Who lives and who dies: will social media decide?
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Who lives and who dies: will social media decide?

When it comes to health policy, is social
media playing more of a role than ever… …before? How much influence does Facebook have on
your personal health choices? Can it affect how you lose weight? Your smoking habit? Or your desire to donate an organ? What or who do who do people consider as credible sources for health information? A doctor or a friend? The government or Google? Doctor Oz? Do anecdotes and movements lead to sound public health policy? Or can they lead to misguided ideas and
fundraising? Sometimes for the worse? In a time when some people get more medical advice… …from TV and the Internet than their
family doctors… …how do you know who or what to trust? This lecture will look at social
pressure and the types of evidence… …that influence our personal health
choices. We will examine how health policy is
made and how we can ensure better… …evidence and policy in the future.

2 thoughts on “Who lives and who dies: will social media decide?

  1. In our modern day, doctors can only become doctors by attending universities whose research facilities receive a vast amount of their funding from corporations such as Monsanto and DuPont. A lot of money also comes from the government who is influenced and controlled, in the majority, by corporations and monied interests. Do you know who publishes the medical textbooks? Do you know who decides who will write and contribute to those textbooks? Do you ever wonder about the veracity of an entire industry that is educated by a group of people who all gain their knowledge from the same studies that are funded by major corporations, government groups (that are funded by major corporations), think tanks and massive monied interests? Do you ever wonder why so many doctors that do research where the conclusions are contrary to the mainstream are totally dismantled, embarrassed, and had their careers ruined? I do wonder. Especially when the majority of people with such educations become the equivalent of pharmaceutical drug pushers.

    Now, I'm not saying that it's better to get health advice from social media and the ditzes of the modern age. But I'm more inclined to trust health advice from my great grandmother who is 95 years old and still going strong rather than a doctor who has gotten a majority of his 70 year old patients hooked on some sort of pharmaceutical and convinced they need it. Ask a drug rep why a doctor might be inclined to issue prescriptions instead of perform root cause analysis…

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