Why choosing a decentralized social network?
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Why choosing a decentralized social network?

In Tomo network we are building a new decentralized social network with a built-in cryptocurrency,Tomocoin Your knowledge and experiences published on social network is often in vain getting nothing in return and being forgotten eventually Be with us now No more data harvesting No more information collection and exploitation by ads companies Tomo network consists of Tomo knowledge sharing application, Tomo wallet and Tomochain We aim to build a new decentralized social network with a built-in cryptocurrency In this social network, contributor’s network is highlighted and rewarded user’s privacy is respected and micro-payment is easy, cheap and fast Tomocoin plays an important role to Tomo network Firstly, a source of funding to complete the development of Tomo network Secondly, an incentive mechanism in the Reward Engine to build Tomo network contributor’s community Thirdly, a long term decentralized governance instrument of Tomo network that means we will build tools to gather opinions from coin holders to decide the future direction of the Tomo network Fourthly, a native payment method within Tomo network As the Tomo network grows in popularity, the usage and demand for Tomcoin will grow benefiting all the participants in the application Be a part of an innovative future by participating in Tomocoin ICO

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