Who Is MOMO And Why Are People FREAKING OUT About Her?!
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Who Is MOMO And Why Are People FREAKING OUT About Her?!

What is Momo and why are so many people sharing this creepy image online let’s investigate you’re watching what’s trending I’m Shira Lazar. Be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news daily we can’t talk about Momo at all without sharing this image that started the entire thing, but the image is straight-up creepy as you’ve been warned this image of a girl with huge eyes and a creepy stretched-out grin began appearing widely on the internet in Early July it was posted by almighty Sosa zero zero to the creepy Subreddit on July 10 and within days and new kind of urban legend emerged online more on that in a minute Let’s get this out of the way There’s nothing ghost-like or supernatural about the image itself the first time it appeared Most of the internet seems to agree is on an Instagram post from Nana ku on August 25th 2016 it’s actually a sculpture that appeared in an art exhibition in Japan called ghost gallery 3 Jasper in the underworld in 2016 it’s an intentionally creepy ghost-like creature with bird legs created by link factory a Japanese company that designs creatures like this for film and TV some articles have incorrectly identified Japanese designer Midori Hayashi as the creator because she also makes terrifying dolls But she’s squashed those rumors on Facebook saying that famous bird is not my work. That’s it Just a creepy-looking statue from Japan and it wasn’t called Momo until recently in early July people started seeing one of these phone numbers posted to Facebook I know this sounds vague and unhelpful But that’s the case with most urban legends like this when people search that phone number it appeared only to be connected to accounts on whatsapp a User going only by the name Momo along with this wide-eyed image of a girl and according to youtuber rain bot Most people who message Momo don’t get any sort of response and that appears to be the case of videos we checked out as well Some people have tried calling the Momo numbers also with no luck. Now. Here’s where it gets super urban legend Some people most notably Spanish youtuber el rincón de Giorgio claims have received messages from Momo According to his video momo responded with the messages. I know who you are This is how you and your parents are going to come to an end You have little time left and the meatball on top of the creepypasta. Is that Momo? Might be sending pictures of decapitated kids as well The fine brothers even had some youtubers message Momo and one of their patented react videos But the Momo account sent silly messages instead of threatening ones I do and don’t want to hear from Momo Like oMG, let’s play hide and seek guys. Oh She just responded oh my god They said I’m coming for you, to hunt you. So is there someone on the other end of those Momo whatsapp accounts? Well, probably is it a ghost though? Probably not the panic over Momo hit a crescendo this last week as one of the accounts is being blamed With the suicide of a 12 year old girl in Argentina now according to the police The girl was planning to upload the act to social media Somehow in conjunction with what they call the Momo game. The information coming from Argentina is a little bit murky. It’s unclear What any of the messages said or if it was one of those Momo accounts? She had contacted however The police believed the girl had spoken to an as yet unknown Eighteen-year-old whom she met on social media and that this person had encouraged her to commit suicide authorities throughout the spanish-speaking world are worried that we might have another well challenge or a slender man on our hands the Mexican state of Tabasco Has warned people not to call the numbers on whatsapp as they could encourage you to cause harm to yourself or others Okay, so who do you think is behind this whole Momo thing? Let us know in the comments below Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more of what’s turning if you are a friend or having thoughts of suicide Called the National Suicide Prevention lifeline at one eight hundred Two seven three eight two five five or go to speaking of suicide dot-com slash resources for a list of additional resources

100 thoughts on “Who Is MOMO And Why Are People FREAKING OUT About Her?!

  1. for God sake momo has to die i pray to god that she will die with satan when jesus christ will come to earth she will be exhausted in the lake of fire this is the second death for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Are you guys fucking stupid "DO NOT DO IT! I swear they all fake like other comments and they are trying to make you scare which that really dumb and second they are "getting info". No seriously info is important right. They are trying to make you kill.

    The blue whale challenge creator didn't want people to suicide that what s0 stupid. Damn what is life..

  3. I’m seriously doubting that one person is behind the “momo” phone numbers but nor do I believe it is a group of associated people. It is my possible theory that a bunch of random unassociated people have created these different numbers for some bizarre reason. A prank? A game in their eyes? Obviously nobody is sure about why anybody would have any interest to engage in this activity and who had but I do not believe that whoever is doing this has an overall “plan”. Just a disturbing urge to do something like this as a game or prank to others. (Which does not make it any less disturbing nonetheless)

  4. Who's Momo?

    Momo Is a half chicken and half human woman with big scary eyes, Momo as everybody knows have been a joke on the internet.

    How Momo's number WhatsApp was found?

    The friend of the victim messaged him to call Momo's phone number of WhatsApp, he said that he could call It for an emergency, he tried the number and there he got no answer, the victim was also too much confused of the creepy weird profile, Momo texted to him: "I see you out of your house's window." The victim got creeped and watched out of the window to give a look for the creepy person, then the victim texted: "One of my friend gave me your number and said that your number Is used for emergencies." Then Momo answered: "Don't worry don't be silly, your friend had a really good job that he gave you my phone number, now wait for some second's and you'll see, If you hear a knocking door on your house run :)" The Victim was confused and scared at the time, then he messaged Momo: "DON'T HURT ME OR I WILL CALL 911!" Momo answered: "You will do a bad choice If you call 911, It's too late." Then the victim got the knife and he was hidden and locked on his room, he heard a knock, he was very scared, Momo opened the house door, then he found the victim and killed him, before Momo came on house he called 911.


    It's was too late for Cops to save the victim, the cops found the victim's body lying on the floor on his bedroom, his phone was on his hand when they found his body, they got his phone and saw the chat with Momo, cops didn't believed what they saw, they also looked near the criminal's profile picture, they was very dramatized, one of the cops said that that picture was the look of the new weird statue, cops believed that the crime scene was caused by the owner of the statue, they got it on a question, he said that his new statue is a joke on the online media's, but the cops found out he wasn't the murderer because he didn't have guns or knives, or shotguns, the cops saw on facebook of the dead victim and got on question every friend of the victim. Cops saw that the one who posted the number was the victim's best friend, his answer's was: "I didn't wanted to do anything to my best friend, I just wanted to let him fall on a funny joke, but It did go everything wrong, I'm so traumatized of my friend's death." Some years later the cops of U.S.A Have forgotten the mission, the number now Is a internet Creppypasta legend.

    If anyone have seen Youtubers that makes horror video's, we'll be talking about them, I was in that fandom too but when I turned 10 I proffesionally like to study now, I heard about a Youtuber that he lived a horror day, when he was watching TV, probably the TV goes horror, then there the Momo's face pops up on the monitor of the TV and the Youtuber runs out of the living room, he nearly died. Okay, If anybody tried to do that challenge don't, If you are a teenager and like to do that challenge don't. If anybody has heard about the popullion of the sucide's of Teenager's of this challenge you'll be terrified, so please don't cause yourself a problem, or you'll find yourself on the world of nothingless…Thank you for listening.

    She is normall up to her bobies and then she's creaps

  6. Momo has been shown in YouTube kid shows telling kids to kill theirselves and not tell their parents otherwise she will come and get them. My friends cousin saw it and got scared when their mum asked them about it

  7. So how was this video published before the pic of momo was even taken and went viral? I’m not joking I’m super confused.

  8. It’s probably some idiot that owns those accounts and they answer as a joke. They’re probably a troll and used momo cause it’s creepy looking.

  9. Momo is a bird, but everyone doesn’t get scared of Chica from Fnaf which is supposed to be scary lmao

  10. ny firends were talking about momo all the time and one of my firends told me his mom would not let him on youtube because a fake creepypasta and i better call that suicide lifeline number

  11. This is is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creepy. Ahhhhhhh she’s behind me and my friend HELP

  12. my sister tried calling this account, didn’t tell me why, and told me to send it something, so I told it to commit suicide

    uno reverse card activated

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