Who is Joe Rogan? With Jordan Peterson
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Who is Joe Rogan? With Jordan Peterson

100 thoughts on “Who is Joe Rogan? With Jordan Peterson

  1. At 44:31 and 45:25 if I didnt know any better, I'd say Joe is yanking the chain

    edit: As Jordan is explaining some super heavy stuff
    also edit: the first one is actually at 44:27

  2. Hi mr peterson.. I just wanna say that you're a very inspiring man.. And you have a beautiful daughter.. She's so beautiful.. Like really.. 10 scale.. Anyway., i hope she's blushing knowing that someone thinking she's really gorgeous..

  3. How in hell can I focus on what I'm doing in my shop when I got in the background Rogan and Peterson talking about bears

  4. Love joe and Jordan. However, i recently went to Joe's standup im Denver and was so disappointed. The person he presents on stage isnt the same as in his podcast. Seemed he was really dumbing himself down. I wondered if he thought thats what his audience would want… His current audience at least. Joe, if you read this, bring your intellect to your standup. Its there, you got it.

  5. What’s most interesting is here’s two different intellectuals who actually have a friendship. That’s what’s great about Joe, he’s no phony who likes to challenge his audience. Jordan has a natural love of classic liberalism with common sense. Keep up the good work fellas

  6. Ive got feelings that Dr Jordan is going to be a spiritual figure of some movement which will revolutionize our way of thinking. and then it is going to be a good version of the third reich with all its advancements, he needs only ein guter Politiker ….

  7. I was born and raised in Florida. Swamp4Life. I moved away because all of you assholes moved there and destroyed that place. Whenever you hear stories of how crazy Floridians are. ALWAYS REMEMBER. The crazy Floridians are from your state. #stpete Side note JP & JR are doing big things! Thank you for all you do!

  8. Joe Rogan: Animal killer hunter, transgender hater and drugs/alcohol promoter who thinks he is better human than people voting for Trump or Bernie Sanders. He also like to say word "fuck" all the time.

  9. 3 months have passed and it only has 1.6 Million Views? I feel like Joe Rogan interviewed by Jordan Peterson would draw a stronger crowd than that.

  10. Jordan Peterson to his kid: "If you are going to experiment with drugs then you better be able to handle it or you are pathetic…" I applaud you my good sir, more kids need to be told this…

  11. Gender and sex (which includes hormones) are two distinct things. You should know this by now. It's 2019. This is such a boring talking point.

    Gender being a social construct, which of course it is, doesn't mean it doesn't matter, and likewise doesn't mean people don't want to belong in a specific category. JBP knows he gets his fans fired up with this shit, but he's smart enough to know he's being disingenuous, and at the same time making a ton of money by making these simplistic and reductive statements. Most people here seem to have fallen for it sadly.

  12. This was an excellent piece! I Have been waiting on an interview like this for a long time. Thank you Jordan Peterson, thanks Joe!!!

  13. "examining material" = listening to less popular comedians and stealing their material (that is why his body rubbed its left ear with its left hand).

  14. Made it to the end. Oh I get the 50 word requirement for comments now. No one needs to know that I made it to the end the same as no one wants to hear that some 8 year old and already listening to JP or Joe. I get it.

  15. When people tear up, its whats called releasing resistance, its releasing internal energy which is expressed through crying, after its done the person feels better or they are more prone to feeling better because they moved energy blockages and such.

  16. Self-help for those who are out to help themselves. Wake up, you aren't speaking to the public. You are talking to yourself and we are just voyeurs looking at your lives. Fulfilling for some.

  17. If these guys spoke the truth they would get the whistleblower treatment. This war on humanity is worse for the men and considering what's good for the goose is good for the gander . Humanity has a chance for hell but that's about it . Its evil what people do to one another to make a buck . Pride died in Egypt with the pyramids, these are all egotistical feminist assholes.

  18. Answer to your question: Joe is a man with no integrity that is being used to push bs onto the youth and those without guidance. Which hasnt always been the case. Something happened in the last year or so.

  19. Jordan my question to you is knowing joe personally why do you not question his beliefs and his ideology as rigorously as you do to yourself? If you consider him to be a friend do you not feel some form of obligation to help him formulate his thoughts more rationally. Listening to joe he has this very collectivist mindset. How can you stand by and let someone so influential to the public corrupt young minds. He may seem innocent and friendly but philosophically he pushes socialism and the decay of western civilization. I don’t think that’s what god meant by love thy enemy

  20. 24:35 " The ones who abstain completely, and never experiment, their outcome is also not so good. They tend to be on the dependent, anxious end of the distribution."
    NO FUCKING WONDER !!!!!!! I always wondered why the fuck all of my friends and relatives who dabbled in drug use and alcohol were able to keep jobs and get apartments and cars and shit, but I couldn't EVER do a god damn fucking thing; couldn't hold a damn job, didn't know how to fucking drive until I was 29, couldn't ever keep up with rent……. IT WAS BECAUSE I DIDN'T DO ANY DRUGS WHATSOEVER !!! Now I feel like a fucking moron lol

  21. Sir Peterson, our media in Croatia and Slovenia are the same as yours in Canada…. Altho from that statement i can see that Canadians forget that western way of life came from EU. we the Croats were the gatekeepers of Christianity and whats connected with it. Never the less i love your work.

  22. I had a nightmare. I was drinking with Joe at his place, it was ultra masculine. Cool leather couch concrete floors cold Brown brick. Velvet wall coverings. Then Joe got to drunk and was getting crumbly. So I got up to use the bathroom when I was done I turned around and he was blocking the doorway in a bathrobe. He wanted to rape me. I told him to piss off and tried to push past him. He did this weird karate double kick. It was fucked this short flexible man arms straight down and both his legs popped up and double kicked me. I was so traumatised that later in my dream I became a mass murder. Wtf. Time to not fall asleep with YouTube playing. The weirdest shit comes up in autoplay

  23. It looks like Joe is in his studio.. Why is he on such a crappy webcam talking about himself? Lol he would never cast Jordan with such disrespect on his show.

  24. Interviewer: “I’m sick of talking about myself. I’ve been tired of it for a year now!”……..then goes on to talk non-stop about himself.

  25. Yes, there are some problems with the audio in this vid. Deal with it. this is JP turning the mirror on JR in a way that produces 2 hours of valuable content. stop focusing on the trivial and acknowledge the truth of what is being said.

  26. Come on Dr. Peterson. Faith in anything requires logic and reason. These are 2 traits that do not exist in popular discourse in any meaningful way. We don't know these concepts in 2019. Life has become an effort to live in spite of the messages the left leaning nature of the msm. Come on sir. We are being reprogrammed by George Soros and others to appreciate the simple but inaccurate message of the left. You aren't supposed to exist. Smart people that think for themselves are dangerous to the powers that be. You threaten the very existense of the idea that we can be in charge of our own faculty. Come on brother. Look at the result. Joe Rogan is a threat to the left merely by existing. Add to that the power of your common sense approach to your manner of thinking and you tear apart the whole discussion of gender equality in the US. Globalism isn't a theory. It is the vehicle that is supposed to carry the global elite to ultimate power. You are arguing against that without acknowleging it. You threaten the Deep State at its core. Please keep doing it, but don't think you do so in a vacuun.

  27. I hope to see Dr Peterson back with Joe after his recovery , it will be a great video .. Please Dr Peterson , take a good break and when your ready say hi to Joe back in his studio 🙂

  28. If you want to see another great interview on Dr Peterson go to Rex Murphy's channel. He was a voice of reason on the CBC for many years. https://youtu.be/kzOn9M2Kucw

  29. Jordan you are so inspiring and well spoken! I am a first year college student and hope I can adopt some of your beliefs

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