aliveness in the eyes. Look at the concerns that they have, the things that they’re
addicted to talking about, and ask yourself, are they
making their lives easy, or hard? How hard are you making your life, and where could you make
it easier, by opening up and going into abundance, right? You know, if you’re
obsessed with that girl who broke up with you, could
you just move into abundance, take that girl as an
experience, and move on? If you’re a girl, could
you do that for a guy? Gay or straight, it doesn’t
matter, whatever it is. Could you allow that to happen? So what you’ve gotta do, is
you’ve gotta get a taste for it, ask yourself what reality you’re in, and what would it mean to move up? Why are you afraid of it? And what would it be like,
if you were to move up? – This is years ago, when we
first met, and I was in that, you know, kind of– – For loco.
– For loco, debauchery phase. I was like, going out, drinking. – Cigarettes.
– Cigarettes. It was just chaos. – That’s an example of an
addiction to low-vibration energy, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes,
excessive processed foods, and so on, and so forth. And bitching, and complaining. – And you’d tell me like, “Dude, what the fuck, put it down”. And I knew, like, put me down,
like put a gun to my head and be like, “Tell the truth”. And I’d be like, “Hell,
yeah, if I gave all this up, “I would move up”. But, something kept pulling me back. Like part of me didn’t
wanna give it up, you know. And there was that fear, where it’s like, it could get better, but I’m used to this. This is my reality, this
is the little bubble, the pocket I live in. – Or maybe you just weren’t done. Sometimes you just gotta be done. – Yeah. And usually, when you’re
done, it’s like when shit gets worse, and worse, and worse, where you’re like, enough’s enough. And that’s where life or the universe will help you with that. Yeah, it really comes
out of that willingness to be aware of it, too. Like, be honest with yourself,
and that’s why I keep saying, do that audit. What turns you on, what
people turn you on? What environments do you
find yourself in the most? What is your version of Groundhogs Day? Where you just live the
same day over, and over, and over again. What are the concerns? Notice too, when there’s resistance. You know, a common one is reading a book. I remember in the past,
I wouldn’t read at all, and it would scare me. Like I’d have this book,
and I know if I read it I’d move up, and I’d
start kind of reading it and I’d get very tired. I’d be like, uhhhhh. – The epicness of it,
you put on the shades. The epicness of that book,
is like the epicness of nature and life, and the beauty of life, and you need the shades to put it back on, and go into those, back
into those petty concerns. – Yeah, then just read some shit. Or if I’m watching a
video online, it’s like, here’s the derpy one. Here’s one that would perhaps move me up. Ahhh, let’s go with the derpy one. Oh, that’s just too much. So kind of catch yourself there. What are the boundaries? Where does it (sucking in)
start pulling you back in, and where are you right on the edge of entering another reality? (clapping) – Self audit. What emotions are you addicted to? If you were a spirit, which who knows, okay, but if you were,
is your spirit moving up, or is it moving down? If you were in the parallel reality, what parallel reality are you in? The one that is difficult,
one that is hard? The pain in your life, are
you the once causing it? Are you the greatest architect
of your own discontent? I predict you are, I think we all are. I certainly couldn’t claim otherwise. Or, you know, are you really a victim? I think, you’re probably
the greatest architect of your own discontent. And more than anything, do
you have emotional fitness, when different challenges come up? Here what you’ve done, is
heard a lot of different ideas. Some that you’ve gonna think
are absurd and garbage, others that you might resonate
with, whatever that is. But your job is not to get
hung up on how true it is, or not true it is. Your job is to simply ask yourself those hypothetical questions,
as a thought experiment. Most of these weirder topics,
that we brought up here, are thought experiments,
more than anything. Because ultimately, you’re not gonna know. Anybody who claims to know this or that, there’s many questions about life, that we’re not in a position
to know while we’re alive. So that being the case, ask
yourself and do that audit, and make adjustments. If you do that, and you ask
yourself questions like this, realize that so few people
ever will ask these questions, or really take conscious
control over these areas. But if you do, what could
your life look like? – And really follow like how you feel. You know, you’ll always know before, going in a certain direction. Like say the Uber’s late,
you can choose to be upset, or just go with the flow. One option, is always
lighter, and you’ll know. You know, you can
complain about something, and it can be very heavy. (sigh) Or you could just let it go. That doesn’t mean don’t
fix it, don’t take action, but there’s always a lighter route. Ask yourself, what is the lighter route? – So what’s gonna happen is, you’re gonna turn this video off. And right now, you get it, it’s so clear, everything makes sense! And that’s because at this moment, you’re perception has
been expanded, hopefully. At least, you know, if you’re willing to let us do our fucking job, you’re perception will be expanded. If you’re not, then you
might even be fighting, and be like, there,
that’s bullshit, right? Because you gotta fight it
off, you gotta fight it off. But if you’ve let us do
our fricking job, right? It’s like, you know, you’re
having sex with somebody, and they’re trying to get you off. We’re trying to get you off here. If you let us get you off,
you’re perception is expanded. And what that means, is now you get it, in this moment, you get it. You have an experience. But soon you’re gonna go
back to your regular life, and all these things are gonna
start to bear down on you, and they’re gonna start to frustrate you, and you’re gonna move into negativity, you’re gonna move into frustration, and you’re gonna move into smallness. And that’s okay. Because frankly, if this
one video could solve that, (crowd cheering) then you wouldn’t even need to be alive. If you knew everything, you
wouldn’t need to be alive. If you didn’t need more lessons, you wouldn’t need to be here. So embrace those lessons. And even when you fall
back, look, me and Julien have many more times,
that something frustrating will happen to us, and
we’re gonna freak out. And we’re gonna forget our own advice, even though we made this video! We’re the one’s that made
it, and we’re gonna forget. So for sure, you’re gonna forget. But, when you do forget, it’s just another experience
of learning what doesn’t work. And it’s an opportunity
for you to learn from it, to recalibrate, say, “Wait
a minute, I forgot about “what I learned in that
experience.”, right? That’s like taking, some
crazy psychedelic drug trip, like thinking about this stuff. And you’re gonna forget,
the lessons that you had on that psychedelic drug trip. But then, what you can do, is
you can say, wait a minute, in that moment I had an
experience, I can re-remember it. I can see that by me becoming
small again, it doesn’t help, and then you can expand. And that’s the beauty of life, is that the entire journey itself
is for you to experience. And we just thought that
maybe we would give you a few pointers here, on YouTube. I mean, look, are you
gonna be watching anything? You could be watching a sports
game, you could be watching some random TV show, or you
could be watching this, okay? So we hope that you enjoyed the boat ride. It was very loud, could
probably barely hear it, in certain cases. But, in many ways, by
straining to hear it, you actually would pay closer attention. And in addition to that, what
was the point of the video? Oh, maybe we shot on that boat on purpose? Because the point of
the video, is not to let small, petty nonsense bother you. And you can choose to take in the video, or to focus on that loud tourism voice. And this was your opportunity. And this video was meant
to be a metaphor of that. This video was meant to
be a metaphor of the boat moving through your life. The only constant is
you, as everything moves, the only constant is you. There’s frustration, and
you can choose to focus on the annoying part, like
the voice in the boat. Or you can choose to focus
on the beautiful boat ride, and the information, and the joy, and the bigger picture itself. So we hope that you took this metaphor, which we now reveal to you
at the end of the video, to bring it back full circle. Thank you, for taking part
of this here, in Chicago, it was a wonderful evening. Thank you, for joining it. Thank you, very much, we appreciate it! And we’re done. Peace. (heavy metal music) – This is Julien, and welcome
to Transformation Mastery. – That was fucking amazing! – This was huge for me,
this was so, so important. – This gave me, by far, the greatest
experience I’ve ever had. – It just made me, finally,
confront my deepest fears. – And we got like real deep,
and I found some issues within myself. – One of the best things
I’ve seen so far, in my life. – What you’re about to experience
going through this program is what completely changed my
life, on every single level. Okay, be it health, wealth,
relationships, higher purpose, you name it, this is the
stuff that finally, finally, produced that true, long-lasting
personal transformation we’re all after. Okay, now, before we dive
into what you can expect, when you start your transformation, and how this program works. Because it is a completely
new approach here, with new methods, designed to
produce results for you fast, I wanna share with you, a
little bit of the backstory of how Transformation
Mastery came into existence. So, I first got into this
whole personal development, self-help world back in 2006, when I randomly found out
about success with women, and the fact that you
can work on yourself, and transform who you are, into someone who is more confident,
fun, attractive, playful, so on, and so forth. Because up until that point, and I don’t know if you know
this about me, I was stuck. Okay, I was completely
stuck, I was at the bottom, I was someone who was anxious 24×7, who was stressed out 24×7,
miserable 24×7, paranoid. I couldn’t put myself out
there, I couldn’t speak up. I wouldn’t jump at opportunities. I was just living a very
miserable existence. I was depressed, I was
overwhelmed, I was drained, I had no energy, and it
was straight up hell. You know, on a scale of
one to 10, if I to rate my experience of myself, it
was a good three out of 10. And it’s been like that,
as far as I can remember. You know, every since I was a
kid, like my earliest memories it was like that. Like that was me, and I had no hope. You know, I kind of came to terms with, hey, I guess this is just how things are. And I had my excuses. Well, you know, I grew up in Switzerland, maybe if I lived in America,
things would be different. Maybe if I had cooler friends, maybe if I was better looking, maybe if I, if this thing happened
to me, if that person didn’t screw me over, so on, and so forth. And I just lived a hell of a life. And finding out about this,
whew, gave me that hope. I was like whoa! I can actually have control over this. I don’t have to stay a victim. I can step it up, and change who I am. I don’t have to accept
this shitty reality, this shitty state of being. And I did. Okay, I became obsessed,
with transforming who I am. And I optimized everything. I optimized my personality. I became more confident, I
worked on becoming more funny, more playful, more extroverted. ‘Cause I’m naturally introverted. It’s like this would be
the scariest thing ever, for me, back in the day. I optimized my life situation. You know, I was like, okay,
well, I need relationships with friends, girls. Okay, I need to travel. I need to make money. I need to like really live a crazy life, filled with these rich experiences. Let’s optimize all of that. And I did. And I went all out, and in 2010, I started traveling the
world, and teaching literally 10s of thousands of people,
just like you and me, face-to-face, how to get unstuck, as well. How to transform. And I went all out. You know, I perfected my
teachings, and I would see every type of person. Okay, at this point, I’ve
done five to six world tours, and my schedule is every single week, I’m traveling to a new city, or country, every single fucking week. And I’m seeing new
people, with new issues. I’m seeing the different subtleties, I’m seeing the setbacks,
I’m seeing what’s going on, and I would perfect my teachings. Perfect how to snap them out of it, how to help them not just settle, for that
shitty state of being. But how to optimize it. Now one thing that I
noticed, over the years, and this really troubled me. And I’d see it in my
clients, but also in myself, is that although we would
transform ourselves, transform our lives, and achieve success, it always felt like we were
fighting against something to get there. And any success that we
would get, it would require a lot of effort to maintain. You know, it just felt like
something kept pulling us back. Like we weren’t meant to get the success, like the system was rigged against us. And let me ask you this, right now, if you’ve optimized different
things in your life, does it feel like that? Does it feel like you’re
fighting against something, like the system is somehow
just rigged against you? And you can try to find a way there. You can really perfect the techniques, perfect the willpower, and
hustle your way there, but there’s still that force
field, just kind of pulling you back, pulling
you back to ground zero. Pulling you right back into misery. And that’s what I felt. And not just that, if you
wanna go really deep here, but, underneath all of that success, all the things I’d optimized, my personality, my life, I still felt the same. And this is how crazy this gets. And I’m sure you can relate right now. Okay, where you might have
optimized a lot in your life. You might have worked on
yourself, your personality. You might have worked on
your financial success, gotten a new job, gotten
a promotion, gone healthy, improved yourself, read a lot
of books, so on, and so forth. Just really optimized
everything, trying to live a really, rich, fulfilling life. However, underneath all that, underneath
all that surface work, all that surface transformation,
did anything really change? Or is it still, that same old you? And this is something that
would freak me the fuck out. Where I’d have all this success, and I’d fight to maintain
it, a lot of effort. And then every once in a
while, I’d have a glimpse of that old me. If I just settled for
myself, and I did nothing, I just brought that
awareness into my body, it was still the same old me. It was still that three out
of 10, underneath it all. And it would freak me out to the point, where I’d just kind of block it off. Like, ewww, just don’t
pay attention to that. ‘Cause what that would
mean, is that everything that I’ve done, everything that
I’ve worked on and optimized was simply surface-level work. It was just this big,
you know, endless chase, of shit that just didn’t do anything. You know, it’s mental masturbation,
if you think about it. You’re just like, I’m doing
all this success, chasing this, yet nothing is changing deep down inside. It’s not true transformation. And this is what I realized. In 2014, when I went
through the most traumatic, yet life-changing experience,
which was the media scandal, that I talk about a lot. Where I pushed my marketing
so far, and eventually, things popped, and guess
what, I did get pulled back. – I see some comments
from various people here, about a fellow called Julien Blanc. – Julien Blanc.
– Julien Blanc. – Known as the pickup artist. – Julien Blanc.
– Julien Blanc. – You all know who Julien Blanc like. – And, although that was the
worst experience of my life, it was also from this experience,
of just losing everything. Because I lost everything,
that as cliche’ as it sounds, I gained everything. Okay, because, it forced me
to stop distracting myself, and just focusing on
all this surface stuff, on all the external, on chasing
more, and more, and more. And it forced me to let go of all that, and even let go of the
stuff that’s keeping me at that three out of 10, and finally snap out, and achieve that 10 out of 10. So let me explain, okay? This is how it works. Most people, are stuck at the bottom. Okay, they’re stuck in a
very shitty, miserable, state of being. And that used to be me. You find out about personal development, and you start optimizing yourself, you start optimizing your life. However, you’re still
optimizing trying to escape that shitty experience. Okay, so follow me here. At the bottom, everyone’s
experiences, scarcity, their coping, it’s a bad state of being. They try to optimize it,
by running away from that. But by running away from it,
they’re keeping it alive. Because any movement, where you’re running away from something, is the
continuation of that thing. By you trying to be more
confident, you’re keeping the fact that you’re not confident
to begin with, alive. By you trying to be happy,
you’re keeping the fact that you’re not happy alive. By me, for example, trying to improve my three out of 10
baseline, I’m keeping that three out of 10 baseline alive. So it’s literally, like that
fucking movie, the Matrix. Where you can either be in
the Matrix, and just suck. You’re at the bottom, there’s
your life, that’s you, suck it. Or, you can try to improve your life, but you’re still in the fucking Matrix. And that’s why no one achieves true, deep, permanent transformation. Because it’s just this surface
work, in the Matrix paradigm. And what I got, out of going
through that media scandal, is that it snapped me out of the Matrix. I had to literally drop everything, and have this glimpse of another reality, another state of being, another paradigm. Not based on scarcity,
but based on abundance. And that is the most
life-changing moment ever. And this is what inspired
Transformation Mastery. This I what got me obsessed,
ever since the end of 2014, up until now, to create a program, for you to experience
that, without the downside of going through a media
scandal, so you as well, can snap out of the Matrix. Life, life, life, life,
life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
loose, my loose hands up, loose, let’s loose the fuck up, whew! Everyone, loosen the fuck up, all out. Hey!! – [Crowd] Hey!! (shouting) – What are you trying to do? This is about results. If you’ve been following my
journey, what I’ve been teaching I’ve always been about results. And this is the next level,
for you to fucking kill it, and get more results. Because if you’re coping,
and follow me here. If, let’s just say, one to
10, you’re three out of 10. Instead of coming from a solid
platform of 10 out of 10, and then thriving, and killing it in life, you’re coping with this three out of 10. Everything you’re doing,
is trying to compensate or escape it. A lot of energy, a lot of
paranoia, a lot of like waste is just going into this shitty state, of just trying to survive with it. And not only that, but guess what, you’re addicted to this state. And this is what kept pulling me back, and what kept pulling
all of my clients back. So when you change this, okay, to 10 out of 10, that’s you’re platform. You’re no longer in scarcity,
you’re in abundance, you can thrive, and
just kill it even more. And you can not imagine the possibilities. As soon as I started incorporating
this into my teachings for the past two years, the results have been so fucking
drastic, and so effortless. It’s like they’ve been
driving with the brakes on, and those brakes are finally
off, and you’re just free. I mean, imagine that. Just walking out of your house right now, walking out of the front
door, and just being free. Not defensive, not coping, not worrying, not trying to escape it,
not trying to numb it, not trying to stuff it down. Just feeling fucking awesome,
and ready to attack life. Just fucking imagine. As loud as you can. – I sigh, I just scream? Or what is it like, I
scream as loud as I can– – Don’t think, do. – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! – Even more, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! – Now talk, bring it! Just don’t think, do! – I fucking play a league of– – Louder! (crowd applause) (crowd applause) (crowd applause) – Okay, that was. That was it. (crowd applause) I honestly couldn’t have
thought of a better example. It’s like, oh, my passion,
League of Legends, when I play, dah, dah, like
that’s what turns you on! (audience laughing) Yes. And now it’s like, that aliveness. Like actually look at the crowd. That aliveness, the
brightness in the pupils, the smile, the genuine smile. That’s what you gotta connect with. If you look at me, ever
since the end of 2014, for the past two years,
versus the first eight years, 2006 to 2014, when I first got into this. Those first eight years, I went all out. I became obsessed with transformation, but it’s all about results here. Okay, that’s how you measure this. Look at me in the past two years. The change, in terms of
real-world, real-life results, these past two years,
trump the first eight by a long shot, like you
can’t even fucking compare. Those first eight years,
in terms of results, yeah, they’re pretty fucking drastic. But now, these last two,
they’re a fucking joke. And this is what I want for you. I want you to get your fucking
foot off that brake pedal, start fucking killing it,
start enjoying your results, start resonating with success. You don’t have to fight
this uphill battle, where you’re being
pulled back, and instead, you start being pulled towards your goals. And you can finally feel fucking awesome, (heavy sigh) and that peace inside. Okay, so, it’s starting
with the deep work, so you can then kill it,
with the surface work. Close your eyes, and think
back to, one of those moments you put yourself out there, and you know, someone just really shamed you, for what you were feeling, or shamed you, for what you were thinking. You know, they told you it’s not okay, that part of you was rejected. You know, you felt maybe
embarrassed, you felt upset. Maybe self-hate kicked in, ’cause you shouldn’t be
feeling that, you’re like, what’s wrong with me,
why am I feeling that, why is that coming up? And just kind of replay the
scenario, and just replay like all those sensations. Like how do you feel, if you were anxious, if you were angry, just
kind of what came up, and what do you feel
in your body right now, just kind of replaying it? Do you feel hurt, betrayed,
upset, embarrassed, stupid, hating yourself,
beating yourself up? Just tune into it, and
just let it come up. So what’s in Transformation Mastery, and how does this all work? And the first thing I want to stress here, is that it is a very
experiential approach. Okay, this isn’t a program
where you go through it, and you memorize every
little bit of content, every little idea, trying
to transform that way there. Instead, you go through this program, and you let the content
change what’s inside. And you will notice, the deeper
you go into this program, the more little subtleties you’re gonna start experiencing inside. And I’ve broken down
Transformation Mastery into three main parts. There’s part one, which is Awareness, part two, which is Proof, and part three, with is Permanence. And in part one, this is
where we really focus on snapping you out of this socially-conditioned,
scarcity-based reality. We’re going to examine
different paradigms. We’re going to examine, and question, assumptions you’ve
never questioned before, and assumptions you didn’t
even know you were making. We’re going to examine cause and effect, and here, I really want
to reprogram your brain, reprogram your understanding
of yourself, and the world. And just by this first section, and this is how crazy it
gets, you’re gonna have epiphany, after epiphany,
just exploding in your head, and the changes will
already start happening. And this is content and ideas
you’ve never heard before. They can be hard to swallow,
but you’ve gotta choose here. Do you wanna stay in this shitty reality, is it the blue pill, or
the fucking red pill. Which one are you gonna take? Take it, swallow it, and
then let’s fucking do this. That’s the first section. The second section is Proof. And this is where I get you to experience everything that we talked about. You experience it first hand,
through a guided release. And this is something
that’s completely new. I’ve never released
anything like it before, where you’re going to sit down, and it’s a guided form of mediation, that will (heavy breath in) get you to snap out of this reality, get you to snap out of the Matrix. That’s how crazy this gets. And just by this guided release, you will have the proof inside of you. You will finally have that
glimpse, just like me, going through a worldwide media scandal, but you will have it from
the comfort of your own home. And the third section is Permanence. And that’s where we go deep
into your subconscious, which is another topic
most people don’t tackle. And this is where, a lot
of these assumptions, and a lot of the things that are keeping this scarcity-based reality,
that are keeping you at this shitty, default state,
that’s keeping that alive, are buried in there. And you need to let go of
those, and release them. That’s how you make this permanent. So awareness, you get what’s happening. Proof, you have that glimpse. Permanence, we dive
into your subconscious, and we dive into your
childhood, different traumas, different recurring patterns in your life. We break those patterns, so
you’re no longer a prisoner, you’re no longer living in reaction. And we completely free you,
and make this new reality, this new paradigm permanent. And I didn’t just stop
here, I’ve also added two extra guided releases,
where there’s a morning release and an evening release. And these are releases
that I personally listen to every single day. It’s the first thing I
do, when I wake up, whew! I put on the headphones,
I listen to this release. I go to bed, I put the headphones on, I listen to this release. Just doing that, just
the two guided releases, your life will drastically change. And the fifth section here, is transformational infield footage. – I was usually in school,
not remembering what to say, getting bad grades, or criticism, or In groups, social groups, gatherings, just people not liking me, okay? – So as you can see
here, there’s a lot more intense sensations that are surfacing. You know, she’s getting
a lot more emotional, and that’s because we’re
going deeper, and deeper, into the fear. And this is where it gets really crazy. Because what you’re going
to see in this section, is all of these ideas
and concepts, illustrated with real life examples, with
people just like you and me in action, and you’re going to see me, break it all down. So I wanna give you a lot more context, and help you apply it to yourself. Where if, for example,
we talk about resistance, you can hear me break down resistance. And I will say, it’s going
to show up in this way here, and this way here, and this
way here, and this way here. You’re going to resist
snapping out of the Matrix. And you can understand it, and you’ll know how to go through it. But, if you see someone else
experience that resistance, and you see me break it down, and show you how it pops up, and how subtle it is, and how I help that person
still blast through, and finally let go, and snap out of it, (heavy breath) now you know what to fucking do. Now you have no excuse. And not only that, but
now you’re inspired, because you feel what they’re
feeling in these videos. This is where it gets
really tough, it’s like that thing you keep running away from, that’s the shit you gotta dive into. – He just said this, and he
didn’t want anything serious, and he was probably just feeling
like pushed into a corner, and that, that stressed out, and under pressure. – And how did you feel after he left, and after he said that? – Not worthy of being in a relationship,
of getting love, or having people tell you that you’re great, or that you’re worth receiving love. – So we’re going deeper here. It’s not feeling worthy of being loved. I fear not pleasing him. You could stay there, and focus on that, but that’s still surface, go deeper. I fear losing him. I fear not being worthy of being loved. And I’ve also added a
private Facebook group, where you can network with other people going through this process,
share your experiences, and really accelerate your transformation. Now if you’re really, really serious about transforming here, I’ve also created the Transformation Series. And this is a six months curriculum, where every month we’re
going to tackle a theme. And we’re gonna start with
apathy, and self-hate, and we’re going to move up,
all the way to self-love, and self-acceptance. It goes apathy, self-hate, month one. Guilt, self-sabotage, month two. Fear, and self-trust, month three. Purpose, and procrastination, month four. Approval, and validation, month five. And self-love, and
self-acceptance, month six. And with each month, you’re
going to get one content video, one transformational infield
video, one Q&A webinar, where you can ask me any questions, based on the theme of that month. And at the end of that webinar,
you’re also going to get a guided release, done live,
based on your questions, and based on the theme. So every month, we’re going
to have this guided release, based on the theme, for
example, fear, self-trust. You know, self-love, self-hate,
purpose, procrastination. Those are huge. How to stop procrastinating. You’ll have the content, you’ll
have the infield footage, the Q&A webinar, and the live release. This is the Transformation
Series, this is if you’re really serious about this. And I’ve also created the
exclusive Book Club Series, where for three months, every
month we’re going to tackle three of the most impactful books I’ve ever read. These are the top three
books, that just really hit me at a deep level. And we’re going to have
a webinar about the book, where I’m going to be sharing my thoughts, and how it impacted me,
and how it even impacted Transformation Mastery. And then, we’re going
to go back and forth, and I’m going to answer your
questions on those books. So this is Transformation Mastery, this is how it all works,
and this is what will completely change your life,
just like it did for me, at every single level. Okay? Again, this is my masterpiece, this is it. Like this is, you know,
not to get too morbid, but if I died right now,
this would be the thing I’d leave behind. This is my mark on the world. I mean, yeah, like I, this is it, you know. So if you resonate with
this, if you wanna transform, if you want to snap out of the
Matrix, if you’re just sick of having that shitty
experience of yourself underneath it all. No matter what you get, no
matter how much success you get, did anything change? You know for me, before
that scandal, by the way, I had everything I thought
would make me fulfilled, happy. I thought I had everything that
would change that baseline. I was traveling, I had
the girls, I had the fame, I had the money, everything. Yet, nothing changed, and
it just freaked me out. This is what finally produced that. Change your baseline. Kill the self-sabotage. Stop being pulled back,
stop making things harder than they need to be. Make things easier on
yourself, so you’re fulfilled, you’re happy, you’re
coming from a good place, and you can just fucking kill it. That’s Transformation Mastery. If you want that. You wanna snap out,
you wanna see something that being straight,
honest here, 99% of people will never see. You wanna see the other side,
you wanna see what’s beyond the Matrix, beyond scarcity, beyond this. I mean, really ask yourself,
is this really life? Like, is this all that life is? Because if so, I mean, what the fuck? That was a question I’d also ask myself? Even growing up, I’m
like, “Is this life?”. Like I always felt something
was a little bit wrong with me, like why do I feel so
shit, like is this life, is this like why I’m here? And I’d look around, and everyone else was just as miserable as me. If you go out in the
street, when’s the last time you saw somebody who’s just
bright, and just thriving, and alive, there’s that light
in their fucking pupils. My Dad has never, like never. Is that life? Is that what life should be? Is that the life you want for you? And if the answer is no, if enough’s enough, scroll down, click the link, and I’ll see
you in Transformation Mastery. Join the tribe, join the movement, and let’s wake up.

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