Why Christian Movies are BAD | The Problem with Christian Media – Part 2
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Why Christian Movies are BAD | The Problem with Christian Media – Part 2

100 thoughts on “Why Christian Movies are BAD | The Problem with Christian Media – Part 2

  1. As the screenwriter of a number of PureFlix films, I could hardly agree more with your perspective. I grew up watching indie films of the 80s and 90s, those filmmakers managed to make art with small budgets because they had a passion for the medium. It's not the budgets. It is a disregard for the art of filmmaking. And faith films will not get better until the audience demands something better, but they tend to evaluate films solely on the message itself. As for the counterproductive hatred of atheists and other non-believers, I tried to buck that trend. In Hidden Secrets, the first film produced by PureFlix (but its second release), my co-writer and I sought to create a fuller, more sympathetic portrayal, and, if the following review is any indication, we succeeded:

    "But don't dismiss Hidden Secrets as The Big Chill rewritten from a Christian perspective. It has the nerve to make one of its most appealing characters, a stem-cell researcher played by John Schneider, an atheist and the least appealing a scripture-spouting hypocrite. While its proscriptive tendencies might not sit well with some moviegoers, it does strive to distinguish between sinner and sin. Even the death merchant and the homosexual – played by Arkansan Corin Nemec – are worthy of love and respect; it's their actions that God despises."

    Nowadays, however, the audience reward films that fight the Culture War for them. It is easier to generate anger than compassion. I have no interest in that.

    As for the muddled purpose of Christian films, I think you will appreciate my recent blog:


  2. Every person has their preferences on movie genres. If someone can relate from the whole point of a film, why bash a bad thing if no one is abusing it?

  3. My favorite Christian movie is the Shack. It is one of the best christian movies out there in my opinion. It doesn't have that preachy feel to it.

  4. well Done thanks for the new perspective. I love how sensitive you were about the whole topic and yet provided a good balanced view. i genuinely enjoyed it. Thank you for the work that you do! God Bless

  5. These are two thoughtful, intelligent videos. I am not a fan of religion or of any other form of ideology. This is because there is a strong tendency among ideologies to discourage critical thinking. These videos, however, are full of intelligent, critical thinking. I wonder if the problem is not religion, per se, but organised religion. When religion combines with powerful moneyed and political interests, the result is a demand for conformity to those interests. From this we see a rise in persecution and thoughtless obedience to the Church. Unfortunately, most religions and ideologies will be of this kind as those which support established interests will also be the ones with the resources best to propagate their message and to suppress dissenters.

  6. There are two kinds of stories. Fiction and nonfiction. Fiction requires creativity and thus intelligence so thats out. Nonfiction requires events to occur in reality. What you end up with is fiction written by those with the minds of children. And that is why.

  7. All films are going to hell… and I mean that figuratively (after all, only God is qualified to judge anyone's everlasting soul). Look at academy award winning movie "The Shape of Water". The evil guy is, of course, a Christian; The Left is doing the same thing, and they have been doing it for the past 30+ years. I believe Christians just want a film which shows a Christian as the good guy, and they can actually watch with their kids. The movie makers these days are preoccupied with proselytizing.

  8. Maybe an ingmar Bergman imitator should direct a movie just about Jesus' 40 day experience in the desert. If Mel Gibson can make a whole movie just about the Passion, then an ingmar Bergman imitator – with Ron Fricke as Director of Photography – can make a movie just about the 40 days in the desert. That would be excellent.

  9. Yeah, I am an Atheist and to me, God's not dead is a joke.
    Thought sadly, I believe, it somewhat accurately represents how some Christians think about us Atheists. 🤦😞

  10. What separates this movie from the movies made from those brothers from the church is those brothers know that they aren’t making good films rather sermons, but Harold Cronk (the director of Gods not Dead) thinks he is making a good movie which he is not and you are right he is misrepresenting Christians and non believers

  11. Fuck you asshole! You're a fucking Christianphobe! You should be ashamed of yourself! I'm disgusted! Spreading lies and vilifying us for our faith

  12. “The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.”  Martin Luther

  13. Directors dont tell stories its writers generally. Directors direct. unless they're writers also. So lamn Gods prosperity movement surfaces and micro macro flip flops maturation of principle so Gods not dead one so so TWO however … good digging soldier or soldiern?

  14. 0:44

    I'm amazed to see 12 Angry Men on there, I don't think it's underrated but I barely hear anything said about it and it's one of the greatest film adaptations of a play I've ever seen. I agree wholeheartedly; film and cinema truly are an art form.

  15. No money $$$ for Christian movies, because all the big shots in Hollywood are Jews. Watch the 1950's classics though. Ben Hur and the Ten Commandments. They're awesome ! 😀

  16. Heck you motherfricker you…………………………………………………………>~< let god forgive your big fat sin 😫

  17. Evangelicals, regardless of how powerful they are in politics, are driven by the belief that they are being persecuted. And ironically, the more political power they achieve, the more they need to believe they are persecuted.

  18. I went clerical fasc, to anti theist to agnostic to apatheost to pagan and now…….libertarian left christian. Pure flix can go suck it always hated em and find them spiritually abusing

  19. Totally agree. As a Christian I can say Christian movies are very basic, predictable, and even boring. I mean don't get me wrong the messages are usually pretty good but we could do so much better. Christianity isn't just "Happy people go through hard time then endure through it with faith or convert some people" it's far richer and exciting than that.

  20. Well, it could be good if they included some historical truth about Christianity in it instead of just mindlessly praising them.

  21. I disagree with the perspective that the idea of atheists are accurate. While some are not as openly hostile, it IS becoming more hostile. While some don't realize themselves that they have anger towards God they may prohibit them from a relationship with God, some do and aren't interested in hearing anything contrary to their belief. Unfortunately, we live in days that are rapidly changing and encouraging mocking of Christianity; and all the while the 'church' is declining because of watered-down preaching, no preaching of sin or repentance. Though maybe not as artistic, its message is still there in these movies so let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater, so-to-speak. Blessings.

  22. This is true. That's why i choose what i have to watch specially in Christian movies. It's just when u have the conviction and the discernment to choose the right movie for u to watch.. The Holy Spirit will tell u. trust me.

  23. It has to be said that a truly incredible Christian film in recent years — based on an equally incredible novel — is Silence since it deals with conflicts and resolutions of faith from many perspectives and ends up finding some measure of equilibrium between these perspectives. It's an empathetic film that doesn't shy away from the darker aspects of faith, such as blind belief, pride and condescension. It ends with the protagonist realizing that while his actions were well motivated, they were poorly applied and didn't take into account the needs of others. It's a film whose protagonist tries to force his faith onto a people not yet ready to accept such drastic change, and he realizes the harm this is doing.

  24. Christian movies are bad in the way bad special effects are bad. You only notice it when it's bad. When it's good you're just engrossed. I'd say hacksaw ridge is a good example of a good christian movie.

  25. Because Hollywood is run by occultists and Satanists who dont want any message of Jesus to reach the masses. Think about it, why wouldn't Hollywood cash in on Christian movies?

  26. as a kinda agnostic former Mormon, we have even crappier and lower budget movies. And everything here also applies to those lol

  27. Thank you SO much! this was amazing! I am a Christian and I always loved movies like God's not Dead, so you can imagine this was a hard pill to swallow. But this rings truth in a phenomenal way! keep it up!

  28. This title of this video is confusing. I suppose the word "Christian" has been incorrectly appropriated by Protestants. Protestantism, with all due respect, is a man-made heresy invented in the 16th century. It's a reductionist version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your problem is with this water-down, oddity of the gospel, so the real issue is with PureFlix and the McKindrick brothers. They don't speak for or represent authentic, historic Christianity, i.e. The Catholic Church.

  29. This is a great video, very tactful made. I went to a Christian high school and all my classmates would agree with this video too. After we watched Gods not dead 2 in class, at lunch we all had a long conversation about Christian films.

    -I’m a Christian and I approve this message

  30. Love this video. I've always hated 'God's Not Dead'. When it came out, all my Christian friends were like, 'Oh, it's so powerful.' I was like, 'Um, they killed the atheist. They actually went there and killed the atheist. How can anyone say this is good?' It was the worst kind of propaganda. I couldn't believe Hercules himself would agree to the script.

    My ex-wife's father is an atheist. He's a good man. Very intelligent. And he loves his daughter very much. I'm a believer. He knew that. I knew he was an atheist. And we got along great. We both loved to read, so we talked books, current events, etc. We avoided the subject of religion, bc it had no place. I tried to live my life as an example, and that's all I could do. We live in America, so it's not like there's a lack of religion on every other street corner.

    I love films. From Lynch to Scorsese to Cronenberg. These Pure Flix films are crap, hands down. Their messages are heavy-handed and cringe. One of my favorite films is The Exorcist (also a great book). One of the reasons I like it is, for all the horror, it depicts a real Christian in the form of Father Merrin–this is especially true in the book, when Merrin and Father Damien have a philosophical discussion about love prior to the exorcism. A real Christian is a rare thing in film, and I think that goes for secular films as well as the Pure Flix fantasies I'm subjected to in YT ads on occasion. Anywho, good video.

  31. To be honest, most great art is made by those who don't particularly consider themselves religious. As a result, they're message to their audience can be appreciated by people from many walks of life.

    I gained far more from media such as Kingdom Hearts and anime than all the religious media I was exposed to as a child.

    It's ironic how artists of those works tend to borrow elements found in religion to create a far more profound work of art than the followers of those religions.

  32. My favorite Religious Movie/Book is
    The Lord Of The Rings .
    The Author J.R.R. Tolkien made it as a fundamentally Catholic Work and it stands the test of time due to it’s brilliant writing and portrayal of Religious Themes And Morality .

  33. Fun fact: An atheist has a lot more reason to value you less compare to a follower of Jesus (Christians) who gives you the highest possible value.

  34. Atheism isn't ideal to me but the real enemies are the people who know god is real and attack him. The atheists in this film were portrayed that way however the rulers of the world who directly worship the devil would fit that category. There are others, but Christians need to wake up to the much bigger issues the real enemies.

  35. God is the Creator, it should be easy for Christians to be Creative. And Christians are also supposed to love their neighbour.

  36. I remember watching God's Not Dead about 5 years ago and liking it. Even then, though, I recall noticing imperfections with it (mostly the half-dozen side plots that barely connect with the main plot if at all and are pretty much just there to fluff the runtime). After it got a sequel and I saw the trailers for GND2, I think that was when I started to really realize the cartoonish levels of evil caricatures the Atheists are in these films.

    I think Christian films can be great and accessible to people even if they're outside of the faith, but they need to be more honest and unbiased with their characters. Instead of making a propaganda piece that glorifies any SJW with a Bible and making their entire argument being "Jesus" and "Love", a good Christian film could follow imperfect people and show them learning understanding, compassion, and authenticity in what they say and do…

    …You know, some of the things that Jesus taught his followers to practice.

  37. Josh Keefe. I'd like your perspective in making a Christian film targeted to the non Christian, but it would likely contain elements uncomfortable for Christian viewers. I'm thinking Book of Eli sort of material or worse. Where's the story of a drug addicted prostitute who finds Jesus, artfully and realistically done? Trying to make this may be impossible because it's hard to find investors.

  38. ive often wondered why religious movies of this type just seem so, "off." thanks for helping me put a pin in it.

  39. You know, I would like to see a kind of movie catered to Atheists where the Christians are depicted as inconsiderate, greedy, uncompassionate human beings on the planet while the movie depict Atheists as the happiest group of understanding, loving, caring, perfect people. I wonder if someone could make a counter-culture type movie as an answer to the Christian movies.

  40. You nailed it with the 1984 comparison; these are propaganda films, they are designed to motivate and inflame a group of people by making them feel oppressed and demanding that they exert their power against the enemy that the film identifies. This manifests as people financially and politically supporting the agendas of the men who make the films, prominent pastors and extreme right-wing politicians. These men become wealthy and powerful by pushing this narrative–it's not actually about Christ at all. In fact, selling jingoism and pride in a box labeled "Christ's teachings" is probably the cruelest irony of the last two thousand years.

  41. C'mon if God exists and he made everything he knows what are good movies, and it's not watching these things, damn, now I feel like I need a maniac laugh

  42. Dude, you nailed it! As a Christian I have been feeling like we don't respect art in general. I mean our God is a God of expression and wonder but why are we so rigid in our faith and hence the works there after.

    I mean to me the movie silence and inherit the wind are great because they dive into the human experience especially in regards to faith. Why can Christian filmmakers emulate. Read all the prophet s writings, they are so Rich

  43. Late af comment, but wanna add my 2 cents. Don't preachers use narratives/storytelling techniques too? Like maybe it's just my experience, but when I see effective sermons, they use stories to drive their point home. Like they don't seem to just heavy handedly tell a point, they use stories to convince their audience. So I disagree when people say that preaching/proselytizing is not telling a story. Stories are the best way to engage and convince your audience. To disregard storytelling as a way to preach seems to make it harder on yourself to do it.

    Idk, that's just some random thought I had.

  44. Great video, kind of inspires me to want to make accurate representations of Christians and atheist in the film industry

  45. Religion aside, I don’t believe cinema as the best medium out there. Yes they can do all that mentioned but it also a form of media that basically spoon fed everything to its viewers, with few movies being the exception. I say game and book (for imagination) is better at being interactive. Tho I suppose the 2 take way too much time to consume.

    But the best art form by far is food. You use all your senses and it’s pretty much a necessity. It also survived throughout time the most, crossing multiple generations and being enjoyed by millions.

  46. Christianity is like capitalism, you grow up with it, thinking that this is just the way things are, so you dont even try to understand opposing side, but instead just repeate the same arguments you heard other people using.

    But with time, the more you learn about a thing, the less you like it, so you can end up on the oposite side… or you can blame this opposition in all flaws in your ideology and glorify the past, so you dont need to admit your mistakes, so you dont need to change, "if we just get rid of them everything will return to normal".

    Apparently, this is how fascism and religion fundamentalism was born

    True story

  47. You are allowed to disagree with people. I rode on a train with an atheists for 2 hours we had a civil discussion about our beliefs asked questions nobody called each other names nobody incited hatred. Civility is possible. Live out of Love and Spirit of Truth instead of grandstanding. Christ was against the Pharisees for proclaiming they were hollier than though , but lacked humility to God. You can be a rational Christian or a irrational one ; you can be a rational atheists or irrational one it is dependent on the individual not a collective identity. We too should learn from the Carpenter who taught to love to be truly inspired to live a meaningful life.

  48. Oh Bullshit. Braveheart is an Amazing Movie. So is Gladiator. Or Chronicles of Narnia. Or Book of Eli. Or if you must be so literal-minded, Prince of Egypt is up there too.

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